Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods7, Missile6, Thome dh, PK3, AJ2, Fields 5, Nix9, Getz4, BA8.  Floyd pitching.


JD serves the second and final day of his suspension today … we are scoreless over our last 23 innings and are 0-22 in scoring position the last two days … amazingly, we are hitting .281 on the road and .216 at home … things have to change!  We need the weather to hold off, we need to win this game and we need to score a few runs along the way.  Is that asking for too much on a Saturday afternoon?  With 48 home runs, Jermaine Dye is tied with Tampa’s Carlos Pena for most home runs in the American League since Opening Day 2008.

Draft Preparations

The books and cards are complete, our top amateur scouts are in town and the draft war room is set up for Tuesday’s First-Year Player Draft.  The Sox pick 23rd in the first round and our scouting staff will basically be in meetings from now until the first pick discussing players, comparing notes and evaluating the country’s top talent.  It’s a fun time to just be a fly on the wall …

Blog Night IV

If you haven’t heard, Blog Night IV is on the schedule (thanks to the many people who already purchased).

Event is Tuesday, July 21, White Sox vs. Tampa Bay.  Tickets are $19 and of course there will be a special (is that the right word) pregame session in the Interview Room (aka Conference & Learning Center) with special guests and special prizes.

Sign up today (or at least soon) since tickets are limited.  Go to this link and use the password: Blog. 

If you are a season ticket holder or already have tickets for that game, just shoot me a note and I’ll see how we can make it work for you. 


Follow my tweets @InsideTheSox.  You can find link to all of our Social Media efforts at

Pick you favorite way to follow your Sox!




Another day done and another loss (another shut out to boot). But that was yesterday and today we have a chance to right this sinking ship. Away the ballast, load the canon and strike some fear into those Indians today. Doing so on a semi-National stage may change the conception that we are a push-over team. We need to do this.

Sadly, I won’t be watching because the Phils-Dodgers are on out here. I will be following along on gameday though, and will probably continue my inane posting as usual. (Some things just seem to die hard).

A lot of folks are screaming for the removal of Greg Walker. I don’t think that’s the answer, but I don’t suggest that I have an alternative either, so that may be what happens. I ask though: how can this team (the same one that won four straight series with mostly singles and doubles) win like they were and overnight become a completely different team? I can’t remember a more Jeckel and Hyde type transformation.

Bottom line is this….. We need to win this game. Period. Go Sox’09……j.k.

Got my tickets for Blog Night and got my dad and sis to come! Now if only I could convince my dad to let us come to the pre-game stuff. Lol.🙂

Yea!!! a manufactured run…..WE GOT A RUN. call the papers…… yes, yes, yes… Go more go many more. Go Sox’09…j.k.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sox have a run!!!!!!!!! We really need a win today!!

Wow, it feels AMAZING not only to get our second run of the day, but also the first homer in four days!! Go Fields!


You nailed it right on the head when you made your Jekyll and Hyde comment. This team has gone from stone cold to red hot and back to stone cold faster than any team I have ever seen.

The people calling for Walker’s head are the fans that think that all things can be solved by firing a coach. If it were that simple, the GM’s job would be a piece of cake.

I still think that if things continue to go stone cold offensively, Greg Walker — being the high-class gentleman that he is — may walk up to Ozzie, Kenny and Jerry and offer to step aside for the good of the club. He wants this team to win just as badly as any of us do.

But I think that deep down we all know that this is not Walk’s fault. After all, he must have been a genius in 2005 right????

The roller-coaster ride continues. I sure hope we straighten this out a little bit, get off the roller coaster, grab some ice cream or something else from the MLB amusement park concessions and take a new ride — this one to first place and better days ahead.

Especially since first place in our division is about as easy as a ride in the kiddieland section.

Third time in the past few games that BA was up with a runner on first and no outs. Why no bunt attempt? That’s what I’d have him doing, but not even a try???? Go Sox’09….j.k.

It was only the fifth inning jk. You seldom see an AL manager sacrifice except in the late innings.

I know that when you are scuffling to score runs, you might try something a little different. But most of these managers today follow the same script.

Fly to deep right field. Whew! That could have been a killer. I wonder, Hawk cries stretch, stretch when out guys hit a long fly ball, does he think shrink, shrink when one of theirs do the same? In any event, we still have a lead…. More runs though please…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Finally, we’re doing unto others as they have been doing to us for the past four days. A gift run. Thank you very much. Now hold these guys and get a win!……Go Sox’09….j.k.

Right now we need evey INCH that we can gain over to the Indians…

Another big WHEW! Please get a couple of runs and make this game a bit easier to listen to…… Go Sox’09…..j.k.

And THAT is how you do it! Huge thanks to Pods and an awesome effort by Getz right there. Now we just need to keep it up.

You got your BA bunt, now, didn’t you jk???

Yes we did, tc. It sounded like a thing of beauty too. I still would have bunted him earlier too, but that’s just me I guess. If we don’t score here against Wood all we need is three outs from Big Bobby….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

That was quick. Come on Bobby……..

Rack ’em up!!! One more guys, just one more.

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! Yeah TEAM….. Good win. Remember how you did it and do it again tomorrow…… Thank you…..Go Sox’09….j.k.

Some times you get the calls, some times you don’t. I’ll take that one, thank you very much.

Let’s get another one tomorrow and than take our shots at the Tigers.

Minn. just lost to Seattle, so all we need is for the Angels to win tonight for a most excellent day……. Can we please win the rubber game of a series??????? Go Sox’09…j.k.

Small ball, HR ball… I don’t care…


If I was Eric Wedge, I would look at the replay of the last pitch of the game and realize one thing… It is where the pitch CROSSES home plate… not where it lands… that determines if it is a strike or not… (BTW, alert FOX and “little Thommie” Brennaman about the same thing…)


(Note to Mr R… I will get my money order in for Blog Night IV shortly…) If any of you do not have any plans for next Sunday, June 14th, and would like to travel up to Milwaukee’s Miller Park to see the boys renew the rivalry with the Brew Crew… A long time friend of mine goofed uop and ordered too many tickets for that game… So he has 15 tickets at $20.00 each available for the game…

If interested, contact Tom Mulka in one of two ways…
1) cell phone number (312) 501-8424; 2) e-mail address…
tpmulka@ …

You’ll notice I’m not complaining about Mr Mulka not inviting me to take one of those tickets off his hands…

I know better…

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