Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, PK 3, Fields dh, Castro 2, BA 8, Getz 4, Beckham 5.  Colon pitching.


So despite the frustrations of this homestand thus far (2-4), we actually are closer to first place as of this morning, than when we completed the sweep at Kansas City.  Go figure, but the club was 24-25, -4.0 after the game on 5/31 and begins today 26-29, -3.5 games. 

Not counting the division leaders, only three teams in the AL are closer to the top in their division: Yankees -0.5, Minnesota -2.5 and Toronto -3.0.

So as Ozzie and Paul Konerko noted this week, it could be a lot worse given how we’ve played to date.

I still want to see us play for a couple of weeks with our entire team in place.

Good to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, on the national FOX telecast, lauding our bullpen, specifically Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks.  Well deserved.

Draft Notes

The White Sox own four of the first 71 picks in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, which begins Tuesday at 5 p.m. CT (note the move to the evening from the afternoon).

The Sox will pick 23rd in the first round and also own the No. 38 and No. 61 picks as compensation for losing Type A free agent Orlando Cabrera, and the 71st pick in the second round. will offer live coverage and analysis of the entire draft, which covers three days from June 9-11.  MLB Network will carry the first round from Studio 42 in Secaucus, NJ, with those picks simulcast on  Ron Kittle and Moose Skowron will represent the White Sox at the draft.  Ironically, neither was drafted. 

“I was before they had a draft,” Skowron said.  “We went to the highest bidder!”

Once Tuesday night is completed, the draft will continue with rounds 4-30 at 11 a.m. CT on June 10.  Rounds 31-50 will occur on June 11, starting at 10:30 a.m. CT. 


Clayton Richard starts Game 1, and Jose Contreras will start Game 2.


It was Brennamen working with McCarver on Saturday. BTW, where was Joe Buck?

It’s always nice to win a Fox game. It was especially nice to win 8 of 9 Fox games back in October, 2005!!!!!!! And McCarver and Buck called all eight of those.

Anyone going to be at the game tomorrow night? I am not happy that Contreras is starting tomorrow night. Hopefully he can get the win but I am not a fan of his at all.

And away we gooooo, Go White Sox’09……j.k.

We’ve seen this show before. Time to change the ending…. Go Sox…..j.k.

Wow, I think it’s a good thing that I forgot the game was on. What happened to that team from yesterday?

Well, Bartolo has the home run ball working well today, but not much else.

I know we have a lot of weaknesses and are far from a championship team. But I’ve felt since the opening day of spring training that our starting pitching was our weakest area.

Buehrle, Floyd and Danks are fine. Floyd had his issues and Danks has been a little spotty. But overall, those three are good enough to anchor a staff that can make a run at another division title.

But spots 4 and 5 have been troubling. And until we find two guys who can at least keep us in games on a consistent basis, we are going to have to keep hoping that those teams ahead of us keep on struggling.

This one why Kenny went after Peavy. This is why he needs to keep looking for starting pitching. Our bullpen is outstanding. But we have to get the games to the bullpen.

We do not need JD getting hurt, because of a has been pitcher.
Time to send slim somewhere else, he is just another bet that Kenny lost, He and the Sox need a good luck charm. I have to give him credit for Pods though, and we need Brian in center for obvious reasons with this starting pitching.
From what I remember 3 0f 4 of Colons last starts were 20-1…5-0…now 6-0 , that is some ERA.
Come on let’s get some runs!!!!

Boy oh Boy I hope that homerun means he is getting warmed up.

Well, statistically speaking, most of the runs Colon gave up in the 20-1 and 5-0 games were not earned. But, he did fail to pitch above those errors behind him which all good pitchers have to do.

Colon was worth the shot. He knows how to win and it was worth seeing if he had anything left in him.

But we need to find some one else. And unless Contreras can find his forkball again, we need to find someone other than him.

Another no-name sticking it to us. But 6-run leads make even no-names pitch that much more effectively.

Wellllllllllllll, 6-3 now. Attaboy Alexei. Let’s come back and take this game. Let’s start making the Cell pure hell for opponents again.

Something to cheer about. Rah.

I agree Colon was worth the shot, But do we have to get hit over the head with a 2×4 before we realize it didn’t work. Contreras unfortunately is not ( in my opinion) going to be much better, I hope I am wrong. This should have been addressed way before the season started, I ask you, what would we be doing for Starters if Colon or Contreras would not physically been able to pitch before July. Going into spring that is what was expected.

Bye-bye, everybody. Maybe tomorrow…..

Well, it would probably have been Richard and Poreda or some other pitcher that got released in spring training had Colon and Contreras not been physically ready.

This is the most glaring hole on our roster. And it shows up two times every five days.

It’s been that kind of day. A couple of their homers just cleared the fence and Paulie’s ball is caught right above the wall.

no outs 2 on what will happen?



Bases loaded, nobody out and the ONLY way we score a run is on a walk. Seen enough of BA, and have waited long enough for him to come around. Can’t even get the bat on the ball (AGAIN!!!!) Good field, no hit. Get rid of him. Dwayne Wise is not the answer either. Bring up Jordan Danks. I’d rather see Danks than either of the two existing CF we have. Jayson Nix? Get rid of him. There’s a reason that Colorado gave up on him, we should too. Bartolo? Get rid of him. Was worth a shot. He doesn’t have it, unless of course you want him to inflate other teams HR totals. So far this homestand is a mirror image of 07. Said it before, Walk needs to go. If the SOX won’t fire him perhaps he should commit professional hari kari and resign. Sorry, but he’s the Captian of the hitting philosophy and it is abundantly clear that this team lives (and mostly is dying) by the HR. The hitting futility and woeful starting pitching on this team is gong to make for an extremely long and (most likely) disappointing season. Every day reminds me more and more of 2007.

You people complain about stupid ****.

There is a lot to complain about in this game… but not that Jayson Nix didn’t get a hit or that Colon is done. Colon had an ERA of 3.75 entering todays game so give up the ******** that he is done…. That number is far better than Danks and Floyd. He has pitched pretty well this year minus a few outings.

What you should complain about is the incompetence of the manager in today’s game. He left Colon in when he didn’t have his stuff…. we started getting some momentum after Alexei’s homer and he is the guy that let Whistler come in and pitch… and subsequently walk 2 guys that came around to score…

But the biggest tragedy of all was letting Anderson and Beckham hit and pinch hit Nix for Getz when you have Jim Thome and AJ Pierzynski on the bench when the bases are loaded and you are down 4. I don’t care if Thome was 0-500 against Perez, if he had a severe case of the runs or if he had a broken leg…. Thome should have been coming up in that situation. To leave the game with your best weapons not used is ******* ridiculous.

I think he tanked the game on purpose. He was ********** about Beckham getting called up in the first place… he was ********** the fans sent him emails about why wise is in instead of Anderson…. He figured if it is Anderson and Beckham you want…thats who you will get. And left 2 former all stars, 1 future hall of famer on the bench. Way to go ozzie. This is the worst managing job i have seen since Terry Bevington.

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