Bringing Brooms to the Ballpark

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Pods 8, Missile 6, Dye 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Nix 7, Getz 4, Beckham 5.  Richard pitching.


You probably have all read about Ozzie’s love for kids, particularly children of our players, and in turn, their love for him.

After games, win or lose, as Ozzie walks back from meeting with the media, he is rushed by children, waiting to give him a hug.  People can talk about our sense of family all they want.  Moments like that show it.

Today was the same.

I walked into Ozzie’s office to ask him a question only to find a short, pudgy kid all decked out in a Sox uniform.  Ozzie was bantering away with him in Spanish.  As the three-year-old or four-year-old turned around, I read across the back of his mini White Sox uniform, “Ramirez” and “10.”  It was Alexei’s son and he was excited because Ozzie Guillen was heading out onto the field to watch him hit.

Swinging an oversized plastic bat and hitting from the left side, the youngster shot ball after ball around the infield.

“Mirra, Ozzie, mirra,” he’d call out, making sure Ozzie was watching him as his dad fed him pitch after pitch.

“He swings at everything,” a press observor noted jokingly (I know, even on a Thursday morning, a big league dugout can be a tough, tough place).

With one line drive toward second, the little Ramirez took off for first base, his legs spinning underneath him.  On to second he ran, and Ozzie headed down to third to be a coach.  Around second and onto third the kid “sprinted”, smiling all the way.  Ozzie gave him the stop sign and pointed to third base.  Running right through it, the kid turned and headed for home.  But he was running …. out ……..of …………steam ……..and his sprint came to a hault about 10 feet from home.

Alexei pointed to home plate and his now-tired son walked over and touched it, scoring a run.  Ozzie applauded.

All-Star Unis

In Mark Buehrle’s locker hangs a 2009 American League All-Star jersey.  Next to it, a miniature version for his son.

You can tell how excited Mark is to be going to the ASG in his hometown.  Should be a blast.



Oh my goodness Scott, one of the millions of reasons I am proud to be a Sox fan. There is nothing more important than family! I can just imagine Alexei’s son’s excitement. I hope they got some pictures! Also, a small little ASG uniform for Mark’s son? Priceless.

Thanks, once again, for the behind-the-scenes glimpses you give us.


AWWW, this story warms my heart! I’m with Marie, would love to see some pictures! And Little Buehrle with a ASG jersey. You warm my heart with these stories!! I hope you are going to the ASG and blogging for us there. I am so glad Mark gets to play in his hometown. If anyone deserves that thrill it is him. My bro and sis will be at the game today behind the dugout. I gave them strict instructions to bring home the sweep!!

Awesome behind the scenes post, Scott. This isn’t the side of Ozzie that most of the media talks about, but it’s another reason why I’m proud to have Ozzie as our manager.

As for the game, let’s deliver up a little broom service and head to Minnesota on a hot streak. Go White Sox!

Scott, You don’t post every day much to our (Blog fans) chagrin, but when you do post it enriches our experience. Stories like the one today makes us all proud to call ourselves White Sox fans.If I was there, I’d have picked up li’l ARam and carried him home when he grew tired. Come to think of it, because of your insights, I WAS there. Thanks again…..

MariE, Thanks for the pic of the “Last Cub victory Unis”. Although out here I don’t hate the Cubs, I simply don’t think of them at all. Still, the photo was clever and made me smile….

But I will be smiling MORE in about three hours after we have swept the Tribe. I think C-Rich is due to have a good game. We’ll then be 11/2 games out… Go Sox’09….j.k.

Thanks so much for sharing that story. It makes my heart swell with pride and joy! THIS is why we remain loyal Sox fans no matter what our standings are in the league.

I am glad that Buehrle is an all-star. It is cool he gets to play in his home town. I hope that an all star uni is the only uni other than a White Sox one that he will ever wear in that town or any other for that matter. He’s a player, plain and simple.

Well, I’m glad I missed that half– wth??

Loved the story Scott!!! Make me smile, I would love to spend a day with Ozzie do crazy things like that, I’ll bet he’s a blast!

Come on Sox!!!

