You gotta give this a read.  Classic Ozzie Guillen on Bartolo Colon.  Make sure you read all of Ozzie’s quotes …


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Ozzie is too funny! First the Tony Pena comments and now he has a go at Colon? Hillarious is definitely the word.

Speaking of the word, thanks for getting the word out on the double duty classic. Baseball is such a great venue for talking about larger issues. I was thrilled to be a part (my family attended) of the civil right’s game in Cincinatti. I started bawling when Aaron got up there. I remember watching the hammer hit the homer that broke Babe Ruth’s record on television. I knew he was a different color than me, but I was raised that didn’t matter. I mean He and Richie Allen was my first baseball heroes and it was for what they did on the field. I didn’t realize until many years later all the death threats and hate mail Hank endured to break the record.
My son and I will be attending the double duty classic and wearing our Frank Robinson Jersey shirts that were given away at the civil rights game. Yes, it will be strange to have another teams colors on at the cell. But I think the civil right’s jersey fit the theme so well for what you are accomplishing with the double duty classic.

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