Perfect Day

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One For The Record Books

So where do you begin?

I wonder how many other Sox fans are sitting on their couches this evening re-watching Mark Buehrle’s perfect game, feeling the same butterflies in the last inning?  I am, and I am the guy who STILL hasn’t watched replays of the 2005 World Series games.  I just can’t take it.  As I type this, my fingers are sore from all of the tweets I sent today.  I tried to think how best to summarize a truly unforgettable day.  The best way seemed to to just offer a timeline of my day, where I found myself at key moments and thoughts that popped into my head.  Indulge me on this one since this is, afterall, a web diary of sorts.

My morning started with a workout, a quick read of the newspapers/web sites and an early visit to the clubhouse to touch base with folks on the Parque story about his HGH use. Then came our weekly staff meeting.  Next thing I knew it was noon.  I thought I had a conference call with MLBAM at 1 pm, so hurried up to grab lunch, but I then realized that my call wasn’t until 2 pm (that matters later).  So I spent from game time until 1:45 in a suite saying hello to people from the McCormick Foundation (they have been told that they now have to attend the final 31 home games of the year).  Then I headed back to my office for the call.

So as we discuss Social Media — blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc — I watch Buehrle mow down Rays.  BAM is watching as well, and as the call moves along, someone offers, “Scott, if you need to leave, we understand.”

After the seventh, I bolt.  It’s time to work. I tweet that Sox fans may want to turn on a TV, listen to WSCR Radio or visit to watch.  Something special is happening.

First, I head into the stands for the eighth inning because I want to feel the excitement.

From a seat, I tweet the situation, the mood of the fans and the 1-2-3 inning.  I head to the press box to check in with Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell, our crack media relations guys.  They are all over the information and everyone is prepared, should this happen.  Pat heads down to the photo pit to handle the immediate postgame rush.  Bob organizes the staff for the final out.

I watch the ninth inning from the press box.

Dewayne Wise’s catch is truly amazing, perhaps the greatest in baseball history given the situation.  Baseball is terrific in this way.  Ozzie made the defensive change to Wise, a left-hander, and sure enough the next ball is hit his way … and I doubt a right-hander makes the play.

Then comes the final out and you watch our team spill from the dugout surrounding Buehrle. 

You can’t imagine a better, more humble hero.  I bet by the end of the the game, even the Rays were rooting for him.  (In fact, in a very classy move, Joe Maddon and several players watch the celebration and tip their caps toward Buehrle).

Mark hugs his wife and baby and then begins doing interviews, first with our rightsholders and then with the scores of media surrounding him.

Ozzie Guillen, Ken Williams and others wait in the dugout to congratulate him and the crowd roars.  Mark salutes the fans and acknowledges their support.

I fire off a couple of tweets from the dugout and congratulate Mark.

I head into the Interview Room to await Mark.

He makes his way down and fields questions from the media about the day.

In the middle of the press conference, my phone rings, “Caller Unknown.”

I don’t answer given where I am.  10 seconds later, Jerry Reinsdorf walks into the room.  “OK, I thought, that was the unknown caller wondering where we were.”

“Wasn’t me,” Jerry says.

We both sit down.  A minute later, Jerry’s phone rings.  He speaks for a few seconds and then leans over to me, “The President wants to congratulate Mark.”


I head down to the stage, tell Pat and then interrupt to say “one more question, we just heard from the White House and the President would like to call and congratulate Mark.”

Mark said that when he heard that, he got goosebumps.  Me too.

We all headed into Jerry’s office, Mark, his wife, Jamie, holding their little girl, our photographer and security.

As we walk through the office, Mark sees that his dad is being interviewed on Comcast Sports Net.  He laughed and pointed it out to Jamie.

On the way, I run into Marty Maloney and tell him, “Go get the Flip camera.  Let’s record this.”

After some small talk, the phone rings.

Click here to read/watch/hear MB speak to the President.

Marty hits record and Ron Vesely, our photog, shoots away.  If you want to watch the video, you can find it on or at my Twitter account @InsideTheSox.

Mark headed back into the clubhouse to change and we shifted gears to begin getting info out to the media.  The phones were going crazy with interview requests for Mark.

As we answered phones I heard Marty call out, “Hey, my video was just on the CBS Evening News!  I might need to change careers.”

We started to tweet out information, photos and links as they became live, hoping to get information out to the public as quickly as we could.  I kept checking Facebook and twitter to stay up to date. We laughed that Mark Buehrle was tracking as the fifth-highest Twitter trend, and if people could spell his name correctly (including me), he would have been No. 1 in the world.  In fact, a little later in the evening, the White Sox, Mark and Dewayne had six of the Top 10 trends!  Who would have thought that Dewayne Wise would be a global twitter trend!

And back to that Social Media call I was on with BAM. Twitter was the perfect way to capture a perfect day and to share it with millions in real time.

Read all of BAM’s coverage here.

Vesley captured all of the action of the day and remarked, “I was shaking just trying to get the shot focused and timed despite my nerves and how quickly Mark was working.  How in the world was he able to stand on the mound and pitch like that.”

It was fun to read fan reaction to the game.  One sent an image of his scorecard to a friend who copied me. You could feel the excitement and energy in people’s posts and how much everyone loves Mark and what he has meant for this organization and our fans.

I want to hear from you all.  I want anyone who was at the park to post your thoughts and emotions.  If you were watching at home or work, what was it like?  Who did you call?  When did you tune in?  And for those of you who followed online, on Twitter or through other ways, how was that experience.

Let me know how you experienced the day …

We are going to try and come up with some neat ways for you all to congratulate Mark, so check back tomorrow and see what we’ve been able to create. 

Here are some photos of the day (courtesy of Ron Vesely):





I was at work and started following the game on Gameday in the fifth inning. Then, when it got to the seventh, I turned on the radio broadcast.

Had to run a quick errand but got back to listen to the top of the eighth on the radio and then headed to our weight room where we have a TV and watched the top of the ninth on Comcast.

Was trying to guess how Hawk would make the final call. Would he use one of his old favorites — “You can send this one to Cooperstown . . .” — or would he just go nuts on the air. Well, he chose the latter and it was vintage Hawk. And his and Stoney’s call of the Wise catch was great as well. I haven’t heard Farmio’s final call yet, but I’m sure the Score will replay it all day tomorrow up until the first pitch at Comerica.

Mark Buerhle is a class act!!! He is the Billy Pierce of this generation of White Sox players. We need to keep him involved in this organization as long as Billy has been with us and, unlike Billy, never let him get away to pitch for another team.


Thank you for another amazing post that punctuates an absolutely PERFECT day. I love hearing your inside perspective on the day’s special moments. And It’s pretty neat to hear that even members of the front office were getting nervous as the game progressed.

Thank you for the tweets. Indispensible. Once I got the 7th inning notice, I opened up the mini-Gameday on the laptop, and kept a sporadic watch while I attempted to do the job my employer hired me to do.

Eighth inning tweet comes through, and I call home to tell my son to watch the game. He’s no where to be found. So I figure I’d better notify the handful of my colleagues that are also Sox fans. Focusing on work is getting tougher now. The company is starting to take a hit. (Pardon the pun.)

