Game 2 Lineup

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pods 7, Missile 6, jd 9, Thome dh, PK 3, Beckham 5, getz 4, BA 8, Castro 2.  Contreras pitching.

Wes Whisler was optioned to Class AAA Charlotte between games to make room on the roster for Contreras.


I just wrote a lengthy comment bemoaning our plight. It, not unlike our team disappeared in the ether. Suffice it to say Good luck Sox’09……j.k.

Well, I hope they didn’t use the good china when they served up that last game to the Tigers. What a waste – they gave that game away.

With that said, I like this line up tonight, though, I’d like to see AJ in there but realize that can’t happen. I am awaiting a surprise with Jose. Good luck Big Guy. I hope you can make it happen.

Eighteen minutes till game time and I hope we show up to play this go around.


Finally some honesty in the broadcast booth. Stone said that if we can learn to execute, Get home the guy from third with less than two outs, and lay down a bunt properly then this team is good enough to win the Central. If we can’t do that, then this team is good enough to finish in the bottom of the division. That’s what we’ve all been saying for a long time. Thank you for an honest appraisal of this team. I hope you don’t get fired for it……. Come on Sox’09. Come on Jose…..j.k.

If Ozzie is right, and as this series goes, so goes the Sox season, then I really, really hope we win the next 4 games. To do that, the guys will have to play a whole different level of ball than they played in game 1.

I agree that we could do better without Fields, and would like to see someone else (maybe Viciedo?) given a chance.

All I can say at this point is, GO SOX!!!!


Thank you Scottie Pods! Amy, did you like that one?


THank you Big Jim! I really don’t care right now if this is home run or nothing, we are leading so far.

Something must have happened in the hours between games 1 and 2. Something really good.

The way I look at it in the HR or nothing controversy: We don’t hit enough homers. More home runs Boys. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

No sooner do I ask for Home Runs than we put up two without that benefit. That’s OK though. Oh for a W in that first game…. Go Sox….

Is Jose really back? I sure hope so…..

I’m scared to say anything right now, except: GO SOX!!!


Since I only have Gameday, anyone know why JD is out of the game – just to give him a rest, with it being a double-header? (I hope he is not hurt!!!)

JD is fine. It’s just for a bit of rest since he didn’t figure to get back up again….

Well, that was a beauty of a game. Congratulations go out to Jose – he sure pitched a beauty. I hope that is a start of many to follow.

Go get them tomorrow boys.

Night all!


Very nice. If Matt had to give up a run, that’s the place to do it, with us well ahead. Keep the bats alive and support Mark tomorrow just like you did tonight for Jose. ….. Go Sox….

“Before you say that none of these moves make sense because of these guys ages, etc. I ask. What do we have to lose?”

The central division, Buster. That’s what we would lose. We only have to play decent the rest of the year in order to win our division. I hope that after this White Sox winner, and brilliant performance by Jose, you are no longer ready to throw the towel in for the rest of the season. Bringing up young players before they are ready for the big leagues hurts their confidence and hurts our team. I still think we brought up Beckham too early, and he was the most ready out of all of them. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

Nice win tonight. Jose looked like the guy who helped us win the WS in 2005.
Never said I was throwing in the towel Scam but I do not believe that this team, as currently configured is any better than a .500 team (at best). Obviously even knowledgeable people can disagree about who is ready to come up when as evidenced by Ozzie’s comments last week about GB only to have Beckam brought up and start every game since. As I recall Robin Ventura went something like 0-41 when he was first brought up and everybody ripped management for bringing him up “before he was ready”. I seem to recall that he turned out pretty well. As we now stand we will have to play almost .600 ball to get to 86 wins. That’s a bit more than decent.

Don’t really understand the Ventura statement Buster. When you go 0-41, chances are you were brought up too early. I believe it took Robin over a year to really come into his own and start playing at the level he was capable of. I never said bringing a player up too early is going to ruin their career.

If my math is correct, in order for the White Sox to finish with 86 wins they would need to go 59-45, which is .567 ball, not .600. Between interleague play and facing the teams in this division, I absolutely think that is possible. And it might not even take that much to win the division.

If you get rid of Wise, Anderson, Colon, Fields, Nix, Castro, and whoever else you said, and replace them with guys from double A, then yes, you are essentially throwing in the towel. Guys who are struggling to hit .280 in double A ball are not going to carry this team to the post season. If you really think that this current group of guys aren’t capable of getting us to the playoffs, and your not actually throwing in the towel, than the only option is making some big trades.

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