Day 3

Beckahm-Celeb-03.jpgSunday, June 28, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, Dye 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Getz 4, Beckham 5, Wise 8.  Danks pitching.

Thank you, Sir.  May I have another?



LOVE IT! Great pictures and couldn’t see it at the game but saw the video of AJ giving him the punches. Still like that picture on the main page of Thome and Becks looking father son like. I don’t know who said it earlier, but the pictures add a nice touch to the blog. Follow Scott on Twitter too guys cause he puts them there. Let’s get this one today!!

Love the pictures too! Would love to have a copy of that one of Beck and Jim – anyway I could get that anybody?

Watchin this one on the tube – – GO SOX!

Wouldn’t be a Sox game without an error from somewhere!!!!!

Those were almost Farmer’s exact words Kris!

I agree, those pictures from yesterday are totally awesome. Was unable to watch the game due to spending the day in the city, but heard heard the very end on the way back. It was the perfect capper to an awesome day.

Now let’s just keep the lead that Alexei gave us and win this one, as well as the Crosstown Classic for this year! (I know that we won’t make up the final game until September, but if we win today we will have won 4 of the 5, so close enough.)

Did anyone hear the national anthem before today’s game? It was fantastic! How ’bout Amanda sing the anthem before every game?

Nice capper to a weekend, another W.

Hey arwen, we are up 3-2 on the series…they could win that September game and we’d be 3-3. But, we know that won’t happen, don’t we?

See you all here tomorrow!


Beautiful day, another series win, and a shutout not on our end!! JK we held down the fort for you now get your butt back cause we miss you!!
Bask in the afterglow gang!

Yea, that gal was good at the singing!!!!

Donna, errors are just so frustrating, I sent you that stat TQ sent me, only 3 other teams have more!

Great weekend for a good series!!! jk will be proud of us! 🙂

Toodles from Texas!

Love the pix, loved today’s shutout, yesterday’s game was nice to win, but we sure “won ugly.” I was laughing listening to the Fox TV commentators rave on about our wonderful bullpen as they gave up the lead – pretty funny – only because we won it in the end.

Thank you, Donna, for being our good luck charm – keep it up! Sorry you had to put up with obnoxious fans. That happened at an A’s game one time, and someone near me who was as tired of the misbehavior as I was turned to the offending party and pointed out there were kids present, and he needed to tone it down. Amazingly, the jerk did tone it down, and the rest of the game was much more pleasant.

Let’s win on the road, and work our way above .500 and into first place!!!

GO SOX!!!!


Yes Marie, I did realize that, but I had a feeling that we had this one in the bag – which we did. So really the best that the Cubs could hope for is a 2-4 in the Classic this year, meaning that we’ve pretty much won this year.
Nice effort by Danks today, he did a very good job on the shutout. As for Zambrano – is anyone ever surprised by his anger issues anymore?
Good luck on the road tomorrow guys!!

Trying this twitter thing out – – I found Donna but no luck with anyone else. Scott – – what’s your ‘twit’ name I’m not finding you. Was interested in reading your posts there as well.

Just want to say that was a great win! Not a one-run, error-filled, knuckle-biter game either. Danks looked good, Alexei’s defense was steller, Linebrink terrific (finally). Loved Getz’s steal of home that so unnerved Big Z(it) he threw the ball away. Too bad this game wasn’t on national tv so everyone could see what a punk he is when he plunked Wise. Stoney’s comments after that were absolutely priceless!

Go get the Tribe today boys! GO WHITE SOX!!

Great win yesterday. John Danks was awesome, and Carlos Zambrano (aka ZamBozo) was his usual crazy high strung self.

Everybody in the stands got upset with that clown when he hit Dewayne Wise after his WP allowed the runner on 3rd to score. D’uh…Big Z…..that was YOUR fault, not Wise’s!!!

At least Wise came around to score and both men that Big Z hit came around to score. That came back to bite him in his big behind.

Great series by the Sox. The first two games were like Playoff games and then the Cubs were just absolutely stymied by John Danks. He owns the Cubs this year. I hope he’s on the bump when we play the make up game against them in Sept.


P.S. The Sox are 8-1 this year when I’m attending the game.

We need to get wsoxmike59 on a plane to Cleveland. And then on the charters the rest of the way!!!

Pods — All Star Game. Sounds like a perfect match for me. Although Thornton and Konerko are also well deserving.

Great weekend all around. I missed JK’s posts, but was thoroughly entertained by all the other posts here. Thanks guys!

So my cousin is a Scrub fan and he was texting me mercilessly on Friday after their win. I must say that I was really tempted to be as classless as he was after we spanked them on Sat. and then gave them a thorough beat down on Sunday. But then I remembered that I am a true White Sox fan and we have CLASS and I wasn’t going to stoop to his level, I just let the scoreboard speak for itself. Believe me, that was so much harder than you think because I can be a feisty lil’ firecracker and my tongue is a true weapon of destruction! (just ask my hubby) LOL!

I really hope we can get it together enough to actually compete for another division title and beyond….I know, wishful thinking, but a girl can hope! We seem to be little by little, slowly putting it all together. We’ll see.

I looked on the main page but can’t find the pic of Becks and Thome. Guide me you guys! What section are you looking in?

Lisa it looks like they took the picture down cause I can’t find it. I also think Ozzie took care of you with his quote of the day: Ozzie Guillen: ‘Our fans are not stupid like Cubs fans’ Leave it to Ozzie to speak his mind!

Kris it looks like you found Scott on Twitter because you are following him, but look under my following if not– Inside the Sox (although I think it is now Nellie Fox something) Cowley throws good ones out there too.

Back to normal now and hopefully a good series against Cleveland. I agree with tc, lets send wsoxmike to all the games!!

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