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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You

A special thank you — sorry it’s taken me this long in the day to get to a computer — to all who attended Blog Night IV last night.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, particularly related to margaritas in the outfield, and I know all enjoy the chance to put faces with screen names.

Special thanks as well to Ron Kittle, Rick Hahn and Jerry Reinsdorf (and Tim Clodjeaux) for joining us during our event.

Shoot me any ideas for Blog Night V and we’ll get planning for 2010.


Was perturbed about reaction to Bobby Jenks’ outing last night.  Ozzie points were these:

Don’t forget what Bobby has done for us and how good he’s been over the years.  He’s out closer.  He’s human.  No one feels worse about last night than Bobby, but he’s been great and will continue to be great.  He just needs to turn the corner.

Carlos Torres

Tonight’s starter, Carlos Torres, has impressed at every level in our system.  He features a good fastball, a cutter and a curve. Torres was named to the IL’s midseason All-Star Team, was 8-4 with a 2.20 ERA, one save and 96 strikeouts in 17 games (16 starts) for the Knights. He will wear uniform No. 60.

Danks Update

John continues to receive treatment for his blister/circulation issue and is on track to pitch Monday.  Plans now are for him to throw a sideline in Detroit on Saturday and then start Monday, assuming he continues to progress and feel better.

Sad Trivia

Name the last Sox starting pitcher to earn a victory in his major league debut?


Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye will receive specially-commissioned Tiffany trophies before tonight’s game to commemorate their 300th career home runs.  Several years ago, Jerry Reinsdorf started a tradition of honoring major accomplishments/milestones with rings, watches, trophies, etc.  Tonight’s pregame ceremony continues that tradition.


Kip Wells, August 2, 1999 at Detroit (1 ER/5.1 IP)


Like everyone else, I want to say thank you Scott for running this great blog. For a White Sox fan in Virginia, this blog lets me get in touch with other pale hose fans in Chicago and around the states. I also appreciate the little insights of the team you give on a “nearly” day-to-day basis. From a fan who is hundreds of miles away, it means a lot.

Also, I want to thank Donna for posting pics from last night. It’s nice to finally put some faces with the names. I’m also humbled that my name was put on the Inside the White Sox sign and at least I can say a part of me has been to The Cell. I thank you all. Hopefully I can attend a Blog Night in the future.

Now let’s get those Rays tonight, and good luck to Carlos Torres. Go White Sox!

Scott – Ozzie being perturbed was being nice. He was pi$$ed off. And, I think he sure has a right to be. Bobby was off last night and blew it. Since when do any of us have to be perfect at our jobs 100% of the time. Geesh, if that was the case, I’d be unemployed. Or at least have my co-workers booing me from their cubicles from time to time.

And, like Josh said, thanks Donna for the pictures. Last night was a real treat and hopefully the out of towners will be there in the future. If not, you know we all were thinking of you all!

Now, go get them tonight! Good luck Carlos Torres! Let’s update that White Sox trivia question, huh?


Thanks for all the great posts. I wish so much I could have been there last night, but thanks to all my “blog buddies” I was there in a real way.

I wasn’t mad at Bobby last night – I was mad at Ozzie for the way he managed the inning.

Huge thanks to Donna and all for making sure we “out of towners” were remembered. It means a lot to feel the love from the White Sox bloggers!

Good luck to Torres tonight – go get those Rays!

I will be at my granddaughter’s swim meet, so I won’t be live-blogging this game, but I will keep tabs with my iPhone app.

Go SOX!!!


I’m gonna guess Kip Wells in 99. Half hour to go to a White Sox winner and the start of a winning streak.

Thanks for the great pics Donna. Boy those goodies looked good….. I really blew it by not being there for THAT! j.k.( just kidding)…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Wow Scott, putting me in your post right along with Kitty, Rick Hahn and the Chairman . . . . . . I take back every nasty Hawkeye crack I ever made to you in the last 18 years!!!!!

