Cleveland In For a Quick Three

080707-1202.jpgTuesday, July 7, 2009

Tonight’s Sox Lineup

Pods 7, Missile 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Nix 4, Beckham 5, BA 8.  Buehrle pitching.


Congratulations to All-Star Mark Buehrle on making his fourth All-Star team.  It will be special for him to take the mound in St. Louis.

Blog Night IV

Time is running out.  The deadline for Blog Night IV tickets is this Thursday at 5 p.m. CT.

If you haven’t heard, Blog Night IV is Tuesday, July 21, White Sox vs. Tampa Bay.  Tickets are $19 and of course there will be a special pregame session in the Interview Room (aka Conference & Learning Center) with special guests and special prizes.

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased tickets.  Sign up today (or at least by Thursday) since tickets are limited. 

Go to this link at and use the password: Blog

If you are a season ticket holder or already have tickets for that game, just shoot me an email and I’ll see how we can make it work for you.

Volunteer Corps

Thanks to members of the White Sox Volunteer Corps who are headed to Rush University Medical Center tomorrow to donate blood.  Gordon Beckham and John Danks will stop by to thank our fans and the Rush employees who are giving of their time and bodily fluids.

If you’d like to make an appointment for tomorrow to donate, go to, click on the State of Illinois on the map.  The second paragraph includes info on tomorrow’s event.

Double Duty Classic

Some of the very top amateur baseball players from across the country will be at U.S. Cellular Field on Friday for the second Double Duty Classic.  Admission is free. Gates open at noon, game time is 1 p.m. and pregame entertainment will be provided by the King High School Marching Band and the South Shore Drill Team.  The top minority high school players will make up the two teams and each team will wear replica jerseys from the Negro Leagues. 

Michael Wilbon of ESPN, Ken Williams and former Negro Leaguers will join the youth players for a pregame forum.  Jimmie Lee Solomon of Major League Baseball will attend the game, which is intended to celebrate and honor the Negro Leagues and the annual East-West All-Star Game played at old Comiskey Park. 




Gee, didn’t we just play these guys? Hopefully we can do just as good this time around.

I missed the last two games because I was out of town, and we lost them. I will definitely be around tonight and hopefully we can get a W. Go White Sox!

Hell-o again all you loyal Sox blog fans. Almost ready to start a new win streak! And just in case you’re scoreboard watching like I am, the Royals just took a 3-1 lead in the second against Verlander on a bases clearing DeJesus double. That’s good, but won’t mean much if we don’t take care of our own business. Go Sox’09….. j.k.

Sarah Kustok just said we traded for Tony Pena from the D-Backs. That’s a good deal. Pena is a quality bullpen guy. He has a strong arm and can bring it at around 95-96 with a good split to get hitters out. I don’t know what his ERA is off hand. but I’ve watched him pitch several times, and he’s good. I approve of the addition. Now all we need is a Win tonight…… Go Sox’09…

Pena has a 4.24 ERA over 34 innings this season. I don’t know much about him, but this seems like another low risk, high potential trade to bolster the bullpen. We’ll see how it works out.

I hate to see a run going up for Cleveland as I type this. Let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

OK Mark, shake off that “blip” in the first and do your thing….. The offense has your back…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

I’m here but not sure for how long – – frustrated with the boys as of late.. want to win more and easier games. Gets frustrating. Not feeling the love or much optimisim tonight, hope I’m way off base!

Go Sox!

Man! They’re hitting Mark pretty hard. I hope he finds a better rhythm and keeps them off base. Good job though stranding the runner on third… Now, Go O!….j.k.

Way to pitch out of trouble Mark. Go White Sox!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSS! Atta boy, PK!

Alright, I can smile now! πŸ™‚

Way to squeak it past Sizemore, Paulie!

It’s all because of you still being here Kris….. Don’t go away…. Now, find your stride Mark.. And Go Sox….

I’m here my dear jk! πŸ™‚

Come on Markie! Go Sox!

Watch out Kris or You too will get picked off base. We will win this game, I can feel it… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Alright, we need a clutch hit, Dye. Go White Sox!

Nice play by Beckett – he knew the guy was gonna be safe at home so he slammed the dude at 2nd– I like that.

OK Boys, time to go back to work…. How about a crooked number???? Go Sox….j.k.

Well, we’re in catch up mode again. At least Pods got an assist. Let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

My bad. This is what happens when I don’t have video and I have to assume things. Way for Pods to hit Becks and way for Becks to get the out at 2nd. Go White Sox!

Good DP started by Gordon. Time to peck away at the Tribe to the tune of two talleys…..Go Sox….

That could have been an ugly inning, but that DP sure helped. We need some runs guys.

Only three hits? Come on Boys, you’ve seen THIS guy before. Hold ’em Mark our offense is going to start with the top of the order in the sixth…. Go White Sox’09….j.k.

2 runs ain’t much. Let’s get em. Go White Sox!

Ahem! Now would be a really good time to get to this guy…. OK?… OK!!!!

Heck YEAH!! Now that is how you do it Paulie!!! Thank you very much!

Sacks full of Sox! Pick em up, Paulie!