Alright guys, let’s shake off the bad start and score some runs. Go White Sox!

That was a lot of pitches thrown by C-Rich. Stone said “Clayton is on pace to throw 275 pitches this game… Funny, funny. Let’s get two or more back and start laughing louder… Go Sox…j.k.

And just like that, the Tribe give us a gift.

OK C-Rich, back to square.. Show us something… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Ugh! That wasn’t the something I was hoping for. Well, there’s Clevelands handicap for this game… Come on DJ and Come on Sox…..

It doesn’t look like Clayton’s going to last that long. And with that hit as I’m typing, he’s definitely going out of the game now.

oh boy….let’s play catch up, huh? Our bats are hot, so get to it boys! And, GO DJ!

Aren’t you glad you could watch that last inning, Josh? Maybe not! Come on Boys. Fight back. You’re better than this team…

It’ll be even better when I watch the Sox come back, JK.

ok, so the brooms are for the crap we’re dishing out or what?

Josh – – jk’s retired, I’m off in the Summer, whatever may I ask do you do to afford you an afternoon delight (Sox game) πŸ™‚

A slow day at work, maybe. πŸ™‚

lol – – all the better – – a slow day at Comiskey too!

So far this is very UGLY!! Looks like our whole team took the day off. Amazing. Eight walks in less than three innings! Not good. If, and that’s a huge IF, the Boys don’t overswing, they can still get back into this game. First things first however; throw strikes….. Come on Sox’09……

Yeah, it’s definitely a rough day to be a White Sox pitcher.

I’m at work too. Josh, doesn’t day games make work all the more enjoyable? (or in the case of today’s game, painful). But, still listening/watching at work makes the day better.

Go Aaron! I love how the crowd goes wild for the 3rd out.

Did the boys bring the big bats today? Let’s hope.

Looks like Clayton’s rookie struggles are continuing. We have to be patient with him but I don’t know if he is is rotation ready yet at this point.

Not sure Poreda is ready yet either so I don’t know where that leaves us. Until Kenny can pull off a trade for that fifth starting pitcher that we so desperately need.

Some of these Thursday afternoon games have not been kind to our pitching staff, have they?

For everyone who wants to see what Poreda can bring for an extended period of time, this looks like the day. Hello White Sox, it’s time to wake up. Minn. isn’t until tomorrow. There’s still a lot of game today, so you might as well play well as not.

Alright!! Boys. We need to have a quick inning against the Tribe and get the top of our order back up there….. Maybe the wheels didn’t come all the way off after all….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Looks like a Wrigley Field kind of game at the Cell today. I hate high scoring baseball games but they do happen every once in a while.

Can we catch them?

Yea!! No runs for the Indians….. Any runs left for our side? Start us off Pods…. & go Sox…

I had to step away for a sec, and it’s now 9-6!!! Wow, I need to just stop watching the game if this is what’s going to happen. All 4 runs with 2 outs, very nice clutch hitting. Go White Sox!

Come on Paulie, need a clutch hit!

Six Sox runs and no home runs.

We are losing because they scored four on one swing.

The “home run or nothing” debate continues.

Man, what the heck is going on? I tune out for 45 minutes to get some stuff done, and all heck has broken loose! This game is CRAZAY!

I thought the game was much farther into it too with this score – I’ve had phones ringing and doorbells ringing and dogs barking (all the while my husband is trying to slee) …

Come on boys… why so many walks…. me not liking this game so much!

Hello, everyone! I’m home now and able to follow on radio and Gameday. This is still a winnable game – let’s get some runs, and continue our climb into first place in this division!

Go SOX!!


Haha – Hawk wishes he could cuss right now. Well, maybe not anymore…

Way to go, AJ!!!

Living on the edge isn’t good for my health! Fair job by Aaron, but Great when compared to our previous pitchers. How about two this inning and make it real interesting? Go Sox’09

Ok, it’s official, they do well when I’m not looking, so I’m not going to watch the rest of the game, but I’ll still be around. Go White Sox!

