Saturday in the Park

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Same as yesterday: Pods 7, Alexei 6, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Getz 4, Beckham 5, Wise 8.  Buehrle pitching.


When asked about Carlos Quentin again today, Ozzie said he is not really thinking about his this weekend, that it depends on when people think Carlos is ready to come back and contribute and on how he feels and if he can play with the soreness.  Ozzie stressed that he didn’t want to rush Carlos back, like we had to do with Dewayne Wise, and that he didn’t want to have to protect him when he returned.

When asked what his team needs over the season’s second half, Ozzie answered, “health and pitching.” 

“If we stay healthy and get good pitching, we’re going to have a chance.”  He then added that he would love more production out of the centerfield position. “If we get that, we can be a good offensive team.”

True Story

This from Ozzie yesterday …

On the way back from a spring training game in Winter Haven (this is back in the mid 1990s), the team bus ran out of refreshments.  Some of the guys came up with the idea of pulling off at the next gas station to re-fuel the ice chests.  The bus did, and the team sent three rookies in to buy provisions.  The three rookies: Ray Durham, Mike Cameron and … Michael Jordan.

As the three returned to the bus loaded down for the rest of the trip to Sarasota, the station’s patrons all were seen looking out the windows, asking themselves, “Did we just see what we thought we saw?”

Meanwhile, the bus was howling.


Hi all! I am pulling a TQ and sitting at the library to check in. My home pc is on the fritz. I was afraid to mention this before yesterday, but yes, I was at the game last night and I am happy to tell you…the jinx is off! I am now 1-6 at games at the cell. So, I feel better now about attending blog night on Tuesday!

THe game last night was awesome. Lots of hits (unfortunately on both sides), but the good guys prevailed. I just love the top of the line up and the fab four in the middle and even the bottom of the line up is contributing in a big way. And even with whoever is in CF, I like the defense out there and with everyone else hot, I think we can handle that blip at the bottom of the line up.

Go Sox! Beat the birdies again, will ya?


Wonderful FOX National broadcast! We get the A’s and Angels. Whoopee! therefore I’m Gamedaying it today…. Go Mark and go Sox’09….j.k.

Congrats MariE on your big night…….Do it again today….. and tomorrow,, and Monday and, and, you get the idea….Go Sox…

OK. Sox, put some good swings on this guy and you’ll be fine…..

Come on DeWayne, start us off right…..

Almost! Keep the pressure up Boys and hold them down Mark and we’ll be OK. Go Sox’09….j.k.

That’s it JD. Make ’em pay for that error! And big Jim keeps it going!

Ya gotta love the middle of the order right now and the way they are swinging the bats. Atta boy PK and AJ for keeping it going!

Atta Boy JD!!! 2-1 Sox!!! Now hold em down Mark……Nice!

Good job Sox!!! 4-1 now, but with two thrown out at the plate, I hope that doesn’t come back to bite us…. Go Get ’em Mark and Go Sox…j.k.

If it weren’t for two outstanding throws, we’d still be scoring runs. Great swings that inning. Love the aggressive play. C’mon Mark, get No. 10.

Very nice Mark. Go for one more inning! And what the heck, how about two more runs? Go Sox’09……

So I was just posting and we had a power surge, talk about frustrating!

Met and Braves on here jk, talk about suckzone Fox sports!!

Game is looking good so far, well, now it is…

Mom went to last night’s game and noticed the prices were higher at Comiskey than Minute Maid for refreshments.. just an observation as she still had her hot dog, Pepsi and popcorn as usual. She said it was a great game though dispite the fact she had to wear her sweatshirt!

Just popping in to say hi. I was running errands most of the afternoon. Glad to come back to a 4-1 lead. However, Fox wants me to see the Mets vs. Braves even though Baltimore is closer to me than any of those two teams. Go figure. Let’s keep it up guys. Go White Sox!

Josh, you’re kidding me! I’ve got the Mets/Braves in Texas – – how does that even figure right? I can see why I don’t have the boys but you?? Dumb dee dumb dumb!

All right Line, no long balls. We need to get Mark this W……. Go Sox….

I definitely think it’s a conspiracy, Kris. Let’s go Line, hold em down.

Oh Brother! Nail biting time….. AGAIN!! Come on Boys…….

