Thome Anniversary

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Bopper

One year ago today, Jim Thome became the very first player to ever hit a home run onto the Fan Deck concourse in center field (over the terraced ivy).  He duplicated the feat on September 30 as the White Sox beat the Twins, 1-0, to win the American League Central title.

“Both were changeups,” Thome said, smiling.

To commemorate the anniversary and the two-homer feat, the White Sox and Thome unveiled a special plaque prior to today’s game.  Fans can see the plaque on the field side of the Fan Deck, near the Billy Pierce sculpture.



Good luck Gordon Beckham, good luck Mark Buehrle, and Go get them Sox. Split this series and start winning series again like we were doing…… j.k.

Alright Boys, second time through the order. Time to get a run or two…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Four runs down now. On some days I’d say, no problem. I can’t say that today, though…… Come on Sox…..

No more comments from me and if we can prevail upon mariE and her son to stay away from the park, maybe then out Boys can restart their engines…….. Go Sox……..

P.S……. just kidding MariE…

My last word: “Crud”!….

Having to rely on other teams to beat your competition to stay in a race isn’t going to work………Let’s try to beat Cleveland a couple of times…..

It’s never easy being a fan of this team. The ups and downs are more pronounced than they are with other clubs.

It’s a bumpy marathon and not a clean sprint. You just have to hang on and endure the disappointments. Remember all the highs and lows of last season.


With respect, the team last year had light year’s more talent and was one year younger. Don’t worry about the “high’s and low’s” with this “home run or nothing” team it won’t matter by August at the latest.

There is absolutely nothing ‘positive’ to be gained from the team’s performance the past three days.

To lose three straight, at home, to one of the worst teams in baseball with a nothing pitching staff goes beyond descriptive words. That same pitching staff that has pretty much individual losing records with high ERA’s.

I said this homestand would determine what Kenny Williams does the rest of the way, if nothing changes immediately, he better be ready to back up the track, admit the off season was a disaster, use the dreaded “r” word (rebuilding) and start over the upcoming winter regardless of how badly attendance drops.

Trying to play “kids” while saying you are “contending” doesn’t work very well. Either bring up all the kids and sacrifice a year or two or go out and get what you need to win in reality, not in someone’s figment of imagination.

Mark Liptak

All this time and I never realized Kenny Williams reports to Mark Liptak. Huh.

You’re right Mark. The last three days have had no positive results.

But there are many more days ahead so there is no sense in being ticked off about the last three. If the guys aren’t professional enough to put that behind them and accept the next challenge, then there is something to worry about.

And once again I was not comparing this year’s team to last year’s club. I was merely reminding the distressed fans about the ups and downs of last year and how it still ended with a division title, in spite of losing a likely MVP or MVP runnerup for the season’s final month.

I don’t live in the past. I look ahead, unlike some others in the Mountain Time Zone.

But I will say this. I find it hard to believe that Orlando Cabrera, Javier Vazquez and Juan Uribe could make any team light years better than another one. Better yes, but light years, no.

And Kenny, or any other GM for that matter, does not swing the bat, pitch the ball or field the ball. Sure, he has responsibilities but the blame does not fall completely on him for a 25-28 start.

Thanks for your insightful comments Maria. I could train a parrot to insult people but it takes an intelligent person to actually discuss something… guess that’s beyond your limited capabilities.

Please explain what in my comments are factually wrong or misplaced. Personal insults are meaningless, stick to discussing the facts why don’t you?

At the risk of stepping out of character since you brought it up, given the job Kenny’s done in two of the past three seasons maybe he should.

Explain this Maria instead of personally attacking the messenger:

The White Sox have played a total of 53 games. They have been shut out eight times by a number of bad pitchers. That means 28.5% of their games results in a shutout.

The White Sox have played a total of 53 games. In 27 of them, they have scored three runs or less. That’s 51% of their games.

Their record when scoring three runs or less? 4-23

That’s a “contender?”

That’s “home run or nothing…”

When you’re ready to discuss things like a reasonable human being instead of trying to do a bad version of Don Rickles, let me know, it’ll be a refreshing change!

Mark Liptak

Once again Lip, this is Marie. Not Maria. Check those facts.

And any parrot can copy and paste blog posts from site to site.


Thanks for actually wanting to talk baseball instead of trying to be a bad comedian!