Now the texts start coming in. Fellow Sox fans. Friends that follow the Cubs. “Are you there?” “Are you watching?” Ugh. “No, I’m working. Relatively new job, and I really can’t take time off at this stage of the game.”

Top of the ninth inning tweet. I’m glued. Zoned in. Work will have to wait for a bit. Events like this don’t happen every day. Now here’s something you may not have heard: The ninth inning catch by Wise was actually reported as a double on MLB Game Day. Talk about a let down. My heart isn’t thumping quite as hard. Then the phone beeps. I read the tweet. “Great catch over the fence by Wise! One out.” OMG. Are you crapping me? This isn’t over! I get up and close my door.

The next two outs are recorded, and I’m giddy. Giggling out loud, in fact. Cheering, too. Texts, calls, IMs, and emails start pouring in. I allow myself a bit of time to enjoy it before diving back into work. But in all fairness, I think I need to cut a refund to our finance department.

The train ride home gave me time to catch up on everything Facebook. Loved reading all the posts from throughout the afternoon. It gave you a real sense of the magic that was building. And sharing the experience with friend – many whom I’ve met on this blog – couldn’t have been better.

Today has been a day I’ll never forget. It ended perfectly: all of my family watching the re-airing of a perfect performance by a spectacular sportsman. Thank you andd congratulations, Mark Buehrle! I am so proud of you, and even more proud to be a Sox fan!

Mark is my favorite White Sox player of all-time. This could not have happened to a better guy. This performance was amazing. I did not get to see the game live because I was at work. I was mad that I would not see it today and did not want to know the score of the game before I watched it. On the drive home however, I heard on the radio, “Big news in baseball today as Mark Buehrle throws a perfect game.” I yelled “no way!” and “Yes, way to go Mark!” I have watched it now on which I subscribe to and heard the Hawk and Stoney call the game. I have watched the highlights more than once. I remember seeing his no-hitter and loving that and hoped one day to see him pitch a perfect game. Now I have! Amazing day! Go White Sox and way to go Mark!

Scott – thanks for all of the tweets. It was much more than just doing the job – it kept me informed and part of the action. I was able to get a meeting to take a recess, move to a room with a television, and watch the last three outs. If I had not gotten a tweet, I would have missed the first hand look at history. Thanks for all you do to keep us in touch.

Thanks again for another in depth look at our White Sox on a truely “Perfect” day. I listened to the game at work but honestly didn’t realize what was going on until after the 7th when a friend texted me, ” Buehrle is doing that thing that we can’t talk about.” I finished the call I was on and went to a restaurant across the street to watch the final innings. I sat there with 2 cooks, a manager, and a bus boy watching the final 2 innings. We talked baseball but never said the words “no hitter” or “perfect game.” When the game was over, we cheered in a private room of an empty restaurant like it was the world series.
Throughout the whole ordeal, the main theme of our conversations was that it couldn’t happen to a better guy. We also talked about what Mark’s personal goals might be now. He already has a world series ring, all star appearances, no hitter, and now perfect game. Congratulations to Mark and the Chicago White Sox,
Thanks again for all your updates.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! The tweets got me on my I=phone “watching” on MLB lite. I was at the doctor with one of the kids and when I got the tweet got excited and then texted my kids, husband, and siblings to let them know. The texts started flying and I went to FB looking for my fan reaction—haven’t figured out yet how to get the blog on my phone–anyone know??? I wore down my battery this afternoon!!

After the 7th looked at the guy sitting across from me in the waiting room and asked him if he was a sox fan and when he said yes told him Buehrle was perfect through 7. He pulled out his phone and the receptionist turned up the radio SHE was listening too!

After the 8th I called my son and told him to start DVRing and was on my way home listening to DJ and Farmio. I could barely drive! I think this made me more nervous than the last no hitter and more nervous than the series. Farmer and DJ were great and I really did tear up with the final call.

The Tweets were great–you tell your MLB people that! Would love to see a player or two jump on board. I know they can’t during games (maybe) but would be fun to follow. The Blackhawks had a player doing it during the playoffs and it was very cool to follow. Chris Getz has one, but hasn’t tweeted in awhile. I think it’s time for him to get back to it!!

Thanks again Scott for sharing the pictures, links, and inside info. This makes it even more special for us fans. Congrats to Mark!

I was at the gym for my daily workout and watched the game while on the treadmill (sans sound) as I usually will for afternoon games. When Fields hit the grand slam, I would probably have fallen off if I hadn?t been walking at the time. I would continue to glance up at the TVs as I lifted weights, and then switched to WSCR on the drive to the gas station and home. When Ramirez scored Podsednik, I cheered so loud the girl in the car next to me gave me a weird look. I then turned on the house TV from the sixth inning on. Until then, I hadn?t fully realized what was happening, since most of the time I had been watching the game without sound. All I knew was that Mark was definitely bringing his A-game today.

As the innings progressed, I slowly realized that history was in the making. I watched with anticipation and kept refreshing the blog page. By the 8th inning, I?m completely zoned in. With every pitch, I can?t believe what I?m seeing. As that ball in the ninth inning headed toward the center field wall, I think I literally stopped breathing for a moment. I was going to call my dad at work to tell him what was happening, but I didn?t want to jinx it. When that final out was made I started jumping around the living room, yelling and shouting for joy. Only then do I realize that my dad would want to see this, so I reverse the DVR to the beginning of the ninth and hit record. The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur, reading all the Facebook posts, calling my dad, and watching the coverage on CSN.

I can honestly say that this could not have happened to a nicer guy. Mark is one of those rare players who thinks more about the team and the game as a whole rather than himself. He always gives 100%, works the same from a Spring Training game to a World Series game, and always gives due to his fellow players, team members, and the fans. He is the reason that I love the Sox so much. I was raised a Sox fan, but he?s the reason I started really following the team last year.

I will bet you anything that so many people thought that he had reached the top when he threw the no-hitter back in 2007, but they were wrong. That was just the beginning. Now let?s see what he can do to top this.

Oh, and did anyone notice that he was also wearing the alternate uniform when he threw the no-hitter? Maybe it?s become lucky for him.


We need to inform President Obama how to pronounce Dewayne’s last name.

People might think that the football coach from that school in South Bend is playing center field for us!!!


Thanks for your wonderful post about this perfect day!!!

Before I left home to work onsite at a client’s office, I checked my DirecTV to see if this was a game I could get – it wasn’t but I was able to record the pre-and post-game shows, so I set that up and went off to work.

I was checking periodically on the game on Gameday, and about the 6th inning, I went to the summary, and checked the top half of each of the 6 innings. That was when I realized, OMG, it’s been 18 up and 18 down. I phoned my brother at his office in Chicago, to tell him to check on the game. I told him I wasn’t going to say any specific words about what was happening, just that there was something special happening at the Cell. I was almost afraid to think what I was thinking, for fear of a jinx (even though I know Mark Buehrle is sooo not superstitious about these things).

I had been looking in on this blog, and posting, and I checked more frequently from the 6th inning on.

