Just Another Day …

… with the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field

You gotta love KW’s aggressiveness …

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile6, JD9, Thome dh, PK3, AJ2, Betemit6, Getz4, BA8.  Colon on the mound.

Seven-Plus in One Frame

With all seven runs scoring in one inning last night, it marked the second time in the last 20 years that the White Sox had scored all of their runs in one inning (minimum: seven runs).  The other was 9/17/07 in an 11-3 win at KC.


Is it a done deal?????
come on!!!!! Dont leave us hanging!

That’s a nice subtle way of letting us know he is hearing what we are hearing and that he loves it!

Well we should and must sweep these Twinkees today this should be a good buster for our White Sox today. I will be there to cheer them like the way I haved always done. If possible Scott send a shout I will once again be sitting Box/Sec – 118 / Seats 1-4 your friend Juan Team 4. LETS GO WHITE SOX! LETS GO FOR THE SWEEP!

Very, very interesting indeed. Peavy would be a nice addition, if only he waives his “no trade” clause. Looks like we’d be giving up Richard and Aaron Poreda (from Birmingham), plus we’d have have to contribute part of Peavy’s remaining contract with the Padres. I think he’d be a good fit, but we’ll see what happens. Let’s sweep the Twinkies! Go White Sox!

I, too, hope for a sweep of the Twinkies today. I was lucky enough to be out at the cell last year when the White Sox completed a four game sweep (in June). This year, I was lucky enough to be at the first two games of this Twin dunking and I must say, I was ever so proud to be a White Sox fan last night, with all my other WS fans, who stayed vocal and in the seats ( or actually standing) until the very last out was recorded.

White Sox fans are first and foremost baseball fans (in my humble opinion) and to see that many people out Tuesday (26,000+), with the team coming off a bad road trip (AND the Blackhawks in their first conference playoff game in ever so long), was mighty impressive and satisfying. Last night’s crowd topped 29,000 (not including the 700 dogs) and I believe the White Sox responded to all the love we were screaming their way (even Josh, for gosh sakes!).

One more thing, glad to see Alexei was able to make up for that error and Ozzie’s comment about Cuban baseball was too funny!!

I would welcome Peavy to the Sox only if he wants to be here. I guess it’s up to him in any case, so we will wait and see. No question that he’s a quality pitcher and in essence taking Jose’s spot in the rotation can only improve our record. But, even if Jake Peavy pitches great and gives up only one or two runs a game there still is no guarantee he will get the win. We need our hitters to maintain consistently good at bats. We need them to manufacture runs (hahaha) and we need them to be able to put the ball in play and not strike out. Without the offense producing, the defense and pitching of Peavy will by worthless. I hope we get him but if we don’t that will be ok too. It’s all up to him…. Go Sox’09, sweep the Twins out of town….j.k.

Reasons why there’s a turnaround…
1) Home, sweet, home…

2) Warmer weather (thank you to the Supreme Meteorologist… and I DON’T MEAN TOM SKILLING — DESPITE WHAT HE THINKS…)

3) They don’t have to face Toronto and Texas anymore this season…

4) The piranhas die when they get out of their fishbowl… a.k.a. The HumpDump… so far this season…

As to the possibility of the SD trade… Not only would it yield a quality starter for a possibility (Poreda, if the rumors are true) and a disappointment(Richard)… but the main thing…


For all of the last off season, that’s all that was speculated… the Cubs are going after Jake Peavy… that’s all we heard or read… of course, nothing happened on that front… but NOW… there’s a possibility that the crosstown rivals would be obtaining him…

As I say, that would tick off those lemmings who saunter out to Jurassic Park at Neverland to take in the ambience that is “the shrine”… and to boo and hiss Fukudome and any other crumbum who dares to mess up a perfect afternoon or evening for the Gray Line Tour group, or anyone else who has hope in their hearts… and cataracts on their eyes…

If at all possible, Mr Williams… PULL IT OFF, PLEASE !!!

