Sox at KC

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tonight’s Missile-less Lineup

Pods 7, Nix 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Beckham 5, Getz 4, BA 8.  Buehrle pitching.

Winning Is Contagious

There is nothing like being around a baseball team that is playing well.  The days seem to fly by.  You can’t wait for the next game.  You arrive at the ballpark expecting to win.  Everyone’s happy.  There’s energy and enthusiasm.  Nothing is better (at least professionally).


For those of you who purchased commemorative bricks as part of Phase 2 …

Installation is underway and should be done by Monday at the latest.  The plaze really looks good and all of the bricks will be in place.  If you recall, we hustled to install Phase 1 in time for Opening Day last year.  The weather wasn’t overly cooperative and we just got it done.

We continued to sell bricks all last summer as part of Phase 2 and the response was tremendous.  Net proceeds of the sale go to Chicago White Sox Charities and we have raised well over half a million dollars through this Championship Plaza. 

My point is that if you purchased a brick as part of Phase 2, you will be able to see it on the next homestand.


I spent my morning at Northwestern University watching our Amateur City Elite baseball team compete in a holiday tournament.  While our team of young players lost to an older team, it was great to see the kids out competing wearing our White Sox uniforms.


The second annual Double Duty Classic is scheduled for July 10 at 1:05 pm at USCF.  If you have a chance, or know some kids who might enjoy the experience, come on out.  Admission is free.  Gates open at noon and entertainment at Gate 5 will include the South Side Drill Team and the King High School Marching Band.  Michael Wilbon of ESPN is moderating a private forum for the players and Ken Williams will take part.

The game will feature some of the very top minority baseball talent in the nation, with kids coming from NYC, St. Louis and other cities to compete on a Major League Field wearing replica Negro Leagues uniforms.

It really is a fun day to come out to the ballpark and celebrate the history and tradition of Negro League Baseball and the East-West All-Star Game.



Bees are buzzin the Stros/Padres game – – try and check it out on espn tonight as I’m sure it’ll make a highlight reel of some sort, pretty gross but kind of amazing too. The game is in a delay because of it. Over 1000 bees swarmed this jacket of the ball girl in foul territory in left field. Weird!

Might not catch the first part of our game, have to do yardwork sometime and 7 o’clock the temp at least becomes bearable to do so… I’ll be on eventually, don’t miss me too much!

Yardwork Kris? I thought you had “People” for that. After all you are our CEO, are you not? But if you MUST miss the start of our game, we will muddle through the best we can until you return…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

But speaking of yardwork, perhaps this is what you mean; I finished 36 holes of yardwork a while ago. Is that what you mean… I hope?…. actually, I’m bragging a bit, cause it was a beautiful day and since the first 18 played in two hours 45 minutes, we went out again….. NOW bring home a Sox winner….. Go team, go…j.k.

Hey jk, werid thing here, I’ve got the sounds of the game, but no Hawk and Steve talking – – do you know why that could be?

Hola JK and Kris. Let’s get a W tonight. Go White Sox!

And jk, the only golfing I do is of the miniature kind and I’m pretty terrible at that too!

I don’t get it, KC’s feed is fine

Assist for BA…. very nice. I just noticed that the last time Chen won a game was in 2005! I sure hope that doesn’t mean he will pitch like an “unknown” as far as our Boys are concerned. It would be nice to maybe continue our good fortune with three of four this series… Go Sox’09…j.k.

I’ve had that same problem in the past. I’m listening to the KC feed right now too…

Atta boy Dye! Now I guess it’s Pods’ turn to get an assist in the next inning. Let’s get some runs!

Hi all,

I’m here, at least for now. Got Gameday on the Mac and the Score on my iPhone (with the MLB app), so I’m following along as well as I can.

Let’s get another W and keep this lovely streak going, and going, and going….

Go SOX!!!

Ya gotta LOVE it. Another outfield assist! This time from JD….. Come on Boys let’s start it off with a hit and then, and then, and then…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Our feed audio is back everybody…. Go Sox

I just saw the video of the “Bee Game”. A thousand bees around a jacket, that’s just insane! And they had to call in a beekeeper too.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSS! Atta boy Nix! How’s that for the first Sox hit of the night?

Time to start getting some hits Boys. Second time through the order, is our time… Go Sox’09….j.k.

3 up, 3 down! One’s not enough, let’s get more. Go White Sox!

I did 9 holes this morning, and scheduled to do 18 more tomorrow. 36 is a lot for one day. I think I would need a hour or two break in between.

Or a run would be better…. Thank you….There’s your run Mark!

Good job Mark. Maybe another run or two would be a good thing after all. How about it Boys?…..

It’s FUN scam. You should try it… now Go Sox’09…j.k.

Looks like it will have to be the third time through for us to get to this Chen….. Hold ’em Mark…. Go Sox

Defense is holding up. Now let’s get to Chen. Go White Sox!

I am sooooo not made for this country livin crap!!

Keep on keepin on boys!!!