When it got to the 8th inning, I realized it was time to walk over to the cafeteria and get lunch, so I fired up my iPhone with the MLB app that lets me listen to WSCR. I could hardly breathe, and my hands were shaking as I walked slowly, the long way, to the caf. After Buehrle retired the side, I went inside, got my salad, and walked out. I started up the game again, in time to hear the top of the 9th. When Farmer called the long drive to left center field, my heart almost stopped. Then he said Wise caught it, and I started shallow breathing again. With the final out, I was just ecstatic.

I went back into the office where I work, and my friend Michael was the only one around, so I told him “I just have to tell somebody about this – Mark Buehrle just pitched a perfect game in Chicago!!!.”

Michael is not particularly a sports fan, and not from Chicago, but I guess my excitement came through, and he was very supportive and happy with me.

Then, I downloaded the iPhone app that lets me control my DVR and set it up to record the WGN news at 9.

I got an email from my youngest daughter with the subject “Wow!” so I knew right away that she had heard. For the rest of the day and evening, I shared my joy with family and friends. Like you said, a PERFECT day!!!


I was at the Motley Crue concert last night…haven’t been to a concert in almost 10 years…. (they rocked by the way)…. so my son spent the evening at grandmas house. I slept late, went to breakfast with the Mrs., then she went to pick him up and I came home to read the paper about Parque and watch the game. I sat on my couch and watched Fields hit the slam… started getting the feeling that maybe he could do it in the 6th…. had to take a piss starting in the 7th but didn’t want to leave my seat so i held it…. the catch by D Weezie was amazing and I felt justified in my stance that he should have been kept over Anderson. Hawk and Stone were outstanding today and I have heard Hawk’s call at least 15 times now and it still makes me laugh. I’m not the biggest Buehrle fan around but some of the stuff he’s accomplished in his career is better than any sox pitcher i have seen (no hittter, perfect game, home run)…. Hopefully he has a better start in Minny than he did last time. Also, I hope they didn’t celebrate too hard…. let mark get drunk as **** and everyone else hold back… gotta win tomorrow.



First, I want to say thank you for this blog: I’m a longtime reader, but have never before commented.

I’m also mighty unusual as Sox fans go: not only am I not from Chicago, I’m not even from the US. Born and raised in southern England, I now live in London. We used to get baseball on television here overnight two nights a week, and that was how I fell in love with the game and, eventually, the Sox. It sure baffles other fans in the crowd (on the rare occasions I get to a game) when the guy in the Sox hat is speaking with a pure English accent…

So, Buehrle’s game may have been a day game to you guys, but was an evening game for me – first pitch 7:05 pm London time. I usually manage to catch most of the day games on after work, and I joined this one an inning or so in. As I was fixing dinner and all that, I only had one eye on the game, but it was about five innings in that I started to notice Hawk intoning “15 up, 15 down” (or whatever) after each inning, and began paying more attention. By the time it got to the 8th, I was pacing around my apartment with shredded nerves and fingernails. Wise’s catch nearly killed me: the picture on the computer isn’t the biggest, so I couldn’t see for a couple of seconds whether he’d come up with the ball or not. And as for the final out, it was kinda cool that it was almost identical to the last out in 2005 (and I have the call for that out on my iPod, and pretty much know it by heart now!).

The worst bit about being a baseball fan over here is that there’s very few people who even understand the game, let alone care: much though I needed to scream at someone towards the end, I was alone on that one. Thank goodness for Twitter is all I can say – I’d have exploded otherwise! I spoke to my girlfriend after the game, who patiently endures being a baseball widow, and her reaction was just “yes, dear”, “that’s nice, dear”πŸ™‚

Given that I can only watch about a third of each season’s Sox games as they happen (a 7:11 ballgame for me starts a bit after 1am), I’m so glad that Buehrle did this in a day game. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy, and I hope you’re all enjoying it over there!


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. congrats for Mr. Buehrle! And I’m glad some of the reserves like Wise and Castro played such a big part in it. It spreads the glory. I hope this can help boost the team up for the second half and get this team playing some smart baseball!

Thanks for the inside scoop on the days events Scott. As has been said many times before, this makes us feel like we are a special part of this team. Thank you.

You want to know what I was doing? Since this game started at 11 AM I did my house chores early so I could be ready for first pitch. I listened to the pre-game show on WSCR via audio feed and did my stretching and sit ups. Game started and Mark went through the first three guys before I was even settled down. Three up and down for us in our half inning and I thought this would be a low scoring game.

Bottom of second and with two outs I wasn’t expecting much, but when Josh got ahead in the count 3-1 I was hoping for a good swing at the ball and maybe a hit. What a hit! A grand slam! I figured we had a good shot at winning this game. After Mark shut them down in the third I started musing: What if he can go through the line-up a second time?

After that happened I thought Hmmmm. and posted that on your blog. As is my habit, I contributed fluff, but today I didn’t say one word about how Mark was doing, I just said Go Sox’09….. I also said for Hawk to shut up after Mark set them down in the eighth.

DeWaynes catch in the ninth was nothing short of miraculous. When I saw it “live” I thought he went about two feet over the wall to coral it. The many replays showed that to just be my imagination. But there were still two outs to go. After each one I clapped and cheered. And when it was over stayed for a couple of minutes for interviews. That was good.

First thing my wife asked when she got home from work was how my day went. I finally had a real live audience to share with….. and I did.

The rest is history and will never be taken away. I was gratified at all the congratulations from fans of other teams sending their kudos to Mark, D-Wise and the whole team. Very classy.

After a day like yesterday was ( a once in a lifetime experience) what do you do for an encore? We will find out in a few hours for another day game in Detroit….. Thanks again Scott, Thank you Mark, D-Wise, Josh, and Team….. Go Chicago White Sox’09…..j.k.

I was at work for the perfect game. Listening to it online as I always do, and noticed the zeros across the board around the 5th inning and was like, wow, Buehrle’s doing great! (And thrilled that Fields hit that grand slam so we were winning, which was what I was hoping for — just a win!) Then the 6th came and went. And the 7th. I emailed my Dad in Washington, emailed my Mom and texted my brother to make sure he was watching/at least listening. When the 8th inning started, all work was forgotten — my full attention was listening to every pitch. My brother called and he was watching. Then the 9th inning. I could barely breathe. The pause before Wise for sure had that ball was the longest second of my life!! I was so excited that I was jumping around my office. When that final out was recorded, I called my brother and we cried together — we were at the 2007 no-hitter. How I wish I had called in and gone to the game! But I watched it last night — and still got chills and was just as nervous as when I was listening to it live!
My brother kept me on the phone so I could listen to Buerhle’s press conference. He is so humble. Honestly, and not just because I live and breathe on the Southside, but Buerhle is truly a great person. It couldn’t have happened to a better person.
Buehrle was outstanding as always — he is a true All Star. And I’m proud that he’s one of ours!
Go Sox!

