Postgame Wrap — WOW


Paulie Konerko set personal bests with three home runs, seven RBI and hit his eighth career grand slam in tonight’s win.  This was the 12th time a Sox player has hit three home runs in a game, first since Jose Valentin in 2003.  This was the first time a Sox player hit three homers in a game at U.S. Cellular Field.

Postgame thoughts from Konerko:

“I’m glad we got Mark some runs tonight.  He was begging in the dugout.

“It’s starting to get fun.  We’re competing instead of playing the game worrying about stats.  We always felt that if we were in it at the All-Star Break, our best baseball would be ahead of us.”

From Manager Ozzie Guillen:

“I’m embarrassed.  Earlier (before the game), I mentioned a couple of names of guys who should be going to the All-Star Game and didn’t say Paul Konerko, our most consistent guy.”

Trade News

Right before first pitch, the Sox acquired RHP Tony Pena from Arizona for minor-league first baseman Brandon Allen.

Read the press release here.

Guillen explained the trade in his usual manner, humor:

“I thought Tony Pena was a first base coach,” Guillen joked.  “There’s three Tony Penas in baseball.  We don’t need a shortstop and our first base coach is pretty good ..”

Guillen explained that Pena would provide another option in the bullpen, adding depth to protect from late-season injuries and wear and tear and allow him to limit workloads.

“That’s one piece we’ve been missing all year in our bullpen.  In the American League, if your bullpen responds well, you’re going to win a lot of games because so many are decided late.”

Following the game, the White Sox designated LHP Jimmy Gobble for assigment.

Home Runs

Man, don’t you just hate how this team is soooo dependent on home runs?



“Man, don’t you just hate how this team is sooo dependent on home runs?”…. Very tongue in cheek Scott. tc and I already expressed our opinion of the home run or “nothing” approach and we both agreed that as long as we win, it doesn’t matter how it’s done. I’d be interested in exactly what percentage of runs are by homers and how other teams rank in that area as well.

Congrats to Paulie once again, and also once again, goodnight all, sweet Sox dreams and I’ll see you tomorrow for what I hope to be another winner….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Home Run or Nothing? Um, yeah, I’ll take the home run!

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