Lovely Toronto

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Nix 5, Getz 4, Quentin 7, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Missile 6, Pods 8.  Danks pitching.

MLB News

JD was suspended two games by MLB for hitting he umpire with his helmet on Wednesday in Cleveland.  He is appealing the two-game suspension and can play until a ruling is made on his appeal.



I’ve gotta say that I am sick of MLB making examples of White Sox players. What has the league got against our team that they’re constantly turning little things into suspensions and fines? Bobby Jenks throws BEHIND Kinsler and doesn’t try to hit him, yet he’s fined. Vincente Padilla hits AJ TWICE in the same game ON PURPOSE and nothing!!! You have got to be freaking kidding me!

JD was right to be upset with that called third strike because it wasn’t a strike. The umpires (and I’m gonna sound like Hawk here) have been extremely inconsistent with our hitters. Perhaps it’s only because I have a small sample size, but I see the Sox getting screwed more often on strikezone calls than any other team. So JD threw his helmet down – I would too! Did it hurt the umpire? I highly doubt it. Did he try to hit the umpire? Nope. It’s an oddly shaped piece of equipment that takes funny bounces (much like a football would).

How about focusing on some of the crap that goes on in baseball like PEDs and jerks like Padilla who do headhunt instead of misappropriating punishment on good people. Jackasses like A-Rod are lauded and allowed to play and people like JD are suspended. That’s a complete double standard and is a mockery. The MLB is worse than the NBA in doling out punishments.

I’m just sick of all this. I like to watch the game, but when it’s not called fairly and when the umpires dictate the outcome of the game, then it’s not enjoyable to me. Let the boys play and stop trying to steal the show. We pay good money to watch our teams and players play – not get suspended and fined for stupid things. Sorry – rant over – but I just had to get that out…


Well said AJ. I too have complaints that I voiced on the previous post. We need to find a way to start winning……. Let’s go Sox’09…..j.k.

Anybody having trouble with Gameday Audio?

Anybody having trouble with Gameday Audio?

Ok, so my mlb, I swear said this game started at 7 our time, central time – – now that I’ve found out that’s not the case, the score tells the story, I’m not sure I want to bother with the feed tonight. Watching the Rangers and Angels start their battle, might prove more interesting.

But in saying that j.k., your blog buddy is here and you are not alone.

If I hadn’t heard from you I would probably be bailing too, but the D-Backs don’t start for another hour, so I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut and root for the Sox’09…………………………j.k.

On the other hand I could find something to do I suppose. I’m thinking cutting my throat might be a good idea. Naw, too bloody. Maybe drinking a bottle of Kaopectate. Naw, too messy. I could go to my shop and break something. Naw, too much pride. Maybe I’ll go for a walk. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll go for a walk and come back in October…………. Good luck Sox ’09….. You know you’re in trouble when the announcers joke about how well the minor league farm system is doing…….. j.k.

The crowd goes wild….. We scored a run and won’t be shut out……Hooray!!!!!!

the ‘crowd’ was pleased here at least there’s not a big goose egg – I’m watching the rangers/angels right now, couldn’t find the astros, although, I didn’t look that hard, Rangers announcers are more appealing

I’m glad we are at least putting the bat on the ball. Thome to left field was good. JD was good. Others too……. Not over yet, but we need two or three this inning to make it possible….j.k.

I’m glad we are at least putting the bat on the ball. Thome to left field was good. JD was good. Others too……. Not over yet, but we need two or three this inning to make it possible….j.k.

I wish we could win, am I wishin too much?

I GUARANTEE!!!!!! we will win again. I just don’t know when……..See you all tomorrow………j.k.

That was a terrible outing by Danks. Something that has become much too common with him and floyd. It is embarrassing how bad the sox play in certain parks. Toronto, Oakland, Minnesota…. what kind of soft players do we have where we know they are defeated before the first pitch of the first game of a four game series? This guy was a rookie pitching…then when Halladay beats us we will hear because he had a great outing…. I am sick of the excuses. Hit the ******* ball for god sake. And it wouldn’t hurt to get a pitcher into the 7th inning once in a while either.

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