Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Rainy in Chicago but it’s always sunny on the west coast …
Pods 8, Missile 6, JD9, Thome, PK3, Q7, AJ2, Fields 5, Getz 4. Danks on the mound.


Let’s put yesterday behind us and play to win todays game. That’s about all we can do anyway. Hope you all had a safe and peaceful day…. End it with a Sox Winner…. j.k.

Nice start tonight. Last night, well………………offense was weak but Drama Queen Bobby managed yet again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Oh well.
Let’s hopeJohnny D. has his good stuff. It would be really refreshing to start this road trip with a W.
Looks like CQ foot injury much more serious than originally reported.
Josh Fields…… (where are you Joe) another K in first inning. LEADS SOX with 46 Ks, unbelieveably more than Thome. 2 HRs and .217 BA. On a good day, couldn’t carry Crede’s jock in the field. He should have stuck to football.
Bring up Gordan Beckam and move Alexi to 3rd.

Buster, you make it sound like Bobby does that frequently. It was his first blown save of the season. Also the worst thing you could do is bring up Beckham before he is ready. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nix get some starts at third tho.

Let’s not slow down the scoring guys. Hopefully Johnny can sharpen up after that poor first.

With family functions, I missed the first two innings. What happened to Q?……. Go Sox, keep pouring it on….j.k.

I missed the first part of the game…whats with the red hats?

I got my answer from Hawk the past inning. Hopefully he’ll be o.k….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Ok been gone all weekend – why the red hats and what happened to Quentin? I just logged on, thought it was Sunday/day game – traveling wears me out!

From what I gather, Q pulled a hammy or something like that. Hawk and Stoney said it looked worse than it is, but he was assisted off the field.( saw that on replay). The Red hats are for Memorial Day, with red, white , blue Sox logo ……j.k.

Pirates I noticed were wearing them too – thanks for the info j.k, I hope you didn’t miss me! 🙂

Of course I missed you, Kris. I didn’t get here myself though til the second inning. I hope we save a few runs for the rest of the series with the Angels…. Go Sox’09…j.k.


Well we got one… hopefully we can get one more vs. the Angels. Nice to see Podsednik and Alexei come through. I like Alexei 2nd. He started hitting there after Ozzie left the team. Hopefully when Ozzie returns he stays there. JD popped another one. I will not be happy if they trade this guy. I’m not saying to pick up his option but hopefully they can work an extension with him for less money. JD is awesome and should remain a Sox player. Carlos going down again? Where is the surprise there? He is injury prone and has been since college. This is probably why the Diamondbacks dealt him to us in the first place. No biggie- we won some big games without him last year.

As fun as yesterday was, I’m not expecting anything close to that today and that may not be a bad thing. Hopefully Colon pitches well enough to make the decision to give his rotation spot to Clayton Richard a hard one, but Ozzie, Kenny and Coop better make that decision anyway. So glad the Peevey (spelling pun intended) trade did not go through!

Let’s go White Sox!!

Yesterday doesn’t matter any more than the third game against Minn. last week. Put pressure on the Halos and play good “D” behind Bartolo. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Feed sucks tonight! But I’m here – – GO SOX!

So we are going to play almost a full week on the road shorthanded with Quentin being sent back to Chicago for further treatment.

Why not just DL Carlos, starting today, and give him two full weeks (at minimum) to heal? We need him healthy. Before he got hurt, he was hitting for power and playing well. Why rush him back? In the meantime, we could either activate Wise (if he is ready) or bring up another player to give our bench some help.

I can’t believe Kenny and Ozzie would let us play so shorthanded, especially with three games on the road this weekend against a divisional rival that is currently ahead of us.

I sure hope we don’t find ourselves in an extra-inning game this weekend needing someone to pinch hit or pinch run and all we have on the bench is Corky Miller or Wilson Betemit.

Good job by Colon thus far. Have been listening off and on. So far, so good on the mound.

Now about that little thing of scoring runners from third or second with less than two out . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now if the rest of the team would just follow the lead of their captain and get some hits with runners in scoring position, we’d be all right.

Nice job Paulie. Hope you don’t have any other plans during the All-Star Break.

Wow, Nix is doing pretty dang good tonight! Two homeruns in the same game! Our guys must still have a little bit of juice left over from last night; it just took them a little bit to get going.

Well, the hits are pretty spread out in the lineup with most everybody getting a good swing or two, but the hits aren’t coming with runners in scoring position.

Time for the bullpen to shine once again. C’mon guys, let’s get another one at the Big A.

TC, You’re doing a fine job talking up the Boys. I relinquish my usual job to you as long as you bring us home a winner…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Good job tc getting out of trouble in the eighth….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Wow, Linebrink is closing tonight! I wish him well – love to see the Sox get this win.


Can’t we ever, ever have a no-drama ending to a game???

Was that good enough, jk????

A Sox Winner!!! Good job Bartolo, Good “D” and good job getting after Saunders. Special kudos to tc for bringing us home this win. I figured there was no way we’d beat the Angels especially after last nights big win. But we did! Now, as far as the sweep goes, I’m not even gonna think about that…….. just keep taking it one game at a time Boys and good things will happen…..j.k.

OK, that’s a nice one! Is it too much to hope for a sweep?

Cheers to all!!!


Couple of quick observations. Okay, maybe more than two.