Man,m, I’ve missed the whole game! Oh well, had fun doing over stuff. Starting to rain? I say call it. We’re far enough along and we’re winning so it’s good.

HE GONE! Big strikeout by Thornton! Let’s get a little insurance and then close it out. Go White Sox!

Attaboy Matt!!!! Dick “I’ve never met a telecast that I didn’t screw up” Stockton tried to call ball four but you got the job done!

Woh! I wish I could have seen that strike out pitch. Farmer called a walk before he said STRIKE three on a delayed call…. WOO Hoo……….. Thank you Matt. One more run Boys and then NO DRAMA Bobby….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Nice end to the top of the inning. Got into a sticky situation that almost got stickier, but Matt came through for us in the end. Now let’s end it on a high note!

Here comes the Big Fella!!!

Alright, let’s get 3 before they get 3. Shut em down Jenks!

How about Gordon? Batting .296! after starting out his career Oh-fer A lot!….. Great story so far by him….. Come on Bobby! Three outs to get to four over and only 11/2 back……..Do It!!!!

Okay three more outs to go and this game is ours. No Drama Bobby, Please!!

Oh, and btw in my first post I meant “other” rather than “over”. That’s what you get when you type really fast.

The kid at third is every bit as good as the scouts said. We are seeing why Kenny insisted on bringing him up when he did. And I bet Ozzie has finally come around to that way of thinking too.

Never in doubt!

I totally agree tc. Despite his initial stuggle, he has definitely come through for us.

2 to go.

Now throw the double-play and let’s go home White Sox Winners!!!

The order of these posts kind of reminds me of watching the Cubs try to play in October. They have no idea where they belong!

1 to go!

And this ballgame is OVAH! Jenks gave us a little drama there, but we pulled it out. 1-1/2 games back from the kitties. Let’s get the sweep tomorrow and keep up the momentum against TB. And to further the above statements on Beckham, he has shown why he deserves to be up here, a .296 batting average that I hope continues to go up. Let’s sweep the birds tomorrow. Go White Sox!

come on Bobby!!!!!!!

Another Whew Win!!!! Thank you Boys for bending but not breaking….. Now sweep them tomorrow in CONVINCING fashion……… Whew!! Go Sox’09….j.k.

I haven’t looked it up, but the four times I’ve seen us play on Fox this year we have won (at home vs. Cleveland, at Milwaukee, at home vs. the Overrated Ones and today).

I also can’t remember the last time we swept someone at home. Had to be sometime last year since I don’t think we have done it this year. ‘Bout time to end that drought!

Hi everybody! I was at a company picnic, but I followed the game with my iPhone app. Bobby likes more drama that I do, but a win is a win!

Let’s sweep tomorrow, and go on a nice, long win streak!!

Go SOX!!!


Fox gave us LA/Oak..watched on win for the WS..keep up the great plays and win again tomorrow.

Great story, Scott! Thanks for another insider tale.

Being at the ballpark in the Scout Seats was pretty amazing. Great food on the chef’s table, but we got too involved with the game in the late innings and missed all the dessert! Got to watch Ozzie peeling the S-O-X letters from the WHITESOX.COM label on the side of the dugout. (why? I have no idea.) He also gave the lineup card to a buxom blond who had been sitting next to my husband. (why? I have some idea.) But the one thing I missed that we caught on the replay tonight was Bobby Jenks SCREAMING into his mitt after the final out and then whipping his tobacco plug onto the ground. Man, he needs to quit that stuff and learn how to accept less than perfection with a little more humility and grace! Take a look at Big Jimmy and how he handles a strike out or two. Show a little more class, I say!

Anyway, glad we got the win and hope we get the sweep tomorrow with Jose on the bump. GO WHITE SOX!!

Game three coming up in our “Perfect World” scenario. So far the Yankees have done their job and we have managed to hold service also. Do this again and we are only 1/2 game out come Monday morning……. Come on Jose and Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Come on Jose, One Two Three!!!….

Not exactly 1-2-3, but I’ll take the DP any day. Bottom of the order and it’s time to get something going against Guthrie…. Go Sox go….

Nice call Hawk and nice shot DeWayne….1-1

Hello JK!!

Hi Kris, now we need Jose to pitch like he’s capable…Go Sox

Nice job Dewayne!! The moment I heard the bat hit the ball, I was like, “It’s out of there.”