I’m watching the game on GameCast at work, so no video images for me, but is Colon serving up batting practice?

Hmmm, Looks like we got the Evil Bartolo today…….. Hmmmmm…..j.k.

Alright, put it behind you and start chipping away Boys….. j.k.

More like the Evil Betemit. Why is he even on the squad? Seriously? Not just because of today, but because he’s Wilson Betemit.

I left the TV after the first two hits of the big Twins’ inning. But it appeared that Colon was going to work out of it and someone told me that all 7 runs were unearned thanks to Betemit’s error.

That guy needs to go. He is a waste of space on the Sox bench. Everyone (including me) was screaming for Lillibridge to go back down to AAA but he should have been kept and Betemit should have been jettisoned. At least Lillibridge could play defense. Betemit can neither hit nor field. His poor play just opened the door to most likely a Twins’ victory today.

He has got to go.

Ouch! Bases loaded no outs and guess what, we don’t score. There is a recurring theme there……. Don’t give up Boys, get a few runs to build on starting tomorrow…. Go Sox’09….

Yeah, tc, Betemit is BAD…….

Maybe I jinxed it when I first mentioned the possible sweep before the game started. Lesson learned for next time. Go White Sox!

this four letter word should sum up this game…YUCK!!!!

Good one, Jen. But you forgot Nuts!, Crud!, Pooy!, and unimspired. Oh, that’s more than four letters, but it also sums up our effort….. Go Sox?…..j.k.

make that uninspired…..

Pathetic, just Pathetic Colon has had 1 and a half good starts. We may get some runs but the pitching can’t put our offense in a hole like this its just not nice, Bartolo really is no good…I can’t say it anyway other then PATHETIC

Ummm hello, only 1 ER. The D failed him today.

I wrote how I feel about Peavy if you all want to check it out. I analyzed it strictly based on Peavy though, and not the prospects in return (which matters, just wanted to write how I think Peavy will play in the AL, Cellular Field).


Now I’m not going to let Colon off the hook altogether. A good big league pitcher has to overcome errors and minimize the damage, which he was unable to do.

Still, there is no excuse for playing someone at third base who is as poor defensively as Betemit.

Oh, by the way Mr. Peavy, we do have a guy who can field ground balls routinely at third base and make the plays behind you. His name is Jayson Nix and he should be playing there everyday.

Huh? What? I heard some grumbling and it woke me up. Is the game over yet? Oh, well……. We won a series and it is NOT Jen’s fault for wishing for a sweep, we all were wishing the same thing…..

What’s the over/under on how many runs Minn will score today? I’m gonna go with the over @ 18……j.k.

The way things went today is not a very good recommendation for any pitcher to want to join us. I hope he will, but……. Go Sox, get A run today…..

I guess 18 was way too low for all you betting folks out there. I will therefore issue an in-game over/under update. The new o/u is 22. I will take the under this time…… Come on Sox, get ONE run….

They go for the extra point, oh wait, we are watching baseball not football. Good grief!! I come home hoping to catch a sweep and instead mistakenly think the Vikings and Bears are playing. Do you think this factors into Peavy wanting to come? If we score some runs maybe??

Why would anyone want to play with a bunch of listless veterans and erratic rookies? Maybe Peavy will join the Twins…….. Come on Boys, Two more chances to score ONE run. You can do it………

It makes no difference whether the Sox score or not today. There are no style points to be won. Blowouts happen, but way too many have happened in the early part of 2009.

Bad pitching and bad defense will make that happen.

But all the Peavy moves by the Sox have shown one reason why Kenny was hesitant to spend any money on the list of free agents (that a lot of teams apparently didn’t want either) during the off season. He was saving it for Peavy, a player who it is reported that he has spent almost 11 months tying to make a deal for.

Now, if Peavy decides to stay in the weak-hitting NL, pitch in a pitcher’s ballpark, and live in the best climate in America for 12 months out of the year — then who does Kenny go after next? And if Peavy does leave and come to the Sox, should we question his sanity?

