Pirates Raid

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods7, Nix4, JD9, PK3, AJ2, Qdh, Missile6, BA8, Fields5.  Floyd pitching.

Go-Go Hawks

Good luck to the Blackhawks


First of I would like to start by saying thanks Scott for stopping by and saying hello, that was very nice of you. We took a horable loss yesterday, but every club goes through that just hope that it dont happen again. I might be there again to catch at least 2 of 3 or maybe only 1 game with the series againts the Pirates. I would anounce it if attend any of the Pirates series. By the way I finaly got a ball for my daughter. LETS GO WHITE SOX!

Almost time for White Sox Baseball, Boys and Girls. Here’s hoping that our Guys have put yesterdays “game” behind them and come out firing on all cylinders. Go Sox’09….j.k.

New Flash!, News Flash! The Sox scored a run by executing!!! Yeah team…. j.k.

Good job by Gavin so far. In fact, it’s the best he’s looked since April. But, we need some more runs to support him. One isn’t enough, at least not enough for me…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Still chunkin’, Gavin. Very nice. Now let’s get a couple runs to support him… Go Sox….j.k.

Where is everybody? Watching the Blackhawks, I guess. Well, Go Hawks and go Sox’09…… One more run please……j.k.

All you Hawks fans, you are missing the reemergence of Gavin tonight. 8 innings, 2 hits, 2 BB, 8 K’s. I presume Bobby will close it out, so how about one more run just for the heck of it?….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Thank you Alexei,,,, 2-0 Sox…

hi jk,

I have been watching all night, just now checking in here. I hope I dont jinx anything or ruin your streak of blog comments.

I would like to put a notice out to the authorities that who ever stole our White Sox and brought them back for tonight…we should go easy on them. Gavin’s back. Small ball is back. Alexei showed up tonight. They must have all been kidnapped by a UFO or something and tonight they are making a return. I hope these guys stick around for a while.

Please, no drama Bobby.


Well, that was a nice game wasn’t it? Makes you almost forget about yesterday.

Have a great night all and see back here tomorrow!


I’m with you jk. Just been working and trying to follow the game online. Yahoo must really be slow tonight because it still has Pittsburgh batting in the 8th and a 1-0 score.

C’mon Bobby. Let’s get this game “ovah.”

Three up, three down for Bobby and a Sox winner…….. Go Sox…..j.k.

This game will really bum Liptalk out (the L was intentional). I don’t think he will have anything to complain about!


Wait a doggone minute Marie (oops, dog night was two nights ago🙂. HALF of our offense came on a home run!!!!

And to only score two measly runs against the lowly Bucs??? C’mon, there will be no smiles in Idaho tonight!!!!

BTW, as far as I’m concerned, this game is not yet over. Yahoo Game Channel just finished the bottom of the eighth!!!! According to Yahoo time, the big fella hasn’t even stepped on the mound yet!

Okay, so you guys weren’t lying to me. Even Yahoo finally admits that the Sox won this game!!!

I think tonight’s game showed everyone one very good reason why Jake Peavy elected to stay in San Diego for the time being.

In the same ballpark where the opposition scored 20 runs just one day ago, Gavin Floyd — who American League teams have pounded like the proverbial “red-headed step child” — holds the NL Pirates to no runs on 2 hits with 8 strikeouts in 8 innings of work.

Now you tell me. If you were Jake Peavy (of course if you were you would be ridiculously wealthy and would not be sitting at home on a Friday night reading my incessant rambling on a silly blog, but that’s not the point), would you rather pitch to Pittsburgh or one of the other similar NL ballclubs in a pitcher’s ballpark like Petco Field, or would you rather face the likes of the Blue Jays, the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Twins or the Rangers in ballparks where the ball easily flies into the not-so-cheap seats???

Now, I’ll admit, the NL has teams that are much stronger than Pittsburgh (witness the fact that the defending World Series champ is from the NL), but none of them crush the ball like the aforementioned teams from the AL.

That will be my final comment and thought on Mr. Peavy. Until he goes out and sticks it up the north siders’ proverbial hind ends tonight (which is the least he can do for the fans of the team that 24 hours was eagerly waiting to embrace him).

Good job jk. You and Gavin got us the lead and Marie and I and Jenks came in late for the save.

Well, after re-reading that last post of mine I realized that the typos and occasional missed word(s) may lead some of you blog-a-holics to think that I stole a few of jk’s beers and downed them while following this 2-0 masterpiece online.

Trust me, I wish I had!!!! But, to steal and paraphrase a line from the good Harry Caray back in his heyday working with Piersall with the Sox, “I don’t know about you Jimmy, but after this one’s over, I’m going across the street!!! I think Mrs. McCuddy has something cold waiting for me!!”

One half homerun by Lexi, one half manufactured run by Scottie. I’ll take that any night!


Your boy Pods is doing okay. He is having a little more difficulty stealing bases than he would like but he has hit better than most of our feeble leadoff hitters and has played better defensively than he ever did in his first run with the club.

I really hope they find a way to keep him on the club when Wise comes back. If they keep Betemit and release Pods, then there is some serious insanity going on. Of course, they make use the excuse that they can’t carry that many outfielders and need another infielder. My response to that is this: Do you honestly think Betemit is an infielder???? Quaid, jk or former softball phenom Jen could play a better infield spot than Betemit.

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