Sunday Hopes

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today’s Lineup against Halladay

Pods7, Getz4, JD9, PK3, Thome dh, Missile6, Fields5, Miller2, Lillibridge8.  Floyd pitching.


Fans seem to be having fun at yesterday’s Family Field Day and enjoyed getting to go inside the White Sox clubhouse.

Congratulations to Ozzie Guillen Jr. on today’s graduation from UIC.  I certainly know mom and dad are proud.








Not to question your knowledge Scott but isn’t it Columbia that Ozzie Jr. Is graduating from?

Maybe it will work like this: We all expect to lose to Halliday, but since we’ve lost to guys we might have beaten, maybe we will prevail today………. We will see, Go Sox’09……j.k.

Ever notice that when the Sox aren’t doing well, there are fewer posts as opposed to when they are winning? You all remember winning don’t you? We will win again. We will not lose 135 games this year. We may not finish ahead of Cleveland for that all important fourth spot in the division, but you never know……. one thing is for sure with whatever happens, there will be one guy out here ( in Tucson, no less) waiting and commenting with useless blather on a regular basis. Now with that said, Come on White Sox……

oh jk, I check here every day, and am usually online during games. But you pretty much sum up everything I’m whishing, hoping, and thinking, so I have nothing constructive to add! But know I’m here! I’m NOT watching the game now though, as lil’ brudder would rather play NCAA baseball on the PS2 than watch OUR baseball. (and I can’t say I really blame him…)

Good start, now if only Gavin can pitch like he used to……….

Hi, Amy! I understand what you’re saying. I think a lot of our compatriots feel the same way. But what’s a baseball fan to do? For good or bad I Love the Sox and will be here……. Now go get another run…….

Looks like Halliday is settled in now. Will one run hold up for us the rest of the way? Gulp…….. Come on Gavin….

How about that. A good inning by Gavin…. Keep it up……

Hi Ames and JK – I’m here too, although I’m not watching, I’m willing myself not to watch today, see if it helps some. I’ll be on and off, daughter needs some new non-skid shoes for work else she fall on her ***! 🙂 I will be listening faithfully on the sirius radio during my travels!

Go Sox!!!!!!

Do your thing Kris. We will try to bring you and your daughter home happy……. another good inning by Gavin. Where has this been the past four starts?…….

Maybe they could win a game for the newest Sonic employee in Cleveland, Texas! 🙂 That would be nice, I keep peeking at the score but I haven’t turned it on, it’s hard not to too!

Our Guys could maybe be just a BIT more patient and swing at something IN the strike zone…… Overanxious………. Your turn again Gavin……

So much for pitching and defense………… That’s the Gavin we’ve become accustomed to……

There’s the double play we needed, but just a little bit too late. This commentator will now take a rest from annoying the rest of you out there…… IS anyone else (Amy and Kris excepted) out there?……….j.k.

First congrats to Ozzie Jr. Nice accomplishment

JK, I’m still around. Like Amy looking in every day and getting Scott on Twitter. Not alot to say though that hasn’t been said. I’m a little distracted by my boys on the West side fighting for a Cup! Once the quest over there ends you’ll hear my babbling more. Been a LONG time since hockey and baseball overlapped in this town!! Got my blog night tickets though and hoping to see all of you there!!

A big howdy goes out to Donna! Now I will shut up and sulk into my corner. Only 12 more outs to go……..Ugh!

Jimmy Gobble?….. Jimmy Gobble???? Even WE could hit Jimmy Gobble………….

I just popped in jk. Have been reading posts at the end of the night each day.

Losing is, indeed, disappointing, but I get really turned off when I read posts from people (not usually on this board but more often on the comments to the game stories written by Merkin or the local yahoo whenever Merkin doesn’t travel) who try to tell us how “offended” and “angered” they are by the Sox’ performance. So, are the Sox playing badly just to “stick it” to these so-called fans????

I love the Sox and follow them on a daily basis and want them to win as much as anyone. But I will never allow myself to be “offended” by a group of players who fail to hit, field or pitch as well as they should. Disappointed, yes. A little miffed, yes. Offended, never. I don’t take sports personally unless I have contributed something personal to the effort as a player, coach or administrator.