Did you get a workout outside, Kris? 🙂

Buehrle and the D are holding up their end of the bargain. Now let’s get some more runs! Go White Sox!

omg, Josh, the temp is still 93 with 50% humidity and although obviously you don’t have the sun bearing down on you, it’s still quite miserable! Yea, I got a work out and yes, I need it but, blah, I’m not cut out for this crap. I think I was spoiled and pampered as a child! 🙂


He he, Virginia summers are a lot like that as well, too much humidity. Well, we got another run at the expense of a double play. Keep holding them guys.

Yea, I imagine so – – Alaska sounds good right about now!

Hi jk, Kris, Peggy, Josh and others…just checking in now. I just got home from a charity fundraiser dinner for ovarian cancer. My mom’s best friend passed away from that and their family has set up a foundation to raise money for research and education for this quiet killer.

I’m happy to see we are up 2-0. Jayson Nix HR, sweet! Buerhle being Buerhle.

Oh, at the benefit my sister won the silent auction for 4 Sox tickets right behind the dugout. Think I can convince her to leave one of her two kids at home so I can go? Yeah, I don’t think so either!


I agree with Hawk: I’m surprised that they didn’t try to cut down Thome at the plate. But two runs are better than one. Let’s make it three or four though…..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Atta boy Pods!

Brian was bookin round them bases!!! Not to be greedy but I want more!!!

You deserve more for all the work you’ve done tonight, Kris. Come on Boys, more runs for Kris….. Go Sox…

Maybe next inning Kris…

I’m greedy too, but the way Mark’s pitching, maybe we save runs for the next three games. Can you do that??? Let’s see the shut-out Mark…. Go Sox’09….

I was going to start a count down, but the eighth went so fast I couldn’t respond….

Becks got us an insurance run. Keep it up. Go White Sox!

OK Here we go…. Only three outs to go for a White Sox winner……



I hate dinks and dunks…… Come on Bobby…..

2 to go.


8.2 innings and 1 ER. Hell of a job Buehrle Now let’s close it out Jenks!

*8.1 innings, my bad.

2.5 games out….keep it up boys!

Nite all!

And that’s a White Sox winner…. Six in a row!……

1 to go.

Well, from the (very) little I’ve seen of tonight’s game, it’s seems like our guys have done quite a good job. I have to say the Buehrle must have been doing pretty dang good if he went all the way into the ninth. Only one run and 5 hits over the course of the game is pretty impressive. Yes, it wasn’t the shut-out we had going, but I’d say that we’re all pretty happy with the win anyways, right?

If the Yankees lose, we will have the longest current win streak in the majors…… Good defense tonight. Timely hitting and great pitching from Mark. Go JohnnyD…. and Go Sox’09…j.k.

Six in a row and now we’re 2.5 back of Detroit! Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Keep it up guys. Go White Sox!

Had to go pick up my BF from work, but kept my iPhone with me, and followed along as much as possible. Great job, Mark! (And great job, blog buddies, bringing home another win!!!).

Let’s keep this streak going for a long time!

Go SOX!!!


Josh!! I love the ‘here kitty kitty kitty’ phrase… that’s the winner for the night!!! Should be the headlines in tomorrow’s paper!

After my yardwork, i checked back in, decided we were starving and hit the road to Wing Street!!! Came home to a winner!! 🙂

Let’s be heaven and make it to 7!!! GO SOX!

I just got home and see we had two hits in the first. I’ll find out what happened as the game goes along. Other than that I didn’t miss too much. Now we’re ready to get to Greinke, so Go Sox’09…… j.k.

Now we have three hits and ONE run.. That’s even better…. Go JohnnyD and Go Sox….j.k.

It’s lonely at the top…. I’m here, and the Sox are doing well…. Keep it up Boys…j.k.

Hi jk! Just checking in to let you know you aren’t here alone. I think we got Greinke’s number tonight. How about it? Also, have I mentioned lately how I do love me some Scotty Pods? Amy, I may have to fight you for him. Just kiddin’ –


I’ll be in and out tonight. Glad to see crooked numbers going up for the good guys. Hold ’em Danks and keep up the good fight JK. Go White Sox!

Marie, I am right there with you! Lol. I am lovin’ Pods.😉

That’s more like it. I got here late and no new post from Scott. No comments from you faithful, and, yes, I was feeling just a bit lonely. Good to hear from you all…. Now that we’re together again, I’ll say for one and all, Go JohnnyD and Go White Sox’09…..j.k.

Wow, that is quite a shirt that Hawk has on tonight.

Let’s pick ’em up Thome. Need a clutch hit.

Ask and you shall receive! Atta boy Thome!

Another outstanding pitching performance. Is this the game Johnny gets a shutout?….. Still a bit early for that, but everythings looking good so far… Keep it up Boys…..

And breathe.

There’s more dinks and dunks,tonight against Danks Pitch well Line…… Go Sox….. j.k.

Crossing our fingers, jk.

