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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


080409-Buehrle-Grp.jpgBig Win

How big was last night’s walk-off victory (thanks, Scotty Pods) without Bobby Jenks?

Ticket Deals

Hopefully, you all already know this, but specially priced $9 and $27 tickets are available for tonight and tomorrow’s game.  Tomorrow, the first 20K fans receive a very cool oversized re-print of Mark Buehrle’s Sports Illustrated cover shot.

Da Mayor

Speaking of Buehrle, Mark, his family, DeWayne Wise and I visited Mayor Daley at City Hall this afternoon.  The Mayor presented the city’s proclamations to the guys, posed for a few photos, talked White Sox baseball and then showed us all around his office suite.  Quite impressive.  The Mayor was particularly proud of his desk — originally used by his father — and spoke with great pride about his children and grandchildren.


I read a couple of comments on my blog about my missing a day or so of posting every now and then.  Guilty.  But once again, I will tell everyone that I do Tweet on a daily basis, usually many times a day.  You can follow me @InsideTheSox on twitter or on my facebook page (where my twitter posts appear as well).  Thanks to the great people at mlb.com, my most recent tweet always appears at the top of this blog.  I use twitter now to post the lineup, update you with breaking news and offer quotes and comments, literally, right from the dugout before the game.

For example, today, as I rode in the lino down the City Hall with Mark and DW, I was tweeting. Real time is so cool.

From DeWayne

Telling Mark Buehrle’s dad about the Perfect Game: “Four guys did not move the entire game.  They just sat on the bench in the same spot.  Whole game.”

And DW didn’t realize it was perfect until the sixth inning.

“Then I went inside into the weight room and worked up a sweat, thinking I might get in the game.  When I was in the game, I figured I would need to make a diving catch because the ball always finds the new guy.”

Strange But True

This is really true … really.

We received a yellow postcard from a fan today, addressed to “Bobby Jenks, stud closer.”

It began … “Bobby, what a man you are … (and no, Bobby didn’t write this to himself) … pitching so soon after a kidney stone episode.”

The fan then recounts his own, painful experience with kidney stones, and then writes …

“The one’s taped here passed with NO displeasure”

I’m reading this and think, Oh My God.

Sure enough, up in the left-hande corner is a piece of scotch tape. But torn from the middle is the apparent kidney stone, apparently lost in the mail.

Thank you, U.S. Postal Service.  Thank you.


I live a good life.

This was my Monday (off day).

At 7:30 am, Harold Baines, Mark Salas and I played a quick 18 holes at Harborside Golf Course, site of our 2009 Field of Greens Charity Golf Tournament (August 20).  Harold beat Mark and I, and we just finished the round when the rain came.

After a shower and some work, I rushed out to Cog Hill for my 3:30 tee time with Ed Farmer.  Farmio is always good for an eclectic crowd and today was no different at Dub’s Dread.

Garrett, a grad of Illinois where he played on the golf team and a future professional, joined us as did Mike Small, head golf coach at Illinois (and a great, patient man).

Now, I am a pretty average to poor player and here I was playing with Farmer (who might as well be a professional golfer), Garrett (who will be) and Coach Small, who is playing in next week’s PGA Championship and appears in about 8-9 PGA events each year.

One of these things certainly didn’t belong here (me).

And who joins us on the fourth hole … Bo Jackson.

Needless to say, I generally hit last and prayed my incompetence did not distract Mike from his tournament preparations.

But on No. 9 … magic happened.

For those of you who don’t know Dubs, the ninth hole is a killer.  A Par 5, it’s long, with trees on both sides all the way up to an elevated green that is protected by heavy traps.

And understand that when we play, we don’t just hit from the back tees, we hit from the back of the back box.  In some cases, I couldn’t even see the fairway.

I have never, in many rounds at Cog, never even pared the monster.

But the golf Gods shined on me Monday.

I cracked a drive, best of the day (let’s just say I hit my second shot last of the group).

I hammered a five wood up the fairway to about 140 yards.

The wind was in our face (do I sound a little like Farmer on a broadcast), so I hit a little knock down seven iron to about eight feet.

And then, amazingly enough, I drained the putt for a bird.

“I’ve never even pared this hole,” I explained in surprise.

“You still haven’t,” Coach Small laughed.

