Rainy Thursday

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, AJ 2, Beckham 5, BA 8, Getz 4, Fields 3.  Floyd pitching.

Konerko Update

Is receiving a shot today in his jammed right thumb, which has bothered him off and on in the past.  He is day-to-day and hopes to return to the lineup soon.

2,000th Game

Official scorer Bob Rosenberg is throwing out a ceremonial first pitch today in honor of scoring his 2,000th baseball game.  Ozzie Guillen insists on catching it.

Ask Doug Laumann

Feel free to shoot me any questions for Sox scouting director Doug Laumann about this year’s draft and our club’s picks.  Doug will sit down and answer any questions on whitesox.com in a few days (once we’ve collected enough questions).  Fire me an email, comment here or DM me in twitter.


Roger says the rain should be out of here and the game should start around 1 pm (or within a half hour of start time at the lastest).


Hey Scott, thanks for the attachments – I read Alyson’s Footnotes, all about the Stros – pretty neat.

I’m watching this one on our own WGN – let’s bring home a winner gentleman!!!

Go Sox’09?????? j.k.

That’s good that the rain will be gone when
the game starts! klein711, there is no need to
be so negative about things.. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/

Yeah, jk, stop being such a negative ninny!!!!! You always bring us all down!!!!!!!!

So, has Liptak changed his handle to “tribechick”???????? LOL

Our Sox are killin’ me, loading the bases and getting only one run out of it!!

Let’s get this win – please!!!

I have to leave the house shortly, but I’m recording WGN, so I’ll be able to watch when I get home later.



All right guys, come on. If we can’t get a bit more of a lead, then just let Bobby come in and do his job! Nice hit to AJ!!

Ozzie will have white hair soon. The one thing that has been a constant all year — the bullpen — is starting to fail us now.

Granderson has not been too kind to his hometown team over the past few years.

That a boy Pods!!!! Way to pick up the big fella!

…And THAT is why they brought back Scottie Pods. Congrats on the win guys!

Boy did we ever need that win! I think that was our first walk off of the year. Regardless, though, we won it. Gavin pitched great as did our other pitchers (except maybe Clayton) and he deserved a win. What could have been four wins by us vs. Detroit was only two, but we lost only one game to them in the standings. So as poor as this homestand was, basically we only lost one game.

Now we go on the road to the National league. No CQ, no Thome, no Paulie(?). And our pitcher gets to hit. Talk about “little ball”, here it comes.

I guess I need to be more careful where I place my question marks???? from now on. Sorry for the horrible downer tc and all (LOL)…….. Savor this one Boys and Girls. …. Go Sox’09…….?….. j.k.

HA HA jk, that was funny….you are such a downer. 🙂

That was a great pick me up at the end of this rainy day…Nice way to execute at the end there. I heard the recap on the radio and I guess we left bases loaded three times? At least we plated one when it counted most.

I think I figured out why Alexei has started off slow this year. Have you guys seen that big gold necklace he is wearing?? Seeing that makes me think “Alexei – I need a cheeseburger – Ramirez” is being weighted down by that.

Have a good night all and how about we get three in Miller town and give our other side of town a headache?


I really laughed when I read this post. Guess that’s why Roger’s our groundskeeper and not a weatherman at the local news station. (Not that they’re much more accurate.) :o)

Question for Doug Laumann:
What are the chances that you’ll be able to sign Brian Goodwin, Dane Williams and Justin Jones?


About ready to start Interleague play. So go Clayton and go Sox…j.k.

I got it all figured out. Next inning, Josh will get on base, then Clayton will move him over to second and Pods will drive him in with a sharp single…… That’s it and you heard it here first… Go Sox…..j.k.

Wrong again. At least Pods got a solid single….. 1 for 3!. Hey, I’m batting .333. Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play……Center field…….. Go Sox…j.k.

Now the audio is out on my MLB, but instead of dead air I have Farmer and DJ, but their feed is about 10 seconds ahead of the video, so I know what is going to happen before it does….. Karnak the great, eat your heart out…… Go Sox… j.k.

Great catch by Hall in Right. We still lead 2-0…. Come on Clayton…..j.k.

I meant Hart, but I see now after dinner, that it’s 3-2 Brewers. Ugh. Come on Boys, fight….. j.k.

This game got ugly in a hurry………

This season is getting ugly in a hurry…..

