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This just in:


 — First Time a Regularly Scheduled Weeknight World Series Game
Will Start Before 8 p.m. Eastern Since 1971 —

     NEW YORK – The 2009 World Series and American League Championship Series on FOX will start before 8 p.m. ET on weeknights, it was announced today by FOX and Major League Baseball.
     The last time a regularly scheduled World Series game on Monday through Friday started before 8 p.m. ET was 38 years ago when the Baltimore Orioles faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 5 of the 1971 World Series.
     The FOX pre-game show will start at 7:30 p.m. ET for weeknight games with first pitch scheduled for 7:57 p.m. ET. Games on Saturday will start no later than weekday games and could start earlier. Games on Sunday will take place following the conclusion of the NFL on FOX as in year’s past.
     “Our goal is to schedule games to allow the largest number of people to watch and this change puts our games in the window we believe will work the best for our fans,” said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “We appreciate the work that FOX has done to make this happen and I expect that fans of all ages will respond favorably to this adjustment.”
     “Prime time postseason games on FOX have always been scheduled for a window that maximizes the potential audience from coast to coast,” said FOX Sports President Ed Goren. “The fact is that over the last few years, games have been ending a bit later than we’d like. This new schedule, made possible through the cooperation of our stations, affiliates and Major League Baseball, should help fans of all ages see weeknight games from start to finish.”
     The World Series will now have the earliest start time of any U.S. major sports championship excluding the Super Bowl.


This is news? The start time of playoffs and WS games will be moved up from 8:10 Eastern to (drum roll maestro)….7:57!! Wow! What a concession from MLB and its sponsors! 13 minutes, make that a WHOLE 13 minutes earlier start. I hope I don’t miss the first pitch. Seriously, this means absolutely nothing. Will the kids be able to see the end of games? Not when they end at midnight eastern, er, excuse me, make that 11:57 PM…… Thanks for the report Scott, but this is not news……. j.k.

With todays loss we stand at a lowly 15-22. Seven games under 500. If you take heed of how Hawk describes a batters average as going up, going down or remaining static then we as a team are definitely going down. Hopefully not for the count.

We have scored the fewest runs in the Major Leagues this year. At 144 runs scored we are tied with Arizona unless they manage to score one run in their game today. With their team that is no guarantee either. The next fewest scored in the AL is Oakland @ 149 and they check in today with a 13-21 record.

There is some good news though! Runs allowed. The Sox have allowed 179 runs so far this year and that actually ranks in the upper third of the AL, between KC’s 155 allowed and Cleveland and Baltimores 225 allowed. We are actually second to KC as of today.

So we can’t score runs, but we don’t give up too many so far. Why then is our record so poor? Situational hitting and how we fare in one run games is part of the answer. The other half of the answer is our erratic pitching of course. I will leave number crunching to the Lips of this blog, but suffice it to say we need to improve in the above three categories to compete let alone contend.

The best news? So far we are only 51/2 games out of first place in the Central Division. After the last two weeks that might sound like a naive statement to be sure, but the rest of the Central has been as erratic as we are so far. If that continues, then we do have a chance to defend last years title.

Sounds like a lot of “ifs” doesn’t it? Only time will tell. A good way to start would be by kicking Minns. Butts tomorrow night. I’m tired of tipping my cap to other teams and mediocre pitchers. Start getting mad and see what happens. Complacent isn’t working. Oh well isn’t working. And accepting loses ISN”T working…….. See you tomorrow all……Go White Sox’09…….j.k.

So Liptak, with regards to your entry on the previous post by Scott, I have a few comments.

Yes, the players and coaches are being paid quite well for their “suffering.” But it is their careers on the line, not yours, not mine and not anyone else’s. Believe me, they are having no fun right now.

I realize that you have a very high opinion of your analytical baseball mind, but I “came to grips” with the Sox’ talent situation long before today. I saw this last winter when the deals were being made — or not being made.

First of all, we have to cut Kenny a little slack. He had no idea — and who would — that BOTH Wise and BA would get hurt and spend significant time on the DL at the SAME time. He also could not have anticipated Quentin’s injury at the same time. He certainly had no indication that Alexei would start off so cold and that Floyd would struggle so mightily here in the early going.

True Kenny left some glaring holes unfilled, primarily at the leadoff spot and at third base. While others may disagree, I have never thought that Fields was a big league third baseman or a big league hitter.

Still, I believe that the starting nine he provided was good enough to compete. It was the bench, of lack thereof, that I questioned. Part of that is Ozzie’s fault, though, because he limits himself to four bench players in order to carry a Canadian Football League size pitching staff. Managing a game is easy when the only moves you have are with your pitchers or to decide when you want to play one of the three non-catchers on the bench. And that has seldom happened because more often than not, one or even two of the three other guys on the bench is hurt and unavailable.

Wilson Betemit should not be on this club. Lillibridge is a fine young player but nowhere near ready to play in the bigs except for occasional innings for defense and as a pinch runner.

But my theory about why Kenny did not sign any other veteran players from the market is this. I don’t think that he wanted to commit any money to these players because A) he wanted to tighten the payroll a little bit and more importantly B) he thought he could bridge the gap with what he had until his handful of real young prospects were ready for the big leagues. Those names include the oft-mentioned Gordon Beckham, Poreda, Tyler Flowers, Jordan Danks, just to name a few.

I know you feel differently, but this team would have no more than may two or three more wins right now — and I doubt even that — with Willy Taveras or Crisp in CF or with Hudson at second base. Like I said a week or so ago, they would only really help the Sox if they suddenly became starting pitchers that could throw six or seven good innings every fifth of sixth day.

You’re right. Kenny took some risks. But that is Kenny. He has taken risks, some good, some bad, ever since he was selected for the job over the more experienced Dan Evans back in the fall of 2000.

But giving up and pointing fingers in May does not make the team any better for the rest of the year or for seasons to come. I know that the bats will eventually come alive. They always do, but it may be too late before they do to make up for their swoon. I just hope that we see some improvement on the mound and that our right=handed pitchers someday, sometime, in my lifetime, learn how to hold a runner on. AJ should take them all to court for lack of support.

Enough of my lengthy sermons. I can’t think of any team I would rather end a losing streak against than the Twins. Again, we out the onus squarely on Buerhle’s back. And the lefty will gladly take it and go out and give it his best.

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