Sox/Contreras Win, Split DH

Jose Contreras allowed one hit over 8.0 IP as the Sox won the nightcap from Detroit, 6-1, splitting Monday’s doubleheader.

Postgame comments from White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen:

“I think it was exciting for everyone, especially the guys, his teammates.  We were happy for him because he threw the ball the way we know he can throw the ball.

“He turned a really bad day into a nice day.  He did a tremendous job for us, saved our bullpen and won the game.

“He had the best split he’s thrown in a long time.  He threw it for strikes when he wanted to.”




What do the players prefer traditional double headers or day night double headers. The White Sox have had an opportunity to play in both this year. I understand why the teams have day night doubleheaders, but I was just curious if it were up to the players which one would they prefer?

Ok won the first game I went to this year!! Got to see Ames boy hit one that nobody really thought was going out till last minute, Jose pitch a gem of a game and make a great play in the field, and lots of runs scored!! Great first game to see. Going to Cincy next weekend to see them so hope to bring the luck with!!

What is Kenny thinking, bringing up Aaron Poreda after Jose threw like that? Is he going to move Colon? Send Clayton down to Triple A? After last night’s inspiring performance by JC, I was thinking that our pitching woes might be over–start Colon for 4 innings, have Clayton come in for the next 4, and have the bullpen do the rest, every fifth day, with Mark, Gavin, Danks and Jose as our best rotation guys. What do you all think?

my guess is Poreda will be brought up for Jimmy Gobble

“Night and Day, you are the (Won)…”

Paraphrasing Cole Porter, that was the difference in the teams in the home dugout I saw from both games…

The lack of execution and the downright dreadful defense gift-wrapped Gm 1…

Gm 2?… That was the Cuban Horse that White Sox Universe treasured most of 2006 and the first half of 2007…
The question then comes up: Why not send “Semi” Colon down to Charlotte to be schooled by the miracle workers named Champion and Dotson? Because right now, he is a capital “B” BUST…

I thought I faintly heard screaming when I was watching Gm 2 in my Lincoln Park cave… Then I realized that that was Amy Preston reacting to the front row HR by Pods…The day that he starts hitting the Killebrew/Thome like majestic HR’s is the day that the stench of PED’s come into the home clubhouse at the Cell… but that is as unlikely as yours truly hooking up with a stoned fox babe…

I had a feeling that they were going to perform their best in this series, to climb back into the Central chase… Well they got their p.u. performance out of their system yesterday afternoon, showed what they are capable of last night, and are looking forward to the slants of a pitcher named Dontrelle Willis tonight… a pitcher who blew his wad back when with the Marlins… and is trying to hang on to a MLB job and the paycheck that goes with it…

Buerhle pitches tonight, so it could very well be “Get Home Early” Park … with another W?…

Not to sure about Contreras, yet. I’ve seen him pitch like he did a couple of nights ago and then get blown away again. I like Clayton, he’s impressed me. I think we have enough of starting pitchers and maybe we could use another long relief pitcher like Carrasco.

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