Hawks Video

This video from our friends at the Blackhawks.


Hopefully the Wilson Betemit experiment will be over soon. Of course, Ozzie has him on the bench and feels obligated to play him. Why? because he wants to give him at bats and to rest the starters. Ozzie has said that he used to sit on the bench in his day and it isn’t fun. So we give THIS guy a chance to play even though he can’t? Hey, Ozzie, put me in coach, I want to play too! I’m old and can hardly see. I can’t run, but I’d be pretty good on the bench, so put ME in.

I’m sure that Ozzie and Kenny feel the same way we all do, but of course, they can’t come out and say how terrible this guy is. I personally think Betemit would be gone already if there was another team dumb enough (er, I mean willing ) to take him.

As easy as it is to dump on Betemit, he wasn’t the reason we lost last night. Our inability to score ANY runs is what cost us the game. Just when it looked like we might go off on Massaro, we shot ourselves in the foot (by getting picked off second) and then whimpered our way to another shut out.

Last night was a throw away game. Ozzie must have known it all along when he made out the line-up. So why not give Bumbling Betty a start at third, since we’re gonna lose anyway. And keep platooning Wise and Anderson in center, even though BA is batting better against righthanders than lefties. Throw away game.

But last night is over and we never expected to win 8 or 10 in a row anyway did we? ( well, actually, I did, but I forgot about the throw away game on our schedule). I only hope that with the regular line-up back in tonight ( I surmise) that our regulars come out sharp and ready to play against another No-Namer……. (Gulp)……. Go Sox’09…..

🙂 Love the video!

Thanks for the vid.

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