Taking on the Tribe, Cont. …

Hubris.  That’s what it is, pride that leads to a fall.  Just when I think I have the photo concept down, my images start showing up all over a particular blog, not necessarily where my cursor is placed.  Go figure.

But there were two more things I wanted to share:


1. The Metra Station is coming

Monday, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new Lovana S. “Lou” Jones/Bronzeville commuter station, which is set to open fall of 2010 (I know, but at least it’s coming).  Once completed, the station will offer commuters access to IIT, historic Bronzeville and U.S. Cellular Field.  The station will be part of Metra’s Rock Island District line with termini at downtown Chicago’s LaSalle Street station and at Joliet’s Union Depot.


Here are matchups for this weekend in KC:

Thu: Buehrle vs. Chen

Fri: Danks vs. Greincke

Sat: Floyd vs. Hochever

Sun: Richard vs. Bannister



One hour to go and I’m back in my office chair waiting. My only hope is that I don’t jinx the Boys tonight. After all, they won three out of four without me watching. I’ll maybe watch out of the corner of one eye and see how that does. Keep playing like you’ve been Team. (winning series). ….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Welcome back, JK. Interesing look to the lineup tonight, no Pods or Thome. Let’s hope it produces another Sox winner tonight. I’ll be in and out throughout most of the game, but I’ll post when I can. Go White Sox!

I just read there’s a rain delay! Anybody know if this will be lengthy or brief?

First pitch 6.35 Central time according to Farmer…… Go Sox’09…j.k.

You turned the radio on?? How do you know everything j.k.? When I grow up I wanna be just like you!!!!!

Osmosis, Kris. When you get really old, you too will simply absorb things…….Actually, I’ve been listening to the pre-game show for the past couple weeks in anticipation of the game. I just got lucky. Now I’m switching to Hawk and Stone…….. Enjoy everybody. Go Sox….j.k.

That’s the way to start it off….. Pitch well Clayton, aka C-Rich…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Double dose of “All Right”! 4-0 going to the top of inning # 2….. Keep it going Boys…..

That’s what I like to see when I finally get to sit down in front of the computer screen, a big old crooked number on the scoreboard for the good guys. Keep it up. Go White Sox!

Hi, JK, Kris, et.al. I’m so happy to be home to watch the game! I have a newfound respect for those of you that struggle to watch the team from distant locales. Pain in the butt, it is.

I think the news of the “imminent” Metra stop is terrific. I’ve been wondering for years why there wasn’t one near the park, especially given that the park is flanked by Metra tracks on the east and west sides. And having a stop there will most certainly bring additional development to the area.

Great game so far. Keep it going, guys!

That’s OK Clayton. You’re looking good so far tonight. More runs though, Boys….Go Sox…..j.k.

Well, Hello MariA! Nice to hear from you. Enjoy the game…..j.k.

Atta boy Getz!

That’s the way to do it! Keep that line moving…. Now, keep pitching well, Clayton….. j.k.

Rain is starting to fall!!??? They should have started the game on time and we’d close to the fifth inning by now….. Stay away rain…. Go Sox…

I can only watch on ESPN Gamecast, so if it’s raining I can’t see it. There’s a rain dance, but is there a sunshine dance as well? Maybe I need to look it up. Go White Sox!

At least someone’s getting rain – – they said it’s raining but it sure doesn’t look like it on here does it?

It’s just an itty bitty rain cell moving across the area. We’ll be ok.

Maria is so smart too! Is ‘itty bitty’ the official weather report??? πŸ™‚

“Itty bitty cell.” Famous last words. Did you see the shot of the clouds? Um, I sit corrected.

Nana nana, Nana nana, Hey hey, Good-bye……… Don’t stop now Boys…This is fun!…..j.k.

Hey, Kris, did you drink some happy juice tonight. You’re in rare form…..

lol – – nope I’ve drank nothing, nada, I have truthfully have no excuse for the ‘rare form’.

I too saw that nasty ‘itty bitty’ rain cloud, dagum, looks pretty evil to me! Sometimes though the darkest clouds produce the least amount of rain, at least in Texas rain that is! πŸ™‚ Thundered today all around, dark clouds, and the rain total simply made little wet dust spots on my filty truck! Go figure, the people that need it aren’t getting it and the people that are tired of it are still gettin it! πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work boys!! GO SOX!

If happy juice keeps producing a 6-run lead, I hope he continues to drink it. πŸ™‚

Dang. Just got a tweet from Cowley that there’s a rain delay.

“Itty bitty cell.” Crap.

Well ****, so much for that, as Hawk just said, ‘we have a cow on a flat rock’ situation! lol – – too funny!

That stinks! This game should have started on time and it would be official already. It better NOT get washed away……….

Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to stop chatting online and pay my bills? Back in a few…

*Quickly looks up dance instructions for the Sunshine Dance*

that dang tweet thing confuses me all to hell!

Oh Maria, I feel your pain…I am just now checking in after paying my bills…..I need the itty bitty rain to pass over to cheer me up from seeing the balance in my checking account…

that dang tweet thing confuses me all to hell!

Whew! Finally able to sit down for more than five seconds! The boys are doing pretty dang good tonight, and would continue to do so if there weren’t all these rain delays!! Hopefully we can get enough innings in to have it count as a full game. *crosses fingers*

apparently so does the computer tonight!!!

Hey Chvy – – was wondering if the Sunshine Dance was sung by KC and the Sunshine Band! πŸ™‚ lol – – Rain delays are boring! Watching the Angels and Rangers – lots of red, why does Texas wear red now? Seriously, anybody know? Game is tied.

kris, consider yourself lucky. we’re stuck watching the northsiders during this little rain delay. so comparatively speaking, paying bills is simply joyous.

Ha ha, Kris.πŸ™‚ And we’re back! It doesn’t look like Clayton’s lost his form. Go White Sox!

Makes me think I need to go pay them too – – but here I still sit – – oop, we’re back, I hear Hawkie

YEAH!!! Looks like the tarp’s off.

And you guys can call me Josh. CHVY KLR used to be on my license plate.

btw chvy, I’m a girl! πŸ™‚ lol

Looks like Hawk and Steve got a big damp too.

GO SOX!!!!!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Beckham!

Hooray! Game on…. Nicely done C-Rich. Keep going Boys….j.k.

Double YESSSSS! Atta boy Fields! And with that, every Sox player has a hit now. Don’t stop now guys. Go White Sox!

Just get three more outs and then I dont care if it rains or not…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

UGH….. Finish it!

And an 8-run lead down to a 5-run lead just like that. But let’s treat it like it’s only a two run lead and get more runs! Go White Sox!

wth happened?

Official game, but only up by five now. Time to go back to work, both offense and pitching…… Gotta win Boys, Gotta win…. Go Sox…j.k.

Clutch hit for BA! Go White Sox!

Come on BA. Get a hit and get a couple of those runs back….Go Sox’09……

I have a feeling I’m ahead of you all. So I’ll hold up on my comments from now on.

You are ahead of me at least, but when it’s good news, that’s OK.

We all know about tc’s mancrush on Alexei. Anyone else think Hawk has a mancrush on Gordo?

Ok, 2 phone calls and I’ve missed far too much – –

I say they just call this sucker. We’re good, the Sox are winning, so there’s not any real point in playing any more, is there? Lol.πŸ™‚

I’m thinkin the same think – – come on already call it good!!! And the real tv watchers are usually ahead of us mlbtv watchers but just a few nano seconds.

3-0 Detroit leading the A’s. Going to bottom of third. Come on Oakland….

Sox win….. Yeah…. Go for the sweep manana…j.k.

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