Pregame Monday

071909-PIP-060.jpgMonday, July 20, 2009

Freddy Garcia

Freddy Garcia threw a 45-pitch bullpen session today and impressed both manager Ozzie Guillen and pitching coach Don Cooper.  In addition to showing good stuff, Garcia turned some heads with his physical appearance, too.  Who knows and stay tuned.


Thanks to all White Sox players, coaches and their families who stayed after last night’s game for our annual Picnic In The Park for Chicago White Sox Charities.  Here are a couple of images from the evening …



I love Freddy. What he did for us in the playoffs and World Series of ’05 was nothing short of spectacular. Do you think he can make an impact this year or are we as Sox fans hoping for what has passed? I would love to see him pitch well again. Let’s hope it is so!

Read the comment from stevesafley on Saturday in the park. This was the best and most succinct comment I’ve read in a long time from a fellow blogger (apologies to tc, TQ and others). For what it’s worth, I agree with him 100%.

I too am surprised to see BA sent down vs. D-Wise, but I agree there must be something else in the works we don’t have privy to. I cheered for BA because he played for Arizona, but beyond that I wasn’t impressed with him. Not all the guys you follow can be stars. I wish him well.

Good luck to CQ. Hopefully his health is back and he can begin to contribute. Remember just before he went out he was moved to the six hole because of his lack of production. Being healthy and the warmer weather should help him like it has our other Guys go Carlos!

Thanks for the shout out earlier Kris. Yur dern tootin’ (AZ-TX slang) I’ll be watching tonight….. We need to split this series….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Is that Mark in the first picture? All I can say is… wow. That’s high.

My opinion of the Freddy Garcia deal is the same as when we first signed Pods to a minor league deal. I would like to see him do well and make it to Chicago, but I’m not expecting it. Though, if he’s only 80% of what he was in 2005, then he might be a better option for that 5th starter spot than Colon or Richard. I just hope he throws consistently well to make it back. Who knows, Pods pleasantly surprised me so Garcia could do it as well. Let’s get a W tonight. Go White Sox!

Wow, AJ nailed Crawford! Who’d have thought? Go White Sox!

Yeah, that was impressive.

That was a crisp inning. And AJ threw out Crawford!!!! Let me repeat that, AJ threw out Crawford at second…….. Off to a good start, go Sox’09……

All right, get the early lead! Is it just me, or do some of the guys (AJ, Pods) look a little scruffy tonight? Come on CQ!!

What a hard shot by Dye, atta boy! Let’s go PK!

Hi boys!! Donna is at the game tonight keeping me as close to the game as possible, via texting, what would we do without the internet and texting!!!

Glad to see we drew blood first!

Alright TCQ, let’s get em in!

Atta Boy Pods, good job JD. Go Gavin….

Alright Gavin, keep doing what you’re doing. Forget about that blip last inning. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

O.K. Back to work Gavin…..Go Sox’09…

You can put it on the board, YESSSS! Atta boy Paulie!


Hell of a play by Alexei on the stop and Paulie on the pick. Let’s get some runs guys. Go White Sox!

Good D by Alexei…. More runs Boys….. We need some distance between us and them……j.k.

Gavin seems to be doing pretty well tonight, despite the 2 HRs that Tampa’s gotten. They’re just making every hit counting, but we can (and are) do much better than them.

I agree Arwen. Their only two hits are HRs, so if we keep up the good pitching and defense, we should be okay. Although, I’d like a few more runs to go with it.

That a way Gavin! Top of our order again, time to do some more damage…. Go Sox…..

Almost! Keep on holding them down, Gavin…..

Now it would REALLY behoove us to get a few more runs…..

Okay, we could use a couple of runs now.

Ok guys, we need some runs. Go White Sox!

Good chance, no dice…. Good pitches Gavin, we need you….Go Sox’09…..

Pods is on fire tonight!

anybody else scared to see Linebrink warming up inthe pen?

Good job again Gavin. It looks like these guys are scoring in even numbered innings, so it would be a VERY good idea to get at least one here….. Come on Boys….

Gotta score one here….

NOW would definitely be the time for us to make our move!

