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062409-PBATS-099-1.jpgWednesday, June 24, 2009

Morning at the Ballpark … For Chicago’s Kids

Earlier this morning, Herm Schneider and Allen Thomas of the White Sox training staff and Sox players Jermaine Dye and Brian Anderson hosted a P.L.A.Y event for local kids at U.S. Cellular Field. 

PLAY, which stands for Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth, is a public awareness campaign of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS), in conjunction with the Taylor Hooton Foundation.  The PLAY campaign promotes healthy living and decision making among children in America. 

Dye and Anderson joined nearly 100 kids from the White Sox R.B.I program who were at the ballpark learning about fitness, stretching and injury prevention.  Dye talked to kids about how important preparation is in baseball.

“We use to show up right before the game and just play, that’s not how it should be done,” said Dye. “You have to stretch and be loose.  We’re going over a lot of those types of things today.”

Anderson, meanwhile, had some fun taking part in the calisthenics and drills being led by Thomas, the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

“It’s great being out here,” said Anderson.  “I’m working up a pretty good sweat for it only being 10:30 in the morning, but the kids have not complained one bit about the heat.  We’re having a lot of fun.”

The day concluded with lunch in the patio where the kids were able to partake in a Q and  A with the Sox players and Orlando Hudson of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who also stopped by to speak to the kids. 


062409-PBATS-050.jpgBrookfield Zoo

White Sox players Jayson Nix and Scott Podsednik, along with Southpaw and the Chevrolet Pride Crew, visited the Brookfield Zoo today. They signed almost 400 autographs to fans who braved the heat to come out and support their Sox.



In this day and age of overpaid players and super egos, it’s good to see a couple of guys support the kids from the area. Bravo JD and BA, and the Sox organization. Same goes for the outing at the zoo. If Karma had a part in baseball, the Sox would be 5 games in front of everybody else in the Central. Well, it’s been going around (karma), so maybe it’s about time for it to COME around….. Thanks for the article Scott. Keep the faith everybody. And Go Sox’09…..

Facebook told me about the signing at the zoo at 11:09 this morning, when they were only out there from 11-12 today. FAIL. But all in all, the Sox have always been great with the community, and especially JD with the kids. I echo jk’s Bravo!

Randy Wolf tonight, eh? ok, ok, I’ll take the loss for my fantasy team again, so long as its a White Sox Winner!

Yeah, the same thing happened to me. But I looked on the Brookfield website and it said that there was going to be another one on August 5th.

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