Pregame Notes

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quentin Update

Ozzie Guillen told reporters prior to the game that left fielder Carlos Quentin was likely out the next two games or so but might be available to pinch hit.


Ozzie was complimentary of Jose Contreras:

“He did just what he needed to do,” Guillen said, indicating that Contreras likely would make another start at Class AAA Charlotte and that no plans were imminent for his return.  “When he comes back, maybe we should wear Triple A uniforms if that helps him,” Guillen quipped.


“I don’t remember a trip that was that ugly,” said Guillen.  “We found just about every way to lose a game.”

While admitting that the team was embarrassed by the performance, Guillen stressed that the club’s struggles weren’t about effort.

“We’re playing hard,” he said.  “We all know it’s our responsibility as a team to play better.”


Time to bring Contreras up and send down Gavin’s bum ***. Maybe he can learn from AAA…. Contreras has been struggling all season goes down there and throws 15 scoreless innings. What in the hell is the AAA pitching coach doing that Cooper isn’t? Maybe he can fix gavin too.

I’m happy that Jose has pitched better in Charlotte, but kenwo, don’t you think that his side arm delivery against AAA hitters has something to do with his success? If he can keep up this type performance for a couple more starts then it might be time to try him again up here.

O.K. Mark lost his game last time out, so it’s time for another four or five game win streak from our Ace…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

I went to the bottom of my drawer and found a shirt I forgot all about. Hopefully my ’93 White Sox Western Division Champion shirt will help the Boys break out of their funk…. Go Mark, Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hi jk – never fear, I’m here to be with you!!! 🙂 Didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday, nor did I want to, hoping we can bring it around tonight!!!


You missed a very good outing by Clayton and Jimmies HR, otherwise you didn’t miss much. Today is another story though ( we all hope)…… Go Sox’09…j.k.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy, PK! Keep it up guys!

What the hell am I paying for it the ‘media is temporarily unavailable’ so often??? UGH!!!

Way to go Paulie on the 2 run bomb!!! Just for you Kitty!

Go Cuban Missle!

yeah! Let’s hear it for three-spots….. Go Mark, go Sox….j.k.

Some good “D” too. I like it!!!!!

Kinda makes me a little ill seeing Joe in that uniform and not ours.

We gave Baker an inning of reprieve, now it’s time to put him out of his misery…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

I know what you mean Kris.

Sweet play by Mark!!!! Way to do the D!!

More good “D”….. Yesss!!!!!!! Now is the time for all good Sox Players to come to the aid of their Fan Base……. ( thought I’d practice my typing…. Go Sox’09…….j.k.


That’s ok Mark. 4-1 is good, but let’s get a couple of more just for the heck of it…… Whata ya say????? Go Sox’09….j.k.

I want to be stingy, I want more more more!

Trouble brewin….. Come on Mark…. Go Sox….

Good job of minimizing the damage….. Runs. Boys, just a couple or go crazy for Kris, I don’t care which…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

I love Scottie!! Love watchin him run!!!!!!! JK, I’d settle for a couple, go crazy would be fun too though!

Yessss! There’s my couple now let’s go take care of Kris’ request……. Go Sox’09…….Yessssss!!!!!

Glad to see Mark doing the job for us tonight! Looks like it’s been a good effort. The Hawks lost so I’m hoping one of my teams comes through for me tonight! Finish it off boys!

Thank you Lord!!! Feels good to get that monkey off our backs!!!

Way to go boys!!!!! SOX WIN!

That feels better!

YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we need to build from here……… Nice job everybody…. j.k.

That was a good win. Nice game by everyone except for Josh Fields. This guy is overmatched. I am starting to despise him. He can’t hit, cant bunt, can’t throw, can’t catch…. Time for Viciedo.

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