Two innings in a row with the first two men on base and we can’t score……. Hold them here Boys…..Go Sox…

Are we surprised very much at those last two batters that Line faced?… Come on Matt, we need you again, BIG time…… We need to win this game…..

*shakes head* Hopefully Linebrink can do his job and hold them.

that’s why I was nervous. Come on Matt, do your thang.

*shakes head also* Thornton needs to nail these next two guys.

Thank you Matt!!! Now could we please score a run or two so our favorite drama King has some room to work……Go Sox’09

Atta boy AJ!!! Hell yeah!

Thank you! Awesome job AJ, and nice job Matt cleaning up after Scott. Can we do this now?

We need a clutch hit, Nix.

Okay, let’s get a monster clutch hit, Thome.

Alright, let’s get 3 before they get 1. No drama, Jenks. Go White Sox!

They brought in the big guns…

Yeah! I like monsters, or even a bloop to left field would be good….Come on Jimmy!!

Well, didn’t get the extra runs we were looking for, but hopefully we can get in three quick runs and end this game. Come on Bobby, don’t let us down!

Go Bobby, go……

He gone! 2 to go.

He gone! 1 to go!

All right…. one to go.

no drama please Bobby

I’ll third that…please no drama Bobby. Please…

All right… one to go.

A smidgen of drama, but nothing we can’t handle. Darn, almost had him.


Thank good that’s over with! A ton of drama from Bobby, but he can through in the VERY end and got the win. It was the struggle that would never end, but we finally came out on top. Let’s Go SOX!! Can we get another win for the blog crew tomorrow?

You’ve all heard about bending but not breaking…. All us fans are going to look like pretzels if this doesn’t stop…… Very intense and thankfully a satisfying game….. One game out.. Come on C-Rich you’re due……..

HE GONE!!!! You’re going to give me a heart attack, Jenks! A good way to start this 4-game set. My post about Thornton didn’t load earlier, so a tip of the hat to him for getting out of trouble in the 8th. Let’s go get em tomorrow. Go White Sox!

oh I am glad I took my blood pressure medicine

Great way to start this series! Looking forward to blog night tomorrow night. C-Rich, we need ya baby…

OK, I am off to get a couple Tums.

Good Night All!

I was at that game last night and am so drained emotionally I don’t have much left for Blog Night tonight. Hopefully it will be a blast fest since the boys didn’t put a lot of runs on the board last night. (That way Bobby can take the night off!) Hope they didn’t party too hearty to celebrate AJ/Gavin getting not one, but TWO speedy baserunners last night. What a game by Pods offensively, but what a bad game defensively! Fortunately, that hasn’t been the norm for him.

In defense of Ozzie’s decision to keep Wise and not BA, remember that Wise had earned that position in spring training and gave his all to keep us the game when he injured his shoulder. The reason his average is low is because they rushed him back before he was ready. His being out of options played a big part in why he was the one kept, but he also finally hit a homer in Saturday’s game so perhaps his average will be better from this point forward? Besides, BA has been given opportunity after opportunity and hasn’t done much with them.

See you all later!


I also agree with Ozzie’s decision in sending down BA. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has great DEFENSIVE talents but offensively he’s kind of been a bust. Maybe some time in the minors will do him some good.

Hey Scott, how about you get Hawk to comedown before the game and give us a quick little “I love that duck” quote???

Hmmm, it’s awfully quiet on the blog front an hour before the game. I wonder where everyone can be. 😉

Have fun at Blog Night my fellow White Sox faithful. We’ll hold down the fort for you all as you cheer on the guys in person. Let’s get a W tonight. Go White Sox!

I was waiting for another post from our leader, but I guess not tonight with all the extra work involved in getting ready for our Brethren.

This will be the third time (I think) that we will be going for five games over 500. All the others didn’t work out too well. With Clayton going for us tonight I’m not so sure this try will be any different. But C-Rich did pitch well when he first started, so I’m thinking he’s due to have a good outing this time out.

Have fun everybody and make sure you share your pics Donna. Wish I were there, but maybe next year. Then I can meet Peggy! Right?

Go Clayton and go Sox’09…….j.k.

Guess it’s just us few… if Peg shows, we’ll represent 3 time zones, maybe… what time zone are you on jk?

Ah yes, but technically 3 dif time zones, 4 if she shows.. or wait, that’s weird!