Chicago White Sox Charities Week

For thos of you out here the next three days … tonight, kids from our Youth Baseball Team will be selling special Sox Tags to benefit charity, tomorrow, we’ll be selling game used baseballs at tables in the outfield, and Friday, White Sox player wives will be selling special Mystery Brown Bags (containing signed items, including some balls by HOFers), all as part of CWS Charities Week (to celebrate everything charity does each year, to highlight our programs and to thank fans for their tremendous support).

Saturday is where you come in …

All pregame and during WGN’s telecast, seven different, very amazing prizes will be up for bid in our Ultimate Auction.

For details on the prizes, click here and be wowed …

To bid during the game, go to whitesox.com/ultimatebid and make your best offer.  Take a minute to read the prizes. Some are once-in-a-lifetime (like meeting Mark Buehrle on the field or sitting in on a broadcast with Hawk and Steve).






You know Scott, a lot has changed in MLB over the years, but nothing is more amazing than this. Since when does a PR guy have time to play not only 18 holes of golf, but 36, in one day in August???????? And at two different courses?????

What do you think you are? A TV broadcaster or a starting pitcher?????????

Love the golf story Scott! Was sitting behind home and got a great view of the pregame yesterday. As I told Kris I was choking back tears watching the video. Nice, nice ceremony. Posted a link to my fans view on last blog.

For those of you not on Twitter I will tell you that Scott “tweets” very often on gameday. If you are reading this blog you can access twitter. You don’t have to write anything as I don’t very often, but love getting the inside scoop from Scott, Cowley, Merkin, and Gonzalez. It is very helpful at the game as we missed what happened to Thome and I got a tweet saying he hit himself in the head from one of those mentioned. You can chose to have the tweets go to your phone or not and can specify times to block tweets. It really is a nice way to get inside many things. There are alot of atheletes and famous folks tweeting and many respond to their “tweeple.” Not hard to set up and as I said, Scott and the others tweet often gameday and with events. Give it a try–and no I don’t work for Twitter, just find it a fun way to keep up with my teams and fellow fans.

Great photos as always Donna. I’ve had a busy summer especially with classes, so that’s why I haven’t been on here very much. This is actually only my fourth Sox game of the year tonight, which is really depressing considering we use to have season tickets and I’d be out there almost every night. Oh well. They haven’t lost a game I’ve been at yet so they better not start tonight.

Thanks to you Donna, I just signed up for Twitter, so I’m going to check it out. First, you all get me hooked on mlb.tv, now twitter…I wonder what else I’m going to be peer pressured into, lol.

I hope Gavin has his A-game tonight. Go White Sox!

Well, Josh, if you’re that easy a mark, JK has some beachfront property in Tucson that he’ll give you a heckuva deal on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s ok Josh, everyone is doing it!😉 I have faith in you scam–bring it home!! Hey Josh if you need any help on twitter let me know.

According to the outstanding SI piece on the perfect game, Wise thought he’d misheard Farmer/Jackson saying Buehrle was 17-of-17 and had to check the scoreboard for himself. Additionally, according to SI, though fresh off the bench Wise was hoping the ball would be hit to him and he could make a diving catch. And the funniest quote of the story comes from Jose Contreras, of all people.

We’re all quick to criticize writers, particularly in this town, where a media monolith owns the crosstown team. But Lee Jenkins’ piece in SI is a true must-read.

So, if I put my cell number in the twitter thingie.. everytime Scott twitters something I’ll get it, right?? UGH!! Too much technology!

Kris, that is correct. I’ve already received a few texts on my phone earlier today.

Sorry I’m a little late guys and gals. I’m reading back how they scored the first run. Was it a bad error by Dye?

Yes, that was hard to watch. Hopefully we canget some runs!

Kris that is right–go to settings up top and put in your cell number and turn device settings on–ALSO pick who you want to get set to your phone by going to the followers list and hitting the little cell phone. If it is green that means you get the updates sent to your cell. You don’t have to get everyone you are following to your phone.

I do n’t get it, I’m not finding the little cell phone!

Like walks, errors will kill us guys. Let’s hold em! Go White Sox!

Once you go under settings and put your cell phone in they send you a little code to text back to them to make sure its really you I guess. Once you send that back, there may be some lag time but go under “following” which is on the right side under your name. In that list you will see the user name and a little to the right of the user name will say settings and there is a little cell phone with a circle around it. Hit that and it will turn green to get the texts to your phone….text me if you can’t get it.

Getz-Nix-Konerko! DP! Way to get out of trouble. Now let’s score some runs!