Yeah! We scored a run! The crowd goes wild, there is joy in Mudville……see you all tomorrow everybody…..

This and that (sorry folks but it has to be…)

After what happened Thursday afternoon there’s not a lot to say.

This appears to tie the record for the worst lost in franchise history based on run differential. On May 10, 2002 the Sox lost 19-0 in Anaheim. Today’s loss was 20-1, again a difference of 19 runs. Just quickly checking through the White Sox media guide and Retrosheet, these were the two worst losses I could find.

Some random thoughts:

And that’s why Wilson Betemit can not be trusted in the field and to think he is making 1.2 million dollars this season if memory serves.

Middle relief has been an issue (to say the least) all season long.

Jake Peavy probably said this afternoon, not ‘no’ but ‘hell no’ after seeing the score of this one.

And speaking of Peavy. Getting him would be great but it does nothing to help one of the worst defenses and offenses in the American League does it? (to say nothing of middle relief…)

And for the record, Orlando Hudson now is hitting .340 with 25 RBI’s, Willy Tavaras is hitting .288 with 11 stolen bases and Coco Crisp has five triples and 11 stolen bases…but they weren’t good enough for the White Sox.

If what TC says it’s true then you have to question Kenny’s sanity. It was a longshot to think Peavy was going to waive his no-trade clause and the only teams (according to S.I. this week) that he insists he’d go to are all in the N.L.

So you pass up a chance to help your team in a few positions on the longshot chance to convince a pitcher to come?

Mark Liptak

I’ll say this for our SOX. When they are bad, they are atocious! As stated here previously, way too many blowout losses for this club so far. I think ending the year a .500 club would be a huge improvement from where we are now.

I still think the biggest reason why Kenny did not go after any of the names Liptak just mentioned or any other potential free agents is that he has extremely high hopes for some young players in the system that aren’t quite ready.

I don’t think he wanted to lock up a Hudson, Crisp, or Taveras for more than a year since he has Beckham, Jordan Danks and Tyler Flowers — just to name three — that the organization is counting on. Beckham will likely be ready next season, if not sooner (kind of along the same path that Robin Ventura followed in his ascent to the big leagues with the Sox in the early 90s). Danks and Flowers may be two years away. Flowers will probably be ready to hit by next year but as a catcher he may need more development time.

Now as it turned out, the three previously mentioned vets could have been had for one-year deals but initially that was not the case.

I’m not saying Kenny was right or wrong, but I think that he wanted to finally see if the prospects the club had invested in, traded for and groomed could be the future stars, much like the Twins have done in the past 20 years or so.

And I think the defense would not be bad if Ozzie would just play the best defensive players. Of course, that would mean living with Anderson’s bat every day and playing Jayson Nix every day at third. Is Nix ready for that? I don’t know but I’d sure like to see. I’ve seen all I want of Josh Fields and would rather watch the Home and Garden network than watch Betemit try to play third base.

I think a defensive lineup of Konerko at first, Getz at second, Alexei at short, Nix at third, AJ catching, Quentin in left, Anderson in center and Dye in right is good enough for a club that wants to contend. Now can that group hit enough? More importantly, can the pitching staff give that group a chance to win?

tc for manager of the Sox (I like your line-up). Lip for GM. No wait, that would make the Civil War look like a wienie roast.

One game only and there was no drama, so merely a waste of time on my part. A sweep would have been nice, but we got the series and that should be our focus. Win one game at a time and win series. That’s all that matters.

Seriously, I do like tc’s line-up, but we all know Ozzie likes to keep his starters rested (whomever they are), and that means that everybody plays 4 or 5 games then sits for 1 or 2. Thome, Paulie, DJ, and Q when healthy excepted. Basically that means there IS no set line-up. But that’s just Ozzie, and I don’t see that changing.

So with that in mind we need to win two from the Pirates this weekend, starting with tomorrow night to get the taste of todays game out of our mouths….. Go Sox’09……j.k.

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