Scott, Whew…thanks for an amazing recap. I got goosebumps @ home when I heard your voice during the press conference say that the President was on the line wanting to congratulate Mark.
My only child, my son, Evan, was born in August 2005. As a life-long (and let’s be frank, long-suffering) White Sox fan, I did have some concerns about what life would be like for him growing up a Sox fan when he started off life with a World Series championship!
Yesterday, while I was at work, my parents decided to take my son to the third game of his life. They figured that with Mark taking the mound it would be a fast game which would be ideal for his almost four year old attention span. Little did they know.
With profuse apologies to Mark, my son was more impressed with the helmet sundae than the perfect game. As a father of young kids himself, I hope he will understand! But now we have another White Sox story in our family lore with great thanks to a truly remarkable man.
July has been an amazing month to be a White Sox fan and I just couldn’t be more proud of my team!

i started watching around the 5th inning. During the 7th inning I started texting and calling friends to tune in to watch the game.

i was so happy for mark to achieve this milestone. what an accomplishment. he’s such a class act, humble and takes it all in stride. amazing. a day i’ll never forget as i watched history being made.

Thanks for all the twitter updates!!!! I unfortunately was at work during the game. I logged on to twitter and saw your update about us needing to tune in. Thankfully, I’m a Sox Pride Club member and used my MLB Gameday Audio subscription to tune in. What a great experience!! The the emails started floating around the office, and a couple of gathered (even the Cubs fans) to talk about how great of an accomplishment it is!!!!!!!!!!! What a great team, what a great day. Congrats to Mark!

I’ve followed this blog for a long time, but have always been a lurker until now. I guess it was going to take something this special to get me to post.πŸ™‚

I was at work, started following on GameDay in about the 5th inning. Saw we were winning, but actually didn’t realize Buehrle had a perfect game going.

My brother called me in about the 7th and told me “Hey, you following the game, Buehrle’s got a perfect game going!”

To which I figured, well now it’s jinxed.

So then my cube mate and I tried to get my radio that I have on my desk working so we could listen to the game. Got that working and listened to the 8th and then we had a “duh” moment when we remembered the demo room in the office has DirectTV. So ran in there to find it and saw the 9th. Wise’s catch was amazing, and I was holding my breath at the last out grounder. So awesome!

Watched the encore replay last night and home and still got chills.

Been a good last couple of years to be a Sox fan, WS in ’05, Buehrle’s no-no and Thome’s 500th in ’07, JD and Konerko’s 300th this year and now this. Only wish I could still share the moments with my dad who I lost last year. He taught me now to be a Sox fan.

–Mary Jo

Wow! What a game! But that was yesterday and we have another game ( or two) today. Time to turn the page and see what we can do against Verlander….. Go Jose and Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Good job Jose. The flow of this game sure is different from yesterdays. but that’s ok. Keep us in it Jose and we can beat Verlander…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Well, Maria’s loss was me and my father’s gain. We were there to again witness some amazing White Sox history.

I saw Scott for the first time in awhile while talking with game program guru Gareth Brunlein before the game–we must have caught him before he rushed into his imagined BAM meeting at noon, and yes, I have already suggested to Scott and Gareth that ASAP next homestand we should all meet for five minutes before the game once again.

Here are my snapshots from the game (I did actually take snapshots of Buehrle’s first pitch, ninth inning, and shot video of the last at-bat and celebration):

Early in the game, perhaps between the first and second or second and third innings, Buerhle was talking with the home plate umpire. The fact that the talk took place midway up the third base line indicates the conversation was initiated by the home-plate ump. I wonder what the subject was? Was Mark grousing about a tight plate? Predicting his perfect game?

Bases loaded, 3-2 to Josh Fields. My dad is hoping for a RBI walk, and I tell him no worries, we’re about to get four. Bam! 4-0.

I hadn’t realized Buehrle hadn’t allowed a baserunner early, but when I saw Upton leading off the 4th and couldn’t recall a double play, I knew he was nine-for-nine. From the 4th forward, my radar was on.

By the fifth or sixth, my dad says, hey, I don’t want to say anything, but I see 0-0-0- up there. And I say, you kidding, Mark is down in the dugout joking about it right now I’m sure–he’s the one guy we don’t have to whisper around.

I asked my dad if he’d ever been to a game where a no-hitter got past six innings. Neither of us had. (I saw Mike Mussina throw a one-hitter on the Texas Rangers in 1992, the closest I’ve come to a no-hitter, but if memory serves, that one hit came early.)

Buzz is audible in the stands by the seventh. My dad, too macho for nervousness or superstition, is feeling both by now. He keeps saying he can’t watch, but unlike past nerve-wracking scenarios, he does watch, every pitch.

When Pods drills Cormier with a grounder and the entire Rays bench runs out to check him out, I must say my concern was not for Cormier or for Scotty Pods’ lost single, but for Buehrle, potentially getting iced while a new reliever enters and gets a million warmups because of the injury.

In the eighth, my view is for whatever reason obstructed on the left-field smash by Pat Burrell (any reason to throw anything but breaking stuff to that guy?), screaming right in front of us. I hear some fans groan and think, oh no. But I see the third base ump with his dramatic spin and foul call, and you just know Burrell is going down and the perfecto would be preserved.

Bottom of the eighth, predictably I have my nerve-wracked father saying, guys, just wave at nine pitches and let’s get back to Buehrle. Pretty much what ended up happening.

The bottom of the ninth, what can you say. It might not have been the fever pitch of Scottie’s game-winning homer in the 2005 World Series or last year’s blackout, but if not, it was close. Everyone around us was excited, and already, sort of stunned to be witnessing potential history.

Wise’s catch–good lord. Off the bat and following the arc of the ball, I thought it was gone, a row or two into the stands. We were too excited to really see what happened (the bobble) but pretty much right there we knew a perfect game was in store. Isn’t it interesting that while Alexei and Gordon both made some decent plays, Alexei with some strong throws from the hole in particular, only Wise’s catch stands out as otherworldly among the outs from this game?

When the final out was secured, of course the place erupted. I shot the final out on camera as a fun keepsake. Meanwhile my father was running up and down the aisle between 143 and 144–not sure if he thought Buerhle was going to toss him a glove or he was just making a bunch of new best friends, but it’s not everyday you see a 67-year-old hopping around like a kid.

Everybody was hugging and slapping five. A guy in front of us was saying how he was here for Mark’s first no-hitter, and we said likewise, and while I imagine many fans were around for both games, that’s still a pretty special slice of history for us to be a part of.

To the parking lot and through the inch-by-inch creep of traffic out, we’re honking the horn, yelling “perfect game,” still in disbelief, turning up the radio whenever the final out is being rebroadcast. Just amazing. Perhaps not on the level of walking down the fan ramps in 2005 with everyone yelling SWEEP! or singing Na-Na-Na-Na, but darn close.

My dad kept mentioning to parents with little kids, or the little kids themselves (he’s a diehard to talks to ’em all) about how they don’t even realize what they’ve seen and will love to look back on this. Too true. At my first game in 1977, Richie Zisk achieved the then-rare feat of hitting a ball OVER the Comiskey Park roof for a homer. I can still picture that ball just rising up, up, up–and disappearing! I imagine the kids yesterday–hey, all of us watching at the park or at home–never forgetting Wise’s catch, either.

And for me, lucky enough to have a cover story on Mark in the current game program, that’s sort of an added, exciting bonus, imagining the many programs he’ll be autographing for fans from his new position in history.

Thanks, Mark! And thanks to Scott for this cool fan forum, and to all our faithful contributors who make the White Sox fan experience so special and unique.