Nice event last night. Great to meet those that I have blogged with, joked with and even “disagreed” with from time to time on this board. A disappointing loss at the end of the night but in a 162-game season you have to take a good number of those.

Great pics by Donna and her ace partner/photographer.

Maybe for next year’s event we can all pitch in and get Mr. Preston a new bag so he doesn’t have to lug all of Ames’ swag around in an old pink tote!!!!

And TQ, new rule for 2010 — No Bulls’ questions at the Sox Blog Night!!!

Maybe I should learn to read Scott’s whole post… I just noticed he provided us the answer. Doh!!!! Another Senior moment……

Just saw the pics.. chocolate and margaritas… wow… does it get any better than that! I see how ya’ll had fun with our posters.. we loved it and it warms my heart to know ya’ll thought about us that much!

On to a victory!!!!! GO SOX!


Just so you would feel “at home” last night, somebody put your picture next to a humidifier, brought in a lot of insects, issued a hurricane warning, and put you right next to two southern rednecks eating chicken fried steak that said “y’all” and “fixin’ to” all night long.


Good job getting out of that little jam…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

TC – after a couple of margaritas, that sounds like something ‘ya’ll’ would do!!! 🙂 Actually, no rain to speak of, not many insects.

That’s great! t.c. Thanks for sharing that one……

Babysitting tonight, so I’ll be watching keeping track on Gameday whenever I get the chance and after the little guys go to bed in an hour.

Good catch Q….

I have to say… I find it amusing that there’s no picture for Torres on Gameday. Don’t know why, it just is.
Come on now, let’s get some runs!!

Alright, not so bad. As Hawk says: you’ve got to score to win anyway…. Let’s start now!…..Go Sox’09…..

Nice to see Minnesota bent over and took a big ole spankin today!!!

I’m copying and posting my post from the last blog entry of Scott’s so everyone can get the link to pictures. Sorry for those who read it already………

First, thank you Scott for hosting us. You act as though we do you a favor reading but really, it is us you do the favor for. It is so cool as a fan to get the insight you give so thank you for making us feel part of the team.

I know I’m going to get this wrong but was it Nina who brought the YUMMY brownies and cookies?? Holy cow were those good!

Don’t even know what to say about Kittle, Hahn, and Reinsdorf being there. It was very cool to hear them speak and tell their stories. Kittle’s stories were great (running out to buy the book tonight) Rick’s insight always wonderful and to meet the chairman fantastic.

The game, well good until the 9th. Can’t really completely blame it on Bobby. We had chances to add more, we just didn’t do it. Was there Monday too and am starting to wonder is Bobby nursing a nagging ache somewhere? Just wondering. And congrats to Mr. Beckam for surpassing the .300 mark. Really considering how he started how can that not impress you?

Have to add one more paragraph of thanks to Scott for the blog not just for the insight, but for connecting me with some wonderful Sox fans. We all have in common our love for the Sox despite our different locations, occupations, and background. This blog has put me in touch with people who not only share my passion for the Sox, but give me parenting advice, supported me through thyroid cancer, cheered me on as I ran the marathon, give me a friend to see in a foreign city, and just make me smile. Thanks for giving me a forum to find them Scott!

Link to pictures from last night..

Enjoy and let’s give that rookie a win tonight!!!

Thanks for all the compliments for our refreshments (I’m blushing!). So glad everyone enjoyed them. I had a big grin on my face when Kitty grabbed one on the way out (he was my big crush back in the day, let me tell you!). I have to say it was as good as winning a baseball or bat any day!

Thanks from us as well to Scott and his guests and crew for a great night. I am already looking forward to next year’s get together. One suggestion would be nametags so we could all “wear” our blog names? I’m thinking I might have to buy tickets for next year’s blog night so I can sit in the “Margarita Section” with the rest of y’all!

Thanks also to Donna for her great pics! They came out much better than mine.

Now if the Sox could only come up with a few runs to really make my night!