Yes, I’m superstitious like that.πŸ™‚

Hopefully now we can start to turn things around a bit. I have to say, though, that Clayton can’t entirely be blamed for doing to terrible. He WAS only going on three days’ rest, because they want to have their aces pitch against the Twinkies. Now, that’s not exactly an excuse or anything – I’m just saying.

Also, the stories about Alexei’s son and Mark’s son getting his own ASG uni are just adorable. It most likely has something to do with the family-friendly atmosphere of the park. It’s just a place where you can come with your family and enjoy a good baseball game.

ok Josh – – maybe I’ll start to pay more attn, same thing goes here, opposite effect!

Okay, all we need to do is hold them long enough to get two more runs in. Can we do that?

I’m glad you left voluntarily, Josh. I was thinking of kicking you out lol….Go Sox

Ames has to be so proud, Scottie is awesome!!!!

1-run game, let’s keep it up. Go White Sox!

It IS interesting!… OK, keep holding them down and take the lead next inning….. You can do it!! Go TEAM go….

My geezuz… please stop the insanity!

My guess is that Ozzie moved Clayton up not because he wanted to throw the more experienced guys at Minnesota but because Clayton pitched well just nine days ago in Cleveland and he wanted Clayton to pitch against a team that he had a better chance of beating.

So much for that theory.

I was hoping they would leave Poreda in and see what he could do over a longer stretch of time. But instead Dotel comes in and serves up a quick run. My guess is we’ll get our first look at our Tony Pena this afternoon.

Ugly linescore after 5 and a half. 10-10-1 and 8-12-2. Looks more like a bad high school game or a lot of games at Clark and Addison.

Did I mention how much I hate ping-pong baseball???? But, you have to win some of these every once in a while.

Work is never done for the White Sox Offense. Two more this inning? I know I’ve been rewarded several times so far this game, but after such a big come back it would be a shame not to win this one…. Come on Boys…..j.k.

With Cleveland’s bullpen and the way our guys are throwing and fielding today, this one might end up 19-16. Hope our kicker has a strong leg today!

Come on AJ! And Nix, And Getz, And Gordon….That should do it…..

I swear I’m not watching, but a clutch hit from Nix would have been nice.

We’re starting to run out of innings…

Drats!! Hang in there Guys…..

18 runs, 22 hits, 14 walks, 2 hit batters, 3 errors, and we’re only in the seventh. Glad I’m not managing this one and talking to the media afterwards.

This game is like watching paint dry. No flow to it, unless you call SLOW a flow…… Can we take the lead here? Come on Gordon, Pods, Alexei and JD….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Come on, Alexei – tie us up!

No more begging for me the rest of the way. I’ll just sit back, relax and see what happens…….. Go Sox……

I love baseball and all ya’ll but this game is something else.. yikes, thinkin about ditchin the rest of it… I don’t know.. with every inning, here I sit!

Stick around Kris, maybe you’ll catch some more lightening in a Cell….

I just got home. Looks like Pena is getting his White Sox debut. Let’s hold them. Go White Sox!

I’m still here.

We need 2. Go White Sox!

Not sure if the Sox will win today, but there are two positive notes….. The Twinkies got swept and the Sox now have four players hitting at least .300. Pods, Dye, PK, and AJ.

Go Sox, go……

Well, good effort coming back from being down 9-2. Plus, we won the series. Now let’s kick some Twinkie butt this weekend. Go White Sox!

Oh, well, on to Minnesota, and maybe we can sweep the Twins??

Ciao, everybody. Fun spending the afternoon with youπŸ™‚


Even though we lost today, I’m proud of our guys for coming back the way they did. The story of this game is Too many walks given up…….

Now you all will have to win one for me over the next two days as I will be out of town until our Sunday game against the Twins…… later all and Go Sox’09…….j.k.


I believe that this will be twice in the last three weekends that you have gone AWOL on us. Since when do retired folks go on vacation???????? You’ve let Liptak scare you into thinking that you don’t want to watch games in his “House of Horrors” haven’t you????

