White Sox/Dodger Matinee

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Getz 4, Fields 5, Wise 8.  Richard pitching.

Smiling Faces

How great to see our 1959 heroes — Bill Pierce, Jim McAnaney, Jim Landis, Jim Rivera and Luis Aparicio (and their better halves) — at the ballpark this morning in honor of the team’s 50th anniversary of that amazing pennant-winning season. (50 years!)

The group is going to say hello to Ozzie and our current players, visit with the media, take part in the pregame celebration (which includes each of the five throwing a first pitch to a member of our 2005 World Series Championship team) and then go upstairs to a private, small autograph-signing for fans that benefits Chicago White Sox Chairities.

Future Stars

Future game rosters were announced today with C Tyler Flowers (USA) and 3B Dayan Viciedo (World) representing the White Sox.



Yeah, where did Buster get his info about Q? Methinks he was grousing about the unknown. But Nina, you bring back a fond memory….

A few years ago when my wife and I joined our daughter and her family on a vacation to Orlando, she was in a FOUL mood for an unremembered reason. Her husband bought her a mimosa and voila’ all was forgotten/forgiven and just swell. After her second drink things were rosy indeed. Nice memory!

Half hour to gametime….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hey there jk, Kris, and others….I’m here too holding down the fort. Looking for a win today, think we can? Would be so sweet to take this series. 15 minutes till game time…


Hi MariE, good to hear from you. If we do win this game it will be against their staff ace, so Clayton needs to be on HIS game to give us a chance. What the heck, might as well win it and bring some momentum into the weekend series……. Go Sox’09……j.k.

I just heard DJ give a stat that Billingsley has given up 3 HR’s over 90+ innings. I say we give him a few more to beef up that number some.

Good start by Clayton, with a nice DP to top it off. I like your idea, MariE. Let’s not overdo it though, two or three would be very nice…. we’ll see…..

Sure, why not just double his total? Seems reasonable to me. : )

Nice start C-Rich (isn’t that what we are calling him?). Through two, keep chugging…

AJ got one! I’m gonna start calling him “Pudge” Pierzynski from now on……Good job so far by Clayton……

I think next time Juan Pierre comes up to bat, C-Rich ought to just nail him.

Uh-oh. Somehow we need to get to Billingsly. So far ZERO luck at that. There is still time though. Hold ’em C-Rich….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

This is starting to get ugly real quick. Let’s Go White Sox!

Clayton sailed through three but then the wheels came off his bandwagon. I’m thinking that in spite of his success earlier this year, he might be more suited to the pen in long relief as he was doing. It’s going to be tough coming back in this one, but I’ll be here for the duration….. Come on DJ, come on Sox…j.k.

Alright, let’s get a hit! 4 runs ain’t too big a hole.

PAULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OK, jk, one down, two to go for my prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you can cancel the post game show! Atta boy PK!

Atta boy D-Wise! Let’s get another run in Pods!

Atta boy, Wise. Nicely hit! Let keep this going!

OK, we cut the lead in half. We have time.

Leadoff double ain’t good. Let’s hold em White Sox!

Way to fight back, DJ! Now let’s get some runs!

Nice job by DJ, keep it up. This game is there for the taking…. Come on Boys, FIGHT!!!

Ok, I’m here now – – time to win it – – come from behind – – let’s go boys!!!

So close… come on Paulie, do us a solid and at least get Dye in.

oh buddy, let’s go PK!!!!!

1959 throw back uniforms…they are celebrating the 50 years.

OH BY THE WAY!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk, one more for my prediction of doubling Billingsley’s yearly total.

What are these uniforms about?

I answered kris’ uniform question…and it appears above her question. Just in case you were wondering, Kris and I are doing our Carnac impression in honor of Ed McMahon. πŸ™‚

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Atta boy, AJ!


Hell yea!!!!

WAY TO GO AJ!!!! Gotta love him!

Now the pen gets to earn it’s money. We need to win this game!!! Go Sox’09….j.k.

After I wrote the question I realized the answer, but then it was too late! πŸ™‚ My brother was born in 59 so being dad’s first and only son he’s got this change keeper that someone made him of a mitt and bat type of thing, with the Sox on it and then my bro’s birthdate, etc.. kinda neat!


Nice pick-off DJ. See, you keep at it and you’re bound to get something.

Ok, tie game. Let’s get some more runs guys. Go White Sox!

Back to work, Boys. Forget about that error Alexei. We’ve got your back…… Very nice job by DJ…… Go Sox….

In my opinion, DJ is one heck of a pitcher and really overlooked because of his role.