OMGosh! Scott, just like experiencing it all over again reading your post – goosebumps and all! Especially from your point of view. I didn’t even think of and can’t imagine all the caos that went on behind the scenes as this was happening.

I was actually lucky enough to be at the game. ALMOST gave my tics away because we’re pretty busy at work but decided it’s been too long since I’ve been to a weekday day game. Perfect day, nice crowd, was sitting behind the Sox dugout about 1/2 way back. I noticed from the beginning it was a no-hitter. Just like when watching at home when you wait for Hawk to say “cancel the post-game show”. But that never happened.

Around the 5th inning the guy behind us tries to point out what’s happening to his young son, who doesn’t realize what’s going on. I kindly turn around and give him the “shhhhh” sign. He said yeah, you’re right and discontinues the conversation with his son.

The 6th inning is where I think all 28,000 fans really started to notice what was happening. Cheers for outs continued to get louder, with most of us standing for the third out of the inning.

The game was going so quickly (as usual with Beurhle). It’s the 7th inning, crap, last call for beer, I definitely need another beer to get me through this.

8th inning. By this time, I’m just thrilled that the Detroit game is over and they lost – I would have been happy with that and a regular shut out! But no, this was even more – so sureal. While we’re batting in the bottom of the 8th I take the fastest bathroom break ever. I manage to log on to FB really quick and update my status as just “omg..omg..omg” which is all I kept saying as well.

9th inning. How can he look so calm and collected walking out onto that mound? They announce the D. Wise switch. I think ok, yeah, that makes sense. Then the swing and fly ball to center. My heart immediately breaks. So much goes through my mind. All I’m thinking is please don’t let it be a home run – let it be a double at the most, shut the next three down, it’s still a shut out and we still move into first place. Then I think oh crap I didn’t see the ball bounce off the wall it must have gone over, man poor Buerhle. Wait, why is everyone cheering? Are you kidding me? HE CAUGHT THE BALL?????? HOLY $%*(&!!!!!!! Watching the replay on the big screen, I can’t believe it. The next 2 outs seemed to have come and gone in seconds compared to that fly ball to center!

That’s it, it’s over, done. Did I seriously just witness this?? The whole team swarms in celebration. Crap, my camera battery just died. Next comes the shaving cream pie. I wanted to cry but couldn’t stop smiling and yelling. It was an amazing thing to witness in person. Watching Buerhle on the big screen for the press conference was great. It wasn’t until later that I finally heard he left to take the call from President Obama. Does it get any better than that?!?!

Last night (and evey today still), I can’t get enough of the replays, coverage, etc.

Today as I rehash the story with co-workers and friend I truely feel that my lifelong dedication and commitment to the White Sox was personally repaid to me yesterday. THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION.

Scott, thank you so much for all the FB updates. And posting those pics so quickly was awesome too! I’m sooo glad that I learned at Blog Night on Tuesday that you were on FB and was able to add you before yesterday. Keep up the great work!

–Deidre O’Donohue

Good chance, but no dice. Go get ’em Jose….

Here is the link to my photos from the Blog Night. They are on Facebook, but you don’t have to be a member to see them. I apologize for some of the blurriness, but my camera can be kinda cruddy sometimes.

All right, another good job by Jose…. Let’s get one or two this inning, what do you say? It will be my last to watch as I have a golf outing to get to. I’ll be back sometime after the start of game # two….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Wow, still reeling from yesterday’s game! It was amazing! My mother called me screaming, my son texted me! I even texted my daughter while she was working at Sonic knowing she’d be thrilled.

As I sat at my computer watching the game, I had other things going on in the background as I usually do, facebook or some sort of game.. about the 6th inning I decided it was time for lunch so I got up to make a sandwich (kitchen is 5 ft from the computer) as I opened the frig, THAT’S when it dawned on me and my brain kicked in ‘hey, this is a perfect game, he hasn’t walked anybody’ I mean, I knew the no hitter thing was happening but for some reason the rest hadn’t hit me yet, perhaps lack of food at such a late hr, who knows. Then I became tense, with every pitch, every swing, every everything! I couldn’t scream or yell, my husband works midnight’s and would not have appreciated being woke up, not being a baseball fan, (I know, don’t know how I did that) so all this emotion was pouring out of me via shaking hands and tears streaming… Dewayne— holy cow – – my daughter, a former centerfielder for her highschool, got chills when I made her watch that catch on baseball tonight later on in the evening.. I can’t get enough of the replays and videos… today, in retelling the story to my husband, he finally ‘got it’ but still doens’t appreciate it for what it’s worth anymore than I appreciate some of the stuff he enjoys. That last out, sorry to Alexei but I was praying he wouldn’t overthrow it, he still scares me to death!

I got a big kick out of a feed they showed of the Phillies lockeroom going biserk after Dewayne’s catch… it was too hilarious.

Not gonna catch most of this game but will be here tonight… I just gotta say…

I love you guys, I love this game!… this blog becomes so important to me when times in Texas get to be too much, wait, that’s all the time!!!! πŸ™‚

“I love baseball. You know it doesn’t have to mean anything, it’s just beautiful to watch

Go Sox….See you all later……..j.k.

Thanks for all the coverage, Scott. I got goosebumps reading parts of it. In fact, I’ve seen the replays 325 times and still get goosebumps seeing Dewayne’s catch and the last out. Unbelievable.
I had marching band practice all day yesterday. I had previously checked the score on my iPod and saw it was 4-0 and then 5-0, but I didn’t realize what was going on. I got a text around 2:45 saying, “Mark Buehrle is 6 outs away from a perfect game!” I ran up to my band director (who has a tv in his office) and asked if he had cable. He said he did not, but we checked all the Sox-related, non-cable channels(WGN, fox, WCIU) to see if they were showing the game. If only he got CSN! I did get to listen to the 9th inning on the radio in someone’s car. I had chills the whole time. Unbelievable game.

All I keep saying and all I keep thinking is WOW! WOW! WOW!

I was at work during the game yesterday and was pretty frustrated because I couldn’t get game day up on my computer so I was following via the blog and by the MLB”S scoreboard. We were pretty busy at work and I didn’t even realize what was going on until someone posted OMG, OMG, OMG….then Klein posted I wish Hawk would quit saying that! Then I actually looked again at the scoreboard and realized it was the bottom of the 8th and there were zero’s all across that scoreboard. At this point I lock myself in the bathroom and commence to calling my family members all of whom are ignoring my calls because they are so into the game. Finally, my husband calls and says “This is History, baby!” I could tell how emotional he was just by his voice which of course made me emotional. I then call my daughter who is going absolutely ballistic then everybody i was trying to call before is calling me back now, but by this time I’m shaking and in tears fighting to get myself under control because I HAD to get back to work! But I still took the call from my mom and spoke to her and could hear my Dad and brother in the background! LOL!

My coworker is NOT a sports fan in any sense of the word so he just doesn’t get why I’m so excited and jumping around screaming while crying….he simply thinks, okay she’s really gone off the deep end this time! Needless to say I couldn’t WAIT to get off of work at 7 so that I could get home and experience it all again for myself! I was sooo impressed by all the coverage and how genuinely happy people all over the nation are for Mark Buerhle. As I said before, now everyone sees why we love him so much here on Chi-Town’s South Side, the BEST side! And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy!