Torres is showing a lot of poise for his first big league start. Very impressive so far. time to get to Shields and the Rays… Go Sox’09….j.k.

Top of the order…. Time to get it started. Even with the two HR’s thrown, Torres looks good… go Sox…..

Ames is at the game…. she just had the highlight of her day!!!

Hold these guys down now so we can come back late and WIN…..Go Sox….

Come on Pods, give Ames another thrill…..

Come on Alexei….. We need you big time…..

that’s bogus…….We still need you Alexei, whenever that may happen……

Holy hell, even the nuns are excited!!! whoo hoo!! Stros just tied the Cards at the same time, same type of over the head hit… awesome!


woo hoo! Nice shot Alexei and nice go ahead bloop JD!!!

Hey how about those nuns they keep showing on TV? For jk, Kris, Josh, and other out of towners, they keep showing these three nuns and boy are they happy! Maybe they have some extra pull for our boys upstairs!!!

Keep the line moving!

we’ve got mlbtv, I saw the nuns too!! Too damn funny!

Yeah Baby! Now hold these guys down DJ, Matt and whomever else…….. Go Sox’09…….j.k.

Now if we win this one I will say it has to be Divine intervention and would suggest free tickets for those Sisters the rest of the way out…… Go Sox……..

i keep forgetting you guys see it all too! Cool!

So, who do you think is pitching the 9th?

pretty funny, I agree with jk – – Houston just won in grand fashion.. it was awesome – – tied it at the exact same time we did… dueling ballgames!! I’m obsessed!

Three outs to go Boys……Do it!!

That is cool Kris…. or maybe karma? In any case…….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Hot damn!!!! Whoohoo!!!!!

Way to go Matt and way to fight back Team!!!!!

This series has been very intense. Did you notice that the Rays have scored three runs in each of these games so far? I say throw a four or five run lead on them and sit back in the rocker…..As tough as last night was, this is so much sweeter….. Yahoo!!!!!!!!! Go get them tomorrow Mark……

I’ll be out of town starting tomorrow. I’m leaving knowing you guys have it all cinched up and hunkered down. Won’t be back till Sunday, so how about we rack up the W’s.

Go Sox!

MariE, you can’t go. We need your “E” to throw at the other guys. But if you HAVE to go, can you lend us your E for the weekend? I promise we’ll use it liberally…….Go Sox’09…

P.S. Have fun and we’ll do our best……j.k.

Great game, but hand me the defibrillator, would you?

Loved Blog Night IV and seeing everyone. Wish I would have sat with the group in right field (a.k.a. Margaritaville). At Scott’s suggestion, I’m already thinking forward to 2010, and have come up with a few thoughts. (Remember, this is brainstorming. There are no bad ideas.)

1) Broadcast the speakers, streaming it live over the web. Give out-of-town bloggers a chance to participate, even if they can’t be there in person.

2) Keep Rick Hahn. He is equally informative and entertaining. Year after year, he’s my favorite. (Sorry, Jerry, Kitty, and speakers of years past.)

3) Would love to have a chance to interact with Hawk. I know that might be challenging with his TV schedule, but he’d be a real treat.

4) Would be interesting to listen to Brooks Boyer talk about how marketing and promotions for the Sox are developed.

5) Would be nice for the group to organize a pre-game get-together or tailgate party. Give people a chance to mingle before the night really kicks off. (This would be “our” to-do.)

6) Have some form of contest for out-of-town bloggers where the winner wins a trip to Chicago for the night.

7) Nametags. They just help.

I think that’s all I’ve got… for now. Thanks again, Scott, for organizing another successful night and for giving us the opportunity to have this special community.


Torres did a hell of a job today, hope to see him again.