Now, back to the game. It sure hurts to see Quentin out again. But this lineup has done some things right with one major exception — getting that runner home from scoring position with less than two out.

Nice play by Corky at home. Call could have gone either way. But when you are going bad like we are, the calls always seem to go the other direction.

Let’s keep our heads up during this long weekend in Toronto and keep plugging away. As jk said, sooner or later the wins will start coming. Will they be enough??? Hard to say but we will hit a good stretch at some point. Let’s just hope it is not too late to make a difference.

But the Jays couldn’t hit Gobble that inning. Nice work, Jimmy.

Hi tc. Yeah, that was amazing! Three up three down……. The thing I want to see is making our starters go deeper in games that don’t look to good. We all agree that our pen has been solid this year, but if we continue using them from the fifth inning (or earlier) every game, they won’t be good for long. They will be overused…….

And when it’s going bad, seems like the whole world is against you……. looked like Getz was safe at first…..

When you’re struggling, you have to make your own breaks.

I don’t know how many pitches Floyd had thrown, but my guess is that Coop and Cora decided to get him out while he still had some good things to remember from this start. He gave up a pair of long balls, but did pitch much better than he has in recent starts.

And giving Gobble innings isn’t hurting our bullpen. After all, we almost have as many bodies down there as Notre Dame has protestors today.

That’s all for me today you all. I’ll see you again tomorrow morning. Go Clayton, go Sox…….

Ho hum…another day…another God awful performance…another three runs or less…another loss.

So what else is new?

But that’s OK, the sun is shining, the beer is cold, the flowers are blooming and everything’s O.K. right?

Have a NICE day!

Mark Liptak

Always nice to see Liptak chime in with his UPBEAT comments!!!!

We are seeing what happens when hitting slumps and starting pitching slumps occur at the same time. Certainly not a pretty sight.

I’m usually not one for making predictions, but I have a feeling something is going to happen with the staff. Nothing to base it on other than a gut feeling and also knowing the class and competitiveness of the people involved.

I would not be surprised to see Greg Walker step aside and move into a roving, organizational hitting instructor role for the rest of the year. Walk has done all he can and has the support of Ozzie but he sees what has happened.

While we all know that slumps are seldom the fault of a manager or a coach, the only action that can be taken is to replace the coach. You can’t replace all the players. Even though some idiots that comment on the game stories on think that the Sox should bring up all the Charlotte pitchers and all the Birmingham position players because their minor league ERAs and batting averages are good. Take a few minutes to read some of the stuff posted on those stories. It is really pretty humorous.

Greg Walker has given his professional life to the White Sox organization. His career was cut short due to a scary and strange seizure he suffered on the field during batting practice back in 1988. He is as competitive as anybody in all of major league baseball. He learned hitting from the very best, Mr. Charlie Lau. He is as fine a baseball man as you will ever find.

And that is why I think he will go up to Ozzie, Kenny and Jerry and offer to make a move.

Will it help? Not by itself. It will take some of the pressure off the guys who may feel that their struggles are hurting Walk’s career. But it certainly won’t help our starting pitching, which in my mind is the biggest problem right now. Teams come out of hitting slumps all the time. Pitching slumps, on the other hand, are a different story.

Just my very uneducated guess from a person who has had no contact with people on the inside concerning the situation.

Maybe I should start emailing the beat writers to find out what is REALLY going on.

There’s no reason the Sox shouldn’t have one of the top teams in the A.L. year-in and year-out. Boston and New York always compete for their division. Not only should the Sox dominate their division (AND NOT BE IN LAST) but they should always be up there with at least Boston.

With the economics of baseball, the Sox have an advantage. I don’t know if it is Kenny Williams or what, but there needs to be some changes. Too bad we can’t change Reinsdorff.

Thanks for the info on Blog Night, Scott. Don’t forget about us season ticket holders though. Whom do we need to contact about getting into the pregame activities since we already have tickets for that day?


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