Notes on a certain Thursday that will never be forgotten…

There certainly were a lot of “nervous Nellies” in White Sox Universe after the 7th inning yesterday — right, lady Jen?…and the rest of you…

i left my sessions and headed home… I stood outside a bar (really!!!) on Dearborn, slightly north of Van Buren and looked through the window at the game… I saw Burrell’s soft liner to Beckham to end the 8th… didn’t see the “JUST FOUL” till later on… then I walked away towards the bus stop, hoping that the WS would make the quickest three outs in the history of baseball…

I got back to the window to see that is was the top of the 9th… Kapler was up… Here, then, the timeline, more or less…


How ironic, for two reasons… 1) Wise was chosen “player to be most disliked” when TCQ was activated Monday and BA was sent down… 2) June of 1958, at the old Comiskey… Billy Pierce, within one out of a perfect game vs Washington, gives up a double to Ed Fitzgerald down the RF line…the only hit !!!

Back to the present…

3:09 PM Hernandez strikes out swinging… one to go…

3:09:41 Strike called to Bartlett
3:09:52 Ball one
3:10:03 Ball two
3:10:25 Ground ball to shortstop, Ramirez to first …

Perfection… and all hell breaks loose everywhere in White Sox Universe…

The “perfect man” pitches the perfect game…

Tears flow in Crown Point, DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS, in Tucson, in Palo Alto… and especially at 35th Street and Shields Avenue… and other points…

Oh, and BTW… the White Sox are tied for 1st place in the AL Central, headed for Detroit and a 4 game series…

Just another day at the office???

Far from it…

I was not at the game, but my husband was and since he is not a blogger, I will relay his take on being there.

First off, we were season ticketholders last year, but he did not want to share in the full cost of season tickets this year. I still wanted to be and paid for them myself. He picked out only a few games to buy and picked the Thursday day game to take his clients from Harris Bank to, back in May. A funny aside is that Wednesday night, we discovered that he thought Thursday’s game was a night game! Fortunately, his clients knew it was a day game so they were all ready to attend.

They met at the Cell in the top of the 2nd inning (“never go to a game with your boss–you’ll always leave work late”) and my husband predicted Josh Fields would strike out with bases loaded. After the slam, the clients asked my husband to keep predicting strikeouts so the Sox would keep hitting. About the sixth inning, the guys began wondering if Mark had just a no-hitter, or if it was actually a perfect game. They kept thinking someone had walked. As the game went on and they realized it was a perfect game, my husband (a champion worrier), got more and more anxious. He was at the game Gavin Floyd had a no-hitter going and lost in the 9th and had passed on the chance to go to Mark’s first no-hitter (I was at that one and took a friend instead). From our seats in the right field corner, they had a perfect view of D. Wise’s catch. My husband said he spent the entire 9th inning with his hands clenched firmly on the top of his head.

When the game was over and history written, he finally relaxed and was able to enjoy the moment. His clients couldn’t thank him enough and declared that even if he wasn’t in the budget for next year, he would be now! But the magic wasn’t completely over yet. He was talking to me on the phone as he crawled through traffic after he left the ballpark. We were going over the amazing game when he complained about firetrucks and cop cars suddenly stopping all the traffic. Next thing he knew, President Obama’s motorcade was there! Talk about a 2-fer!

The best thing for me personally is that now whenever I talk about being at Mark Buehrle’s no-hitter, my husband can no longer make me feel guilty by whining, “I should have been at that game” because he was at one himself!

I just want to add my thanks to Jerry, Kenny, Ozzie, Coop and whomever else was involved in keeping Mark here in Chicago with the White Sox so we can all lay claim to his perfection! Congratulations to Mark–the best ever!!!

Sorry to be a little late posting this but my day yesterday will explain why…(hate to see we lost the first of the doubleheader).

It was a typical work day for me, sitting at the computer doing architectural drawings for my company, but I wasn’t going to miss a White Sox game. Since being tipped off to (thanks guysπŸ™‚ ), I planned on keeping check with the game when I had a little down time in my work.

I made a comment on the blog about Buehrle’s 1-2-3 inning to start it off and that would be the only mention by me of him being perfect. I cheered silently when Fields hit his grand slam and I knew we had a good chance at getting the W. It was about the 4th or 5th inning I realized he had a no-hitter going, but it wasn’t until missjennifer posted “18 up and 18 down” that clued me into the perfect game. Sure enough, I checked Buehrle’s live stats and he had zero walks. After making an earlier comment about his curveball being wicked and “dialed in”, I knew there was a chance I was watching something magical happen before my eyes. I decided to put work on hold and watch the rest of the game with my full attention. Burrell’s foul ball in the 8th made my heart skip a beat, but little did I know my nerves would really get skaken up in the 9th. Wise made one of the, if not THE best catch I’ve ever seen in my life. I screamed HE GONE when Buehrle got the 2nd out and I was just praying for one more out. Sure enough, Bartlett’s grounder to Alexei had me screaming at the top of my lungs…well, if I wasn’t at work in Virginia where I’m the only White Sox fan around.

I go home after work and immediately turn on ESPNews. I finally got to hear Hawk’s call of the game and his raw emotion brought tears to my eyes. This couldn’t have happened to a better guy in the clubhouse and I can’t wait to see #56 on the outfield wall in the future. He means so much to this organization and to White Sox fans the world over. Sadly I couldn’t get online to convey my emotions to others as I had to get ready for jury duty today, which , as my first time doing so, is another experience I will never forget as well. Once again, my sincere congratulations to Mark Buehrle for making his moment in baseball history. He truly deserved it and I hope to see him in a White Sox uniform for years to come.

Now let’s win this 2nd game guys. Go White Sox!

Howdy Howdy!!! Missed the first game, but I’m here now! Doesn’t appear jk is back from his golf outing yet, just Josh and I!!!

Let’s Go Sox!

Hawk and Steve are killing me talking about this kid’s Bodine’s mama passin and then their own mom’s… wow… yikes… no more tears!

Awesome job Thome and Dye!! We’ve got this game off on the right foot!

Aj would’ve had that!!!! UGH!

My goodness Colon.

Good job Bartolo. Now lets get a couple of runs and regain the lead….Go Sox’09…j.k.

Hi there! I finally realized I was on the “wrong” page…..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Another too bad there. Keep holding them down Bartolo……

Wow, Scottie Pods looked really angry there. I can’t necessarily say that I blame him, though.

Now?… Come on Boys get a couple of runs……Go Sox’09….j.k.

Can we please get some runs?

jk, what page were you on? I was missing you.

Big time trouble…. Come on (again) Matt……

Hi kris. I went to Scott’s Pregame Monday post…Whoops.. Go Sox…

Lol. At the wrong end of the week.

We’re staring down the barrel of being TWO games back. We need to win one of the remaining two if this stays like it is….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

See you all tomorrow after another golf game…. Come on Sox….. Get a game back…. j.k.

To score is one thing, to walk it in is another thing… bullpen issues again…

Ok, now we REALLY need some runs if we are going to win this game and regain our tie with Detroit.

this dude is 20 for 20 in save situations?? criky….

Dang. That was painful.