Just like Line filled in for the big fella tonight, I filled in jk’s sockless shoes (hey, he lives in Tucson) as the late innings “bring ’em home guy.”

First, I think Kenwo may have been able to hear me all the way on the south side when I am sure I joined him in screaming at Pods for net getting the frickin’ bunt down in the ninth. But JD picked him up and will probably get a dinner from Pods for the effort.

Secondly, everybody seems to rip on Pods for his defense but he made another great throw to nail a runner tonight. He may not be Roberto Clemente, but he is getting the most out of what he has defensively.

And how about our defense tonight??? In addition to Pods’ throw, we had Paulie and Alexei turning a very sweet double play, Nix making a great stop in the hole, and Alexei making an acrobatic spinning throw at short look really easy.

Great job by Getz pinch-running, sliding around the tag to get the steal at second and scoring uncontested on the hit by Dye off of Figgins’ glove.

We started our turnaround in Anaheim last year. Would be nice to say that the 2009 push started in Anaheim as well.

I was disappointed with a few things tonight, but who am I to steal Liptak’s thunder?? I’m sure he’ll chime in when the negativity strike 12 in Idaho

So is this 3 or 4 series in a row we won? I think our boys are quietly gelling together. Nice to see us win a few on the west coast! That stop by Nix was fantastic and his bat was sweet too! Still splitting my love between hockey and baseball right now, but I’m watching and liking what the past 10 days have shown for the Sox(minus the 20 run twin effort!) Way to bring it home last night TC!! Do you all have your blog tickets yet???

That was a pretty solid win. I was very happy with the effort. So many times after a team goes nuts with the sticks the next day they don’t do so well. Nix impresses me more than Getz does. Colon catches a bad rap… in my opinion he has only had 2 bad starts all year (Minnesota and Baltimore). Hopefully we can finally cash in on a sweep…even if we don’t 2/3 from the Angels is not a bad thing. Lets go Gavin.

When I see a game with my own eyes on either WGN or WCIU or Fox… or, on those even rarer occasions, IN PERSON… I use a red pen to mark outstanding plays on my score sheet…

Well, last night, the red pen got a workout… both sides…

Question: Will Torii Hunter EVER drop a flyball hit to him that takes him to either the warning track or the wall? I sincerly doubt it…

Things are going along quite nicely, thank you very much…
and do you notice how nice and calm and logically White Sox Universe behaves when things are going along quite nicely?

Coincidence? I don’t think so…

Coupla comments:

1.) I agree, DL Quentin. Mostly for his own good. He’s the type of person, it seems, who will play through the pain – but do more harm in the long run. A stint on the DL would allow him to heal properly, and clear his head so he can go on an offensive tear when he gets back. And I could use the extra roster spot in my 3 fantasy teams 😀

2.) I’m sure both Kenwo and you could hear me screaming at Podsie when he popped up that bunt. Gotta get those down! We know he’s better than that. Disappointing.

3.) Not *everyone* rips him for his defense… But he’s been very impressive. Last night had good “D” all around! And good “O”, and solid “P”… 😀

4.) Donna, that’s 3 series in a row. Just to answer your question. And yes, I have Blog Night tix for me and the whole fam!

Winning tonight would be gravy. See ya all later!

I suppose we could win tonight, but the odds are against us. Then again, maybe that’s when our Boys shine…… Pitch well Gavin, and Go Sox’09…..j.k.

So far so good Mr. Floyd. Keep up the good work. Now we need our offense to go to work…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Good job Paulie and it’s 1-0 Sox’09….j.k. ( not a HR, a sac fly!)

HAving to watch the Angels feed tonight, 2 nights in a row, Chicago’s feed is awful, wonder why.

Just came online here JK – here lately, as long as I don’t watch the beginning it seems we do a little better – plus busy with graduation prep is taking lots of time too.


Chicago feed is awful yet again, having to watch the Angels, JK, are you having a tough time with it too???


More Great “D” tonight!. That’s two good plays by Paulie…. Yes… Go Sox’09……j.k.

OH MY GOSH – GREAT play Paulieeeeeeeeeee!

Hi Kris. No, tonight my Comcast feed is better than the last two nights. Go figure…..Go Sox…..

Tried to post twice now, getting aggravated – –


That was quick….. Keep chunkin’ good Gavin…..

Yeah, Gavin!! Another run Gents, please…Go Sox’09….j.k.

Now you’ve got to go to work Boys…….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

jk – you might be on your own for the rest of this game, this gal is pooped out tonight —- bring us home a winner!

JK I am here don’t post very often, but read alot


I’ll try, but I think tc should step in and help. With brutal calls like that last strike to Nix it won’t be easy, But…….j.k.

maybe we need to beat up a gatorade machine!

Only one chance left to pull out a win. It doesn’t look too good, but all we need is a bloop and a blast to tie it up. Gavin pitched well tonight except for one inning. Weaver pitched great tonight, period… Go Sox…..j.k.

Agree, always comes down to pitching. And Weaver has put on a clinic, not taking away anything from Gavin.

atta boy Paulie!!!!

It was not to be. Now we need to win one in KC to split the road trip……. Have a good day off everybody…… we will meet again Friday…..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Would have been nice to get the sweep, but winning the series is a wonderful thing.

JK, I’ll try to check in on Friday, but I’m actually traveling that day – to Chicago! Family event there, and of course, will take in a Sox game while there.

Go Sox!!!


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