Trade Deadline

Friday, July 31, 2009

Acquiring Jake Peavy

We’ll see your Washburn and Cabrera and raise you a Peavy.

How does: Buehrle, Peavy, Floyd and Danks sound for the next few years?

Crazy that the trade deadline once again came down to the final hour, heck the final minutes.

Once again, KW pulled it off.  You have to give him credit.

With the clock ticking, we were able to have Peavy approve the trade, MLB arrange the paperwork and then agree with the Padres on players to involve in the deal. All in a matter of minutes …

Literally, at 2:15 p.m., not much was happening.  The phone wasn’t ringing.  Then BAM. The last time it was like that was Contreras (and we all know how that ultimately turned out).

Sorry for the jagged thoughts, but things are still racing …

Here are some quotes from KW after the deal was announced at 3:30 p.m.

“We’re happy and he’s happy.”

Peavy is going to begin throwing off a mound tomorrow to start his rehab.  Our expectation is for a late August/early September return from the sprained tendon in his ankle.

“He’s chomping at the bit, but we are going to be conservative in our approach.”

“In our division, this is going to come down to winning in September.  And we want to be as strong as we can be in September.

“We believe we have a chance to get to the playoffs. And if you get to the playoffs, you want to be able to dream of winning in the playoffs and winning the World Series.”

On Peavy turning down a deal in May:

“He never said, ‘No.’ Just not yet.”

On the cost we paid:

“To get a No. 1, you’ve got to pay a price.  We paid that price.  We’re here to dream and to dream big.”

“We have the ability to win this division.  It will have more to do with how we come, on a daily basis, how we come to compete.”

Message sent.



I hope KW is right about Peavy. At the moment, this feels like a big gamble to me, and it looks we will still have a “fifth starter by committee” for a few more weeks. Hope it all works out, because I really want to see our Sox in the playoffs.

Anyone here tonight, besides me?

Go SOX!!!


Yup, I’m here! I totally agree with you. We’ll just have to see where this goes from here.

Now, let’s just see what D.J.’s got for us tonight.

I’ll be here occasionally… Peggy, they’re on WGN tonight, do you get that???

Yes, I do, and so far me no likey what me see…

Amazing. To not have to give up Floyd, Danks or Beckham for a guy like Peavy is great. The Sox will not only contend this year but in the next 4 years as well.

What I mean, mostly, was watching DJ amble over to first, while Jeter hustled. I truly hate to see our guys not hustle.

omg – – tastes like **** already… love these games – NOT!

Has Ozzie got a plan B for a pitcher for this game? We’re down 3-zip and there’s still only one out in the top of the first…

Yea, I’m not too happy right now either Peggy! We better have some hot bats tonight!

Haha, when Jimmy runs it’s so cute… he doesn’t crouch, he runs upright, that’s why he’s so dang slow.

Well, the bats better get hotter than that. The Yanks’ “second string” pitcher got out of the first inning better than DJ did.

Well… we started chipping away at their lead, but we had the bases loaded and nothing happened. Now we just have to hold them.

Wow, that’s some news about Peavy. Well, this last 2 months of the season are gonna get even more interesting. Lets start by taking this second game from the Yanks.

Oh and if anyone is looking for something unique to take their kids to go see this weekend, there is a little piece of history rolling thru Chicago about now and it will be at the Metra station in Franklin Park from 10 to 3:30 (Aug 1 Sat). It’s a colorful steam engine called the Daylighter that used to run passenger service on the Southern Pacific railway. Wish I could check it out myself. But if you ever see just one, it might as well be that one….. ok back to baseball….

Why don’t you take a nap while you’re down there? Lol. Okay now let’s get some more runs.

Yeah! Now that’s how we play! But remember that this is still only the 2nd inning.

What the heck did I miss? I go golfing and come back to see Carrasco pitching and the headline of us landing Peavy????? Go Sox’09….

Loved the fact that the woman fought for that bat with those big ole boys…. I’d have been kickin and carrying on… they wouldn’t have won it from me either!

Nice one, Carlos! Go SOX!!!

Hot Damn!!! Should always go golfing with a cell that updates you jk! 🙂

I think it’s safe to say that Quentin’s got his groove back! That ball was OUT of there!

I guess, but that costs money and I’m cheap…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

I wonder who picks our Fox game of the week… Dodgers and the Braves… wth… I’m smack dab in the middle.. blah! I hate Fox baseball!