Far as Jenks, the dude looked terrible the last two nights. And yeah, he won’t be perfect all the time. Lets face it, stuff does happen. But some of us regular blue collared fans are prone to boo if a guy can’t throw strikes and loads the bases with no outs in a one run ballgame. It doesn’t mean we forgot all the games he’s come thru. We’ll vent cause we spent good money to watch a game fall apart. It happens. and after a day or so, we will forget about it. So Ozzie’s “short memories” comments cut both ways. So before he goes and spouts off about “people not wanting Jenks to close should stay bleeping home” (which I don’t think was the issue) or something thereabouts, he should shut it or he may get his wish. But some of this stuff may have been quashed if a team spokesperson wasn’t the one to address the press. Jenks could’ve done it himself. There isn’t much to explain. It happens. And it would’ve been done. No one can say anything about it. But a spokesperson? and Ozzie saying whatever? Please.

Hey, where is Liptak, Quaid, Deveraux, kenwo and all those other guys that used to be around? dont mean to be rude, but the occasional dissenting opinion actually makes for a good blog. Be a shame that those folks don’t come around anymore.

I was in and out most of last night, so I couldn’t really sit down and watch much of the game, but I did check in when I could. From what I could see, Torres had as good of a debut as you could expect from him, even with the two homers he gave up. Great job coming back from 3 down and holding them off to get the W. And I’m sure Ames was excited to see Pods get his 4th homer of the year. Also, let’s get season tickets for the nuns. If Divine Intervention was involved, we don’t want to mess it up. A split is nice, but let’s win the series today. Go White Sox!

Hey windycity!!

Quaid is around– via facebook and texting – – we chat nearly daily, I will let him know he’s both wanted and neede on the blog though. Kenwo too pops in and out, about Liptak, I don’t think he likes us much anymore but hey, he’s entitled I suppose huh? I’ll get Ken and TQ back up in here!

I’m still thinking about last night’s games, what fun for all. I would love a 3 up 3 down type of 9th inning though, why is that so much to ask?

You’re right about Bobby… he’s having a bad few, he’ll back around, I have faith!

On to victory again this afternoon!!!

Interesting look to the lineup. Thome’s out, PK is DH’ing, and Becks moves up a few spots. Here’s hoping it brings us a W. Go White Sox!

I figured us for a split with the Rays and we have at least that. With Mark on the mound I say take this one too and have some real momentum going into Detroit….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Hey all! Did Beckham really choose “Your Love” for his at-bat music? Is someone playing a rookie prank on him?

Margaritas in the outfield, eh?

Sounds like the title for a Jimmy Buffett song… but he plays his concerts at Jurassic Park at Neverland… so that can’t work here…

Thank you very much, as always, to Scott and the crew for the use of the hall… I promise, Mr R, that I will never again refer to the media guide as “the propaganda book”… it will be “the information book” from now on… and I will not bug you again for the notes, since the new policy took place…there are other sources…

tc… It was NOT a Bulls question I offered to the Chairman… It was an observation about the nice gesture they did for Randy Brown, giving him replacement championship rings after he had to give his originals up to repay debts… and to give him a job with the organization…

These games with the Rays have been a little hard on the old blood pressure, haven’t they?… I think that Hawk and Stone Pony summed it up best when they said that we won the game we should have lost Monday, lost the game we should have won Tuesday, and won the game we should have lost last night…

As for Carlos Torres, I feel we found the right handed equivalent of Buehrle… He gets the ball, gets the sign and throws… no wasted time, no wasted effort… and the seven defenders behind him appreciate that greatly… becuase they are in the game, and are not half asleep or lollygagging in the field…

So, windycity, I’m wanted and needed on this site, in addition to my other venues?

That makes me feel warm and good… thanx…

He gone! Nice 1-2-3 inning to start it off. Go White Sox!

Dan, I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m thinking it’s a rookie prank as well.

I can’t play sound at the office for obvious reasons, but what was the meaning behind the “JDSN” letters Buehrle wrote on the mound?