No tc, if I were here, I’d certainly be glued to my computer screen. A couple of weeks ago I was in the Palm Springs area for my Aunts 90th birthday party. This weekend a friend talked me into going to a couple of ballgames. That would be wonderful usually, but this is my Yankee buddy so I won’t have anyone to root for.(He might not drive me home if I cheer for the Angels). I will be wearing my Sox gear though and scoreboard watching. That should be all my roaming for the year barring anything unforseen. As far as Lip goes, I think he got lost looking for Bartolo. He hasn’t been on Scotts blog for a long time and I haven’t even noticed him on any of the other posts recently either.

Speaking of other posts, I noticed you contributing on another one the other day too. Don’t get sucked into the Lipman nether regions and disappear, we’d miss you here.

Win one from the Twins and we’re 3-3 our last six. That means we probably slip to 31/2 back of Detroit as I expect them to win two from Cleveland. Maybe they’ve built some momentum after today though…… I’ll talk to you all again Sunday….. Go Sox’09…j.k.


I happened to see a comment on the MLB board that was just so stupid I had to post a reply. But I doubt if I will do that again. In fact, I doubt if I will read many of those posts again.

Enjoy your time at what was once the Big A.

Thanks tc and remember you all have to split the first two coming up so Mark can win the rubber game….. Now I’m on the road again……….Go Sox’ 09….j.k.

OK, Sox fans, we are closing in on first pitch in MN. How about we just win this one and get the first one out of the way. Tonight is a rematch of the blackout game and we all konw how that ended. We did it once, let’s do it again.

Go Sox ’09! (that’s for jk)


No jk or Ames the next couple of nights, I guess, we are bloggers are woefully shorthanded.

I’ll check in from time to time but me trying to fill in for jk is like Wilson Betemit trying to replace Jermaine Dye or Carlos Quentin.

Looks like MariE is onboard. MariE is my blogger “Pick to Click” tonight. Stoney is going with Josh and Jim Angio and our Emmy Award-winning crew have settled on Kris, even though Kris may be wiped out for the day after buying her 18-year-old daughter a car this morning. Suck it up Houston, cinch-er-up and hunker down. How about putting up a crooked number or two a few times tonight?

So this isn’t lookin good at all!!! Hi Marie! Josh, are you out there?

Dude, I totally agree. If Danks lets them score, it will be an uphill battle the rest of the game.

I’m here tc!!! πŸ™‚ Took a nap, she’s off and running – what’s up with Danks… this is kinda scary.

What the HECK is going on with our guys? This is the second game in a row that this has happened.

It’s not our guys, tonight, it’s a one man trip from hell.

Well, Danks appears to have started his All Star Break about three days early. That’s just what every pitcher who has thrown 19 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings does — he goes and walks the first four batters and then gives up two hits.

Baseball is a game that cannot be figured out. In no way, shape or form. Ozzie is probably already looking for that first beer.

I’m only following online, but I can just imagine what Hawk is saying — “Oh, the dreaded (four) leadoff walk(s). Dad-gummit!”

Four walks, four runs. Nothing like giving the Twins four gifts in a ballpark in which they don’t need any help.

But, he worked his way out of it. The uphill climb begins. But we have 24 outs to try to get something done.

1 at a time, no more runs for the Twinks… this is gonna be a long night if they roll over us!!!

Hawk and Steve were just saying that this wasn’t normal Danks pitching, etc… I was cooking dinner but don’t recall a dagum it but, off the microphone, I’m sure it was a bit more colorful! πŸ™‚

Well, got one back.

JK must have known that tonight’s game would start like this and that’s why he hit the road for the weekend.

Well, it’s a start. Let’s see where this game goes. Hopefully I’ll have more reason to tease my friend in Minnesota rather than the other way around.πŸ™‚

Alright, a little bit better but John still isn’t himself..

Hey fellow bloggers. I’ll be in and out tonight as I’m getting ready for a trip out of town tomorrow. I won’t be here tomorrow and most likely won’t be here Sunday on the return trip. Rough start for Danks so far, but it looks like he’s calmed down now. Let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

I would say that’s why they call him the Cuban Missile.

Man oh man, we’ve got some deserters this weekend!!! Josh, you need to make a facebook page, about a dozen of us are on that too… we have fun! Come on JD!