We better have great at bats in our half of the inning. A 10-run lead won’t be safe in this game.

Like I said, it’s still the first half of the game. As they say, anything can happen in baseball.

Kris, do you not get WGN?

Yup, I’m watching it tonight, but tomorrow is Fox Saturday.. so I can’t even get the game on the computer, it gets blacked out.. can get radio and gameday.. which is ok but as you know, not the same.. but they mentioned the were on WGN Sunday too so that pleases me.

yea, I know, pitching duo, should be good!

kris, Sunday is definitely a game that you want to watch, so glad to hear thatr you’ll be able to!

Time to get some more runs.

time for this blog to quit giving me attitude! 🙂

Smart of Cox to hold AJ. It would be nice to get a little leg-room in front of the Yanks.

when it reloads, sometimes it kicks me off and I have to go back… just frustrating and then tonight when I hit submit sometimes it’s telling the blog doesn’t exist, when obviously it does!

What problems are you having with it?

I hope these wasted opportunities don’t haunt us later…

Huh, that’s weird.

Klein comments at 7:17… Go Sox’09…..j.k.

And it showed at 9:27 on the blog…. I’ll never get that… like ten minutes fast

Sometimes I think that this blog has a mind of its own, especially along with kris’ issues.

lol, I knew that!

Kris doesn’t have issues. She’s too busy keeping up on the Stros, Rangers and Sox to have issues…. Hold them down Sox….j.k.

lol – – tonight, jk, I’m totally focused on our boys! Well, I’m kinda flippin back and forth to checking scores, but haven’t changed the tv channel.. oh hush, I guess you do know me! 🙂

What I meant was the issues she was having with the blog tonight.

Detroit’s down by one in the top of the 8th and Minnesota’s up by one in the bottom of the 7th. Let’s go Sox!

I know, but I thought I’d try and be “cute”…. I guess it didn’t work. Maybe this WILL work… get a couple of runs and go Sox’09….j.k.

Yes, I did get your joke, but I just thought I would make it clear.

Now me likey what me see🙂

I’m really hungry, going to get some dinner and trust the rest of you to close this out.

Go SOX!!!

Yes! It’s funny just as he hit that ball, I was gonna say “Load ’em up, and empty ’em out (the good way)!” Close enough for me.

Sweet play… loved that!!!

I’m speechless —

Nice! I missed the steals because I switched back to 20/20, but thank goodness for Gameday and replays!!

Thank you……

Both, Det. Clev. and LAA, Minn are in top of 10th tied at 5-5…… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Just saw the “The Catch” sign. Any true Sox fan in the future will never need any additional explanation.

ONe more…

True. It had been a while.

True. It had been a while.

when was the last time we had 3 up 3 down in the 9th… beside Buehrle’s day?

Good job Boys…. Go Cleveland and LAA……See you all tomorrow. I don’t know what Fox game we have here yet, but it probably won’t be us….. So Go Sox’09….j.k.

Did the bats get hot enough for you Peggy?
The bullpen did a good job tonight, especially since bullpen pitchers literally pitched the whole game, since Carrasco was a last-minute sub for Richard. Yes, they did allow a number of hits and runs, but the runs were pretty much kept to a minimum and they gave a solid effort.

Dodgers jk, I’m willing to bet

Angels win…. Go Cleveland… Go White Sox’09…..

I hope not, Kris, but I haven’t checked yet… You’re probably right though…..

I’m watching the Indians game and just heard Kerry Woods blew the save allowing the Tigers to tie the game in the ninth. Way to go Hoser……Come on Tribe….Go Sox’09

Would make sense being you’re not far from there but, then again…

Way to go Tribe……..Go Sox’09…j.k.

Cleveland wins!!!!

In the words of Ice Cube- Today was a good day. I was hoping we could land Alex Rios, but I will gladly take Jake Peavy. I think this is a great move by Williams, not only for this season, but even more so in the future. Let me break it down for ya’ll……

Richard- yes he had 2 nice starts in a row… but he will always struggle with his pitch count which will make him a 4th starter at best. Plus i won’t mind not having to watch him throw the ball down the right field line all the time.

Poreda- In my opinion he is a poor man’s Thornton. Since we already have Thornton, no need for him.

Russell- Sucks balls.

Carter- Intriguing prospect, but he is playing in A ball. Still a while til he makes an impact in the MLB.

