SoxFest and Hawks Fest

Monday, July 20, 2009

Question for Sox/Hawks Fans

For those of you who have attended both SoxFest and Hawks Fest, what are some things the Hawks do that you would like to see us add to SoxFest?  Shoot me your thoughts.  I’d love to hear any of your ideas on how we can make SoxFest even better …


Welcome back TCQ! Sayonara Brian. Too bad they didn’t send Wise in your place.

Not real surprising since Wise is out of options. But will miss BA’s glove in CF in the late innings of tight ball games.

Wise has his left-handed bat going for him but he needs to play a little more regularly to get that bat going.

BA will definitely be back at some point.

Time to step it up a notch, beginning with the Rays tonight.

Wise not having any options shouldn’t matter. Get rid of him and leave BA on the roster. Even with QC back, the White Sox just are a worse team today. Those late innings of tight games could really be meaningful. Yes, BA will be back, but at what cost? Not to mention Pods is not a CF.

BA would only play in the late innings. You can’t take Pods’ bat out of the lineup and play BA. Wise is the only left-handed hitter on the bench. That is if you call the four players not playing — and that includes your backup catcher — a bench.

It was a business move as much as anything. They do not want to just give up Wise until they find a suitable left-handed bat to replace him. And that makes perfect sense.

Now of course, I will miss BA in the ninth inning of a 1-run lead over the Yankees when Jeter drives a ball to the left-center field gap . . . . . . but you can’t have it all. Especially if you insist on carrying 12 pitchers!!!

I didn’t necessarily want to take Pods’ bat out of the lineup. But rather to state that the Sox don’t have anyone who plays CF better than Anderson. And when you look at the #’s, Wise’s Avg. is sub .200, OBP very, very low, only 3 BB the entire season, etc, etc. I just don’t see why the Sox even need his leftie bat. It’s not doing anything for the Sox so what’s the point? I just feel BA can help the team more than Wise can, in late innings, in full games, whenever. Just my opinion.

Anderson is batting .267 against right handers, Wise is batting .180. Why is this guy still on our team? Anderson is a better hitter and a better fielder. Just because a guy is left handed is no reason to keep him. Especially when he sucks against right handed pitching. I need an explanation for this.

I’m glad TCQ is back, but I hope he’s healthy enough produce consistently for us. As for the Wise vs. BA debate, I agree BA is the better choice of the two. He is a better defensive center fielder, and Wise hasn’t impressed me at the plate recently. I understand this was a business move, so I hope Wise proves me wrong. Let’s get the Rays tonight. Go White Sox!

HI gang! Sniff, sniff BA is down. I don’t get it him over Wise but this just seems to be the life of this kid. Never thought of the options angle tc but I think that plays a big part. Just hope Quentin is ready. Have had plantar problems and they linger LONG. Going to the Cell tonight to bring the win home then will see you all tomorrow!! Can’t wait!

Scott, sent you an inbox in Facebook about Hawks convention.

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