It’s jumbling posts again…

Big AB coming up for Paulie!!!! Just DON’T hit into a DP….. Go Sox go….

I’m still here, holding my breath

There’s a great BIG WooHoo!!!!!!!


Gamecast said Nix flied out to center, then said Becks doubled and Nix scored. I’m glad we got the run, but what the heck happened?

Paulie is still #1 in my book!! Oldie but a goodie!

Ah, Gamecast goofed then. I swear I should just go on and get MLB.TV. But I agree, Beckham looks like he has potential to be a good all-around player in the future.

Loved the at bat by Nix (soft single into center with two strikes) and then the double by Beckham. This kid is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Sox players. Great control of the bat and a real gamer defensively.

Where was this against the Tribe in early June? Very nice Alexei….

Well, we’ve had a single-run homer by Konerko, a grand slam by Konerko, and a two-run homer by Ramirez so far tonight. I’d say that we’re over that little blip we had at the end of the KC series, wouldn’t you?

You can put it on the board, YESSSS! Atta boy Alexei! Keep it going guys. Go White Sox!

Josh, mlbtv isn’t expensive really, specially mid season

I’m seriously considering it now, Kris. πŸ™‚

So jk, I think I’m good now! πŸ™‚

Yes Sir!!! Likey likey!!!

Hey, hey!!! Welcome to the Paul Konerko show!!!!

3 homers for Paulie! Holy Cow! YESSSSSS!

A solo shot, a grand slam, and now a two-run shot. Has anyone ever hit for the “homerun cycle”?

Ok, who fed Paulie the Popeye spinach??? Holy cow!! Last I saw we were down two! As my pals would say…I likey!!!

Kris, aren’t you GLAD you stuck around???

Yeah but guys, we have failed the Idaho test. Nine of our 10 runs have come via the home run. This ain’t beer league softball ya know!!!

I forgot to mention the supporting cast for Paulies Show. Co-Starring Alexei and Gordon as themselves, this show has the makings of a long running event….Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hey, tc….. Who cares!!!!! It’s looking like a WIN. I think we can all agree that’s the only thing of importance……

And then again, we still need to get five more outs…… Go Sox’09… Get Mark his ninth!!!…

I’m gonna puke if they blow this!

I was starting to get just a wee bit worried too. We don’t want to see Bobby tonight…… Three outs to go…..

Ok, so we’re winning, but if Paulie hadn’t been playing… we wouldn’t be, we can’t count on just one guy, the joint effort isn’t there… I’m not trying to be a pessimistic type, cause I’m not usually but really, the math is right there!

Kris, kinda sounds like you’ve been wanting to puke all day. Think positively, now.

And JK, I love the long ball. Hell, we can score all our runs that way as long as we win.

Amen, to that tc. I agree 100%. Now let’s get those three outs….

Kris, I just saw where the Cubs lost to the Braves. Now that ought to make you feel a little better. Always brings a smile to my face when the idiots can’s play that nursery rhyme following a game on the north side.

And this ballgame is OVAH!!!!

Drama???? C’mon. With the White Sox, a four-run lead in the ninth with one on is nowhere close to drama. We specialize in making things a lot closer than that!!!!! LOL

Looks like we’ll pass the Twins again. Get ready for a three-team dogfight in the second half.

lmao tc, you’re so right, tq just sent me a text with the cub info!

But damn it… this drama drives me nuts!

Just throw a DP and let’s go home….

One more out to go…. How you doin’ Kris?

Looks like the blog is about as good at putting things in order as the Tribe’s bullpen is at holding leads.

Maybe we rabid Sox fans just post too often for the great blogger in the sky to handle all the posts!!!!

It’s ova, no pukeage but can do without the drama! πŸ™‚ Is pukeage a word??? πŸ™‚


There we go….. A little gut wrenching, but in the final analysis, we got the W… and will be moving into second place after the Yankees finish off the Twins……

Dagum, I’m actually getting post game!!! Thats a first! He’s still a hottie!

So it’s probably pretty evident that Tony Pena comes in and Jimmy Gobble finds his way back to Charlotte.

But if I’m Octavio Dotel, I would not be pre-paying any rent in the next few weeks. With Pena on board, the Sox may dangle Dotel and a prospect or two for a starting pitcher somewhere. Maybe a team that is desperate for some bullpen help. Kenny now has another chip to play with but he always finds ways to play in late July.

I believe that pukeage is a very expressive word that means to “let yourself go in a violent manner”. It is your word, but I don’t know if you’d find it in Websters….. Since WE all recognize it though, that’s all that matters.

We’re on a one game win streak… Let’s make it two tomorrow….. Goodnight everybody….Go Sox’09….j.k.

I think I figured out what is with the jumbled posts. It posts according to what the time is on your computer.

As for the game… Whew! I was getting worried when Carrasco let them have those runs, but thankfully we pulled it off. Obviously the star of the game was Paulie (btw, LOVED the Popeye comment tc), but it was (as always) a team effort. They had to get the bases loaded for him to get the grand slam, and they had to work together on the field to keep the Indians down.

Looks to me like the bats are starting to heat up for our boys… Go Sox!

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