TC, I thought the same thing about game 2 of the 05 WS & Pods homer (nothing would ever top it) until yesterday. Nothing (sportswise at least) has ever compared to the firsthand feeling of watching Mark throw the perfecto. The ballpark was absolutely electric.
Too bad Matt walked Clete Thomas. You could see in Thomas’ eyes that he knew he didn’t have a chance against Matt’s fastball.
GB really needs to move a step to the right. He does not have the range to his right to keep setting up where he does only to continually get beaten by balls down the line. Mags’ ball tonight was yet another example of of GB not setting up correctly and was a ball that MUST be stopped in the 8th inning of a tie game. No excuse for that ball getting past him down the line.
Hope for better days Sat & Sunday.

well talk about an absolute **** in your pants…. that was terrible. contreras and colon both pitched very well… yet the sox couldn’t win one of the games.

They took all the good feelings from yesterday, crumpled em up, and threw em right in the garbage. Now we have to face Jackson and Porcello…. I don’t like our chances. I am going on a small trip til Tuesday so hopefully you guys go 3-0 without me. Though i will be able to catch sunday nites game thankfully.

PS… I thought the Sox were supposed to be the ones with the good bullpen and the Tigers pen was supposed to suck… didn’t look that way today.


Any momentum from Buehrle’s perfecto, taking 2 of 3 from TB, 5 of 7 on the home stand, and a 1st place tie for the division… went out the window yesterday and last night…

From euphoria to despair in one day! Hang in there Sox’09 fans…….. Go Team…..j.k.

Good job Gavin. I’m having to “radio” it since Fox is showing Philly of all teams here in Tucson….. I can understand Anaheim, but Philadelphia?…. Go Sox Go…..j.k.

Gavin is defintely doing an awesome job today. I missed the first 5 1/2 innings since I saw Harry Potter, but the little I have seen has been quite impressive. Hopefully we can win today and tomorrow, bringing us back to where we were as of Thursday.

keep holding them down Matt, and Go Sox….

Er I mean Oh Do Tell…..

Come on Bobby!!!!!! Go Sox’09…….j.k.

All right!. One more run please…..Go Sox’09….j.k.

Ok, please No Drama Babby.

Now, No Drama Bobby……… Three outs to go……

Two to go……..

Two to go…


yea, we have Bobby Drama once again!!!

Tired of hearing about Inge’s knee… so he’s hurting, so the hell what… someone needs to kick him or accidently hit him or something and make it down and out gone hurt!


So much for NO drama…. Come on Bobby…..

One to go…. Come on Bobby…..


I knew that I kept flashing back to Tuesday for a reason….

DAMN IT! I’ve officially given up on Bobby, what is the deal with him?

Bobby, BS (blown save) Jenks……

We need to get to the 10th…..

Come on Sox….. Nothing is coming easy, so it’s back to work….. Get a couple of runs right here and finish this one out……..Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Geez, looked like Jenks was getting his composure back right before that hit. Thought the big guy would get back on the wagon today. Oh well…

Come on Thome my Homie!

I quit!

It’s almost too scary to watch!

We need the 11th…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

And it actually was. Darn it.

Game set match…….

I can’t blame Bobby for this one. He made an absolutely nasty pitch to Thames and shattered the bat, only to see a bloop land in right field. Then he made a great pitch to Granderson, waist high on the inside corner, only to have Granderson get around on it just enough to get itg down the line and over the bag.

Again, the biggest problem was not scoring an insurance run or two in the late innings when we had our chances.

Let’s just get tomorrow night’s game and come out of this only two back. Lots of ball to be played. No panic mode yet.

Ouch, I just saw we’re 3 games back now. We had friends come into town this weekend so I wasn’t able to watch the last 3 games. I realize I’ve been lacking on my White Sox support lately, so I’m definitely watching tomorrow come hell or high water. Hopefully we’ll get a win. By the way, can we fly those nuns to Detroit tomorrow? Go White Sox!

We just got outplayed the last three games. Hard to watch that’s for sure.

Thank you, tc, for talking me down from the ledge. You’re right, still a lot of baseball left. Just hurts to have what feels like a momentum boost only to be slapped back to earth like this but there must be some reason the Tigers have been in first place for so long, right? Go Clay tonight and then on the the humpdome!

Gah, I forgot I had a birthday party to go to tonight. Luckily, we’re going to a bar for a little bit, so I’ll be able to see the game on tv, but I doubt I’ll be on the blog tonight. So, JK, Peggy, Kris, and all the rest of my bloggin buddies, keep up the blog support for me tonight. I hope to be back fully tomorrow for the Twinkies. Let’s get a W tonight. Go White Sox!

One and One Half Hours to go before our Boys play the Tigers On ESPN….. I will be watching on the Big screen so I’ll check in later also….. tc is correct about not going off the edge. Go Sox’09….j.k.

damn – – I like the start of this –

why do they go to a break during the damn game????? wtf is that?

Yay, yay, yay!!! A big first inning!! A great pitching performance from Clay!! No drama from the bullpen!! Let’s get three more like this in the dump dome!!!


Great outing by C-Rich. Last time he did the same and we couldn’t get him the win. He deserved a “W” for today: his reward? Off to the bull pen! I know that Bartolo pitched well enough to win also, but Clayton looked more dominant to me. I will keep my fingers crossed and trust in Ozzie and Kenny.

I’m hoping for two over these next three days, but we gotta have one for sure, and while I’m thinking about it, come on Texas! Go Sox’09 and I’ll see you all tomorrow……j.k.

Late to the perfect game party, but I’ve been out of town.

I was at work, watching the pitch-by-pitch via Gameday and texting score updates to my dad, carefully not mentioning the box score. When he finally got to a computer and signed on himself, it was the end of the fifth inning. He asked if I’d looked at the box score and I told him I wasn’t talking about it. We continued to text as the game went on; I couldn’t focus on work at all, and could feel all the tension building in my body as the game went deeper and deeper. In the top of the ninth, first batter, Gameday reported the pitch as “in play, out(s)” and I pumped my fist. But then it flashed “Double” and I groaned out loud and texted my dad “so close”. But then, Gameday flashed back – “in play, out(s)” and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Heart pounding, I waited for Gameday to figure itself out, and as the next batter came up, I realized the final call of out was the correct one.

As soon as the game was over, I called a colleague, who didn’t even say hello when he picked up the phone. Instead, he said, “we’re trying to find a TV” and he put his radio up to the phone so I could listen to the coverage. I managed to find all the highlights online, and to remotely set my DVR for the rebroadcast so I could actually see the game. Didn’t get much work done for the next hour or so, texting and calling family and friends. Even my Cub fan colleagues stopped by my office to celebrate with me.

As a fan, it was such a emotional, fantastic day. I can’t even imagine how it was for Mark. Couldn’t have happened to a better, classier guy. I’m thrilled for him.

been busy lately, restaurant and catering, and haven’t had a chance to watch much of the games. But we have to be very happy with Clayton, and our bull pen and Bobby will be fine. We are getting way more from Gordon than expected ( at this point). I have a very good feeling The Sox will be right in the mix till the end, and pitching will carry us through. Carlos and Alexi need to warm up, but we can win this division, and than anything can happen.