Catch back up to them one run at a time. Hold em down Danks.

With you in spirit guys…got a house to clean for a party. Looked bad in first but never say die!

Dang Donna, you have a lot of parties!!! πŸ™‚ Wish I was closer!

donna, will you come clean mine when you’re done? i’ll be here, keeping the faith. no cleaning til tomorrow.

uh-oh. no more walks, puh-leeez.

it is kinda funny. earlier this week, aj “chided” beckham for not clearly calling it on a very similar play at the cell. fast forward to tonight… beckham looked like he was calling it, but aj didn’t back off. at least they were both smiling at the end.

Wow, Pierzynski is really lucky that he held onto that ball. It could have been much worse. It’s called communication.

Keep nibbling away.

Aj was communicating, Gordon didn’t hear him, too loud in there…

Who’s in leftfield tonight?

I love how they hate AJ.. don’t they realize with every boo, it feeds his fire?

Podsednik’s in left.

Wait, no it’s Wise. Sorry.

Pods is in center.

That’s three. Keep it going.

I knew Pods was in center so I wasn’t sure about left, had just gone back over to the lineup on facebook and figured it out but thanks for the info gentlemen!

We have the three 1-run innings. We need that crooked number. And since we’re on the road, one a little more crooked than a 2.

Kris, MariA, I gotta give you two credit. Being able to switch back and forth between Facebook (or should we call it Jen-Book) and the blog. Multi-tasking at its finest!!!

You apparently are handling the multi tasking as well! πŸ™‚

Let’s go, 3 up, 3 down!

That’s what I’m talking about, now score some runs!!!!!

I’m feeling good about this game. Let’s go, guys!

Since the fist six Twins batters in the game (4 walks, a double and a single and 4 runs), Danks has retired 15 batters, walked just one and given up only one hit.

He’s really shown a lot of maturity and character to come back, settle down and pitch his game. That’s the kind of pitcher that staffs can be built around.

I can fell jk willing the team to come back from his seat at the Big A in Anaheim as he scoreboard watches.


Nice eye Paulie! Tied, now all we need to do is inch in front of them and take this game right out from under their noses.

Yeah, Kris, but I’m not multi-tasking veteran when it comes to blogging, watching Gameday, FB’ing, deciphering Jen’s comments, etc., etc.

C’mon we need that crooked number!!!

I’m thinking the game has barely started in Anaheim, no?

But wait, I think I heard jk hollering, ‘hell yea’!

jk’s polishing off a pre-game cerveza and some bad food at Anaheim. No park has food that compares to the Cell.

Maybe we’ll just one-run the Piranhas to death tonight. Sorta like they’ve done to us so many times over the years.

I agree. He did his job tonight. Obviously not the best, but he got it done.

Well, Danks gets a big ole ND tonight but I’ll give him a big “Attaboy” for settling down and keeping us close enough to come back and knot this thing up.

Well guys, I’m out. Glad to see we tied it back up, good effort guys. Hold down the fort while I’m gone, and Go White Sox!

I agree, TC. I really didn’t think he’d pull it together. Very impressive. Good to see the lively bats, too Keep ’em going, and let’s win this one!

Kris I only have a few parties a year. All the kids bday in one tomorrow. My family likes to have them though so I do seem to have one every weekend! Maria, I’m doing a bad job on my own, don’t think you want me to do yours. I keep getting distracted. Cowley gave up to early tonight! Tie game!! I’m keeping the faith we pull this one out.

I agree tc. He did his job tonight. Not the best, mind you, but he did it and held the Twinkies are his initial mess-up.

I guess Danks needed about 25 or 30 more warmup pitches before he started tonight (LOL). After those four walks and the two hits, he was lights out.

Two days in a row with nice comebacks. Let’s complete the comeback tonight!

Damn leadoff walks. Hawk must be agonizing.

C’mon Thornton, get us outta this inning.

You walk the No. 9 hitter to lead off the inning. That means, barring the 6-4-3 rack-em-up, you have to face Mauer and maybe Morneau with a runner in scoring position.

