I Hate to Lose

Thursday, June 19, 2009

Reading through all of the Twitter and blog reaction to our loss today, there’s not much I can say.  Yuck.

I’m off to Cincinnati with the team and am looking forward to winning a series there and attending the Civil Rights Game and all of the related activities.



This loss was painful. Even if it wasn’t the Cubs it would still be awful. I’ll try and bring a few wins home with me from Cincinnati!

Go Donna. If anyone can bring home a couple of wins it’s you. Good luck and have fun. As far as todays game goes, I can understand most of what Ozzie did and when he did it. I can see pinch hitting Josh for Gavin in our half of the eighth. Gavin had a great game and deserved the win today. In the bottom half with no save chance for Bobby as things stood I can see why no Matt, but why not Oh-Do-Tell instead of Line who was in the previous game? Things got out of hand very quickly. Maybe the boys figured the game was already over. If so, that’s what happens. In the ninth, it wasn’t small-ball, it was very tiny ball and then the game really was over…….

Some positives today, is the bottom of our line-up hitting and Gavin moving runners up with two sac bunts. We should have won today and I’m still waiting for a game where we do win when it doesn’t look like we will. Maybe in Cincy?

There was a Lip sighting! He’s still badmouthing our Sox for their “ineptness”, only now he’s holding forth on beat-writer’s posts instead of on Scott’s…. Let’s win the series in Cincy for Donna….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

First off, to answer cote1716…

How did “9 time All-Star, Cub Legend, Cheerleader” Ron Santo feel after ANY loss by his beloveds?

Next subject…
From the “hindsight is 20/20 and the woulda/coulda/shoulda departments” …

The others said the same thing yesterday that I am going to say now…

Good, contending teams DO NOT blow 4 run leads with 6 outs to go…

I place the blame for this game squarely on the shoulders of not only the manager but his pitching coach and the pitcher who started the 8th inning yesterday…

Who says it is set in concrete (NOT the concrete between Ozzie and Cooper’s ears, for doggone sure…)that the rotation of Dotel to Linebrink to Thornton to Jenks has to stay the same…

Ozzie is to blame for his obstinance putting Linebrink in in the first place… due to the fact that he now has given up 7, REPEAT 7, runs in his last 4 1/3 innings pitched… The other problem with Ozzie is that he listens to the b.s. that Cooper feeds him about the staff…Needless to say, I am NOT the President, nor am I a member, of the Don Cooper Fan Club…
He CONTINUES to live off of 2005’s post season… and the fact that the press and radio/TV people love him because he’s a quote machine… and if anyone DARES to slight his staff… He looks at you as if you set fire to the American flag before his eyes, or kicked a dog, or threw an old lady down a flight of stairs…

What Ozzie COULD have done was bypass Linebrink in favor of Thornton… To Hades with the percentages, lefty versus righty, and vice versa…

I don’t give a flying you-know-what if the pitchers stands on the mound and spits the ball out of his mouth like Snoopy in “Peanuts”…Whomever does the job of getting the other team’s batters out best, pitches…


Next poster…

That’s our TQ, never at a loss for words!!! Although I personally like Mr. Cooper I never have gotton why we ALWAYS have to run on stats and percentages if someone else is stinkin up the barn so to speak!!!!!

Although I missed yesterday’s loss personally viewing it, the updates on my cell were enough to make me almost crash the unair conditioned Buick into a tree – which might not have been a bad thing now that I’m thinking about it! We simply can’t/shouldn’t lose to Cinci should we, I mean, really????? Although Cleveland is currently beating the Cubs quite well, wtf?????

How come I can’t get my feed to work????!?!?!?!?!?! jk, are you having similar issues?????

I’ve had it – – mlbtv has fckd me again, they put up some Geico commercial so now nobody gets their feed they’ve paid monthly for!!! Not even the help desk could HELP me . I am SO furious right now, I could spit nails. Sure, they’re gonna send everyone’s complaints to the powers that be but wtf good does that do me now!!!!!!! I’m so sick and tired of everyone want their damn adds on everybody’s business and ****** up for the rest of us!!! Go Sox from Tex-***, the land of the non watching Sox fan!!!!!

Well, you’re not missing much. We’re down 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th.

I know this too, guess that irritates me too! It’s just so hard to be so far away from the action and not able to see it and pay for it to be messed up big . . sending emails and making phone calls and know i’m not alone in my anger helps a little but they better find a fix quick without my having to change my computer settings!

Another tough loss but we played well and that’s very encouraging.
That said did anybody else wonder why the Reds pitchers got a plate that was at least six inches wider than the corner to all of our hitters? I have never seen so many balls AT LEAST SIX INCHES OUTSIDE THE ZONE called strikes against us. Oh well tommorrow’s another day, GO SOX!

Sorry to let you guys down tonight! Have to tell you there was a nice Sox fan base at the game. Met alot of really nice people. Nice to see Getz get the homer and Poreda pitched well. He came over and gave some autographs after BP. Seems like a nice guy. Have to give props to DJ Carrasco too for acknowledging the Sox fans from the bullpen. Will try and bring it home tomorrow for everyone!

Donna is at the game and wanted to know if anybody knows how many games in a row we’ve had an error (s) . . where is everybody lately, no jk, no tc, etc.


I feel your pain. Be glad your with the white sox😦

Don’t know where jk is but I’m traveling this weekend. Down here in God’s country — San Antonio, Texas. Home of great Tex-Mex food, Shiner Bock beer and lots of great George Strait music on the radio (even though none of my exes live in Texas!!!) Business trip but will visit the Alamo tomorrow. Hope that is not symbolic of the Sox game at the GA Ballpark on Sunday!