Boy i wish i could have pitched for the Brew Crew tonight. Brian Anderson in the 5th spot? Anyone who expected the sox to win this game is crazy (in the words of Reinsdorf circa 97)

I understand we are short handed but a better lineup than that has to be thrown out.


This is at least a LITTLE bit better of a lineup. Not that it would have mattered. It is going to be a long ******* week and a half.

Game two vs. the Brewers about to start, but only on radio due to blackout restrictions. Go Sox……j.k.

Sorry you can’t watch, jk. Great start to the second inning. Three hard-hit balls and a walk.

Lack of hitting is contagious in Chicago, it seems. The Twins blanked the overrated ones on the North Side today without any problems.

Attaboy Gordon. Way to catch them sleeping by taking that extra base. Congratulations on your first big league rbi’s.

This kid is going to be just fine. Just give him time.

It’s hard to believe, but the Sox have actually scored more runs this inning than Dick Stockton has made mistakes on the telecast!!!!!!

Stockton is one of the all-time worst. He’s never met a mistake he hasn’t already made.

Paul Konerko deserves to play in St. Louis next month. He has been a clutch hitter despite being surrounded by a team that can’t get a hit with runners in scoring position to save their lives.


You with me????

I’d say we need Paulie in the lineup. Two hits already and a couple of RBI and a run….. ALL IN ONE INNING….Go Sox….j.k.

We lead 6-0 going to the bottom of the 2nd….. GOOD job Sox. Go Jose….j.k.

Hey, tc. Yea, they’re showing the Yankees-Mets here, so I’m with ya……Good inning!!!

tc. you’re right about Dick Stockton. He makes so many errors it’s laughable. In a way, I’m glad I don’t get to listen to him….j.k.

Let’s see. Sox bat around, score six runs with no home runs against a pitcher they haven’t seen before. That’s good. Keep pouring it on Boys…..j.k.

I’ll tell ya, it’s so weird seeing the pitcher batting… but a very nice two innings, boys. Just don’t wear yourselves out getting a ton of hits. Save some of that fabulous hitting for the next time you’re at the Cell.


Stockton called Jeff Cox the “White Sox’ third base umpire.”

He is absolutely brutal.

That’s Priceless. I want to be an announcer……Why do they keep him around?

He’s been around forever. Supposedly a good guy. Has a lot of friends in the industry.

But boy is he brutal.

So far Jose “looks” real good. I guess he got his problem(s) worked out. Keep it up Jose, and Go Sox’09…..j.k.


Gotta run. Have a banquet to attend.

Castro just made it 7-0. HOld ’em and get ‘er done.

Have a great time, tc. We’ll hold it down for you: Jose, Dick and Me……..

Hey buddy! Been away for awhile – frustrated by their playing, decided to just hang back quietly!

Mets and Yanks on here too, why does Fox really think anybody in the South wants to see those 2 teams???

Game is lookin good! In saying that, Cubs losing multiples in a row is fun for all too!

How are you Kris? Good to hear from you. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks, but we’re looking good today……j.k.

I’m good – bored, too hot here to do anything outside. Sox on Fox makes me more bored since I can’t see it, nap was good! 😉

They sure are, I’ve just got gameday up, didn’t even feel much like the radio today – how’s Arizona?

Atta Boy Jose, good job…… I’m going out on a limb here and counting this as a win. Three more outs to go. Can we PLEASE win the rubber game of this series?????

Memo to Kris. It’s been cool here! By our standards anyway. My pool hasn’t gotten past 72 degrees. It’s like jumping into the North Atlantic…. Well almost. Weather hs only been in mid 90’s.. Good golf weather though…..

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say we’ve won this one.😀 Unless something goes HORRIBLY wrong in the bottom of the inning, we’ve got this in the bag.

There’s the White Sox winner…….. One more tomorrow Boys…..j.k.

Well, not a shut-out game, but still a dang-good game. Now let’s go and win tomorrow! Let’s go Buehrle!

Time to win our 30th game of the year, with Mark on the hill. Go Sox…j.k.

That win column should be bigger! 🙂

Kenwo and Maria are both at the game. I’m jealous. I’m sitting here, wait, the air isn’t currently on, dagum, that’s a miracle in itself!

Cubs fired their hitting coach – too bad they can’t fire some of the players outright like they do coaches.

hey jk, are umps specifically american or national league or just umps that work both leagues?

Hey, hey….. The fans are all yelling Buehrle, Buehrle…. I love it…j.k.

