Finale By The Lake

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, Castro 2, Nix 4, Beckham 5, BA 8.  Contreras pitching.

Random Thoughts

How many of us were praying for that rain to hold off last night … at least through the fifth.

Great to see so many hard-hit balls last night.

And to beat Cliff Lee …

Sox go for the sweep tonight.

How lucky is the Chicago sports media to have Ozzie?  Never a dull moment.  Always a good quote regardless of the story.  I was talking with one veteran columnist during the series at Wrigley and he listed Guillen and Mike Ditka as the two greatest Chicago sports voices of all-time.

Don’t have a column for the day?  Go talk to Ozzie.

Want a funny comment to close your story?  See Ozzie.

“I love the media,” Guillen often says, pointing out that the attention means money in his own pocket.


Detroit lost today, although twinks won. Detroit goes to Minn for three over the weekend while we play in KC. Good opportunity for the SOX to make up some ground starting with a sweep tonight.

The other day I read the piece about Ozzie and how he himself said that he learned so much from the veterans he played with when he broke into the big leagues.

Just think about the guys he played for and with in his early White Sox years. A group filled with Hall of Famers, future coaches and managers and guys that covered all ends of the personality spectrum.

As a rookie, he played for manager Tony La Russa (a future Hall of Famer) and third base coach Jim Leyland. His teammates included Hall of Famers Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk. Seaver surely taught Ozzie a lot by example and no player handled the media better than Seaver.

Obviously guys like Harold Baines and Greg Walker had a great influence on Ozzie since he hired them on his coaching staff nearly 20 years later. Baines showed Ozzie a much different way of handling the media (lol). If a columnist needed a column, he might need to spend about four seasons with Harold to get enough quotes for the piece.

And Ozzie’s infield coach back then was Eddie Brinkman, one of baseball’s premiere infield glove men of the ’60 and early ’70s. And also one of the funniest men in the world who I am sure made Ozzie laugh just as much as Oz makes the writers laugh today. And he also taught Ozzie a thing or two about playing shortstop.

It was good to see Ozzie give credit to his former skippers, coaches and teammates. When I hear former players tell stories about their big league and minor league days (and you get that every telecast from Hawk and every broadcast from Farmio) I can tell just how appreciative they are of what they learned from one another in the game.

A Chicago baseball writer should hire himself a good translator (lol) and work on a book with Ozzie. His stories are going to be fun to read and re-live for many years.

Now if he would just give in and stop insisting on carrying 12 pitchers on his 25-man roster, then I would really like the guy!!!!!

20 minutes until the start. I’ve got a beer in hand and perched in front of the computer screen, ready for another White Sox winner. Unlike last night, I’ll wait a bit before posting since it seemed like Gamecast was in front of everyone. Go White Sox!

HA I like the headline on…Contreras Ready to Deliver Broom Service….whoever writes those does a good job.

Josh, where are you from? Are you the Sox fan from PA? If so, did you ever make your trip in town?


Hi Marie. Well, I’m from VA, but unfortunately things didn’t quite work out for us for the Memorial Day Weekend trip to The Cell. Long story short, we decided the money would be better spent towards upgrading our new home. But don’t worry, I will make it to Chicago to see the Sox play at home one day, come Hell or high water.

I’m late coming on, but I’m here now and am anxious for more White Sox fire works…. Go Boys and Go Jose…… Nice piece, tc, well said… Go Sox’09……. Sweep the Tribe into the lake….j.k.

Good Evening boys and girls!!! Hello from Texas! Where’s our fearless leader tonight?? jk – – are ya there?

Sorry Josh, now that you mention VA, I remember that. Sorry you didn’t make it in, but upgrading your new home is a great idea and well worth the investment.

OK Jose, let’s hold them here in the first inning…

Hey there Kris!

Atta Baby Jose…… Go Sox go….

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those pitchers’ duels and we’re going to have to grind it out. Let’s hold ’em. Go White Sox!

I got the same thought. This “feels” like a close game. NO errors, Boys and we win our fifth in a row…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Yea, I tend to agree with ya’ll – – trying to find other things to occupy the time sitting – – they need to make computer chairs more comfortable! Maybe someone should come up with special mlbtv watcher’s chairs!!! 🙂

Balls back in your hands Jose. Do your thang!….. Go Sox

Great idea Kris. I’ll make them if you market them….

That could’ve gotton ugly quick, thank God it didn’t!

Let’s go White Sox!

