Sunday, Sunday

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 8, Ramirez 6, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Quentin 7, BA 9, Getz 4, Fields 5.  Buehrle pitching.

Let’s Get a Sweep

Sox go for the sweep today and a 5-1 homestand.  The Sox have won back-to-back series for the first time this season.

Good luck Blackhawks.


The Bucs scored a run on us? On Buehrle? How dare they! Make them pay Boys!…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hi jk, hi all,
Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’m listening on the radio while doing yard work and cheering on the boys. Let’s get ’em good today and sweep some pirate booty!

Good throw Pods….. Go Sox…..

Hi MariE…. Don’t work too hard, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated……

Atta Boy BA…..2-1 Sox…. Go Mark….

Good Defense so far today too, and we’ve needed it. Mark’s given up a lot of hits (mostly dunks and dinks) so it would behoove us to score a few more runs….. Come on Boys…j.k.

Any similarity between the White Sox team that was humiliated by the Twins Thursday and the team that has taken on Pittsburgh the last three days is purely coincidental…

Or maybe it’s because the once mighty Pirate franchise has gone downhill faster than a soap box derby car the last 15 or so years…

Now the boys go out West to play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Azusa and Cuc………………amonga) before coming back to the Midwest and the Royals… who have returned to form, but have always given their share of agita to White Sox universe, especially at the K… for the weekend, and to end the month…

Don’t worry, folks… In June, you’ll get plenty of chances to see the team at the Cell…unlike this month, where a home stand has been a rumor…

More important than any baseball game, of course, it what takes place tomorrow… when we should all take the time to pause, reflect upon and thank those who have and are currently fighting and giving their lives to keep us free and able to enjoy freedom… the greatest gift of all…

More good “D” Thank you. More runs? Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Nice job Fields and Quentin! Just giving us a bigger lead… Let’s sweep the Pirates!!

Even MORE good “D”. Still leading 3-1, but it sure would be nice to have Mark get a 1-2-3 today…. go Sox’09…..j.k.

Alexei just made one of the smartest and most heads-up plays I have ever seen. He cut off BA’s throw to third to try to cut down the runner who was trying to take an extra base and nailed the batter who rounded first a little too generously.

Alexei has the best baseball instincts of any player in recent memory who has worn a Sox uniform. He shows up at the right place and at the right time, almost all the time.

Any offense this guy gives us — and last year it was a lot — is gravy. He is a baseball player personified.

And, yes, my “mancrush” continues!!!!

Oh. And he just led off the sixth inning with another base hit.

I am totally with you tc. He is rockin’ it right now.

11 hits allowed through 6 innings?

But only one run in the same period of time?

Reason?… NO WALKS…

Buehrle is amazing… and the Pirates, I’m sure, are frustrated…

And after today, Pitt. stays in town and goes over to Jurassic Park at Neverland to take on the scuffling Cubbies…

All South Side fans are hoping that the Buccos take out their frustrations from this weekend on Uncle Lou’s beleagured pitching staff… and that the boys will have more fun out West than the North Siders have had, so far…

Real gutsy job by Mark today. He didn’t have his good stuff, but still pitched well enough to win thanks to scattering all the hits he allowed and to the good defense behind him. Nice job….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Funny, but I haven’t heard any fans on the north side clamoring to have hitting coach Gerald Perry fired. Two runs through five games — all losses — on the road trip.

It must be the hitting coach’s fault, right???????

One more time. Hold ’em down Pen….. Go Sox….j.k.

Now we could really use another run. Get it back Boys then NO drama Bobby….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Bobby was due for a blown save I guess, but dagummit!…….Go Sox, we need this win….

That stinks!!!! I’d rather lose 20-1 than 4-3 with two outs in the ninth……… Carramba…….Somehow we need to split this upcoming road trip.. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Blame Bobby Jenks for Sunday if you wish but the biggest culprit is the atrocious offense.

The same offense that got all of seven hits today and scored nine runs at home this weekend… against a mediocre / unknown bunch of pitchers.

It’s the same offense that has scored three runs or less in 11 of the last 16 games.

The same offense that scored two of the three runs Sunday on a home run and left insurance runs stranded on base.

But Jake Peavy was the answer right?

Mark Liptak

Think I’ll pile on Jenks. The only thing worse than his blowing another lead (not just a save) was the blowout on Madison.

As the Sox get ready to hit the road some things to consider:

1. The Sox are last in the league in team batting average.

2. The Sox are last in the league in runs scored.

3. The Sox are last in the league with runners in scoring position.

4. The Sox incredibly are hitting only .223 AT HOME! (And no, not every pitcher they’ve seen at home has been Bob Gibson, Wilbur Wood, Gary Peters or Tom Seaver.)

5. The Sox have scored three runs or less in 11 out of their last 16 games.


This is a putrid offense. Some say it’s the “weather”. Well it’s almost June 1st and the Sox have played a quarter of their season.

It may actually be later then you think for these guys.

But Jake Peavy will save us! LOL

Mark Liptak

Hey Mark (Lipman1) we read all these comments of yours after the stories on Do you really have to copy and paste them?

I agree with Klein.. I would rather have gotten whipped 20-1 again than lose a game like that. Come on Bobby…Jack Wilson? Christ. He could save 99/100 and that one time I will still get pissed about. Terrible.

I thought we needed to sweep the homestand. We won 4/6 and still are 5.5 out. Now we go out west to face the Angels and then back to see KC. We have to at least split. In a perfect world we would take 4/6 but I don’t see it happening.


Well, that was one that might come back and haunt us if we end up losing the division by a game. this is a division championship race, there will be no wild card team from this division.

The irony of the teams’ struggles is too much too ignore at this juncture. last year, we lamented konerko despite his injuries. this year, the struggles are due to “kenny’s kiddies”, not the veterans…….fields looks like he’s lost his confidence at the plate and it appears to be carrying over to his fielding…the boos aren’t helping the kid focus……alexei…dare we say he’s coming out of it while looking at a BA of .225? hmmmm. getz started out quick but has stuggled the past two weeks. got a nice glove though…..and don’t forget our “bobsie twins….danks and floyd”……both had a decent last outing. too soon to say they’ve figured it out……to say they were awful their first six games is being nice…….

this is our sox for 2009…..kenny went cheap and bet on farm on the kiddies…..i guess i’ll sit back and hope against hope they figure it out….otherwise its a repeat of 2007 and we’ll lose a damn fine ballplayer in JD while Kenny dumps more payroll to save even more…..

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