Once you go under settings and put your cell phone in they send you a little code to text back to them to make sure its really you I guess. Once you send that back, there may be some lag time but go under “following” which is on the right side under your name. In that list you will see the user name and a little to the right of the user name will say settings and there is a little cell phone with a circle around it. Hit that and it will turn green to get the texts to your phone….text me if you can’t get it.

You can put it on the board, YESSSS! Atta boy Thome!

Come on Gets, pick AJ up. Go White Sox!


Sketchy strike call. Ok, pick him up, Nix!

Ask and you shall receive! Atta boy Nix!


That’s our boy Kris!! Seriously, the kid hits doubles like nothing! John calls him the Comissioner–bad Batman reference for you youngsters!

Nix-Getz-Konerko! DP#2! Let’s get some runs guys. Go White Sox!


Oh big Jim!!

Let’s pick em up, Thome.

Ask and you shall receive again! You can put it on the board, YESSSSS! Atta boy Thome!

Yeah and this No. 15 is gonna be with us a lot longer and make us pay him a whole lot more money. And he will be worth every dime of it.

And I guarantee you the only way the Commissioner and Batman reference is not too old for the Mc’s (John and Mama), it is because they watched the reruns!!!!!

Donna, I love that nickname for Becks…..The Comissioner. It so suits him.

Need a clutch hit, Getz.

I’m also liking The Commissioner in the #2 spot in the lineup. And he wears #15, which was worn by another productive #2 hitter for us back in 2005.

I’m liking him in the 2 spot too. There is still plenty of season left, but the kid seems to be handling all this so well. And seriously, doesn’t he seem to be hitting a ton of doubles?? I think you guys are right, he seems to be winning a lifetime job here.

Wow, blown call by the ump at first.

I am SO liking the way we are looking against “the better” teams! This is getting fun!

I’m liking this return to the long ball offense tonight. And Gavin has done a great job of throwing those ground balls with one out and a runner on first!!!!!

Man, the bats are HOT to-nite!! Totally agree, Donna.

The Angels seem to bring out the best in Paulie. Especially in those three sweet games in Anaheim back in October of ’05.

I swear whoever set the timestamps on the posts for this blog must have gone to school at Indiana or that little Catholic school from South Bend. They have no clue about what they are doing!!! My last post said 9:41 and it’s only 9:31!

Only three more outs to go!

VERY nice job tonight!! It’s got me all pumped for tomorrow’s game – bought a ticket earlier this evening. See you all on the flip side!

Way to bring home the winner Scam! Hope that girl of yours is convinced the South Side is the way to go. Nice win and great pitching by Gavin.

3-1 vs. the Dodgers. 3-1 vs. the Yankees. 4-1 vs. the Angels. 3-2 vs. the Northsiders. If you’re a first-place team, beware the White Sox.

Shoot, I don’t wanna play KC anymore. Bring on the Phillies!!!!!

Nice win! I love how Beckham hits all those doubles – it’s almost like he’s double or nothing🙂

This means we win the series against the Angels, no matter what. However, being a greedy type, I’d like a sweep, but this is pretty awesome anyway!!!

Go SOX!!!


What a performance from Gavin tonight! I happened to be on the phone with my hubby when he was facing down Abreu with two men on and they flashed that stat about how he has the best batting average in the AL with men in scoring position and what does our guy Gavin do? Bends Abreu’s knees on a 1-1 pitch and then aces him with an even more amazing pitch that I swore was going to be inside and then hooked itself back over the plate for a HUGE STRIKE THREE!! (I think I blew my hubby’s right eardrum out with that scream.)

Great call by the Comcast guys to give the player of the game to both Jimmy and Gavin. Oh, and I personnally prefer their dubbing Beckham with the nickname, “Flash” Gordon, even though it’s more ancient than the Batman reference.


What is this about “Commissioner” Gordon being an ancient Batman reference?

HOLY RERUNS, CAPED CRUSADER !!! If any of you have Me-TV on your cable systems, the show is on Mon. through Fri. at 6 PM, with TWO shows on Saturday AM from, I think, 9 AM to 10 AM…

As to the J Dye error, that will happen to any outfielder in the twilight’s first gleaming… He lost the ball in the lights, that’s all… He’ll tell you he should have had it, but in reality, not quite…

As to “Sock-It” Thome (ANOTHER ancient TV reference, from “Laugh-In days), he certainly does know how to beat the overshift, doesn’t he?

Because the only one catching those two low-level ICBM’s was some fan in the stands… and that person is usually on our side…

As long as series are continued being won, this season will be just fine…

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