Kenny put this team together didn’t he? Yes he can’t swing the bat or pitch (or catch) but he knew what the player capabilities were when he basically abandoned the off season and gave us the likes of the Betemit’s (your favorite player LOL), Miller’s, Owens’, MacDougal’s, Lillibridge’s etc.

The Sox haven’t had a center fielder in almost four years, the haven’t had a leadoff hitter in almost five, they are still mired in a home run or nothing offense despite Ozzie’s consistent comments in the off season to the main stream media.

Do the players share some of the blame? Absolutely. No question.

But when you have a bunch of guys who can’t hit, say Wise a lifetime .214 hitter, do you really expect him to “suddenly” start hitting .280? Who is to blame for that one?

And you forgot Swisher and Crede off last year’s team.

Again I’m not saying they didn’t have to go, they did…the issue is that the talent brought back in to replace them isn’t even close to their ability.

That’s the issue, it was Kenny’s job to get the talent. He hasn’t.

If it’s fair for him to get the well deserved credit for 2005 and for the five other winning seasons under his leadership, then it’s also very fair for him to take the blame when the team falls on their collective faces. And Kenny has said exactly the same thing to the media.

I hoped this club could win 85 games, unless the offense changes that’s going to be a stretch.

Mark Liptak

MariEEEEEEE: (Hope that makes you happy…)

Answer the question, please, then we’ll talk. The question again, what is factually wrong with my comments?

And thanks for reading all the sites! I hope you’ll check in often at Chicago where Jack McDowell and I will talk and analyze White Sox baseball. Your participation will go to increase the fundings at the end of the month in the Mark Liptak checking account!

Mark Liptak

Mark, I don’t argue any of your facts. What drives me nuts is your arrogance, your seemingly constant diatribe about all that is wrong. You are so condescending to the readers, that if we don’t all bark up your tree we are wrong, not seeing things correctly, are pollyannas, or just plain stupid. We all watch the same games, read the same stories, and understand it. I just don’t like how you say things like Kenny better be ready to back up statements, like he owes us anything. He’s doing his job. Like it or not. When the Sox do anything well, you are no where to be found. It’s like you just love it when they lose and prove this or that stat right. You just love to rip on trades that were made or those that were not made. You just love to rip. Period. To me, it seems like the readers on this blog really love the White Sox, good or bad. Scott gave us an insight to this team that make them feel especially “ours”. I guess I take it too personally. And my name is Marie.

Well, the leadoff hitter of almost five years ago is the same leadoff hitter we currently have. But it indeed was a fluke that we got him back and that he is healthy.

As far as Swisher and Crede go . . . . . to me Swisher was a non-factor in ’08. He had a big grand slam against the Cubs but did little else. And Crede was hurt and gone for the whole second half when we actually went out and won the division.

As I said the other day, I think Kenny has done a good job. But I also think that all GMs get way too much credit when teams win and way too much blame when they lose. Same with field managers and coaches. The majority of the blame falls on the professional players who actually win or lose the games.

I love the Sox and I love the game of baseball. I follow them as much as I can and hope for wins every day. But I do not let myself get so wrapped up in them that I let myself get offended or embarrassed by their play. I will sit back and let Kenny, Ozzie and the players do their job and see what becomes of it. And I will remain patient through the entire 162 game schedule. And, before my days are too numbered, I’ll see them again in a World Series.

Hey Mark, I think you need to check your math.

“And you forgot Swisher and Crede off last year’s team.”

Crede played half the year and batted .249 with a .930 Fielding Percentage.
Swisher batted .219 and was a dreadful defender.
Oh, and both aren’t doing very well this season either.

Why would you bring those two names into the argument? That didn’t make you look too intelligent.

Bravo, MariE, bravo. Well said……j.k.

Our saving grace is that nobody, and I mean nobody (including the kittens) is playing worth a damn yet this year in the AL Central. That said maybe 85 wins will take the division. The last three days have been very disappointing (especially after a great weekend in KC). That said if I get too depressed, I can always watch the 05 World Series dvds. Let’s start a new streak with the tribe and then take care of bidness against the kitties from motown.

I didn’t make many comments during our stretch of winning 4 series in a row. And when we were on our 4-game winning streak, I said nothing at all. Now we’ve lost 3 in a row, so it’s time for me to speak up again and change our luck around. Let’s beat the Tribe and get Danks a W! Go White Sox!

(If you can’t tell, I’m very superstitious when it comes to my sports teams.)

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