Ha ha, don’t look at me. Come on PK, pick em up.

I wouldn’t know the first thing about marketing – – Josh, Marie, anybody???

OK, that was the blip in your game tonight Jose. Keep pitching like you’ve been and the Boys will pick you up….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

OK, how about PR work? We’ll get someone else to do the marketing…..

Good job Jose…… Our turn now, Look out Sowers….. It’s going to start raining baseballs…. Go Sox

Wait a minute… This was YOUR idea! You should be the CEO! We will all work for you…..

I’m more of a design/engineer type, ha ha. Alright, 3 up, 3 down. Now let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

Alright, pick em up, Alexei. Need a clutch hit.

Atta boy, Alexei, even if you got thrown out at second. Tie game! Now keep doing your thing, Jose.

I can handle all the customer service work for your new company. Hey, let’s get Scott to handle the marketing. jk, the engineering, Kris, quality control (someone has to test if they are comfy). Josh can handle sales to the east coast.

Sounds like we got a nice business model, Marie.

It IS raining baseballs!!!!!! Hooray..

Alright, Marie has an awesome idea!!! I can do quality!

Ya’ll see Jimmy truck around to 3rd, ha ha, pretty funny stuff! Was he ever quick on the bases back in the day?

btw, Gordo is my new man!! LOVE HIM!!!

Thankyouverymuch Ramon!

Woot! Nice job Ramon! Way to step up the game!

I like tc’s earlier comment. I was at Border’s on Sunday with my dad, looking at all the books on the White Sox, and I was thinking, “Man I can’t wait for Ozzie to put out a book. He would have some great stories that would more than make it worth to buy.”

Hey, sometimes blog poster Brett Ballantini does have a book about Ozzie. It is called “The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzie Guillen”. I have read it and it is good. You should check it out!

Hey Brett, where are you? You need to check in now and then!


With the SLOW start Gordon had, he’s even that much better as far as I’m concerned. He has the makings of an outstanding player. Maybe we hit him in the two hole???… Couple more runs please Boys…Go Sox’09….j.k.

I had to step away for a bit. Glad to see we got a 3-run lead, and man has Beckham been on fire these last few games. Keep it up guys. Go White Sox!

Hey kiddies, checking in really late, but I’m here too! Boys have been clicking, lets hope they keep it up for a good long time!

ps, have you all voted a **** ton of times for the ASG? I did my 125 online and 75 paper ballots, time for someone else to step up, lol!

That was weird, but I’ll take it… Up by 4 again… Come on Jose, and Go Sox…

That’s all right Ames, everyone is hitting doubles tonight!

Hey kiddies, checking in really late, but I’m here too! Boys have been clicking, lets hope they keep it up for a good long time!

ps, have you all voted a **** ton of times for the ASG? I did my 125 online and 75 paper ballots, time for someone else to step up, lol!

I didn’t think Thome had the speed to run from first to home on a double, but I like the aggressiveness. (No video for me, but was it even close?) At least we got another one on the board, now let’s hold em.

o hot damn, thats my first double post. pardon me.

jk, I wouldn’t change the Pods/Alexei 1/2 spot. I like that combo. I also like having Beckham near the bottom. It’s nice knowing someone down there will get a hit. I remember the trio of Fields/Uribe/Anderson and figured oh well, no hits, when we got to that spot in the line up.

scam, thanks for the reminder – I love how Ozzie called Gordo “Bacon”. Makes me laugh everytime.

Josh, not so close – – you don’t have video?? Not that much more money for the tv aspect of it, makes it more enjoyable!

Hi Ames!! Sometimes the posts post twice and sometimes someone will answer a question and it’ll post after the answer, weird! 🙂

JK, I like your idea of Bacon in the two spot. Alexei has not been a good second hitter. I think he would be much more comfortable in the sixth spot.

BTW, is there a slower runner in baseball than Jim Thome? It’s so sad trying to see him sprint. Who would win in a race of Thome vs JK?

Alexei doesn’t take pitches when Pods is trying to steal. He is horrendous at moving the runner over, and Bacon is a much better bunter. When Carlos comes back the bottom of our lineup would consist of AJ, Alexei, and Getz, which would be a very good 7, 8, 9.

I’ve always thought Thome has been slower than PK. He’s carrying a lot more weight. Maybe they should race.

Paulie is way slower than Thome normally, but Thome’s had that heel thing this year. So its up for debate. But I’d put my money on jk!

