Leading Off The Roadtrip

monday, june 29, 2009

tonight’s lineup

pods 7, missile6, jd9, thome dh, pk3, aj2, getz4, beckham5, wise8.  Floyd pitching.


To Jermaine Dye on being named AL Player of the Week.


What would ESPN do without Ozzie Guillen?


If you saw Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, you may have read where the Cubs were upset that the clubhouse conversation between manager Lou Piniella and Milton Bradley on Friday was reported almost verbatim.  And in Sunday’s newspaper Jim Hendry, Piniella and Bradley (especially Bradley) are quoted as believing the “leak” of the conversation came from … ta da, a White Sox clubhouse employee.

Our clubhouse staff denied this to the Cubs, while most of Sunday morning was spent with media and employees at the ballpark debating if it happened, how it might have happened, motivation for the “crime,” etc.

But to a reporter’s credit, Sunday before the game, it was explained to the Cubs (we were told) that the information did not come from any White Sox employee or White Sox personnel, absolving our clubhouse staff.

It’s never fun to be blamed — wrongly — in the media, so I want as many people as possible to know that our guys were cleared.  Maybe next time the proof should come before the accusations.



Did anyone really believe there was a “leak” in the clubhouse? C’mon Scott we all know better!

Congrats to JD. Let’s start this roadtrip out right. JK you out there?????

No problem here Scott – I’m sure everyone here knows our guys are better than that!


jk, are you back yet? you were missed!


Yeah, never believed it for a second. Our guys are too good to do something as low as that. Just another example of Cubs people throwing the blame anywhere they can.

Off to a pretty good start today. Let’s hold onto it! Go White Sox!

I totally agree. Gavin’s been doing an awesome job tonight; he definitely deserves the win.

Gavin’s pitching his butt off. Now let’s get him some more runs guys. Go White Sox!

Ask, and thou shalt receive! Very nice insurance in the 9th, now let’s close it down.

Is something like Where’s Waldo?? Where JK? I’m here but late, friend’s car shot craps in the 100 degree temps, with groceries!!!

So I started this post an hour ago and am finally getting to finish it – – glad it’s over but why do we have to let them score!!

Hope Alexei is ok – – really worries me.

But I’m here now!!!!

Welcome back to .500 guys! Great pitching performance by Gavin and great nights at the plate for Getz and Beckham (5 for 7, 3 RBIs between them). Great way to start this AL Central stretch before the break. Let’s go White Sox!

yeah, I second that Kris – here’s to hoping Alexei is fine. That sure was scary! Hermie is so good. Anyone else think he was going to lean over and kiss Alexei’s head? Maybe it’s a mom thing, but the way he was checking him out and rubbing his head made me think he’s gonna give him a get better smooch!

Well, not quite the shutout we had going most of the game, but still another tally in the WIN column. Hooray for the Sox finally getting out from under .500 – now let’s keep it that way. Great effort by Floyd tonight, he definitely earned his keep. Loved the four runs at the beginning of the ninth, especially since they gauranteed the win. Nicely done, boys; nicely done. Now let’s keep it going!!

OMG Marie, I was thinking the same thing!!! It looked like he was holding him close to his bosom! Would’ve been cute if he would’ve huh! 🙂 I guess it’s def a mom thing! Really though, hope someone reports on how he’s doing… ooh, just notice wgn is on, I’ll see if they say anything.

Nothin on the news about Alexei – – I’m sure if it had been a Cub it would’ve been reported and checked up on. They just mention ‘hit batsmen’ blah – – let me know if anybody hears anything ’cause I know I won’t down here in the land of not so plenty!

Hey Scott, can you post your e-mail or e-mail me about the blog night? I’m getting some tix from my uncle and still want to attend the pre-game get together! Thanks in advance!

way to get to .500! now lets build on it and not fall back again. I read an article where a Toronto writer said Alex Rios could basically be had for a bag of balls. He does have a pretty decent sized contract but has been an all star in the past and is still young….. I for one would be interested in making a deal for this guy. He could be a difference maker. Here is the link


I’m BAAACCKKK!! Thank you everybody for not only holding down the fort while I was away, but for the kind remarks that I just finished reading. I asked for two wins over the Cubs and you all brought it home. You even managed a W today against the Tribe. Fantastic!!

My brother and I has a great time in Palm Springs. We were visiting for our Aunts 90th birthday and had a wonderful time. Kris, you asked about the temps a couple of days back, and it was 112 in Rancho Mirage today when we left. We got back to a very balmy? Tucson with a temp of only 103. So it was really cool. (haha).

I haven’t had time to watch any of the games yet, but I hope to catch up before we all meet again tomorrow. Night all and go Sox’09…j.k.

FYI, Scott Podsednik will be on ESPN’s First Take tomorrow around 11:30 central time on ESPN2…

How do I know? I work on the show as a segment producer and produced that segment tonight…

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