Day of Rest

Monday, June 22, 2009

A day of rest for the White Sox before the Dodgers and Cubs visit U.S. Cellular Field.

Check out Sox first-round pick Jared Mitchell from LSU tonite on ESPN as his Tigers begin a best-of-three series with Texas for the National Championship.

Thought you might enjoy his sense of humor:

Click here

You might also find a few great plays by the athletic outfielder.



I’m excited for the game tomorrow. I got tickets for my dad and I for the game tomorrow as a Father’s Day present (with a little financial help from my mom :-D). Hopefully it will be a good game for the Sox and Thome’s bat will be hot after getting a long rest!

Another “lost feeling” off day is about half over. It’s hard to get through a Sox day off out here. Wake up early (that was my first mistake). Watch the US open for awhile, play handball, jump in the pool, play with the grandkid, watch the African Queen,played a game of scrabble, read all the previous posts from you all and from other sites. So NOW what do I do? We better not get rained out tomorrow like last week or I won’t have any hair left.

And just so you know, this will be a short “Sox) week for me. My brother and I will be out of town this weekend helping out Aunt celebrate her 90th birthday. So, Kris, tc, MariE, Peggy, Nina, Amy, Kenwo and Donna, you will have to perform your magic for the Team with out my interference, er I mean help. See you all tomorrow against the Dodgers…. Gulp!…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

I’m watching the CWS, and am liking what I’m seeing of Mitchell. Quick in the field and even quicker on the bases. Me likey likey!

With the ceremonies involving the 1959 team I thought you’d enjoy this.

The story of how I got a copy of this audio that was lost for decades is explained in the story.

Many Sox fans have heard Jack Brickhouse’s call of the final outs the night of September 22, 1959 but few have heard the audio leading up to that moment.

The original broadcast copy that I got ran over 20 minutes it was the top and bottom of the 9th inning and about a minute of the ’10th inning’ post game show. In the story I did on it, I condensed that into audio highlights.

Simply click on LET ME HEAR IT for each item in the story and if you have Real Audio on your computer, you’ll be able to go back in time, to Cleveland, on the night of September 22, 1959.


And fans of a certain generation may enjoy this:

Mark Liptak

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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