A Story of Dexter Carter

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Part of a Trade

RHP Dexter Carter was part of yesterday’s trade with the Padres as the 22-year-old joined Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda and Adam Russell in the deal.

He is 6-2 with a 3.13 ERA in 19 starts with Kannapolis this season and boasts an impressive 143 SO to just 32 BB in the Sally League. Carter features a four-seam fastball and a big overhead curveball in his arsenal.

I heard an interesting story about Dexter yesterday and thought I would share it.  I think it shows how important scouting and player development are in building assets for an organization, whether those assets manifest themselves at the big league level for us or as part of a deal to acquire other talent.

Our area scout Chuck Fox had liked Carter since high school.  In 2008 at Old Dominion University, Carter scuffled, going 3-4 with an 8.76 ERA in 12 games.  But Fox still liked the kid and liked his arm.  He recommended we draft Carter, and we took him in the 13th round despite the poor college season.

Newly signed, Carter reports to Great Falls.

During his very first bullpen session, the kid’s pitches are all over the place.

Curt Hasler, our pitching coach at Great Falls, sees a mechanical problem immediately and makes a suggestion.

He draws a line on the mound and says, “Make sure your foot lands on or past this line.”

Carter, to his credit, makes the adjustment on the very first pitch.

Everyone’s eyes lighted up.  We were on to something.

And Carter went on to go 6-1 with a 2.23 ERA for Great Falls as they captured the league title.

And somewhere along the line, a Padres scout saw him, liked him and Dexter Carter helped get us Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy, with an assist to Chuck Fox and Curt Hasler.


Yahoo! Probably because of the Yankees (but who cares why) I will get to watch the Fox game of the week today instead of listening and following along on Gameday…..I’ll catch up with you all later. Go Sox’09…

Brett: excellent points on KW’s resume with the Sox…..j.k.

luv you j.k., but bite me… I’m closer to both Chicago and New York than you are but as you know, I get the stupid Braves… aggravating!

Periodically following on gameday and wow..wow..wow!

Goodness. What the heck happened? I’m gone for less than an hour and suddenly we’re up 6-2!! I’m not complaining – mind you – just extremely surprised.

Lucky you, JK – I get the Braves and Dodgers, like Kris does.

I’ve been on the phone with family, not following along till now.
Why was Danks pulled from the game?

Hey, with the base stealing (how about that double steal last night) and the timely hitting, our Sox are really fun to watch!

More runs would still be good – never have too many against the Yankees.

Go SOX!!!

He was starting to fall apart in the 6th and 7th. But he gave it a good effort today and did a good job of keeping the Yanks at bay.

Lol, I totally agree with you Peggy. That double steal last night was awesome! Also, there’s no such thing as too many runs against the Yankees.

Haha! Awesome job by Kotsay!

Just popping in. 13 runs and all without the longball. So much for “homerun or nothing”, lol. Way to go guys. Go White Sox!

Wow! This is FUN!!!

Lovely win – dare we hope to sweep the Yanks? With Buehrle pitching, I think we may…

Adios, amigos – enjoy your Saturday night!

I may be busy tomorrow, but since the game is on WGN, I can record it and watch it when I get home.

Go SOX!!!

Too bad for Beckham. Well, now we can say that both Chicago teams have made that mistake this year. At least it’s not something that will cost us the game.

2 more outs to go! Let’s hope Bobby is all better and we get No Drama Bobby.

A-hem….. First: terrific win by our Boys AND three up and down for Bobby in the ninth. Did you notice him looking toward the sky and shaking his head at the end of the game?

Kris; this is the first game of the year that Tucson had the Sox on. I still don’t believe it, but I’m happy for me ( and sad for you and Peggy). This was a very fun game to watch! Everything was working.

And the best news ( again for me….. I know, I know, it’s all about me) We now have WGN in HD, so I can and will watch tomorrow on the big screen instead of the computer…. Life is good! I only hope the Boys saved a couple of hits and runs for CC and company… Go Mark, Go Sox’09….j.k.

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