Way to go Buehrle!!! I love how Hawk said that the other guys on the team are never going to live it down.

Umps work both leagues now….

Hi Kris and JK. Checking in from work and just got a tweet that Buehrle his a homer..Cowley clowns that he has more than Getz, Wise and Beckam combined! Good for Mark! Hope Maria and Ken are enjoying this one!! Going home soon but bring us home a winner guys!!

Yea, Hawk was freakin, it was a great homer to see! Bet Maria and Ken loved that one!!!

Way to go TEAM!!! O.K. Mark, now you have a two run lead… Good job Boys….Go Sox…j.k.

Make that one run…. Come on Mark….

Alright Boys, let’s get one or two and bring this one home. Mark didn’t have his good stuff for the third game in a row. Throwing a lot of pitches, with not too many ground balls. He’ll be back next time though… Go Sox…j.k.

Now, Sox, Get one and bring in Bobby…..


Come on Bobby……

Hawk said HELL yes!!!!! Way to go Boys. Enjoy your day off tomorrow…..Sox win……Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

haha!! I know, that was friggin awesome!!! 🙂

I’m two for two today. ASU just beat North Carolina in the first round of the College WS. Doing color was Robin Ventura. He did a pretty good job too. Trying to get 3 for 3 won’t be so easy (D-Backs are down to Houston 6-3 )…… What matters most though is we are coming (almost) home riding a two game win streak with finally 30 Wins to our name….. Good going Boys, Keep it up…… See you all in a couple of days…. Go Sox…j.k.

A great couple of wins from the Sox. It’s good to see Beckham contributing something. Hopefully we can start building some momentum off of this.
I hate to be negative right now, but how brutal is Wise out there? It’s an automatic out every time he comes up to the plate. Unfortunately it seems there are no other options.

Dudes, Miller Park is totally awesome. My brother and I “road tripped” up to the game today too. I didn’t remember Maria and Kenwo were there too (oops)! But really, go visit up there – the ball park is pretty sweet, and the fans and staff are soooo nice! Everything is so relaxed (we were able to just walk down to the behind home plate seats on our “loge” level [and believe me, we didn’t have tickets for there], and you are definately able to just walk to any level at any time during the game. Programs were FREE, the sausage race was pretty awesome (wanted Polish to win, but he was pretty much a non-contender), and it most definately didn’t feel like a dome at all (the roof was obviously open, but the windows behind the outfield were all open too which made things feel more “normal”). And you know how pidgeons and seagulls sometimes fly around in the cell? Yeah, they get friggin real birds – Orioles to be exact. And the food was good too! Parking was horrid, I will admit, but that was really one of the very few “complaints” we had. For tickets, they regularly have deals like this: 2 Brewers tickets (upper terrace), 2 tickets to the WI state fair: $24!! 2 tickets to see the Twinks next week (loge level): $36!! And the seats were good too! Everything is so stacked, you don’t feel far from the field at all! There was just so much stuff everywhere, all fan friendly. But not cramped, it was all so open! They are so family oriented too! They had kids on the field and kids announcing players at bat. We’re thinking of taking up their Twinkies deal next week, if we can work it with the parental unit.

And how about Buehrle!? Holy crap, no one saw that one coming! Of course, the WIN made this trip complete and over the top awesome. But you know what my brother said to me as we were leaving the park? We agreed, we wouldnt have even minded if we lost – the whole trip was just that good.

Great testimonial Amy! Thanks for sharing. The only time I was in Milwaukee I went to the old Memorial stadium, but that was one of my best baseball experiences too. Mostly due to the attention paid the fans. All the ushers and concessionaires were exceptional. I talked to one older guy who was there when the Braves played in that park and we talked at length about Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn. It was a lot of fun, and you make me want to go back!…Thanks again and Go Sox….j.k.

That’s the only thing that bugs me about The Cell. You can’t get on the 100 level with a 500 level ticket. They started that after 05 for obvious crowd reasons, but when they aren’t selling out, what the big deal?

Congrats to Jose for being named Player of the Week for the AL!!!

This is what is so great about the game of baseball.

A few weeks ago, Jose Contreras was 0-5, was booed off the mound and many of the so-called fans were saying he was washed up and should never take the mound again.

After a little work at Charlotte, he comes back, pitches two great games and is named the American League Player of the Week.

Just another reason why players and fans should never give up in the game of baseball.

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