It’s gotta be a rookie prank no? Scott you gotta find that out for us! I have to say though I do enjoy it. Reminds me of the party days with a bunch of us out of tune girls singing it! What ever happened to The Outfield??? Different forum for that one! Let’s get this last one boys!!

Josh, it was Buehrle basically shouting out to John Danks from him…

Ah. Thanks Kris.

Josh, it was actually JD50 – thought that was kinda neat – I’m sure it gave John a warm fuzzy feeling!

Holy **** – – that was b-e-a-utiful!

Welcome back to the game Josh…… there’s your lead Mark, now do your thing…..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Its not a rookie prank. He genuinely loves The Outfield. Check out the Sox Drawer on CSN, Garfein has made it one of his regular things to comment about.

At work, no gameday, no radio… I’m depending on you all.

And I’ll comment about Blog night, address tc’s “pink bag” concern, and analyze yesterday’s game as soon as im done stuffing these envelopes…

Come on Fields, bet clutch.

*be clutch

And you can put it on the board, YESSSS! Atta boy Fields!

I’m here for ya Ames!

To the members of the “Josh Fields must go – – NOW !!!” society…


Now… please go away… far, far away …

And if the lovely MariA Wagener wants Brooks Boyer to come in and speak at Blog Night V… I’m sure that Mr Clodjeaux and I can overlook the fact that Mr Boyer came from the basketball end of that overrated sports facility in South Bend, Indiana…

Whatta ya say, tc? MariA asked nicely, and she is very attractive… Can we let her have what she asks for ?

Kapler’s just trying to get on webgems… showoff!

TQ, you old smoothie. I’m a thinkin’ that flattery will get you anything (within reason of course)……Go Mark….Go Sox’09

Ames, what ‘sox drawer on csn’ are you refering, I’m looking, not succeeding… Josh, our posts our bouncing today!

Buehrle’s curveball is just wicked and nasty today.

Buehrle’s curveball is just wicked and nasty today.

There goes the double postage again. Sorry.

I’m at work guys! I’m trying to follow the game on gameday but my computer is running so dang slow, plus, we’re kinda busy today….don’t think the boss would appreciate me making the customers wait while I check on my team….UGH!!!! So is the game on Comcast and will they re-air it tonight?
It’s now 4-0. I gather Josh Fields hit a grand slam? Am I right?

Silence is golden….Go Sox’09…j.k.

I just saw Scotts post about Blog Night and would like to say Thank you to everyone! It was my first and hopefully not my last. I really enjoyed finally meeting all of you. Who else was drinking the margaritas? I thought I was the only one, besides TQ stealing sips here and there! (love ya, TQ) WOW, those were some strong drinks!! I have an idea for Blog Night V, Scott, how about u sitting out there with us? Either way I had a great time, even if Bobby wasn’t his best!

Now for this game on today………I am keeping my mouth shut!!

Way to pick him up Alexei! Go White Sox!

re: “your Love”

I saw the posts ( but I still don’t believe it. I don’t even think Beckham was alive when that song was, ahem, popular.

18 up, 18 down!! I cant watch anymore!!!!

Breathing is good. Go Sox’09…..

ewww – breathing – – ever so gently and quietly

With all my heart, I wish I was at this game.

I am following on Gameday at work.

Go SOX!!!


My response to Kris posted before hers. I still can’t figure out why that is, but it happens a lot….. Go Sox’09….

Instead of “Where’s Waldo?”, I think the blog likes making us play “Where’s the response to your comment?”

Hmmm….. Go Sox’09…..

Good one Josh. The time of my post and the clock on my computer are 8 minutes apart. Oh well….

Yea, sometimes I really have to look around to see who’s posted what and when and where! 🙂

Kick assist by Cormier. Rotten luck for Pods.

I have to say that I am VERY impressed by what I am seeing by our guys so far today – been watching while at the gym and listening to WSCR while driving around. Buehrle is definitely on his A-game and that grand slam by Fields was just amazing. I was on the treadmill when he hit that, and I have to say that it was a good thing that I was walking at the time, or I might have fallen off!! I was in the car then when Ramirez hit the double to score Pods, and I think that I shouted a little too loud because the girl in the car next to me looked at me weird. Oh well, the stigma of being a being a proud Sox fan.