Anyhow, I was shocked at that Oakland game last night… seriously had to look at the score more than once.. that was crazy!

I see the Tigers have jumped all over Seattle. So far 6-1 bottom of second inning. We need to somehow win tonight to keep pace…. unless the Mariners can pull an “Oakland” and come back and win, but that type game doesn’t happen very often…..

I’m mountain zone but Az. doesn’t do daylight savings time, so the clock on my wall is the same as Peggy’s in San Fran….

Almost time to start rootin”….

Good start, Clayton. Now let’s start if off Pods. Go White Sox!

That’s a promising sign. Good start Clayton….

Well, alright Clayton. Keep it up! Go Sox……. Go Sox go….

Web Gem for Paulie! Wow!

Hey, JK, Kris, Josh – I’m here with you! No video, but have the audio on my iPhone.

I sure do hope to see you all at next year’s Blog Night!

I’m kind of working and following the game at the same time, but trust me, I’m here with you!

Nice, AJ!


Hits are nice, but we need some runs, guys!

Go SOX!!!

Nice to have you with us Peggy. I think we have enough support to break through on this guy now….. First things first though…. Go Clayton….

Did they just mention the blog?

One run by the “Bad” guys after three innings with Clayton pitching……. We will all take that. Now we need some runs…. Come on Boys, second time through after Gordon… Go Sox’09….j.k.

Our sneaky little Donna just posted a picture on facebook and it’s her holding pictures of some of us that are missing!! What a smartie! 🙂

Cool, now we are at the game!!

The one time Pods doesn’t get the bunt down. 😦

Well, that started well and ended badly. Next inning we score, right?

Grrrrr….. Keep holding them down Clayton….

yea, I got excited and then not far too quickly!

Nice, quick inning for C-Rich. Now it’s our turn – Go SOX!!!

Grrr, we can hit this guy. Let’s hold em Clayton. Go White Sox!

Atta Boy Clayton…… Now it’s been 9 innings since we’ve scored any runs, so it is now time to do so…Go Sox’09…..

Next inning Boys….. Do good Clayton…..

More good stuff from Mr. Richard….. Now break on through, Boys……

Another 3 up, 3 down for Clayton – GOOD! Now his team has to support this good effort with some RUNS!

Let’s get em over Getz.

Atta boy Becks! This guy continues to impress me.

Well, Richard has a lead – let’s hope he can keep it!

Another good inning by Richard. More runs, please!

And Pods gives us the lead!

Baby Boy Becks!!! That’s my buddy!

Alright!!! Now something that hasn’t happened in a LOOONG time…. How will Clayton pitch with a lead?….. Hold em down C-Rich….Go Sox’09…j.k.

Clayton’s doing his job, now the offense needs to do theirs and build a gap. Go White Sox!

Why are my comments not posting?

Hope Richard can keep up the good work… a one-run lead is a nail-biter for sure

Way to Go Clayton!!!!!!! How about another run or so, if I’m not asking too much….. Go Team, Go…..

One more inning C-Rich… Go Sox’09….

Becks-Getz-Konerko, DP! Let’s get some insurance. Go White Sox!

Outstanding!!!!!! DP to end the inning AND the performance from C-Rich……We knew you had it in you!…. One or two more runs and hold them down to get Clayton a WELL deserved win……Go Sox…

Nice inning, Richard. Now, more runs, please??

I agree, JK. Clayton pitched a hell of a game. We definitely need to get him the W tonight. Go White Sox!

Come on, Pods, get us some runs!

Need a clutch hit, Alexei.

Drats! That would have been nice…… Come on Bull-pen…….

Very frustrating, loading the bases and no runs!

Aright, we gotta hold em. Go White Sox!

c’mon Paulie, hit a home run!

Alexei-Getz-Konerko, DP#2! Atta boy Clayton. Come on guys, we need some insurance. Go White Sox!

WoW and WOW!!!! I’m amazed that Ozzie let C-Rich go back out there, but it worked out GREAT!!! One more run,,,,,,Please???? Go Sox’09….j.k.

OK, Bobby, 3 quick outs, PLEASE!!!

Could Bobby make it more nerve-wracking?

Let’s get 3 before they get 1. No drama, Jenks. Go White Sox!