Don’t mind me. I’m just feeling Coop’s and Ozzie’s pain right now.

He is

All five guys who scored for the Twins got on base on walks with nobody out. Coop will be drinking a few extra cold ones tonight.

tc, I must say, you’re doing a very good jk impersonation tonight… wish he was here to add to the info…

Top of the 8th, let’s go score some runs!!!

Well, we get one more at bat. Hold ’em here int he eighth.

Maybe we’ll get a leadoff walk for a change.

Yikes, this is agonizing.

C’mon Bobby. Keep us within one. No more baserunners.

Well, that’s the first run that they got by doing something other than watching pitches.

No other choice now but to put a crooked number up on the board.

You give them four in the first on walks. You claw and scratch your way all the way back to an even game. Then you give them the tie-breaker with a walk. Then they get one insurance run and bring in their closer.

Lots of character. Lots of guts. Great effort. But still another L.

I hate the frickin’ Twins.

jk, hurry back buddy. This inning-by-inning commentary is gonna kill me.

Long time, no post… as I have been busy, busy, busy every day @ “the Book”…

So, let’s see…

Did it ever occur to anyone out there that the White Sox could be the least little intimidated by the HumpDump?

The Yank-mes went in there and swept the piranhas…
Then the boys come in, and the “house of horrors” does their thing yet again… Danks walks the house, then settles in, they come back to tie… only to lose yet again in the late innings…

Methinks it’s a psychological deal, as far as that piranha tank is concerned…

Now, onto history…

I posted this on “the Book”… and was taken to task by tc and others… for MY view and opinion…

Thirty years ago tomorrow, the, again MY opinion, “darkest day” in the franchise’s history took place versus the Detroit Tigers at old Comiskey…

The infamous “Disco Demolition” Night, co-engineered by Steve Dahl and Mike Veeck…

And to those like tc and others, who said that this was not the “black day” I said it was… that the Black Sox scandal was more infamous… all I can say is this…

Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT around for the “Eight Men Out” days… So I can only attest to things that haveto happened to this franchise SINCE then… and “DDN” was the WORST… HANDS DOWN !!!

And I do not give a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn) if Steve Dahl continues to talk up the Sox, if he is a season ticket holder, or any other mea culpas that he has made…In my eyes, he, along with Garry Meier, is STILL RESPONSIBLE for that travesty that occured that night…

And I will NEVER forgive him for it…

Hanging onto a grudge? Not willing to forgive? The statute of limitations for anger having long since expired?


All right boys and girls. Let’s see what tonight’s game holds for us.

Holy ****! Now that we’re all breathing again, I’m not so sure I like Mr. Crede so much anymore! πŸ™‚

Geez, I could do without endings like that…. but I’ll take it…..

I am out of town but was able to watch the first seven innings on WGN and listen to the final two via a garbled signal on WSCR.

What I saw was great. What I heard was treacherous. But . . . . . . . . . . a win is a win. Bottom line.

Beckham had a great day at the plate and got bailed out by a double play ball on the field.

You can say what you want about the Sox, but you can’t say they are boring.

And TQ, I know it’s your opinion. Go on and hold the grudge as long as you like. I watched that night on TV and my father, may he rest in peace, was not even around for the 1919 debacle. Just don’t lose any sleep over it, now TQ. It’s been 30 years. Heck, some of our bloggers were just babes in arms or not even a figment of anybody’s imagination at that time. That’s how long it has been.

Let’s take the series tomorrow and enjoy a good break.

Twitter, schmitter. We need more posts on the Blog, Scott, so our fingers don’t get sore getting to the bottom of the page!

A win is a win (is what I say) and Winning Ugly worked in the past, its working okay now. Love how its turning into the “different guy stepping up to be the hero” every game (just like we all remember from ’05). So far, Pena has looked good (at least better than Gobble). Thanks to the Tribe for taking one from Detroit.

On to tomorrow with Mark on the bump, showing us why he’s our All-Star, right? GO WHITE SOX!!