I think Gordie is my favorite newbie!!!

Trouble every inning for Jose. I hope our bullpen can do a better job today than they’ve done the past two against these Birds. Come on Boys, get a couple more runs….

Hold ’em down Jose……Go Sox….

For goodness sake, PLEASE don’t let them score anymore! Dang, well, forget that. Can we please end this half of the inning?

What the hell???

Not a good outing for Jose today. Two gifts via the wild pitch. Aaron needs to shut this inning down right now…..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Oh my.

Oh Brother!…….

That was UGLY!!! You’re not going to win many games after throwing 6 walks, two wild pitches, hitting two batters and committing two errors………. Still time, but this isn’t looking too good…..come on Boys, do something…..

Still a lot of game left but I don’t have the patience to deal too much more!

I am with you on that. I’ve already had a cruddy enough day to have to deal with this. Well at least they got the double play to finally end this. Now let’s try and get some runs back!

We can’t seem to touch Guthrie today…..What I don’t like is that after Jose left, Aaron gives up two walks which inflate Jose’s ERA and then is only tagged with one run himself when DJ gives up a hit. It seems like a lot of times our bullpen isn’t effective and yet they still have decent numbers…..

Can we please go through one inning clean?????? Come on Sox’09…..j.k.

Thank you. We really needed that.

Thank you DJ!!!! Now maybe the game will turn in our favor… Come on Sox….

Ok, I’m done. Will check the final score after the game’s over.

I don’t blame you Josh, this one’s not looking too good. Just like that last Indians game where we gave them 10 walks. But we weren’t going to beat Guthrie today even if we only gave them a couple of runs…… so far any way…. Come on Boys, get a couple runs to build some momentum for tomorrow……

i’m still pluggin along… it’s secondary to my thoughts of a nap but, I’m still ever faithful…..

The time to score is NOW!

why does losing piss me off so much – – it’s just a damn ball game right?? UGH!

I’m outta here, couch is calling!! Until tomorrow – – toodles from Texas!

I wonder when Tony Pena will start to show us why we got him……Come on Mariano and Yankees……

At least the Yankees did their part for us vs. Detroit. Hopefully we can get it going again tomorrow against the Rays….. Go White Sox’09…..j.k.

Texas wins in 12 innings!! Sweet – –

Good to wake up and find we are still in 2nd place after that Sunday fiasco. Nice to see that TCQ homered in AAA on Saturday. Hope he’s back in the bigs soon! (Say by Tuesday?) Good luck to Freddy Garcia in his bullpen session today. Hope Ozzie, Coop, etc. like what they see. A healthy, sweaty Freddy would be wonderful back in the White Sox rotation.

the good news is we are still in 2nd place. that’s the good news.

given the youthful team kenny has assembled, i think to be in 2nd place at this point when we are rebuilding is incredible. i don’t think we have the pitching horsepower to win the division. we need a starting pitcher and more relief. we still don’t have a #5 pitcher and the answer is not colon or garcia. dotel and linebrink aren’t consistent enough, either.

having said that, i would NOT go after halladay. the price is too high for that. beckham has to be kept as does jordan danks. we don’t really need a pitcher of halladay’s caliber anyway. what we need is a good .500 pitcher. if kenny is such a bargain basement shopper, there has to be one out there for us to get.

my last comment is for kenny and his whining about attendance…..kenny….what did you expect? you dumped one of the most popular players (crede), a gold glove shortstop (cabrerra), a goof ball (swisher), our #2 or 3 pitcher (vasquez) and replace them with rookies and recycled talent. in essence, this was a rebuilding year that you tried to convince people was not the case. you turned over half the skill positions. over the first two months you had bad weather and bad play. fields proved to be a bust, ramirez started slow and continues to make error upon error, getz did average, Q got hurt, and both floyd and danks stated very bad. how you can expect to draw 2.5 – 3 million with half your team first or second year players is beyond me. thank god for paulie and JD and for finding PODS cause without them, we’d be in dead last.

things are getting better to be sure. the measuring stick of this team will be revealed the next three weeks. tampa bay, detroit, minnesota, yankees, angels, etc. this schedule will tell us what this team is capable of doing.

as i said earlier, we got to hope everyone plays well, cause this is what we got for this rebuilding year.

hit em where they aint boys.

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