Saturday Musings

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 8, Getz 4, JD 9, PK 3, Thome dh, Q 7, AJ 2, Fields 5, Ramirez 6.  Colon pitching.


Sitting in Panera Saturday morning waiting for my daughter to finish a high school placement test.  Feeling quite old.

Afterward, heading over to the ballpark for Family Field Day and Garage Sale for Chicago White Sox Charities.  Because of all the rain (over the past week and yesterday), Roger decided we couldn’t allow people into the outfield because it was still so soft.  Instead, we were able to open the rarely-seen home clubhouse for people to visit.  Our hope is that a clubhouse visit trumps even a game of catch on the outfield grass.



Another beautiful morning in Tucson. Another game for the Boys. Who will win today? We are all hoping for the Sox, but our spirits are low. Even though we are still only 3 games out of first and all we need to do is get on a win streak, it’s hard to believe until there is some sign that we are capable of such a streak. Now would be a good time to show some spirit out there. How about a win White Sox ’09?……. j.k.

Good way to start Boys. Pitch well Bartolo…..

OK, let’s jump on this guy and score a couple more runs…..

We need to find a Sox player who can have as much fun as Marco Scuturo is having. I guess winning does that for you………

Looks like we got a favorable call from the second base ump, so lets take advantage of some GOOD fortune and score a run or two this time around…….

That was quick! Keep on pitching well Bartolo……

Well, two outfield assists in the same game. That’s good, well done JD and Getz. The stars are aligning, but for the sake of the fans, how about another run this inning?……..

hi jk – how’d we score the run? Just got back from errands and remembered the game was on at noon – delighted it’s on wgn too!!!

Pods walked in the first went to second on an infield out and stole third. He came home of the throwing error by the catcher……..

Glad Pods is up – he’s definitely been an asset!

Fast game. The commercials are taking longer than the half innings……… Keep it up Bartolo…….

Very good defense for us so far, but we need to get another hit. Now is the time Boys………

Well we got that hit, but……Maybe next inning we can come up with another run……. Hold ’em Bartolo……..

Third time through the order….. Time to get another run……..

Bartolo pitched well. Now our bats need to pick him up a run…. and a win…….

A little drama, but Matt struck out the side……… One more run Boys, please………..

I will stop begging now, but I will ask that Line and Bobby do their thing. If that happens we still will win…….

I can’t hardly stand to watch anymore – it’s so hard not being a negative nancy when the bleeding continues night after night after day!

The beat goes on. We find ways to give up the lead and maybe the game…….. Come on Sox’09……….. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

I’m asking for too much obviously………… I’ll finish watching this game, but I hope two things happen. 1) we score a run against Dr. H. and 2) we somehow win the game on monday………..

As it turns out I won’t finish watching this game. My feed went kaplooy and by the time i went to wscr the game was ovah. I guess I didn’t miss much………….

Darn it. Looks like the youth movement ain’t moving too well at the moment. Q, Ramierz, Fields, Lillibridge all strugglin badly at the plate. Even more concerning is Floyd and Danks pitching.

Ain’t it funny how the guys who are producing are the “veterans”. Konerko, AJ, Dye. Seems like last year I read comment after comment about trading Konerko. Funny how a guy can play when he’s not hurt, huh?

Kenny built this team and there aren’t a lot of changes that can be made…you can’t add three pitchers after the season starts. It may not turn out that badly. Maybe Floyd finds his game, maybe Danks, maybe the #5 starter [whoever that turns out to be] we need to hope that those second year “rookies” don’t suffer the sophmore jinx. If they can’t produce then a repeat of 2007 is coming down the pipe. Then Kenny will make bad worse by trading the only performers we have and then what? 2010 is a bust too!

One thing for sure, we can’t blame the players. They are who we thought they were!

This team falls squarely on Kenny Williams and Jerry R’s shoulders. The Sox went cheap this year on payroll. All we can do now is hope that somehow this team picks it up and gets a movin before this season is ovah…….

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