Two Sox Wins

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Junior RBI World Series Results

You may have read or heard about the Junior RBI White Sox, who earned their way to the RBI World Series currently underway in Jupiter, Fla. by winning the Central Region championship.

The team opened play today and here is the first-hand report from Dan Puente, our youth baseball coordinator, who is with the team:

The White Juniors won game 2 of a doubleheader this afternoon, defeating the Dominican Republic Juniors, 2-0.  Shane Brown from Simeon threw a complete game, 78-pitch gem.  Shane worked ahead of hitters all game, keeping them off balance with an outstanding curveball and straight change. 
With the victory, the White Sox Juniors finish the day 2-0 and play the Urban Youth Academy Juniors tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in the final game of pool play.  After pool play, all Junior teams (8) will be seeded based on their pool play records and then crossbracketed in a single elimination tournment beginning Saturday.  The team will have a workout day in front of scouts on Friday morning and view a minor league game in the evening at Roger Dean Stadium. 
 A side note:  We exchanged Sox hats with the Dominican Junior Team, they had a couple of Cuban born players and coaches on the team who were very excited to get their hands on a White Sox hat!

The White Sox Juniors won their first game, 10-1, over Montgomery RBI. Harlan’s Jabari Roberts earned the victory working 4 strong innings.
Go Sox!

Congrats to the kids, not necessarily for today’s victories, but for the commitment and hard work it’s taken them to get this far.



Hey Dan,

Im a Blue Jays fan, and about two weeks ago I was at the No-Hitter game thrown by Mark Buehrle. I gotta admit that was a good game. Check out my blog, how do you think the Jays are doing. As a Jays fan, this year i find is a re-building year. What do you think. I think the Sox truly have a chance.

Hi Ya’ll from the deep South. Savanna to be exact. I read that the Boys are doing well so far this week. Thanks for taking care of business for me while I’m away. Sweep it today… That would be nice. I hope to see that result later today. In the meantime, Go Sox’09…. j.k.

Hi jk – we miss you!

One hour till game time…

And more runs given away by poor defense. This is seriously ridiculous.

It was definitely a tough play for Becks. He rushed the throw trying to make it, but you can’t really say he should have held onto the ball. He still had time and if the throw is on line, he gets the out and we’re still tied. We’re just in the familiar comeback mode again.

Now let’s hold em and get those runs back. Go White Sox!

And now it’s going to be a long day. >.<

Nice job by Nix to get us back in it. Too bad we couldn’t keep that rally going.

It’s amazing how pitchers still throw first pitches to Vladimir knowing that he’s going to try and kill it. It is one of the givens in baseball and there is no reason the first pitch should be close enough for him to hit.

And Nix puts us back in the game! Atta boy!

I have a feeling somebody on the Halos getting hit next inning.

Johnny D doesn’t seem to have it today. I hope he can find it soon. And, I hope we can keep adding on…we surely are not out of it yet.

Bases loaded and 1 out, and we only come away with 1. Ouch. There’s still time though. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

Hey kids, I’m here with ya in spirit, without a visual. Following the box score at work…

And I finally got this site on my phone. Checking MLB
.com 2/3 of kids at game with Uncle hoping they can pull this one out Lets go boys!!

Man, this is like a Wrigley Field game. Lot of runs, errors and stupid mistakes.

I really think MLB should start fining players who throw their bats in the stands. That kid looks like he’s OK, but someone is going to get seriously hurt eventually.

I’m just following online. Did the batter actually throw the bat or did it slip in his swing?

It slipped out. I bet if you handed out a couple of thousand dollar fines, the players would figure out a way hold on to their bats.

And would they be able to keep from hitting line drives into the stands, too???

Sorry, but I don’t believe these guys are doing anything in their power that could harm the fans.

Oh c’mon TC that’s not even close to being the same thing. Keeping the bat in your hands is something that is extremely preventable. Back when I played we were automatically out if we didn’t hold on to the bat, and guess what, everybody held on to the bat. I know wooden bats don’t have grips like the metal ones, but with batting gloves and pine tar there is no excuse. It happens when guys take one of their hands off the bat. It is so easily preventable.

All I am saying is that they are not throwing them on purpose. No need to prolong this conversation any further.

Well no snippety they aren’t throwing them on purpose. I’m saying they’re just not very concerned if it happens or not. Give them some incentive to not do it and they won’t. I like you a lot TC and I probably agree with you more than anyone else on here, but I think you’re wrong here.

This game blows. It’s put me in a bad mood.

Bad baseball happens every once in a while. Nothing worse than a baseball game where one team scores a bunch of runs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to win those games but I still hate to watch them.

With the exception of the perfecto a couple of weeks ago, these Thursday afternoon home games have not been well played. I know we won one — the comeback against the Dodgers — but they have not been good baseball games.

Well, Scam, I’ve been wrong a lot of times in my life so it wouldn’t surprise me.

Believe it or not tc, I’ve never been wrong in my life…

I think I’m gonna go golf.

Dweezy and Bacon can do it, come on JD!

Oh poop, nvm.

Okay, I’m old. What is nvm Ames?

Nevermind. 😀

When the Sox have had the opportunity to sweep a team this year they are 2-9 in those games. TWO and FREAKING NINE!!!

Shows you how tough it is to beat the same team three times in a row.

So that is what nvm stands for. tuvm Ames!


That was kind of ugly. I know there are good and bad days, and pitchers get hit now and then and the young guys make errors, BUT, I am wondering when this team is gonna try for 5 games over .500…..

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