Oh, an Moose has been found. He was on WSCR chatting with Farmer and DJ. Just thought that worth mentioning since he was not there at Blog Night.


Shut up Hawk!….. Go Sox’09…..

I was going to call my dad at work to tell him, but I do NOT want to jinx it!! Ok…. 3 more outs to go… *every possible limb crossed*

What I meant was three more for Buerhle, four more at this point.

Come on Hawk! Quit saying that!!

YEa, Hawk’s kinda driving me nuts too but he did say that Mark wasn’t superstitious like that… he just needs to keep rolling that bubble gum around his tongue for a few more minutes, bet there’s no taste to it by now!

Yeah, cardboard flavored bubblegum….Go Sox’09…..



Oh my freaking gosh… I bet that everyone was holding their breath at the exact moment. I know I was.



Oh my freaking gosh…. I bet that everyone was holding their breath at that moment. I know I was. ONE MORE!!!

ONE TO GO!!!!!


Thing of beauty!!!!! Congrats Mark!

HELL YEAH! PERFECT GAME! ATTA BOY MARK! You definitely deserve it. Great save by Wise too! I’ll admit I didn’t talk as much today because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I was there for every pitch and I’m damn glad I was. This is just FREAKIN AWESOME!

OMG!!!!!! I wish soooo badly that i coulda been at today’s game! I bet that was sooo amazing to see. I really, really hope they reair this game tonight!!!!!!!!

I’m shaking, crying… BA would not have made that catch – – glad to share this moment with you guys! God I love this team!

Way to go, Mark! Congratulations!!!

On top of this, Detroit loses as well! What an awesome day!

I can’t type…. I’m shaking all over…. How must Mark feel?????WoW!!!!!!Way to go D-Wise and WAYYY TO GO MARK……. Wow……Go Sox’09…j.k.

OMG, OMG, OMG! I still can hardly breathe, or type, cuz my hands are shaking.

HUGE CONGRATS to Mark!!!!!

Wish I was there, oh how much I wish I was there!!!!


OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRATS TO MARK AND HIS FAMILY!!! It honestly could not have happened to a nicer guy. This is exactly why I love Buehrle so much – he just takes everything in stride, works hard day in and day out, and always gives 100% to the team and the fans.

All the hoarseness is my voice has come back from yelling at the tv. I need a Ricola.

We?re tied for first place!! Hooray! Though, somehow that kind of pales in comparison to the whole perfect game-thing.

Kris and jk, I know EXACTLY how you feel. It’s a good thing I’m home alone.🙂

Lol, yeah, he has to be kicking himself, but he caught the no-hitter in 2007. A nice way to welcome Castro to the team.

Lol, yeah, he has to be kicking himself, but he caught the no-hitter in 2007. A nice way to welcome Castro to the team.

Looking ahead, this is exactly the kind of momentum we need to carry to Detroit. Let’s keep rolling. Again, congrats Buehrle!!! This is still so awesome! Go White Sox!

Haha, of course Obama’s calling him. You think that he’ll be invited out there? Though, I actually think that Obama is in town right now, since he’s supposed to be here today, though maybe he was watching on Air Force One.

Dewayne Wise. This is why you belong here in Chicago.

Make room on the outfield wall sometime, hopefully more than a decade from now, but No. 56 will have to join the list of retired numbers!

Amazing performance by one of the most under-rated big-time pitchers in all of baseball.

How pissed do you think AJ is that he had the day off????? lol

Wow, just wow. Mark Buehrle is serisously amazing. Love him to death!! Wish I was at the game, or had a TV! Last inning, me, my mom, my boss, and another manager went into my moms office to have the score on the radio and gameday on the comp! We were screaming!!!! People came out of their offices concerned as hell! omg, thank god we have a sox floor. totally taping this when i get home! 56 forever! he’s ours! that walgreens ad better move over, bc hurly buehrle’s gunna be on that outfield wall!!

