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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marquette Meets The Sox

Lou Hernandez, our director of public relations, graduated from Marquette, just loves his Warriors and was thrilled on Monday when Chicago native and Marquette basketball standout Jerel McNeal threw out a first pitch.

Click Here to See Jerel in Action

Jerel is a Sox fan.  His father explained to Lou that Jerel’s passion for the Sox came from his year-round involvement with the Bulls/Sox Training Academy in Lisle, Ill.  In the summer, it was Sox baseball teams and in the winter, Bulls basketball teams.  So the Bulls/Sox Academy will have an alum in the NBA by the end of this month.




Between my son and I we have been to 6 games so far this season. The White Sox have lost all 6 of those games. I will give that as much credence as the “no name” pitcher business. We’ve lost way more than 5 games (those that were a loss to a “no name” per Lip) so I’m not sure that is the real reason or just an excuse or something to rip on. Lip’s the best at that as he only comes out when there is something to rip on.

So, that being said, neither I nor my son will be at tonight’s game so I fully expect to see a W tonight.

Go Sox!


Oh Marie, how sad that they have lost each time!! I hope that turns around! Overall it has been a good 2 weeks. They aren’t going to win every game, so I guess I wasn’t too bummed about yesterday. Now talk to me if they lose the next 5-6 in a row and I might give a different story!

Scott – aren’t they the Politically Correct Golden Eagles now at Marquette and no longer the Warriors? We don’t want to offend anyone now… 😉 (looking for the obligatory, GIVE ME A BREAK! – and yes, I miss Chief Illiniwek…)

I’m just gonna throw my two cents in here….I was on vacation the past week and noticed through news blurbs on my phone that Wise is back. I have nothing against the guy, but why does Ozzie insist on putting him back in? I realize it was his job before he got hurt. But the Sox were playing horribly when he was our CF. Then he got hurt and BA was put in and the Sox started playing well. BA got hurt and we trended down again. BA came back, and we started winning…does any one else think this is just a coincidence? As soon as Wise comes back, BA gets pressured and goes 0-3 and then Wise comes in to PH. Now BA is out of the lineup for 2 games…

I don’t claim to know more than Ozzie, but from an outsider looking in, it sure seems like BA is the better option. The team plays better when he’s in CF and he plays better when he knows there’s not someone chomping at the bit to take his spot….

Can I pitch for the A’s tonight? I haven’t pitched since my sophomore year in HS, but I’m sure I could throw a perfect game!😉


Speaking of coincidences: there is NO way that you are responsible for six losses by our Boys. It’s deflating, sad and mostly nuts that you haven’t yet been to ONE win. They win when you watch on TV, so you aren’t the cause of the teams struggles on those six occasions. But, how about a disguise for you and your son next time out? J.K. ( just kidding MariE). That’s simply ROTTEN luck……Go back tonight and witness a WIN from our Boys…… Go MariE, Go Sox’09…..j.k.

P.S. Does anyone like my nickname for Wilson? Bumbling Betty?…….. Go Wilson….. away, far, far away…..j.k.

It’s no problem – while I would much rather be there to see a win, I still LOVE being there.

jk, I like your nickname for Betemit. I have one too – I call him Betimiss. You know, “Bet I miss” this ball too! HA HA.

I like yours better MariE. My nickname is an insult to all women named Betty…… Later all….But first I’ll be watching Randy go for #300! Starts an hour before our game…… Go Sox’09….j.k.

I honestly believe that the Wilson who co-stared with Tom Hanks in Castaway could play better defense than the one currently on the Sox.

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