Jake Peavy is a legit ace. Buehrle is an ace. Danks and Floyd are future aces… that is 4 aces. that wins in any vegas casino.

Great trade. Great win. Great losses by Twins and Tigers. Great day.


Oh, yeah, the bats got really hot, enough for me! Nice win – let’s go for another one tomorrow.

I’ll have to check my Fox channel for tomorrow, probably not the Sox, but one can always hope.

Go SOX!!!


Kenwo cracks me up! What the heck do you know about Ice Cube? LOL! Actually Ice Cube reminds me soooo much of my brother, same build, same mannerisms, same attitude, UGH!

It was funny, yesterday, hubby and I were discussing the Peavy trade and his last comment was “In Kenny I trust….” I said, “Hey, that’s exactly what MariE said on the blog”! He goes, “Who the heck is MariE”? LOL!

Our boys have spanked the Yank-Me’s (Hi Tom!) twice already, but they are some very bad boys and are in desperate need of at least two more good ole fashioned beat downs. i say we give it to ’em. Who’s with me?


BRAVO Ken Williams!

Not once, but twice he swoops in and makes a deal others could not. Other GMs might have had their feelings hurt by Peavy’s rejection in May–as a fan I’ll admit I was turned off–but not our guy.

The tide is turning now. Writers and analysts are being dragged kicking and screaming over to his side. No longer is he considered inexperienced or even underrated, now everyone recognizes he’s the most aggressive GM in sports, with a feel for players that can’t be taught.

Williams gets it: Trade future potential for immediate impact every time. Beckham is a rare case, a player so good he bulled his way into a role quickly. Richard, even Poreda, had a chance to make the big team and never look back, as Beckham did. We wish our young pitchers all the best in San Diego. As Williams himself would say, the best trades, both teams win, and perhaps this is one. But condsidering Williams’ history, things don’t look good for San Diego.

I did a little, unofficial research on just how brilliant our GM has been over his nine years. I count only four deals where Williams gave up a veteran who had any measure of success in his post-White Sox career: Keith Foulke (for Billy Koch in 2002), Carlos Lee (for Scotty Pods in 2004), Aaron Rowand (for Jim Thome in 2005), and Javier Vazquez (for Tyler Flowers in 2008). Give KW a mulligan for Foulke (Koch was ill and didn’t know it, and one eventually amazing year of Neal Cotts did come back in the deal). The Lee and Vazquez deals were not lopsided and represented essential moves to preserve team culture. Rowand was just the opposite, a deal that hurt us chemistry-wise, but it’s impossible to claim we got the short end of that one–it’s a draw at worst.

Now consider how KW has done in trading away and acquiring young players–and keep in mind the White Sox are more often buyers than sellers, so the deck is stacked against him to come away looking good when it comes to young players. But in nine years, Ken has brought in Damaso Marte, Cotts, Matt Thornton, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, and Carlos Quentin as relative unknowns. He’s dealt away Miguel Olivo, Jon Rauch, and Chris Young. Most would agree the four best players from this group are Matt, Gavin, Danks, and Q.

Now consider the players Williams has signed who were completely off most team’s radars, guys he acquired for “free” from a talent-surrendered perspective: Esteban Loaiza (later dealt straight-up for Jose Contreras!), Bobby Jenks, Tadahito Iguchi, Alexei Ramirez, and Shingo Takatsu. Those players alone (including Jose) represent roughly 15 seasons high-quality play we benefited from just because the Sox were smart enough to grab them.

Finally, KW made major deals for two players who ultimately flopped: Todd Ritchie (in only Williams’ second major deal as GM) and Mike MacDougal. And yet, in neither deal did we surrender players who “haunted” us in any way.

So by any measure, over nine seasons, Ken Williams has traded countless prospects–NONE who became a star (wonder why the Trib never touts Arizona’s “steal” of Chris Young from the White Sox any longer? CY is south of the Mendoza line these days). Allowing for the tricky circumstances surrounding the Billy Koch trade, he’s never been outright pickpocketed in a deal. He has, however, by under-radar signing or trade, picked up Thornton, Gavin, Danks, Q, Jenks, Contreras, Iguchi, Lexi, and Takatsu for nothing.

If I was an opposing team’s GM, if “Ken Williams” or “White Sox” shows up on my Caller ID, I don’t pick up the call!

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