Hey, Linebrink coming in. I’d say this is a real test for him. He’s got a few things to prove.

52 errors?? Dang, that’s insane!

All right Line! One run, boys then Bobby time…. Go Sox’09….

2 outs, we need a hit, we need a hit, we need a hit…

Keep holding them…. we got last ups….. Go Sox’09….

PK needs to talk to Alexei about those throws – he’s killin him over there! I’d sit him down seriously, father/son type of discussion, with perhaps a lil *** rippin to start it off!

How about our second walk-off? All in favor say Aye!! Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Without that error this game would be over….. theoretically of course. Make it reality Boys…..

great start Getz. Keep it up guys!

Alright, let’s go Pods!

Aye!!!! πŸ™‚

Ok, let’s go Alexei!

My guess is that they auction them off for charity.

When they wear throwbacks, what do they do with the unis afterwards – – besides wash them, etc – – anybody have an idea?

Come on guys, this game is our for the taking. Let’s get it done!

Wow – answer coming before the question again – – too weird! Was thinking the same thing – –

come on boys!! No runs allowed!!

We had a couple of chances to win this one late. DON’T let it slip away..

Whew! Thank you Bobby. Now!!! Boys, put this game in the bank…….I don’t care how,,, Just do it!!! Go Sox’09…

HOLD them one more time!!!!. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Our pen is doing their job. One run Boys, that’s all you need. Little ball, Big ball, Broken bat flair ball, it doesn’t matter. Put this game to bed…..NOW

NOW!! Have to put more into it jk!! πŸ™‚


It’s going to be very annoying if we end up losing this game after such an effort. Come on Sox, let’s end it!

I actually just wrote about Frank Thomas and the Hall if anyone cares to read…


Drats….. Can you keep holding them?????? One more time?? Go Sox’09…….j.k.

I thought that was the perfect time for Nix to squeeze bunt but it didn’t happen……… Go Sox…..

Lucky 13th here we come!!!!!! Do it Sox……

oh God please let this be the inning!!

Oh my goodnes…

WAY TO GO SCOTTY PODS!!! We knew you had it in you! Congrats to the Sox on a FANtastic win. The bullpen really made this one possible and held the Dodgers down to get that final run.

Rotten luck for Josh.

Tough choice by Cox.

Great work by Pods picking them both up!


Your boy came through again. 0-for-15 until his last two at bats and then two big hits.

He may be the Comeback Player of the Year.

First big league win for Poreda after an outstanding inning of work against the NL’s best team. Not a bad afternoon.

OMG!!! Hell yes!!! I can’t believe they pulled this off!!! Well worth the time spent sittin on this computer chair!!!


WOW!!!! Was that ever a total team effort…WOW!

Nice series win over a very good team.

Anybody know who we play this weekend????

We used 19 players today to win this one. Only Gobble (thank goodness) and Castro, plus our other four starters didn’t see action. Thankfully we won, because a loss today would have been tough to take. Alexei, we love you, but no more lollipops over to Paulie, OK?

That’s it for me Boys and Girls. I will be gone for the weekend, so you’ll have to bring home a couple of wins and make my homecoming a happy one. Keep winning series, with maybe a sweep occasionally thrown in….. Do it Boys! Keep the faith Blog Fans…. I’ll see you on the other side of Sunday…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Good time at the ballpark today. Bought my dad a ticket to the 1959 skybox party… he enjoyed it and had a great time talking with Landis, Pierce etc… My brother and I had upper deck seats and 2 of those hot broads that run around the field and throw t shirts came up to us and brought us down to 131 for Coldwell Banker… all we had to do was hold up a sign in the second inning and wave at the camera. Then a walk off win by Podsednik sealed a fine afternoon at the ballpark.

2 things that frustrated me though:

1. Alexei and Konerko each had their stints of laziness which was disgusting. Alexei in the field and Konerko running the bases…. Konerko uses being slow as an excuse to be lazy. You can be slow and still run to first for god sakes.

2. The fact that the tickets for this series were so much money. The whole Prime, Premium, regular game **** is stupid. No wonder nobody showed up for this series… the CHEAPEST ticket was 33 dollars. That is ridiculous. Maybe i could see it for the cub games- but that is it. It was an embarrassment that so few fans showed up to see the Dodger series… but it isn’t the fans fault. Ownership and the ticket office can blame themselves for that one. Brutal.


I thought about Comeback Player of the Year a while ago, but I don’t know that he’s technically elligable. He wasn’t bad last year either, in a limited role.

Scottie Scottie Scottie Scottie!!!!!

That is all.

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