Postgame Reactions

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ozzie Guillen:

“That’s the great thing about baseball, you have the opportunity to come back and do good stuff.”

“It’s nice to see a kid be in that situation and come through.  That is the biggest hit of his career thus far.”

Gordon Beckham:

“You always want to do something good for the team.  When you make a mistake earlier in the game, you want to do it even more.

“Cubs, ninth inning, walk off … that’s pretty special for me.  What a moment!”

“I got a little nervous when I saw AJ and Thome coming at me in a full sprint.  Thome in a full spring doesn’t happen that often.  To have the team come at me like that is pretty special.”



In listening to Beckham in the post game interview on Comcast, I can’t believe he doesn’t have a clue it was AJ giving him those kidney punches! Just wait till he sees the highlights later on… boy will he be surprised.

Off topic by a day…but did you guys see Merkin’s blog post about the Bradley/Piniella incident yesterday? It was Ozzie’s reaction to it. Ozzie at his best. I just love him.

Check it out:


OK, one more thing…check out the photo on with Thome and Beckham. Sweetest picture ever??

Checking in from Wisconsin to congratulate our boys in black. Sure don’t like those errors, but I suppose they did make up for them on the offensive end. Maybe we can sit Alexei for a couple of days and play Beckham at SS and Josh at 3rd? Whattya say?

One other comment: When Paulie started off that 9th inning rally, it was shades of his last All-Star appearance. That’s why he’s our Captain!!

Ok, like it or not it’s time for Donna’s post game reaction. I will tell you that it is much more mellow than it would have been 4 hours ago. A Sox win and some Home Run Inn pizza calmed me down though.

I have to say that I was really looking forward to this game. I’ve been to Sox/Cub games at Wrigley, but never was lucky enough until this year to get tickets at the Cell. Thanks to Sox Pride Club, I was able to get them. I have to tell you that this is probably the last time I go. I have never had such a bad experience at the Cell. This series brings out the worse in fans. maybe it was because it was hot, but fans on both sides were pretty obnoxious. I had to have the most obnoxious Cub fan sitting behind me who never shut up, made the most ridiculous comments, and was just plain rude at time. My mild mannered hubby who never gets upset over that was even annoyed. I have never been one to “hate” Cub fans, but after this game, I get why some people do! The Cub fans in front of us where nice and didn’t bother me cheering at all, but the bonehead behind me was a jerk. He did have a pretty obnoxious Sox fan behind him and I wanted to send them all to time-out!! Much more drunken mayem than usual, 2 fights where people where taken away in cuffs. I TOTALLY understand why they don’t do these games at night!!

Other random thoughts……..

I’m in the SPC section surrounded by Cub fans, WTF!!!!

I cannot watch these error filled games and even Mark with the balk???? Ozzie needs to kick some butt and get these guys on track. This game should not have been as close as it was.

I was one of those who laughed when we signed Scotty Pods, but I’m not even saying this for Amy, but where would we be without him??? He had an amazing day.

Thank you Bobby for no drama in the 9th. A well deserved win for you!!

Soriano spends ALOT of time looking at and interacting with the crowd, just an observation.

I think I might have to start crushing on Gordo! Marie, that picture on the Sox site looks like a father/son and really made me smile, thanks for pointing it out. He’s still a baby, but don’t you have to like the flashes he shows???

An ugly win, but I’ll take it. I’m now 3-1 this year and at every game Pods has homered and at Beckam’s first homer and first game winner. I’m going to call myself a lucky charm for good things!😉

Let’s get the series tomorrow so JK can know we can take care of things while he’s gone. Maria have fun and Kris was good to “watch” the game with you!

Ok, it’s late and I can’t count good, but ballpark we have more games with errors than victories. About 38 games. Don’t kniow what the MLB average is but can’t be normal!

Thanks for posting the photos the last few days. It adds a great dimension.

I am happy I bought tickets this morning. Even though I was in the second to last row in 555…. the game was enjoyable. I have to be honest- those seats aren’t all that bad. This was the second time I have sat there and I had a wonderful time at both games.

Ok… Gordon had a great hit to win the game… but it wouldn’t have been needed if he could play third base with any competency at all. Between his slow first step and Alexei’s flightiness- that left side of the infield is disgusting. Beckham dove in front of Alexei on one play which resulted in Alexei missing it….. bad left side defense.

After the game… I came to one conclusion…. both teams aren’t very good. The Sox should have won by 5 runs and they needed a 9th inning hit to win. The Cubs should have won since the Sox basically gave them the game. Unfortunately I think this series is the highlight of both teams seasons. I hope I am wrong (at least on the Sox side)

Anybody know where we can get a copy of that pic of Beck and Jim??

My one and only Cub/Sox game was fairly mellow, no fights, etc but that was some years ago- – sorry you had such a rough time Donna, I think I personally would’ve told the jerk behind me to shut the f up after awhile but that’s me –

Bring on another winner tomorrow!!!! GO SOX!

You know Kris, if it was just me and John I probably would have said something, but the kids were with and was trying to set an example of tolerance and didn’t think what i would say would be appropriate to say in front of them. I’ve never had a problem at a game before, and I have gone to MANY, but this goof behind us would not shut up. Like I said the Cub fans in front of us were great and it wasn’t just the goof behind us. There were a few bonehead Sox fans too. Having slept on it, this might be a game more appropriate to leave the kids home!

I agree that any Crosstown Classic game is definitely not the place for kids. My husband took my son a couple years ago to one of the games. Not only was it the first time the guys had to wait in line to get into the bathroom, my 8-year old also learned a few new bad words before he was done. The next year I went instead and vowed I would never go again. The atmosphere is just too ugly. (Which is part of the reason I’m in Wisconsin this weekend.) If you were surrounded by northside fans, then it is probably because other Sox Pride members bought tickets and sold them on Stubhub instead of going to the game.

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