All I could do was follow the game online tonight. It may not have been pretty. It may not have been high quality. But, daggummitt, it was a win. We’ll take ’em any way we can get ’em. Nice to see Beckham get his first dinger. The first of many in what will be an All-Star career.

How about Scotty Pods for Comeback Player of the Year? I’m sure Ames would wholeheartedly agree.

Looks like my guy Alexei is warming up as well. Was Dye just resting or is he still hurting?

Need to get the series tomorrow and come home and get ready for the NL’s best team, and I don’t mean those lucky ba*****s from the north side. Cleveland has reached a new low.

Hi everybody! I’m here and well. I had a late afternoon golf game yesterday and family obligations today. When I started watching, the game was 5-5. I backed up the dvr function on mlb.tv when I could so I know how we scored our runs. Like tc said, even an ugly win is better than the alternative. With “Mashin’ Mark” on the mound and in the 9th(?) hole tomorrow I feel pretty good about our chances.

I hope all you fathers out there have a wonderful day tomorrow topped off with a White Sox winner…. Go Team…..j.k.

Well I thought I was going to let everyone down, but end up with a split in cincy. Right on tc, it was ugly but a W is a W. Again, great Sox showing in Cincy. The ballpark has no breeze and although better today, still hot there! Fans very friendly and accomodating to our cheering for the boys. Good food. Nice river background. Thome talked to my boy today and DJ Carrasco again friendly with the fans. Have to share with Amy that there was a ball on the field and Scotty was looking for a fan to throw it to. I told him to give the Sox fans who traveled with them some love and threw it our way! So sweet!

Now baseball wise, I need someone to tell me how many games in a row with errors?? TQ says 4 but sure seems like more to me. I need Mark to give me some stats on errors because it sure seems like we are stinking up the place. Congrats to Gordon on his first HR!! Scotty Pods is on fire. And why, oh why, does Bobby have to give drama?!! Give us the series tomorrow Mark. No game for me tomorrow, just a long drive home. Next up for me is Saturday Cubs/Sox!

Cincy is where Jon Garland homered in ’06 — the last homer by a Sox pitcher prior to Buerhle going deep at Miller last week. So, Mark is probably practicing his home run trot tonight at the hotel.

And Donna, it is easy to find the streak of games with errors. Just go to the scoreboard on this site and click on each day’s White Sox box.

Believe me, you don’t need Liptak to access that information. And you may not reach him anyway because he’s too busy telling Kenny to “blow this thing up” on the other boards. I’m sure Kenny is waiting for more instructions from him before proceeding!!!

I agree that mlb.tv stinks! We are in Wisconsin and were visiting with the neighbors tonight. After they left, we were going to watch tonight’s win, but here it is after midnight and the game is still not archived! WTF? All other games that began at 6 something are available but not the Sox?

We will have to wait until tomorrow, after tomorrow’s game, to watch the Saturday day game. (Which I know is going to screw me up when I start spewing facts to my other White Sox fans!)

Will be at the park on Weds. to see our guys take on the Manny-less Dodgers. GO WHITE SOX!!

Well, that game was… interesting? lol, kept tallying a list of things my brother and I WOULD have seen had we gotten the green light to travel to Cincy: Bacon’s first HR ever, a Scottie homer (so few and far between!), come from behind victory, Civil Rights history-ness, free jerseys… *sigh*. At lesast got to see it on the new HDTV!

Perhaps this will start us on a roll? Playing like this will certainly give us all heart attacks, thats for sure! I’ll most gladly forego Harang’s win in my fantasy team for a real life White Sox Winner!

Another date with the TV. Let’s get the W today and have another good road trip under out belts. I’ll see you all on the other side of a Mark Buehrle gem…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Glad to see other folks on the blog, was beginning to worry. Waching on WGN today –

jk – glad you’re back buddy, I’ve missed you – Happy Father’s Day to you!

tc-you might enjoy visiting Texas, but I wouldn’t recommend a permanent move! You’re about 3 hrs from me – – enjoy the Alamo, I’ve never even been there! 🙂

Donna, enjoyed the pics – too bad you couldn’t catch the whole series! Let me know what you come up with for the errors, laziness here prevents me from checking!

btw, mlbtv worked fine for me last night, hopefully it’s a permanent fluke fix!!!!!

Nicely done!!! Paulie had a big weekend, congrats to him!

Nice game today!! An excellent way to officially start off official summer! We started it off great, got in some solid plays, and held onto our lead.

Hi All~
Just got back from Moline from a softball tournament. My daughter’s game came in third, but it was a waste. They went 4-0 in pool play and all the bracket games which were supposed to be played today were rained out. They could have finished better if they could have played. they gave them the 3rd place trophy because of “runs allowed” during pool play. Oh well…..

Got to listen to the whole game on the way home and that kept me company and in a good mood the whole way! Nice to take 5 on this road trip. Let’s hope we have similar results at home.

And Donna, there were 4 games in a row with errors, but none today! Let’s hope we don’t get that streak going again, huh?



I made it to the Alamo today. Great place. I always love historical sites like that. I love San Antonio. The hot weather is great compared to the cold, rainy spring we have had in Chicago. I’d live here if I had to. Of course, I’ve lived so many places that nothing fazes me. I even put in three years of purgatory in central Wisconsin. Nothing worse than being around obnoxious Packer and Badger fans. And to top it off, live somewhere where there is absolutely NOTHING to do. Unless you like to hunt and fish, which is about as exciting as a Harold Baines press conference.

Now on to baseball. All I saw today was the box but it looked like another good effort. We are doing what we have to do to hang in the race — that is win series. Now we have to take the next step and sweep a few series and put together a nice winning streak. Will be tough against the Dodgers but the team that follows them to the Cell knows all about getting swept there!!!

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