Who do you want? C-rich or Bobby?……… It’s gotta be Big Bad Bobby!!! NO DRAMA!!!!!! Go Sox’09….

Didn’t expect to see so much activity tonight. Time for Bobby to end this game. I don’t really care how much drama there is, as long as we end up with a W.

Jenks was sketchy last night too and he came away with it. It’s hard to ask for it to happen two nights in a row. We’ll need to dig deep guys. Go White Sox!

oh lord no, no drama from the king of it…. please

Hmm, this isn’t a good start.

Dig deep guys. Go White Sox!

Oh Brother… I guess it should have been C-rich….What’s up with Bobby?…

No control is what’s up with Bobby.

Way to start it off, AJ! Come on guys.

One more time bottom of the order………..

Crud!!!! Not good, not good………… Later all, I need to find some way to stop shaking my head………j.k.

What’s worse? Blowing a 10 run lead or losing with your closer in the ninth? I can’t stop shaking my head, this one hurts……….

Come on, guys, we need this win!!

The fat man now has a ERA of 4.24. Boy does he $uck.

This is Ozzie’s loss – he should never have brought Bobby in, and certainly never have left him there when it was clear he had no control at all.

Ouch. That’s all I can say. Outstanding job by Clayton. Let’s shake this one off and get em tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Best of luck for Torres tomorrow. Dammit Jenks, what gives?

Wonderful night at blog night IV tonight. Thank you Scott for organizing it and thanks to the guest speakers. BOy, you really brought the big guns tonight.

As for the game…heartbreaking.

End of story.

Night all! Good luck tomorrow Torres. I hope you bring it.


Have to get to work early today so blog night recap and link to PICTURES (did you doubt I would?) later this afternoon.

Hey Everybody! So last night was my first Blog Night ever, and boy let me tell ya, despite the heartbreaking loss, my dad and I had a GREAT time at the game. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to everybody that I wanted to but I did get a chance to meet several fellow bloggers. I’d like to thank Donna in advance for all the wonderful pictures I know will be posted here later, I managed to give my cheesiest smile in each and every one of them!! LOL!

But I think most meaningful for me was sharing this night with my Dad. He was sooo excited that Ron Kittle was one of our guest speakers, as he was one of his favorites from the team in 1983. He even managed to get his autograph! Ron shared some great stories and made us laugh with some of his memories. My dad was impressed by TQ. After a few questions by TQ my dad turns to me and says”I’ll tell you what, that man knows his baseball!” Classic!

We then heard from Hahn and to our surprise Jerry Reinsdorf himself! They had 3 raffle prizes to give away, the biggest prize, in my opinion, was an original Jim Thome autographed Louisville Slugger, of which my dad was miraculously the lucky recipient! Now, my dad doesn’t smile much but the look on his face when his name was called was priceless! He says he was just really surprised that Jerry pronounced his name correctly! LOL!

Congrats to the other raffle winners and especially to Ames and Jen. They each won 4 tickets to an upcoming game for submitting their ideas for our official Blog night T-shirt. Some of their ideas were used to create the one we all got to take home.

Then it was off to the game and, well, you all know what happened then. I must say, I’m a lil’ worried about Bobby. I know ozzie kept him in there as a boost of confidence but after the 2nd batter it was evident he did not have it and I really thought he should’ve been pulled for the sake of the game. But such is life, I just hope he finds his control again and soon!

Thanks for allowing me to share (and sometimes ramble) and I hope to meet several of our out of towners at Blog Night V.

As for tonight’s game, Good Luck to Torres on your Big league Debut and let’s get em tonite!


