Series Opener with the Indians

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, Thome, PK 3, AJ 2, BA 8, Wise 9, Beckham 5, Getz 4.  Danks pitching.

Dye Suspension

MLB denied Jermaine Dye’s appeal and he will begin his two-game suspension tonight, concluding it tomorrow.


Another glorious day in Tucson. Handball in the AM, Golf in the afternoon and for the evening a White Sox game ( a winner of course). last week with the same schedule we were able to run off a four game win streak. Let’s do that again…. O.K.?…. OK….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

So, JK, had a rough day, huh? I’m back on the left coast, and hoping that now that I’m out of Chicago, maybe the Sox can win.

Why is it that the A’s are always so tough on our Sox?

Let’s get a win tonite!

Go Sox,


Yeah, real rough. ( he said with a smile)…. I’m with you Peggy, in as much as I don’t plan on commenting like I usually do in hopes that if I’m out, maybe the Boys won’t be….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Nice first inning for Danks! Keep it up!


Hi Peggy and JK,
Now that DeRosa hit that one out I will chime in and hopefully change up the luck some. Happy Friday! Go Sox!

Welcome MariE, You’re just what this team needs. Keep on chiming…… Come on Sox, Come on JohnnyD……j.k.

I need a beer after that inning….. Come on Boys, get some LIFE in you……Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hi MariE,

Glad you are here. Let’s get some runs to support John Danks!!


Please, oh please, can we *not* be shut out – again !?!?!

You’re right Peggy. Please no! I can’t take it. And on so many levels I can’t take it!!!

Can we *please* get some runs this inning? We really need it!

Tigers lost. My question: if the Tigers can’t win and the Sox can’t win (or even score runsssss) who will win the next series? Ugh….Come on Boys, WAKE UP……j.k.

OK, our turn to get. some. runs. Lotsa runs!!!

Go Sox!!!


I’m sorry to say it looks like the “Blog Fans” are trying harder than the team is. Maybe tomorrow we skip the starter (Gavin) and lead off with the bull pen. Have DJ throw a couple , then Matt for two and so on. Yes it will blow out our pen, but maybe that way we can win one more on this much anticipated home stand…… Go SOX’09……

Wow, that actually kinda sounds like a good idea. But I don’t think they’ll do it, lol.

Another pitiful offensive night. 9th shutout of the year with 3 hits. Sorry Walk but you have to go. I know, I know – Walk doesn’t swing the bat (and apparently neither does anybody else on this team). He is after all the hitting coach and this team’s repeatedly woeful hitting has to be laid somewhere. By default Walk, you win and you need to go.

I have not been posting here recently because of time constraints given to Facebook… and also because, quite frankly, the “doom and gloom” attacking this franchise and its fandom is reaching epidemic proportions…

I wish to thank Scott for the tickets my friend from CBS 2 and I received for the Thursday game with Oakland…18 rows back from the A’s dugout… in the sun most of the game… and the new information board in RCF is spectacular… bravo to the crew who put it up and who operate it on a daily basis…

Now for the reality check… This team, at this time, is the most snake-bitten, inept, under performing crew since the early part of this decade…

The pitchers are trying their best to keep the game in control… but they can only do so much… the hitting is pathetic… once a lead off man reaches base, you can bet the ranch that he will STILL be on base when the inning is over…

What is the cure for this malaise? I wish I knew… I would bottle the formula and make enough money to make myself very happy…

Something has to give soon… The regional audience of FOX today does not know what its in for… neither do the rest of us…

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