Unbelievable Day

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 7, Nix 4, Dye 9, Thome dh, PK 3, BA 8, Missile 6, Fields 5, Miller 2.  Danks pitching.


Unbelievable weather at the ballpark tonight — finally (and great forecasts for the rest of the homestand). 

Dog Day

You know it’s Dog Day at the ballpark when you see A.J.’s beautiful golden lab, Bubba, patrolling the clubhouse.  No surprise that Bubba comes complete with a Florida Gators collar.



That’s the John Danks we want to see…… Go Sox’09……

Bubba must be the reason why A.J. is not in the lineup tonight. A.J. has to keep the poor fella company.

Would sure be nice to give the Twins their 10th loss in their last 11 at the Cell. And some whiny Sox fans still can’t understand why the Sox struggle so much at Minnesota???? Well, look at the Twins’ recent struggles in the Cell. Gee, it must be a MENTAL thing with the Twins, huh??? Nah, it is simply that the Sox, like the Twins, play a helluva lot better at home.

Now, I’m not trying to open up a huge discussion, but this just points out one of the beauties of baseball. Every diamond is different, every fence is either closer or farther away and every atmosphere is unique. Unlike football or basketball where the dimensions are always identical.

Keep it going JohnnyD….. Time to make some noise against the Twins….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

jk, you feeling a little lonely???

Okay, I’m only following online. Did Alexei blow an easy play or was it a tough error?

Can’t give the damn Piranhas anything!!!

Hey, tc, usually Kris says hello by now. Good to know I’m not alone….. Danks is still pitching well. hard to overcome an error on what should have been a DP… Go Sox’09….j.k.

And you can put it on the board!!!!! Im here! 🙂 Was preoccupied with misc tasks, Rangers/Tigers on the tv, etc . . but tc, I’m always around!

Did you hear about Scott Schoeneweis’s wife??

Atta Boy Paulie!!!!

Well, the big boys didn’t waste any time getting those two back.

I’m really happy for Konerko. Last year at this time the masses wanted his head on a platter or his butt out of town. This year, he is the one guy getting it done at the plate.

And I don’t care what people say about Jim Thome. He still gets on base a lot and is involved in a lot of big runs.

Without those two right now, we’d be the Washington Nationals of the AL.

What about Mrs. Schoeneweis?

Okay, for the moment, I take back any bad thoughts I had about Josh Fields.

Nice “answering” inning so far.

Hey, TC, JK and Kris. I’m here, too (off and on). So nice to see the team playing a cohesive game again. And how about this current hit parade? Liking it!!

And I just read about Scott S.’s wife. Really tragic.

That on top of the news that Amy Mickelson has breast cancer. Not a good day.

Mrs. S. – just weird and tragic stuff like that seems to be happening more and more these days.

Inning’s still going – I like it, I like it a lot!!!


Attaboy JD!!!!!!!

A really nice crooked number going up on that board.

Of course, Liptak is probably ticked. Damn home run or nuthin’ offense!!!!!!!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Grand Salami for JD! Atta boy!

hey kiddies, I’m here!! Atta boy JD!!!! Can I declare the boys are back!?!? YESSSSSSSSS!!

WooHoo!!!!! We’re in the money……………..NICE….j.k.

That was a GREAT inning!!! Go Sox!!!

I don’t watch golf but I do know Phil Mickelson’s name and I respect him for dropping out of his tournament to be with his wife. That’s class at best!

Well Ames, they are back —- at home that is. We still have a long way to go but nothing like a 7-run inning to light a fire under our backsides.

C’mon Danks. Put ’em away!!!

At home is all we have to worry about for the next 4 days. Build up some momentum here, and maybe it’ll carry over to the road!

Hey, all ever notice that a few runs brings out the comments? Go Sox’09…j.k.

lol – yup, I’ve noticed that myself j.k. – – I’m usually here but get pretty quiet when we’re losing or lost – – it’s much more fun to post good times!

I’m usually around, but unless the game is shown on WGN, I have to watch via GameCast. I’m still fairly new to this blog, so I choose my comments carefully. Go White Sox!

Hey, Kris, remember when your feed was behind mine? Well, mine is about 1/2 inning behind actual real time. Whats’ up with that????

Decent job by JohnnyD. tonight. Keep Minn. off the board the rest of the way and we will have another winner…… OR, Get more runs ourselves…….. maybe both… j.k.

A little scare, but let’s keep it going and get Danks the W!

Good job Matt………

My feed is behind quite a bit – tonight I seem to be right on, i have no idea why that is, I have had no problems with it tonight freezing up though.

I’m thinking it’s WCIU vs. CSN, but that’s just a guess…. Go Sox……

Good job Line…… Go Sox……

Home cooking and nice weather is good for our boys!! What a nice game. Glad to see Danks have a good outing and PK is on fire! Warm weather and Sox victories, can’t ask for more.

Scary job by Bobby, but Alexei redeemed himself for a Sox winner……. See you all tomorrow folks….j.k.

So, the Sox are 17-22. And the team right ahead of them in the standings — the “Model franchise” Twins — is just 3 percentage points ahead of them at 18-23.

Despite all the Sox’ shortcomings, the absolute horrid play on the recent road trip, the stretch of 12 losses in 15 games, etc., etc., they find themselves a smidge behind the organization that so many fans wish the Sox would imitate.

It only goes to show that everyone has their share of problems. Sure, the Twins were missing Mauer for most of the first month but the Sox lost not one but two starting center fielders (who were both playing well at the time of their injuries) and had other key players (Quentin, Fields, Dye, Getz) all miss time due to nagging injuries. It is no coincidence that much of the team’s struggles coincided with when Quentin was out or was playing while hurt.

The Twins have lost six straight. I’m sure their fans are hurting right now like most of us were last week.

The Royals went through a losing streak but seem to have righted themselves a little thanks to pounding ex-Cub Kerry Wood last night. The Tigers are playing very well and now they are due for a slump (I hope).

It’s a long year. We have not nearly solved our problems that were so clearly demonstrated on the past trip but two wins show that — in a division like the A.L. Central — there is always hope. The “dog days of summer” aren’t here yet, despite the attendance (or should I say attendees) at the game tonight!

ok… that was a great win. Love the homers…keep em coming. I love and miss the home run offense!!!!! It is way better than no offense at all! Great job by Dotel, Thornton, Linebrink and Jenks…hell even the biggest bum of all fields had a hit…

However, if you all are declaring the Sox “back”…you are way to easily impressed. They just won back to back games for the FIRST TIME IN MAY! IT IS MAY 20TH FOLKS! It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me think we can compete this year (maybe it could start with a decent Gavin Floyd start Friday against the Pirates for god sakes).

Anyway, nice win…win another tomorrow and sweep the Pirates and the homestand…. we would then only be one game under .500 and maybe then you could start talking about the resurrection!

Agreed Kenwo. We are far from back. But it is always nice to kick the Twins’ butts.

Peavy? Interesting, very interesting.

Just heard that the Sox agreed to a trade for Jake Peavy…. He has to waive his no trade clause- that would be great…however, if he is a sally and doesn’t want the trade- I don’t want him either because clearly he doesn’t want to be in a city where they will boo your *** if you do crappy and is content hagning out with surfers. We shall see!

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