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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD9, PK 3, AJ 2, BA 8, Getz 4, Beckham 5, Danks pitching.


Not really sure why yesterday’s post went up three times (and wasn’t sure how to delete two of the redundancies).  I apologize if you wasted time reading all three, but if you actually read all three, you might have other issues to deal with …

An employee/reader here pointed it out to me once I had arrived at Wrigley.  I accused her of “user error,” and she met me this morning at the water cooler with some snide comments about my choice of shirt colors (bright orange, which works well if I am hunting, working on a road crew, heading into the woods looking for my golf ball or heading to Wrigley where I need to stand out in a crowd).

Piling On

Comments about Wrigley during the rain delay yesterday:

“Can’t we just stay on the bus, it would be more comfortable … and we’d have more room.”

“We don’t have a clubhouse,  We have a closet.”

“If you have to go to the bathroom during the game, you need to get a taxi.”

Come to think of it, if I was grand poobah of a baseball team, I’d make the visiting accommodations as miserable as possible, but of course, I went to Iowa where football coach Hayden Fry famously painted the walls of the visiting locker room pink to take the edge off the opposing team’s aggression on Saturdays.

Come Clean

Well, Sammy Sosa took care of yesterday’s pregame topic.

Ozzie made a good point, I think.  If you are one of the 104 players who tested positive, and you know you did, why not come out right now and tell the world?  The test was in 2003, so many of the players have likely left the game.  I understand why it wouldn’t matter to them (although they could potentially influence others by admitting what they did, why they did it and how it was a mistake).  If you are still playing or if you have hopes of the HOF, why not come clean?  I think people would respect your confession and move on, and maybe, just maybe, you would convince someone else not to take the risk to their body or their career.


I asked yesterday on my twitter (@InsideTheSox) and repeat it here:  send me your favorite/best memories from past Cubs/Sox meetings.  They can be personal or not.  I can’t promise that the best will receive something, but you just might get an email from me on the side.  I’d love to hear a few stories (hint: laughter works best with this “judge.”)



Yea! Baseball today!!?? I haven’t checked the Chicago weather yet, but I presume from Scott’s post that there will be a game today. I will be watching from my easy chair in the den instead of on the computer, so I’ll make a blanket comment now for the game: Go Sox’09…… (sounds familiar doesn’t it?)……j.k.

Oh, and Go JohnnyD….. You’ve got to get a hit today too, to keep up with Mark and Clayton…..

What’s JohnnyD looking at when he comes off the field? He’s looking into or just beyond the dugout. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Very pleased with the game so far. Maybe it was a good thing after all that the game last night got rained out?
I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to work out if I’m watching a Sox game… though the TVs on the treadmills and ellipticals wouldn’t show WGN so I had to listen to lame Cubs propoganda on CSN. Lol, just joking. Cubs propogada isn’t lame, just wrong.😀

That was a dominant win. Dominant pitching, dominant defense and dominant situational hitting = a White Sox Win….. Good job everybody…… Can we do it again tomorrow? I’ll be tuned in to find out……. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Great win today!! Nothing brings more joy than beating the Cubs. Nothing.

My favorite Sox/Cubs memory was July 1, 2006. My roommate and I made a rare appearance in the enemy territory known a Wrigley Field. We ventured through the crowded, dank concourses to our seats; not a single Sox fan in sight. There we were, two Southside girls, surrounded entirely by Cubs fans. For the first few innings, everything was fine, but when the Cubs took the lead, the heckling commenced. Never one to back down, I reminded the fools around me, that it was in fact our team that had a very, shiny, pretty trophy at home.

In the ninth inning, things looked dim until Ross Gload singled. I jumped out of my seat to cheer and was immediately pushed from behind. I turned to find a very angry, expletive-spewing woman lunging towards me. She was the stereotypical, girl Cubs fan: bleach blond hair, a strategically buttoned and revealing jersey, chrome sunglasses, and a better knowledge of the beer vendors? names than the players. I asked what her deal was and demanded she refrain from touching me. She pushed me again, this time causing me to stumble into some discarded nachos. Now I was peeved. I had processed cheese covering my foot and was missing the game. She insisted that I had spilled ?ton of beer? on her. I looked at the cup in my hand; it was filled to the brim, making this seem unlikely. Maybe it was adrenaline, or possibly the Old Style, but my immediate reaction was to pour the whole cup on her head. Considering this was the first physical altercation with anyone in my entire life, that reaction surprised even me. Luckily, my very wise roommate grabbed my arm and said: ?If dump the beer on her head, you won?t have any left to drink.? Cleary, that was the most pressing issue.

