Toronto Finale

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sox Lineup

Pods 8, Nix 7, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Ram 6, Getz 4, Fields 5.  Richard pitching.

Let’s get one …


Here we go again. Hit the ball. Field the ball. Pitch the ball.=win the game…………

Hey everybody! Hope all is well out there because things sure aren’t looking too good in here! I just wanted to thank Klein for all his upbeat and hopeful posts as well as kris for keeping this board alive with updates and comments. All seems grim at the moment, i know. But hey, nothing we can do but wait and pray. But i keep watching anyway…I can’t help myself. Klein, will you make it out here this year for blog night? I just bought my tickets. I am so excited my very first blog night! Can’t wait to meet many of you! Especially Scott!!! Let’s hope that we have a month long winning streak starting today! Go Go White Sox ’09. Maybe we need the extra Go in there to get thing moving…… can only hope.

That’s the spirit, Lisa! Now if only the Boys could catch your infectious attitude we would win a month’s worth of games…. As you said, all we can do is watch and wait…. Go Sox’09……j.k.

Hi All!

Shaky start by Clayton, but he got out of it. I was worried! How about we score a few?


Hi, MariE! Nice to have you with us. I’m thinking that since the past two days we scored in the first inning and lost that we are trying something different today. But please don’t wait till the Last inning to score. Now come on Clayton….j.k

So far, Clayton has been pitching decently. We do need to score a couple of runs though to help him out. Maybe even three would be nice. Let’s start by getting a couple of hits first and go from there….. Go Sox go…..j.k.

I will modify my last comment: Clayton pitched great today! If we can count on this type performance regularly, our 5th spot is in good hands. Now let’s get this “kid” a win….Go Sox’09……j.k.

Well, Alright!!!!! Now go deep Paulie and get Clayton a “W”……j.k.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy, Thome!

Let’s finish this deal and get a W!

And I agree, JK, Clayton pitched really well. I hope he can build on this performance today.

Well, it’s time for comeback #2. Let’s go get ’em.

Come on Boys, One More Time……..

okay, so I started out with positive thoughts……..I’m just sick to my stomach.
Attention Bloggers:
Thank you.

We need to figure out how to score in more than one inning…….Better intensity by us, unfortunately same result. See you all in Chicago tomorrow night………Go Sox’09….j.k.

Well, here’s to hoping the next homestand can turn it around. Go White Sox.

This team is terrible! It is just tough to watch these guys. I understand it is early in the season but jesus, we cant do anything but score on homeruns. Nix steals two bases just to get stranded at third. I know we cant blame Walker completely, but something has go to change. Get rid of walker or move some young guys around. Kenny you should have just said we are rebuilding at season start, because the fact that you didnt makes you look like and ***!

The season is NOT early anymore. It’s almost June and the weather has been decent enough. The team is just bad. And very, very hard to watch.

You’re right kr-trepac. This team is bad right now. Things will get better because that is the nature of this cyclic game. But will they get better enough???

Not with a roster that forces the team to use an infielder as a starting left fielder.

No excuses. The team — with the exception of Konerko and A.J. — is not hitting. The young players are not producing.

But if the team gives up as easily as so many of the “self-proclaimed” fans who call into the radio shows and comment on the newspaper stories have, then it truly will be an awful year.

If the fans think they are suffering, just imagine how the players and coaching staff are feeling.

I hate to single out any player, but I’ve seen all I want of Josh Fields. Time to play Nix at 3B. Lillibridge will go back to Charlotte tomorrow and try to learn how to hit. And please, can we find a new home for Wilson Betemit?? One that does not have him wearing a White Sox uniform. He is useless.

The players and coaches are getting well paid for their “suffering.” We should all be so lucky.

But I laud TC for finally starting to come to grips with what a lot of Sox fans were saying at different sites all throughout this past off season and that is, this team doesn’t have a lot of talent and Kenny was hoping (praying) that a bunch of guys would play way over their heads. That was a longshot at best.

They can’t possibly keep playing this awful but if they do for another three weeks, it’ll be fire sale time by mid-June.

I said this was going to be the biggest gamble Kenny ever undertook after his moves (or non moves?) this off season and that the credit or the blame would fall squarely on his shoulders. I stand by that comment unless there was some extenuating circumstances that no one knows about (at least not yet anyway…)

Mark Liptak

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