I totally agree. It was a win, but it was an ugly win. However, the fact alone that we won at the Metrodome is a huge plus. Our guys did a good job getting the hits in early and slowly adding to it, while somehow being able keep the Twins from getting ahead of us. Let’s wait and see how Buehrle does tomorrow in the rubber match. Hopefully we can pull off a win for the series.

I’ve been gone for two games and we’re still bringing brooms to the ballpark?…. MORE posts please Scott….

Firstly: As I sat at the Big A, it was 4-2 Twins and then miraculously it was 4-4 and I was feeling pretty good. Then it became 5-4 and finally 6-4 and we lost. Damn….. Somewhere to my right, my Buddy was talking my ear off as the Yankees cruised out to a lead and when I started actually watching the game on the field the score was 5-1 Yankees and the rout was on….. Or so I thought at the time. The Angels tied up the game at 5 and then it was ALL Angels and they won 10-6. Too bad buddy and go get them tomorrow.

Tomorrow which is now yesterday came at 1 PM and the same scenario played out. First the Yankees were up and then the Angels. We left at 4 with the Angels ahead by four. Listening on the radio the Yanks tried to come back but ultimately fell by a score of 12-6. Too bad Buddy, maybe we should have flown to Minn where the Yanks rule. Clearly, they CAN”T win in Anaheim no matter what…. Sound sorta familiar?

After 71/2 hours of driving I am home and with the greatest trepidation I peeked at our home page and wonder of wonders!!!!! We won!!! So after reading about first the win and then how we lost the previous game and all the posts since I diserted you all, I’ve come full circle and am now able to make some sense (maybe) to all of this rambling….

Thank you all very much for bringing me home to a huge win. I knew you could do it! Win tomorrow /today and we keep pace with Detroit who with Verlander going will beat the Tribe. Mark will finish the first half with 10 wins! We will put a bit of distance between us and the Twinkies, and we will say adieu to the first half with 4 over 500 ( our high water mark for this year). That’s all good stuff!

So as I thank you again for yesterdays win and for all the kind words pointed my way I will say good night (good morning) and add: We might as well win tomorrow just for the heck of it…….

p.s. t.c. You were MY pick to click as I sat in the stands in SoCal, thank you…… AND Go Sox’09….j.k.

Safe and sound in front of my computer screen and anxiously waiting for the Boys to get after the Twins one last time before we all take a break. Let’s go White Sox’09……j.k.

Cleveland is getting bounced by Detroit as we speak. That was expected, so we need to win to keep pace……

That was a pretty nice tumble that Buehrle took over the ball to keep it going foul, but I think I would have preferred a base hit rather than that homer.

I have to say, I felt pretty abandoned yesterday. I was the only one to post during the entire game. I would have posted more than just the once, but it’s kind of awkward when you’re the only one posting.πŸ˜‰

We are the Two Mark-etteres. Who will join us for a trifecta?? Hold them down Mark…

Maybe I should go back to California. I’m NOT helping our cause…… Come on Mark, settle down….

I know. I hope we can quickly turn this game around. We want to go into the All-Star break on a high note.

the trifecta has arrived, I hope it’ll bring us some luck, been watchin cubs/cards and lost track of time… and gotta say, game i’m watchin looks a bit more exciting.. although the Cubs are winning, the Cards don’t quit…

OK, the bottom of our order coming up against Baker. Let’s get it started with a couple of hits, then maybe a run or two and go from there….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Good job Kris, you got here just in time for your “namesake” to come through with a hit… Keep it going Gordon….

There’s the two hits, but only one run…. Hold these guys down Mark and give the Boys a chance…Go Sox…j.k.

Nice job Chris and Beckham! Slowly start to turn this back into our game… please!

That’s better… Now be patient and just have good at bats and we’ll be OK……

I think Hawk just phrased it very well. When we play here, we have to hit home runs.


Very nice play by Alexei. Finally ended another ugly inning.

Missing everything, kid was on the computer and shoutin the score but didn’t see what happened… oh ****… commercial break’s over, well if Hawk said it, it needs to happen!!! Load em up and crank it!

Keeping it light: Now we three are the Carrascateers. All for one and one for all!!! Get some runs Sox…..

