50 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, BA 8, Getz 4, Beckham 5.  Danks pitching.

Nice to get back to our regular lineup in an AL park (with hot weather).

Interleague Notes

Sox are 7-4 in interleague play in 2009 … own a 7-2 edge over the Dodgers all-time in regular-season play (3-0 at U.S. Cellular Field) … Jim Thome, with 55, owns the most interleague home runs in baseball, and Paul Konerko, with 43, is tied for fifth … the White Sox boast the best interleague ERA at 2.42, 0.30 ahead of St. Louis.

Vote, Vote and Vote Again

In true Chicago fashion, vote for your White Sox early and often by

clicking here.


Blog Night IV

If you haven’t heard, Blog Night IV is on the schedule (thanks to the many people who already purchased).

Event is Tuesday, July 21, White Sox vs. Tampa Bay.  Tickets are $19 and of course there will be a special (if that the right word) pregame session in the Interview Room (aka Conference & Learning Center) with special guests and special prizes.

Sign up today (or at least soon) since tickets are limited.  Go to this link on whitesox.com and use the password: Blog.

If you are a season ticket holder or already have tickets for that game, just shoot me a note and I’ll see how we can make it work for you.





Scott, I thought you were going to give us the line-up from 50 years ago. What was that line-up from game one of the series anyway? I remember listening to the game on my new transistor radio that I smuggled into class. And I know we were off and running with a big win in that game. 11-0 as a matter of fact. Things looked very bright indeed. Then, too much Drysdale and Podres and Shaw. But that all was corrected 46 years later in 2005!……. As Maurice Chevallier would say (hi, TQ). ” Ah yes, I remember it well” (sort of).

We need some revenge for 50 years back….. Go, go Sox (’09 version)….j.k.

Excited about tonight’s game; hopefully it’ll be a good one! Will be leaving in a little to get to the Cell. It will be like high summer in this heat!

It’s hot in Chicago? So this is the week. Finally, or as Hawk would say……YES!!, YEESSS!!! OH HELL YESSSSS!!!!!!!!. Go go Sox’09…..

The eyes of Arizona and dare I say Texas? are upon you, now Go Boys, Go….

I didn’t mean to slight NoCal, (sorry Peggy), And Indiana and Maryland and of course our Gal in Hartford. We are all with you Sox’09…… j.k.

Whoops, I missed mentioning Idaho……. Deep down Lip is rooting for the Sox too I’ll bet!

OK, of course we are rooting for our boys tonight. But the next three days I will also be rooting for the flubs. I can’t believe I am even saying that but I do hope they can tame the tigers.



No mlb.tv… I’m in a blackout area. No CWS…. rain delay. What’s a girl to do? Just sign me,

Hopeless in Hartford.

Texas is here too! Mlbtv is screwed up again, tell me how it worked on Saturday but not today again – – spittin irritated!

Glad everyone is miserably hot, not just me! Although I’m willing to bet Hartford isn’t, is it??? Guess it’s the radio version for me – – ugh!

MLB is working fine here, kris. I hope you get yours back soon. Now that we’ve spotted them three, let’s go Sox….j.k.

UGH!!! Not here – – tried everyway I possibly can here – had this problem last week. Listening to the radio –

GO SOX!!!!!

Thank you Paulie, now hold ’em JohnnyD…. You’re right about Jared Mitchell, Maria, he looks good and VERY fast….

Hi all,

I’m here, intermittently with getting some work done – just have Gameday for this one.

Let’s beat the Dodgers (here in Nor Cal we mostly dislike the Dodgers, anyway)!

How about a win streak that lasts longer than 3 games?

Go SOX!!!


I win the hot contest, not that I’m hot, 97 here still, says on gameday it’s ‘only’ 84 – – – I’d still trade ya’ll!

Would it be sexist of me to agree with you about being hot, Kris?……. It’s mild here in Tucson. topped out at 100. Very cool for this time of year….Come on JohnnyD….and Go Sox…j.k.

I know, I know, I’m a dirty old man….But I couldn’t resist ……

It’s alright, you can call me hot – – even though I don’t think you’ve ever seen me, a guy being a guy, thinks all women are hot right? 🙂

Got hauled away from the game briefly, sister called, all good, just wanted entertainment on her way to mom’s but she can really rattle on! 🙂

Haven’t missed much though,


C’mon guys, pick up John Danks, he’s been doing a great job. Let’s win this one!

Go SOX!!!


Come on Boys, Get three and get a win for JohnnyD…..

I’m a bust as a poet! No runs, not even a hit, wuncha knowit….I’ll stop now…. Come on Sox’09……

A poet among us!!!

See you all tomorrow, Boys and Girls. There’s no life in our team tonight……

Impressive defense tonight. Danks didn’t have it in his first couple innings but then he found it. Kuroda had it all night (perhaps because too many Sox batters were swinging at the first pitch?) and Ozzie made an early exit. So what can we surmise from all this about what will happen in tomorrow’s game? Not much, but it should be fun and I’m going to be there! Haven’t had a corn-off-the-cob with lime, butter, salt and hot chili pepper in way too long!


It was pretty frustrating to watch Danks and the batters struggling tonight. Also, it was nice of the Sox to finally get in the game in the bottom of the ninth!
Apart from that, those were some fantastic catches made by Beckham at third. Now if only we could get some of that awesome hitting… I have to totally side with Ozzie on challenging that call. It was a close call, and probably could have easily gone either way. All Ozzie did was do his job and unfortunately the umpire decided to take offense to it and throw him out. You should have heard the crowd cheering Ozzie on after he got thrown out, though. It was pretty great; only at the Cell…

At the beginning my dad and I were down in the Patio area behind right field and next to the Dodgers bullpen. It was pretty cool to see everything from the level of the field, and Dye waved to all of us there. Totally geeky – I know – but still really awesome. It was pretty fun.😀

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