Luckily we chose July 23 for our annual Ditch Day – and wow what a game it was. Me and 10 of my closest friends got to witness history.

I didn’t realize it was a no hitter until i glance back in the sixth and looked at the “hit” column and then I got nervous. by the top of the ninth i could not control myself i started crying. it was SO AWESOME

I don’t think we left the park for a good half hour after the game (normally we bolt out of there to beat the crowd)

I just thought it was so awesome and I already have my ticket stub framed!!!

20 minutes from gametime. I’ve got a beer in hand, and I’m ready to go. Let’s beat the Twinkies tonight and Go White Sox!

I’ll second that thought with about ten minutes to go go Sox’09…..j.k.

Atta boy Becks! This guy keeps impressing me.

Ouch, those are two errors I’d like to have back.

You can put it on the board, YESSSS! Atta boy Paulie!

Howdy gang!!! On here late, I think I was better off not watching!

Stick around Kris. It WILL get better…Go Sox’09…..j.k.

So here I sit, watching 3 ball games, 2 that mean something and 1 that I just hope the Cubs lose! πŸ™‚ Send vibes to Dallas folks – – we need the Rangers to win!

Ok, so maybe I’m wrong but AJ got on Alexei about that ball into centerfield when it was a crap throw… that’s wrong… I love AJ but that really irritates me all to hell.

But AJ is now forgiven! πŸ™‚

oops, my bad, thought AJ hit that, guess I should pay better attention huh?? Flipped and saw him swinging and just figurerd it was him. YEA PAULIE!

Stands back from the kyobeard in amazement! Thanks!

oops, my bad, though aj hit that… too many games going on…

Forget the Cubs Kris. Stick to the games that matter. Ours and Yours……. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

You guys haven’t forgotten about Letterman tonight have you? It should be an interesting Top-10. Let’s get some runs guys. Go White Sox!

Nope, gonna have it taped.

Rangers tied it!!!!

Woot! Go Rangers!

Hey all. Nice to see that we are doing fairly well in holding our own against the Twinkies tonight. Paulie and Beckham’s homers were amazing!

I am anxiously awaiting Buehrle, Wise, and Fields’ late-night talk show debut on David Letterman!! Hopefully we can cap it off with a win!

More runs Boys!…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Nice pickoff, Danks! I think Buehrle’s teaching him a few tricks.

So my dad told me that a neighbor a couple houses down was at the game on Thursday. Lucky ducks. They are my new best friends.πŸ™‚

Danks-Alexei-Paulie! DP! Let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

Listening to both games and both announcers, Hawk and this Rangers announcers apparently are getting regular their updates very quickly, they just said we were winning 1-0… btw, Rangers just went ahead.

Rangers up 2-1!


Ouch. We’re in comeback mode again.

aren’t we always these days!

Let’s get at least 1. Go White Sox!

What bothers me is that we haven’t scored in more than two innings for a week. Hopefully tonight we break that trend. Come on Team! No more errors and two more runs…Go Sox’09…j.k.

We just need to find a way to manufacture runs on a consistent basis. I don’t mind a “homerun or nothing” offense, but only if it’s producing. We just haven’t been able to string a couple good hits together consistently.

Let’s hold em here and score 2. Go White Sox!

I’m so sick of this crap!

Hey, on the tweets of Joe Cowley he mentioned Alexei went after AJ in the dugout and had to be restrained by JD. Anyone know what is up with that?

Well, those few errors turned out to bite us in the rear end. Let’s shake it off and go get em tomorrow. MariE, I missed that specific part of the broadcast and only heard little mention of it. I’m sure the recap will mention it. Go White Sox!

Rule No. 1. On the road, you cannot give a team five outs in one inning and expect to win.

Granted, it was a good “takeout” slide into second that contributed to Nix’ bad throw but Danks has no one but himself to blame for the poor throw to first that would have ended the inning.

Keep chugging along. We still have the material to win this division and we have a little over two months to prove it.

I think I’ll pass on Letterman. I hate to go to bed feeling ill, which is what I usually do when I watch that smarmy, bitter old washed-up jerk.

There will be plenty of You Tube segments tomorrow to watch the Top-10 list on and I’ll have a whole day to rid myself of the “Letterman flu.” Kind of like the Swine Flu, only more treatable, as in changing the channel.

At least Detroit lost tonight!

Personally I think AJ was pissy with Alexei because he let a ball go into center field and it was a **** throw from AJ and Alexei probably told him as much… I would’ve too!

Minor stuff. Just a couple of guys blowing off steam in different languages!!!

Forget about tonight and come out tomorrow to even the series.

I completely concur tc!!! hate that they catch that stuff on tv too since that’s all we’ll hear about now

Too many sports writers with blogs and with Twitter accounts these days. They feel like they have to say something every 5 minutes.

Sports reporting is becoming more like Hollywood reporting and political reporting these days. Gossip columnists everywhere.

All I can say after 5 games with only one win is….
WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!!!!!! I know we hit this rough spot but we can and must do better from here on out if we’re to have a prayer to win this division.
That being said….tonight is a great place to start!
Good Luck Boys, and Let’s Go White Sox!!!!!

I am finally getting around to post about Mark’s Perfect Game….

I was in Columbus OH with my daughter’s travel softball team for the World Series. Thursday was the opening days events (home run derby, running the bases, outfield accuracy contests, parade, etc, etc.) After we were done with those we piled in the car to head to Ohio State to walk around and check it out. There were five of us in the car, 3 girls, another parent and I. There were two other cars with us. While in the car one of the girls told us what was going on as she gets espn updates on the Sox on her phone. She kept reading them to us. We were dying in the car being unable to find it on the radio and obviously no TV. In the 9th inning we called home to my son who was watching on TV (in the mean time we called everyone – my dad, my nephew, the other at home siblings, parents, etc). We put my son on speaker phone and had him call the game for us while he watched on tv (Farmer or DJ, look out). We were all screaming and yelling in the car. The girls were flipping out. Just as the game ended we pulled into a Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch before we began walking OH State. We begged the hostess and our server to turn off the stereo and to turn up the volume on the TVs. They obliged and there we sat for 90 minutes listening to and watching the post game stuff. It was awesome! Simply awesome.

Also, on a personal note, the girls finished 5th out of 50 teams in their age bracket. While not perfect, pretty darn great.

GO MARK tonight! How many can he continue to set down in a row? Let’s see……………….6 hours and counting.


Hey Josh, thanks for pointing out that article about Alexei/AJ.

I have one issue with that….if it truly was a piss attempt on Ramirez to get over there and get that throw from AJ, I don’t see what the big deal is. AJ should call him out. While I am an Alexei fan, he has made 13 errors this season so far. And with SS as his natural position, I would expect that to be far less than what it has been.

I remember just a month or so ago with the whole debacle of Milton Bradley at never never land and the whole leak thing getting out. Ozzie was quoted as saying that back in his day, players took it upon themselves to call out players and tell them to buck up and get their heads in the game. They didn’t need to be all PC and have their managers do that. So, I’m not sure why Ozzie got so ********** about it last night.


Just heard the news, we traded BA to the Red Sox for Mark Kotsay…..

Best of luck to you Brian as you change your Sox.

Sorry to see you go but wish you all the best!

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