Thank you SO MUCH Thome! You can put it on the board… YES! All right, we have three more innings to overcome them now. A little more feasible at the moment.

cute – – we’re doing the 7 dwarfs over on facebook! πŸ™‚

Calm down Hawk, we’re not back in this game yet, but we ARE getting closer…… Go Sox’09…

My face on that would look like Grumpy, so I’ll stay here….. No more runs for the Twinkies…..And if they bring in Poreda, we will all be rooting for the Aaronator…..

Who wrote the stupid *** Go Cubs Go song??

I dunno, but I like our song MUCH better.

2? Why 2? I want 4 or more!

That was scary, but good job everybody…. Two runs here would be real good…… Come on Boys….

Lefty coming in with D-Wise up. Let him bat Ozzie, he’s hit the ball well today. Go Sox….

OK, that worked. Just get a hit Pods….

Ok. Good job guys. With Pods, all I asked for was a single run, and that’s what we got. Nice hustle by Alexei. Now come on Dye!

The “Plot” thickens……Come on Alexei, just a hit, don’t overswing, make good contact and bring home Gordon….

That’s going to do it for me everybody. Have a wonderful few days off and get ready to Rock and Roll come Friday…….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Wow, nice start for Pena… hitting a batter. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Okay, I think I’m done. Can’t bear to wathc any more of this, but I’ll hang about the page.

Well Sox Blog Fans, I thought Mark pitched well and that was good to see. I also thought that Granderson was the MVP of the ASG, but no one asked me, so there you go.

It was fun and interesting reading all the predictions for the second half of ball coming to a park near you either tomorrow or Friday. Most of the “fearless predictions” coming from the several beat writers had their team making the playoffs in one manner or another. So without further adieu I will offer my picks for the Central……

Detroit has the advantage as far as home field goes with 7 more games at home than on the road the rest of the way out and should be given favorite status to win, but I expect the Tigers to only win 36 more games the rest of the way and this will leave them with 84 wins on the season.

The Twins are “always” there at the end and this year will be no exception. They win 45 games from here out and finish with 86.

The Sox will continue their “struggles to find an identity” but with the addition of CQ and “one other” they will manage to win 86 games as well. Sound familiar? What happens on the extra last day of the season will have to wait for a later post…..

Go White Sox Fans and Go Sox’09…….. j.k.

Howdy out there in White Sox blog land. I thought the ASG was pretty good and a quick one to boot. Mark looked good thankfully. I did think that Granderson should have won the MVP, but nobody asked me, so there you go.

I had fun reading all the “fearless predictions” for the remainder of the year. Not surprisingly the beat writers all picked their teams to get to the postseason. But we can’t all make it! In that spirit, I thought I’d also list my predictions for the Central…..

The Tigers have the most favorable schedule including 7 more home games than road games. In spite of this I predict that they will win 36 games the rest of the way and finish with a total of 84 wins.

The Twins are “always” there and I expect that to be the case this year too. They will win 86 games this year.

The White Sox will struggle to find their identity but in the end I think they too will have 86 total wins. What happens after the season ends will have to be discussed prior to game #163.

That’s what I think as far as the Club goes. For the Blog faithful I predict we will have fun at Blog night IV (sans yours truly). We will argue over the merits of Thome or CQ as the DH. Pods will fall off his wonderful early pace, but will still end up with a solid 290 avg. and we will all rejoice at that. Scott will post his comments more sporadically and that will leave us chagrined. But what can you do? This is his site and we are all grateful guests. I may come up with more, but the bottom of my beer glass is getting foggy. Maybe I should clean my glasses..

Have fun everybody, stay healthy and Go Chicago White Sox’09……j.k.

Good grief! that 7:18 comment wasn’t there a minute ago, I swear!…. Sorry about that, but the Go Sox’09 still stands from both of the above…..

Hello fellow blogging buddies, and welcome to the 2nd half of White Sox baseball! Like JK mentioned above, I believe our division is going to go down to the last day between us, the kitties, and the twinkies. And, we have one of the tougher 2nd half schedules out there, so we need to start off on a good note. Let’s beat the birds tonight and go White Sox!

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