That’s better, much, much better. I had evil images for that half inning. I forgot that this is the New improved Sox and not the Team we featured earlier in the year…. Now there are only three outs to go and I for one feel much better. But that’s redundant isn’t it….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

1 to go


and one

There’s a Sox winner…. Thank you……

And this ballgame is OVAH! 7th heaven guys! Now, let’s take the series tomorrow! Go White Sox!

Seven straight wins….. Let’s make it eight tomorrow……….

Happy 4th of July! Go Sox!


Happy 4th everyone!! Let’s hope we all get to celebrate a great #8 later. We are off to a good start. Enjoy the day everyone!

I wish you all a glorious Fourth!! Been following on radio via iPhone, happy with the game thus far. Let’s keep this streak going, and going, and going….


OK, now we need some more runs – let’s go get ’em!

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe!

This game is going south – – please boys, be mindful of your feilding position and make those double plays!!! ALEXEI!! UGH!

We gotta hold em!

Come on!!! I do not want to lose this due to some crappy play again!

Goodness, this game is taking the same direction as my day. They really need to get their act together!!

I just got home and I see I didn’t miss too much. You can’t win them all, so let’s take a series win by getting another win streak started tomorrow…. Go Sox’09…. j.k.

Did you notice that the rotation was changed? C-Rich will be pitching the Thursday game against the Indians on three days rest. That means that JohnnyD, Mark and Gavin will start against the Twins. Interesting. It’s almost like we’re throwing that Thursday game away in favor of winning against the Twins. I certainly don’t mind throwing our best starters against a tougher opponent, but I thought this game was all about wins!? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and of course, root for the Sox’09….

See you later for the finale at KC….. j.k.

I’m ready for the Boys to win this game. The only thing that worries me is typically there is a letdown after a win streak. I don’t think that will happen this time. I expect us to win today and take two of three from Cleveland and one from Minn. That will leave us four games over 500 heading into the break. A good jumping off point for a special second half…

I think today is a good WGN day, so I’ll catch you all later after we do away with those pesky Royals…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

I’m with you JK, let’s win this series today! Congrats to Buehrle on his all star selection. I imagine that will be nice for him to pitch in front of the family.

Hi JK and Donna (and anyone else who’s here)!

Happy to be able to watch on WGN for a change. Let’s win this game and this series!

And congrats to Mark Buehrle on representing our Sox at the ASG.



I think Ozzie liked what he saw of Richard at Cleveland this past week and likes that matchup better than Clayton going against the Twins.

Clayton has been the victim of a couple of cheap hits in the fourth today and now trails 4-2. Ozzie is taking him out, probably to keep him fresh for Thursday and knowing that Clayton’s luck today is all of the bad variety.

Why, oh why is it that on the few occasions I can watch the Sox on TV, they almost never win?

Maybe I should stop watching them.

C’mon guys, let’s have one of those satisfying come-from-behind wins – pleeeeaasseee.

All I can say is congrats to Buehrle to making the All-Star team. There were a whole lot of other Sox players that definitely deserved it, most certainly Scotty Pods, but the people have spoken.

I agree that some other White Sox players were overlooked in the selection process, but at least the plus side is that our guys won’t have a chance to get hurt and they can rest up to start the 2nd half of the season recharged. Congrats to Buehrle though. He definitely deserved it.

I disagree that there are other White Sox players that deserve to be on the all star team. Some of our players are having good years, but Buehrle is the only player on our team having an all star caliber season. The only player who would come close to being snubbed would be JD, but there are other players in the league who are having much better seasons and aren’t on the team either. Unfortunately due to the world’s worst idea of having fans vote for all stars, you get a handful of players who shouldn’t be there stealing spots from guys who should.

BTW, who picks the five guys to compete for the final vote? Do they purposely try to find guys with terrible averages to be on there? Too many things about the whole all star weekend just piss me off so much. Just another reason to hate Bud I guess.

Howdy, off day blog fans! I thought I’d look at the remaining games before the AS break to see what may happen for us or agin’ us. The Twins play NY and us, while Det plays KC and the Tribe. I would expect the Tigers to win 4 games minimum. I think we should win two from Cleveland and one from Minn. The Twins should also win one from the Yankees, so they win three also.

That would leave us 3 1/2 games out and the Twins 3 out at the break. I think that’s realistic. Of course if we play better we could overtake the Twins by this weekend. And if by some chance of fate, the aforementioned teams are able to hand the Tigers more than two losses, we could creep even closer. Too many games (at six each) to predict. Just keep winning series and we will be in great shape by the end of the month.

As we speak, the Tigers are ahead of KC 2-1 top of 7th. Come on Royals! And Go White Sox’09…..see you all tomorrow evening everybody….j.k.

Prognistication update:

I forgot to mention the Twins only 33 home games left after the break. We have 39 home games while Detroit has 42 games left at home after the break….we should have won a few more on that “wonderful” home stand at the start of June……. BUT…

Right now KC has a 3-2 lead, top 8….. Go Royals!!!

Four hours till we start our next win streak!

I hope Scott is back soon.

Go Sox!

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