Blackhawk Tuesday

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Podsednik 7, Ramirez 6, Dye 9, Thome dh, Konerko 3, AJ 2, Betemit 5, Wise 8, Nix 4.  Colon pitching.

Baseball Prospectus

White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn meet with about 100 fans at the ballpark tonight as part of a group from Baseball Prospectus.  Hahn fielded questions and talked about how the Sox use sabrmetric analysis when it comes to player acquisitions.

Don’t always believe what you read, was the gist of Hahn’s point.  There always is some benefit to “flying under the radar.”  Those benefits wear uniform No. 20, No. 34 …



Several members of the Blackhawks came out for batting practice prior to tonight’s game.




THANKS FOR THE PICTURE SCOTT!! My two teams combined into one!! I hear Ozzie thought they were terrible!! They play good hockey though!!

Lisa glad to hear you got your tickets!! You know I’ll have my camera there gang to take more pictures.

Strive for 5 boys!!!

Baseball on the Southside, Yesss!!! Waiting for our game to start i was watching the Red Sox and Tigers. Going into the bottom half of the third it’s 3-1 Bosox…… That said, Go Bartolo and Go White Sox’09……j.k.

Just stay patient and we will get to this guy or to their Pen. He’s thrown a lot of pitches so far through only two innings. Go Bartolo, go Sox…..j.k.

Hey jk, bet you thought I deserted you – on the contrary, relatives are busting at the seams at the house getting ready for the big graduation on Friday and I’ve actually have to take my turn on the computer!

That being said – I haven’t been watchin much and they’ve been winning much sooooo – maybe I should stay away huh?


Oh no! Don’t go, Kris. You’re missing all the fun. The past two weeks have make all of us expect good things to happen for this team. We are still in this game and I expect our Boys to come back. Just keep holding them down Bartolo and we will be OK…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Couldn’t keep me away!

I thought the Wilson Betemit experiment at third was going to be over after his last disastrous start there. For someone who stresses having great defense, Ozzie really confuses me when I see players in positions they don’t know how to field.

Why in the name of Al Lopez is Wilson Betemit anywhere near third base????? High school kids play third better than he does!!!!

He must have some pictures of Ozzie being somewhere . . . . . . . .

Get Betemit outta here. Three runs that should never have happened. We have Nix to play third when Fields doesn’t play. I know Getz is hurting, but if Fields is okay then there is no reason why Betemit should be in the game!!!!

Way to go Betemit. Enough said……j.k.

We are playing with our “B” or maybe our “C” lineup and are trailing 5-0. No surprise there. We gave them 3 runs in the 6th, and failed to score when Pods got picked off second in the first. There’s still time, but we need to get a couple of runs next inning…. Go Sox…j.k.

Pardon my cynicism, but with Gobble coming into the game I just officially gave up on this one. This is a throw away game. Come back tomorrow and get them. Then Mark can secure the series win on Thursday afternoon…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

My apologies go out to Jimmy Gobble for that masterful performance. Let’s get two back….Go Sox…j.k.

The kid pitched a great game. Nice to see the Sox fans show class and give him a nice hand as he left the game.

Now let’s see if we can get to the ‘pen at all.

At least the Tigers lost……..

Yeah, it doesn’t really matter if we gave them three runs, since we haven’t gotten any yet ourselves….. One more chance in the ninth, then we can start another win streak tomorrow night. Go Sox’09…..

I never thought I would be so happy to see Josh Fields back at third tomorrow night. At least I hope he is there.

But, like jk said, we didn’t score and couldn’t solve the kid, even after we had seen him a couple of times through the order.

After the run we have been on, a loss like this is no surprise.

Back out tomorrow and give Clayton a little support.

Right on tc…….Go Sox’09…… Good night everybody…j.k.

Another rookie no-name pitcher. Another SOX shut-out. 7 so far this young season. Wilson Betemit may be the worst player to ever wear a SOX uniform.

Who cares how many times we have been shut out. A loss is a loss. There is no run differential tie-breaker for the playoffs!!!!!

Was Betemit playing to just give Fields a night off or was Josh out for injury or illness? I didn’t tune in until the 2nd inning.

How does Colon draw the short straw? Betemit’s last two starts at third have come with Colon on the mound and he has opened the door for 10 unearned runs with two horrible plays. He didn’t even get in position to make that play tonight. He looked like Frank Thomas trying to play third base.

My late father had a saying, ‘if something happens once, it’s a fluke…twice it’s a coincidence, three times or more, you’ve got a trend.’

Once again the White Sox looked totally and completely impotent against an ‘unknown’ pitcher and a kid making his major league debut to boot.

It’s the 8th time this year the Sox have faced a starter for the first time and in those eight games they have seen the opposing starter get five wins and two no-decisions.

The only time they hung a loss on one of these pitchers, they only scored two runs.

Folks this is a problem, and it’s time to stop making excuses for it.

The cause, in my opinion, is because the Sox have a bunch of free swingers who are not able to make adjustments against guys they haven’t seen or guys who throw soft stuff.

I’ve asked and have been told it’s not the advanced scouting material. If that’s true then the fault lies completely with said hitters.

I can see where a kid will simply have a good game once in awhile, but five times in eight starts? with two no decisions?

That’s beyond the law of averages… that’s a problem.

Oh the A’s have two more ‘no names’ going Wednesday and Thursday. Guess I’ll have to get my ‘tipping my cap’ arm ready.

This is embarrassing.

Mark Liptak

Really Mark? Really? It’s the fault of the hitters??? Gee, I would have never guessed?????

Here I was all ready to blame the bullpen coach for our lack of offense against young pitchers.

Live and learn, I guess.

My guess is that to the Oakland fans, Clayton Richard is a “no-name” pitcher. Well, odds are that one of the “no-names” will get a win tomorrow.

This is the 3rd game I have attended this year. If I had known that Ozzie was willing to write this one off, I would have taken my son and my two grandsons somewhere else, maybe the movies. It was the worst game I have ever attended.
Why is Betimit playing baseball?
Why are the Sox baffled by no name pitchers?
And why can’t a pro baseball player lay down a bunt?
And what was Ozzie thinking with this lineup?
I am cold, tired and $250 poorer.
I would have had a better time getting my teeth pulled.


Man, I sure feel for you Dave. I saw Betimit in Spring Training and wondered who let this guy on the field. Jeffery Marquez has a 14 era in AAA. That was one tough one for Kenny.

Well all good things have to end at some point, I guess. 10 of 14 isn’t all bad.

Like many of you, I think the Betemit experiment needs to end. I believe he made this team due to his bat, which isn’t working so good. I would not be surprised to see G.B. brought up to the big club and Betemit sent back to AAA or even AA to learn to play defense.

Is it a coincidence that Oakland’s starting pitching is all sinker ballers? Forgetting the fact we struggle against those we haven’t seen before, we seem to struggle even more against sinker ballers. Some of the guys looked pretty funny last night.

$64 question: why is D. Wise starting? Not only is he not hitting, but BA isn’t hitting anymore either. It’s like he’s lost his rhythm by sitting on the bench….Bad move by Ozzie but predictable given he still hates BA.

I mentioned that “kenny’s kiddies” were going to make or break this team a couple weeks ago. Some of them are starting to show some signs of life….

Let’s right this ship and get another win tonight! See you at the ballpark!

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