Mark makes everything look so simple, thats why he is Simply Perfect!! What a great moment, I love this game!!

HOLY COW!!! I had to take one of the kiddies to the doctor so heard most between radio and thank God for my I-phone was watching the game box!! First nice going Josh Fields on the Salami!! I was in the waiting room and after 7 looked at the guy sitting across from me and asked if he was a Sox fan, he said yea and I told him Buehrle was perfect throuh 7 and the receptionist said yea I’m listening, you want me to turn it up? So we listened till I drove home in the 8th. My phone was going crazy with texts!! I called my son and told him to DVR the last inning for me so I can watch it. I want to see that Wise catch!! I heard it was incredible! I literally had tears in my eyes when the final out came! I can’t think of a better guy for it to happen to. I don’t know who said it but I bet you’re right, AJ is probably pissed he had the day off!! The bonus, first place gang!!! Let’s go dominate in Detroit and solidify that!! This could be the start of something special!! GO SOX!!

What’s really funny is that 90% of my Facebook news feed is filled with people’s reactions to the game. Shows you how many of my friends are Sox fans.😀

Dewayne Wise. This is why you belong here in Chicago.

Make room on the outfield wall sometime, hopefully more than a decade from now, but No. 56 will have to join the list of retired numbers!

Amazing performance by one of the most under-rated big-time pitchers in all of baseball.

How pissed do you think AJ is that he had the day off????? lol

tc, BA is thinking about the trade he requested. muhahahaha… sorry.

Guys, what do you think Brian Anderson is thinking right now?

Brian’s a tremendous center fielder but he doesn’t make that catch. He doesn’t go back to the wall as well as Wise.

TC, Brian’s probably kicking himself right now, but I hope he is happy for Buehrle. His recent outburst about wanted to be traded is leaving a bad taste in my mouth though. Either way, I’m glad Wise was there at the right moment at the right time. A hell of a catch. Really, it’s all about Buehrle right now, but we do have to give a tip of the hat to the 8 guys behind him picking him up. This is just an awesome day in White Sox history. I agree, 56 forever! Go White Sox!

Lol, yeah, he has to be kicking himself, but he caught the no-hitter. A very nice way to welcome Castro to the team.

You know… I had a weird thought. You know those nuns at the game last night? I think they were good luck for both yesterday and today, and the Sox owe them free tickets, if not more. ;-D

Gonna make for a dull night around here tonight. What do you do for an encore? Perfect is REAL hard to top (haha). More congrats to Mark for his accomplishment.

Not often a players performance is more importand than the result of the team, but this is one of those days. I’ll bet that Mark is saying the important thing is that we won and gained a game of Detroit. Wow!

And speaking of Mark’s GEM, It’s all because of me. ( there’s a huge J.K. on that one), because when responding to my buddies message about our golf game time tomorrow I said PERFECT. Little did I know Mark’s day would beat me out for perfect honors. I’m as giddy as can be that it did….

Now on to Detroit where I hope we split. The Central race plot thickens….. Tomorrow all……Go Sox’09…..j.k.

The hell with a split, JK. They’re struggling. We need to get three out of four.

Lost is all of this today was perhaps the biggest hit of Josh Fields’ young career. And he caught the ball for the final putout. Nice day for Josh.

Hard to believe that Steve Stone had NEVER witnessed a no-hitter before.

Think about it. A long playing career and well over 20 years in the TV booth and he never saw one until today.

Shoot, you’d think some of those god-awful Cub teams he covered would have been no-hit at least a half-dozen times!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME game Mark!!!!!!! Mark is only the fifth player to throw a perfect game and at least one other no-hitter. And a great job by Ozzie for putting Wise in the game for the ninth inning. Just an amazing catch by Wise! I was at work and listening on XM and Farmer actually got excited during the ninth inning. I heard Hawks call of the last out and I liked Farmer’s better. I hope the Sox win at least two in Detroit. It sure feels good to be back in first place.