I echo Lisa’s sentiments! Great event and glad I could make it for my second blog night! I brought my neighbor (who besides me is one of the few avid Sox fans in our ‘hood) and low and behold the guy wins the Jenks ball! He was so excited to hear Jerry Reinsdorf call his name. I knew as soon as Jerry had that look on his face and said it was a difficult name that he had won. Good to “see” everyone again and it’s unfortunate that we came away with a loss this time. I think I’ve calmed down from my mood last night to realize that yes, it is a long season and there are games that we are going to give away. Other teams will do the same thing. Let’s just hope this doesn’t bite us in the rear…I think I made it into one of Donna’s pictures (group shot) so I’m waiting to see how they turned out. I should have brought along my camera with my fisheye – we could have gotten the entire room in the shot!An observation that I had since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and visiting other parks this season, we BY FAR, have the best food. It’s also “relatively” cheaper than other parks. The beverages are cheaper too. While not cheap by any means, they are definitely better priced than everywhere I have visited this year (SF, OAK, BAL, MIL). The only thing I wish we would do is NOT restrict access to the 100 level to 100 level ticket holders. All the other parks you can roam wherever. This is especially useful to photogs like me…I don’t want to sit there, but I want to see the whole park and take photos from different areas. Just a suggestion…See you all next year and through the blog!AJ

wow – so much for the spacing I worked so hard to insert…oops!

I’ve been holding out waiting to see if Scott posts a new blog but have to go to my son’s game so will recopy if he posts again.

First, thank you Scott for hosting us. You act as though we do you a favor reading but really, it is us you do the favor for. It is so cool as a fan to get the insight you give so thank you for making us feel part of the team.

I know I’m going to get this wrong but was it Nina who brought the YUMMY brownies and cookies?? Holy cow were those good!

Don’t even know what to say about Kittle, Hahn, and Reinsdorf being there. It was very cool to hear them speak and tell their stories. Kittle’s stories were great (running out to buy the book tonight) Rick’s insight always wonderful and to meet the chairman fantastic.

The game, well good until the 9th. Can’t really completely blame it on Bobby. We had chances to add more, we just didn’t do it. Was there Monday too and am starting to wonder is Bobby nursing a nagging ache somewhere? Just wondering. And congrats to Mr. Beckam for surpassing the .300 mark. Really considering how he started how can that not impress you?

Have to add one more paragraph of thanks to Scott for the blog not just for the insight, but for connecting me with some wonderful Sox fans. We all have in common our love for the Sox despite our different locations, occupations, and background. This blog has put me in touch with people who not only share my passion for the Sox, but give me parenting advice, supported me through thyroid cancer, cheered me on as I ran the marathon, give me a friend to see in a foreign city, and just make me smile. Thanks for giving me a forum to find them Scott!

Link to pictures from last night..

Enjoy and let’s give that rookie a win tonight!!!

I cannot begin to say how much fun last night was. Despite the loss, it was the most fun I have ever had at a Sox game. It was awesome to finally meet so many of you from the blog, as well as to see Scott, Kittle, Hahn, and Reinsdorf. Even my sister had a good time, and was screaming, yelling, and dancing right along with me (despite being a you-know-who fan ;-D). My dad was unable to attend the pre-game session due to work, but he said that it had sounded like a lot of fun, and he appreciated all the “favors” that my sister gathered for him. Also, the cookies were fabulous, and definitely worth the calories.
The game itself was great, despite the big let-down in the 9th. It was so nice to see Clayton back on his game, even though he didn’t get the win. He definitely deserved it, coming out of his slump. As for Jenks, he’d been struggling a fair amount this month, and you have to hope that it’s nothing more than a bad streak, and nothing more serious. Beckham was fabulous – enough said.
I was telling my sister that she should have brought her camera (which takes much better-quality pics), since she was constantly borrowing mine to take pictures. I’ll do my best to get them uploaded on Facebook within the next day or so. She’s a much better photog, so maybe you can tell the difference between them, maybe not.

Good luck to Torres tonight and hoping that he can show his stuff!!

Oh, I forgot to add that it was my first blog night, and hope to attend many more. I should still be in the area after I graduate next spring so that I’ll be able to attend. Also, I had to say that my dad also thoroughly enjoyed the game and hopefully you’ll all get to meet him sometime and see where I got my Sox Pride from!😀


I’m Baaackkkk! I guess I didn’t miss much from the first game, but we’re up 3-1 now in the fourth, so Go Sox’09….j.k.

Bartolo looks pretty good from what I’ve seen. Keep it up and of course, Go Sox’09….j.k.

That wasn’t real pretty. Maybe next inning……Keep holding these guys down Bartolo….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Scott, you need to post again soon…. There’s something just wrong about sullying this post with regular game notes…….Go Sox….

Let’s answer their onslaught. How about a three spot?…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

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