Friday, May 22, 2009

KW Statement

Here is KW’s complete statement from last evening …

Statement from White Sox General Manager Ken Williams in response to Jake Peavy’s comments from this evening:

“It was communicated to me earlier this evening that Jake Peavy is simply not yet ready to make a commitment to join the Chicago White Sox.

“I understand where Jake is coming from given the unusually early timing of this type of event.  It’s understandable that he was caught a bit off guard, as most people in his position would be.  He has a wife and three young boys to consider, and Jake has earned the right to thoroughly think through this move.

“He and his agent, Barry Axelrod, have been transparent in their thoughts, respectful and complimentary of what we have accomplished with the White Sox, and understand our desire to win another World Series title.  I walk away with a greater respect and admiration for both as a result.

“Anyone who has followed our club knows we still have championship aspirations for this season and will continue to improve our current club by pursuing all of our various opportunities.”


Given Peavy’s comments about he reasons for vetoing the trade, I’m a little surprised by some media reaction that the White Sox were “embarrassed” by his decision.  Obviously, we wished he had agreed, but unless there is some MLB re-organization planned in the near future that I am unaware of, the White Sox aren’t headed to the National League any time soon.  KW took a gamble, that had it paid off would have been huge for the Sox.  It didn’t, we move on …

..of course the 20-1 loss made the link all too easy …

We heard somewhere that this was all a PR stunt.  That’s taking conspiracy theories a very long away.  Apparently, by that line of thinking, another MLB organization was willing to agree to a trade with us that included their very best player, have the deal go public (it broke out of SD late Wednesday night), and then have their best player say no to the trade publicly … all to help make the White Sox look good?  Someone has too much time on their hands if they concocted that …

Maybe It’s Me

So now I’ve been around to witness the two worst losses in franchise history … but wait a minute, practically everyone who is reading this has (we also lost 19-0 at LAA on 5/10/02).  The great thing about baseball, there’s always another game the next day.



Indeed, so get out there and kill the Buccos!

I also remember a whole series where we were on the other side of the scoresheet against the Cardinals. Anyone else remember Tony accusing the White Sox of having some kind of camera to help them hit? Ozzie has too much sense to accuse Gardenhire of any kind of new satellite system that can pick up the signals from AJ’s southern regions and relay them simultaneously to implants in the Twinkies brains so they can hit like they did yesterday. (although I wouldn’t put it past them) But the sun came out this morning and the flowers are blooming again and the White Sox will move on (Peavy-less) and take care of business on the South Side as usual.

GO WHITE SOX!! (And happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!)

Very respectful comments by KW and the Sox.

At the very least, Sox fans know that KW is working hard to improve this team!

The media stuff is crazy. We all know certain media outlets have clear bias’ against the Sox. Since this happens quite a bit in this town, all I do is laugh it off and wait for the next one.

The Sox can easily combat these goofballs by starting to play like we know they are capable of and WINNING SOME BALLGAMES. Let’s start tonight against the Pirates and show Mr. Peavy that his unspoken fear of AL hitters is well placed.

Tough day yesterday with the loss and Peavy rejecting the trade. But looking on the bright side, we won the series and I’ll gladly take winning 2 out of every 3 games from here on out. I won’t be able to watch the game tonight, so I’ll send my cheers in before hand. Let’s kick some Pirate booty tonight! (Pun horribly intended.) Go White Sox!

Hitting to all fields… kind of like the Twins yesterday (oy, Gevalt…)

Jake Peavy would much rather pitch in the Grand Canyon of pitchers’ parks, Petco in San Diego… where it takes an act of Congress to hit a HR… than to risk throwing in the pinball palace which is the Cell… He also knows that there are, potentially, more pure thumpers in the AL than the NL… Also, he likes to hit… and does well at it… one of the few…
So I don’t blame him one bit…

After yesterday… No surprise thought here… the fielding is PUTRID !!! If I had the choice between Betemit and Fields…
I would take… Gordon Beckham… because the previous two names mentioned are candidates for the “Jaime Navarro” treatment… which, you may recall, involves cutting off their head, arms and legs and making 2nd base out of them…

The piranhas got a lot of frustrations out of their system, at the expense of Colon and every bullpenner except “Ay, Carramba” Carrasco… but if the Yank-mes can give up 20 some runs(13 in one inning) to Cleveland… anybody can do it…

That is the miniscule “silver lining in the dark cloud”…

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