I just wanted to come onto your site and say congratulations to Mark for his perfect game. What an accomplishment that is, and many of us over at Inside the Dodgers think he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. We have been giving him the congrats over there as well, but I thought I would extend the congrats over here as well. Best of luck to you and your team the rest of the season.

I just wanted to come onto your site and say congratulations to Mark for his perfect game. What an accomplishment that is, and many of us over at Inside the Dodgers think he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. We have been giving him the congrats over there as well, but I thought I would extend the congrats over here as well. Best of luck to you and your team the rest of the season.

Thank you Nelly June that was really sweet of you. Now you know why we love him so much here in Chi-Town!

Greatest game I have ever attended. including Game 2 of WS. Congratulations Mark. What a game. TC maybe you are right, maybe Wise should stay here. His catch in the 9th, under the circumstances is maybe the best catch I’ve ever seen.

Congratulations to Mark for his incredible accomplishment. A stunning achievement. Everyone connected with the organization should be congratulated for being witness to it.

Again hearty congratulations!

Dewayne Wise gets two thumbs up for a tremendous catch…he’ll get another one if ever he raises his average to .230. (Sorry TC as great a catch as that was it doesn’t make up for his lack of ability overall this season or in his career. Great catch aside Anderson is still the much better fielder.)

Now starting getting ready for Detroit.

Mark Liptak

Buster and Mark,

Yes, I agree that Anderson is the much better fielder. And if the business side of the game (i.e., the fact that Wise was out of options) hadn’t come into play, I would have kept Anderson over Wise.

I still say that Anderson doesn’t make today’s catch. BA doesn’t go back on balls like that as well as Wise did. Now BA can charge a ball as well as any outfielder I have ever seen.

Wise will do some more good things this year but he will have his share of down moments, too. But for a fourth outfielder, he is better than most other left-handed hitters that are available at this time. I couldn’t care less about Wise’s batting average. When you play so sparingly, numbers aren’t that important. A catch like today’s, a stolen base as a ninth-inning pinch-runner (as he did once in a key game last year) and the occasional big hit will make Wise a big contributor to the team. Just like Fields’ big contribution today. He doesn’t have to hit a certain number. He just has to take good swings and once-in-a-while come through with the big hit of the game like he did this afternoon.

I’ve been critical of our bench all year but today, three of the four position players that normally are on the bench made the biggest contributions (other than the guy who tossed the perfecto, of course). Fields, Wise and Castro were outstanding.

Buster, I was at Game 2 of the Series and not at today’s game. And as great as it would have been to be there today, nothing will ever top the euphoria I felt when Pods’ home run cleared the fence that night. But, those two moments are easily the best to ever happen at the Cell. Let’s hope today’s excitement carries over and helps build momentum heading into a big series at Detroit and a big week as we finish July.

Hail, hail, the Gangs all here. Even Lip! I was gratified to read all the comments on our “other” blog here showering love on Mark and the Sox in general. Positive thoughts coming in from around the world and from fans of almost every other team in MLB made me smile and proud to be a baseball fan. Nothing else to say really, except Go Sox’09……j.k.

nellyjune, appreciate the congrats…classy of you to come over and say so.

Mark you’re here!! Believe it or not you have been missed around here!!

Nuns, JK, whatever….thanks for all the good karma to give this to us. I’m still getting teary every time I hear the final call and finally got to see the catch…WOW! I’m a BA fan, but thank you D. Wise!!!

We all go to bed happy and hopefully go skin some kitties this weekend!!


Buerhle even made the “Last Call” on Greta Van Susteran’s show on Fox News tonight. How about that? Fox News giving praise to the favorite team of President Obama. That may be the most bipartisan statement of the day!

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