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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Night in Scranton

Jose Contreras earned the victory with 6.0 IP, allowing no runs on three hits.  He walked five and struck out five.  Brian Anderson was 2-4 with a triple in the 2-0 win for the Knights at Charlotte.

Annual Garage Sale

For those memorabilia collector’s out there, Saturday is our annual Family Field Day and Garage Sale at U.S. Cellular Field.  The Family Field Day portion of the day is sold out but the Garage Sale is open to the public and features some pretty cool stuff.

Fans will find jerseys from guys like Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr., bats from Carlos Qunetin and Jermaine Dye, helmets and even A.J.’s used catcher’s gear.  There are programs, yearbooks and media guides, World Series embossed baseballs and game-used balls from series with the Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox, among others.

All proceeds benefit Chicago White Sox Charities.

The Garage Sale is open from 9-2 p.m. in the Patio.  Fan should enter at Gate 2.


So now it seems that JD is to be suspended for two days for arguing with DiMuro the other day. What a crock! The almighty gods of baseball, the umpires are themselves the cause for this and until some consistency is attained in the calling of balls and strikes this will only continue.

Everyone says you need to make adjustments to the individual strike zone of the very individual umpires. Hawk relates the story about how Ted Williams always started his day with a check of the weather (wind) report, followed by the opponents pitcher for that day and the home plate umpire. This has been the case forever then it seems.

I thought the strike zone was from the letters to the knees and catching the plate which is 17″ wide. The umpires are NOT capable of being consistent with this rule and in all fairness to EVERYBODY something must change. With the technology we have today, I say have balls and strikes called electronically from now on. THEN we will have consistency. The hitters will have no complaint when called out by a close pitch. The pitchers will also have no complaint on a close pitch.

Let the purists say what they will, but I say for the integrity of Baseball, something has to be done to create a fair playing field and not one subject to the foibles or biases of the umpire. Keep the home plate umpire at home for plays at the plate but please fix this maddening situation of the “floating strike zone”.

Now that that’s off my chest all I have to say is some way, somehow, the Sox have to win two games in Canada. I no it won’t be easy; the “jays” are playing very good ball and we are not. Maybe we’re due for a break. Maybe a bloop will fall for us and one of their line drives will be at a fielder. It could happen. Now with JD out (unless he argues the suspension) it will be even more difficult for us to win two. We are capable, but so far we haven’t shown much ability. Only a couple more hours and we will find out. Two things are for sure, we won’t be rained out, and I will be watching….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

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