Sox vs. Detroit Wednesday

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile6, JD9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Beckham 5, Getz 4, BA 8.  Danks pitching.

Draft Day II

Our scouting department was thrilled with how Day 1 of the draft went with the Sox picking LSU OF Jared Mitchell with our first round pick.

The first number KW called to reach Jared actually went to his home.  Jared’s father answered, and after seeing the caller ID, enthusiastically said … “Chicago White Sox.”

When KW tracked down Jared with his next call to contgratulate him and welcome him to the organization, KW asked, “Have you talked to your dad yet?”

Jared said his phone had just blown up with calls and that he hadn’t had a chance to catch his dad yet.

“Call your dad,” Williams told him.  “Talk to your dad.”

The draft continued today, with plans to cover rounds 4-30.  That makes for a very long day in the draft “War Room.”

“I pulled into my garage at 12:45 am,” one of our staff said, “and we were back here at 7:30 a.m.”

An annual draft sight is to see a entire board filled with hundreds of magnetic strips containing player names

Reunion Weekend

Robin Ventura, making his annual visit in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness, and Frank Thomas, interviewing some of the Sox for his new gig at Comcast Sports Net (Frank is providing the channel with special coverage during the upcoming Cubs/Sox clash), will both be at the ballpark tonight.

It will be good to catch up …




I’ll tell ya though, it’s much easier to be at the Cell watching them lose than it is to be at home watching them lose. It just seems to hurt more. Why? I don’t know. How do you all feel about it?


I don’t know, I think I disagree. It would be harder to see them lose while actually at the Cell, because you went all the way down there to see them play, as well as the fact that everyone else is going to be feeling let down as well, bringing down the whole atmosphere of the ballpark. If you’re watching at home, you can distract yourself by watching or doing something else.

I just watched an umpiring crew decide a game. The plate ump called Brandon Inge a hit batter (did not happen), he also called an almost wild pitch a strike, and the second base ump called a stealing runner out without seeing the tag. The final score was 2-1 in favor of the Tigers. Please don’t tell me that umpiring crews have bad days as well as their athletic counterparts. It was a most obvious shill!

What can a fan do about it?


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