I’m working on it, Kris. Hopefully after the All-Star Break, I’ll be able to listen to Hawk and Stone everyday.

Way to hold em guys. Now, let’s get some insurance. Go White Sox!

I’m working on it, Kris. Hopefully after the All-Star Break, I’ll be able to listen to Hawk and Stone everyday.

Way to hold em guys. Now, let’s get some insurance. Go White Sox!

Scam…. I have BLAZING speed!! I can go from my easy chair to the dinner table in 4.5 seconds. Especially when Spaghetti is the entre…… Go Sox…

Wow, and I only clicked the “submit” button once. Sorry for the double postage, but at least I’m keeping up with tonights trend.

Haha, very impressive jk.

Six outs to go for our first 5 game win streak and a game closer to the Kitties…. Go Sox….


These posts are getting shuffled around like a deck of cards at the Bellagio.

JK, how’s your dash time from the chair to the fridge for a cold beer? Or do you have a good woman to do that work for you? (Easy ladies, just having a little “feel good” fun with a four-run lead in the eighth).


Man, that was an impressive play by Contreras/Nix/Konerko. Things could have easily gone bad when it hit Contreras’ heel, but it worked out perfectly!!

Lexi hurt his middle finger somehow. I didnt actually see it, but only looked up when I heard Hawk say he was hurt. Guessing a bad hop.

Ah, the Bud light 40…. hey, I’m busy counting down to a Sox winner…..three

Okay, I’m only following online tonight. What happened to Alexei? Gameday says an injury delay and then lists Getz coming into the game.

I place my bet on Paulie being faster! Not saying I could do any better but he tends to chug! 🙂

yeah right tc, I understand. And, if I had a good man, I definitely would let him get me a beer.

TC, you asked my very question – whassup with Alexei? I’m here, following on Gameday, hoping for a nice sweep!


Well, we’re all watching closely aren’t we! 🙂 They showed him looking at his finger, that’s all I know. I’m texting, talking to my husband and watching Survivorman so I missed it.. and tc, I’m with Marie – –

2 more

Speaking of being quick/fast…. it’s my dinner time now. So I will ALLOW you all to bring home this White Sox Winner…… Three to go remember…. j.k.

How is this thing flippin all our posts crazy like??? I posted way after jk!

And finally, I do my own “dirty” work. The lovely Mrs. frowns on the relay race system…….

1 more, outta be interesting to see where this posts!

Yay! Swept the Tribe! Good job guys, now onto KC!!!


Enjoyed that chat tonight – – Toodles from Texas!

JK, I guess that’s why the “lovely Mrs.” has let you hang around all these years.

Ahhhhhh, five in a row. Nothing to this game, huh? Let’s keep “everything up to date in Kansas City.”

Thirty-seven hits this series. Keep it up! Me likey-likey (hi Maria!)

Oh tc, not too many youngs kids are gonna catch that lil play on words!

I noticed that too Kris. One or two of my earlier entries were slotted before someone else post. Very confusing and difficult to follow the scintillating conversation…. At least the game wasn’t confusing. Way to go Boys, and carry it over to KC.

You’re right on tc. this October will be 30 years! Boy, do I ever have her buffaloed…….

See you all tomorrow night………j.k.

Okay Kris, but there are enough of us old-timers on here to appreciate it. Just shows how many old high school musicals I have sat through in my life.

Oh, BTW, could either you or Marie get me a damn beer! A man can work up a thirst following the Sox online.

Glad to see the brooms out in full force tonight. Now let’s keep the momentum going to KC. Go White Sox!

Wow, I’m away for awhile, drop back in to have a look at the blog, and get an immediate shout-out from Marie! Thanks my friend. The Ozzie book was not nearly what I planned (and what I was contracted to do), but that double-cross is a story for another day. However I can say that after the World Series Ozzie apparently was inundated with book requests/offers and didn’t want to play favorites with any one writer. Don’t know if that policy still holds today, but my plan back then was to have an introduction by Ozzie and foreword by Ken Williams. Ultimately only Ken would agree to have a featured spot in the book, and that was plenty fine by me.

Great Sweep for the Pale Hose. It’s great to see Contreras back to form. Lets continue the ride as we head off to KC. Go Sox!

hey Ames…just want you to know, I just did my part. I voted the 25 times allowed for online voting. GO PK and JD! Everyone else….get out there and vote! You have till 11 PM tonight.

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