Jerome Holtzman

062609-Holtzman-22.jpgAnd a special pre-game recognition of Hall of Fame writer Jerome Holtzman.  After his death last summer, Jerome’s wife, Marilyn, gave Jerry Reinsdorf Jerome’s old Olivetti typewriter in appreciation of their friendship.  To honor and remember Jerome’s contributions to the game of baseball, we unveiled a special display for Jerome before yesterday’s game:



Come on Sox, please give me a win on my B-Day!!!

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And that is a White Sox winner! Congrats to Beckham for the wonderful walk off hit….to Pods for an outstanding game….to a double pie in the face…just an exciting win…

Hey Kenwo, I’d say it was worth the walk up the stairs…what do you think???


A helluva a game!! Donna Mac, I enjoyed ‘watching’ it with you from text message land – – this one was particularly sweet!!!! Pods was magical – –

Alexei – – not so much, something’s got to be done there. Can we get Juan back???

GO SOX!!!!!

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