I heeded her advice and turned back to the game. A.J. was stepping to the plate. My roommate and I smiled at one another knowingly; if anyone could win the game, A.J. was the guy. I tried to focus, but the rabid Cubs fan continued to rage. As I attempted to get the attention of a nearby security guard, A.J. connected on a pitch. I knew immediately that the ball was over the fence. Suddenly, there was silence behind me. I turned to find my antagonist staring blankly in disbelief. I put my hand up for a high five and sarcastically cheered, ?Good game, go Sox!? She screamed words that cannot be typed her and stormed down the aisle with her boyfriend in tow. She stumbled on the last step, and, yes, spilled a full beer all over her shirt. Can we say Karma, anyone?

As we watched the angry bleacher fans toss garbage on the field in protest, my roommate and I smiled at each other. Having experienced the worst aspects of the ?Un-friendly Confines,? we both had more Southside Pride than ever before. That day, I vowed to never return to Wrigley Field and lost any empathy I had for the long hurting Northside fans. GO SOX!

I have a couple favorites…. The carlos lee grand slam off of courtney duncan was wonderful…. jose valentin doing the sammy point was outstanding… I loved the game when sammy tied it up with two outs in the ninth on a homer that is still flying, but in the end Ray durham won it with a double down the line I had 5th row seats behind the plate at that time (now we got kicked down the line about 7 sections and up about 15 more rows because of the damn scout seats but that is a story for another day)…..

I remember one game I was at Wrigley (sox ended up losing because a ball was hit into the ivy not allowing a sox runner to score) some ****** was waving a sox suck shirt in my face all day… sammy struck out with the bases loaded…. I snatched the shirt and whipped it off of the upper deck at wrigley. he did a lot of threatening but lets face it… I’m kenwo…. he didn’t want any🙂

This game was surprisingly drama free… just a nice Sox victory. Don’t get too many of those in this series. Go get em tomorrow!

Only seven posts today? Everyone must be out partying!! Well, JD and the Sox were great today!! I would love to take both games but at least we got one. Good story Megan! Has anyone noticed that Mark Lip doesn’t post after a good game but he writes a book after a bad loss? Lets get the sweep tomorrow!!

Great game. Good pitching and how about that squeeze! Now that is good baseball!! Glad to hear all the Sox fans out there representing. Almost sounded like home in the 9th!! Too much to ask for another win tomorrow??? Enjoying today!

Loved the story, Megan. How lucky you were to witness that win in person. And all the fuss around you? That just makes it better! Glad you realized that no Cubs fan is worth the loss of even a sip of beer. Or a peanut.

I’m very proud of our guys’ effort today. I’ve only read the highlights, but sounds like they had a solid game. And the W means bragging rights for at least a day, right?

Sadly, I’m somewhere between Yankee territory and Red Sox country now. Stuck in meetings all day. Oh well. Here’s hoping when tomorrow’s meeting ends, I’ll have a happy tweet waiting on my phone.

Go White Sox!!!

As luck would have it, I have work related conferences today and tomorrow – – total crap the game in during the day again tomorrow – – I’m displeased, why did the Cubs bothers with lights when they never seem to use them!!!!!

Great story Kenwo, made me laugh out loud, can actually see you rippin that out of his hand and lettin it fly! 🙂

As for the other ‘beer’ story – – that woman would’ve been wearing it, not to mention perhaps the old nachos – – ******* like that have no business at ball games, she probably didn’t even realize what the people on the field were there for, made her boyfriend proud, I’m sure . . glad we could stick it to her in the end!!!

Everybody in the Central lost today except the Sox. If we can manage that again somehow tomorrow, we’ll be heading to Cincy tied with the Twins, and only two back of Detroit. That ought to give me pleasant dreams tonight. I hope you all have the same…. See you manana…. go Gavin and Go Sox’09……j.k.

Megan, I soooo love your story, and can only imagine the fun of being there for AJ’s home run. And I agree, your beer was much too good for that crazy woman. Sounds as if she had enough of her own, anyway, before and after the altercation.

Kenwo, your story is great – I’m picturing that shirt still flying somewhere.

I hope the Sox win again tomorrow, and start climbing to the top of our division!!!

Go SOX!!!


I was in the bleachers for the game where AJ took out Barret at the plate. Unfortunately for me I had figured that AJ scored so I started checking to see if the other runners advanced & missed the fireworks at home plate. By the time I looked back the dugouts spilled out onto the field & players were choosing there dancing partners.
On another occasion sitting along the third base line & having a ladies shoe fall into the aisle from the upper deck in the later innings. There?s a game on the filed & everyone in font of me is turned around looking up (couldn?t see from my vantage point) so I missed that fisticuffs also. It was kind of funny when security retrieved the shoe & found that they had a good angle to watch the goings on also.

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